Survey Exposes French Anxieties over Muslim ‘Threat’

France 24, October 25, 2012

The role of Islam in France was once again under the spotlight on Thursday after right-wing daily Le Figaro published the results of an opinion poll that suggested 43 percent of French people believe the religion is a “threat” to national identity.

Six out of ten French people believe the influence of Islam in France is “too big” and 43 percent see the religion as a “threat” to national identity, according to the results of an opinion poll published on Thursday.

The sensitive poll, which will likely cause ripples in a country home to Europe’s largest Muslim population, was carried out by Ifop polling institute for right-wing daily Le Figaro, which published the results under the headline “The image of Islam worsens in France”.

Only 17 percent of respondents believed Islam “enriched” France’s culture and 40 percent said it was neither a threat to the country’s national identity nor of benefit to its culture.

“Our poll demonstrates a hardening of French views towards this religion and a strengthening of a negative perception of Islam,” said Ifop’s Jérôme Fourquet on Thursday.

The place of Islam in French society has long been the subject of heated debate, with the decision to introduce a law in 2011 banning full face veils in public causing waves at home and abroad.

Islam and France

In recent weeks, outspoken politicians seeking election and extremist groups keen to make a point have helped thrust the question of Islam in France back into the spotlight.

On Saturday, around 70 members of a far-right youth group, known as Generation Identity, stormed the site of a future mosque in the southwestern town of Poitiers to protest over what they regard as the growing influence of Islam in the country.

The fanatics climbed onto the roof and unfurled a banner daubed with the symbolic phrase “732 Generation Identity”—a reference to the year 732, when Charles Martel halted the advance of the invading Muslim army to the north of Poitiers.

Jean Francois Copé, who is campaigning to become leader of the centre-right UMP party, alsosparked uproar recently when he used the quintessential French pastry, the pain au chocolat, to launch a thinly veiled attack on Islam and the feast of Ramadan.

“Whether it is to do with questions surrounding the veil or halal meat or incidents like terrorist attacks, there has not been one week in recent years when Islam has been out of the news,” Fourquet said.

“A row over halal fast food has much more of an impact on opinion than any political speech,” he added.

“Insurmountable cultural differences”

Le Figaro’s survey reveals French opinion towards particular elements of the Islamic religion is also hardening, with 43 percent of people questioned saying they were opposed to the construction of mosques compared to 39 percent two years ago.

The number of respondents opposed to the wearing of the Islamic veil or headscarf in public has also risen also risen from 59 percent in 2010 to 63 percent.

Two thirds of people surveyed said they thought French Muslims and people of Muslim origin were not well integrated into French society. Among them, 68 percent blamed this lack of integration on Muslims’ “refusal to integrate”, while roughly half said they believed it was a result of “insurmountable cultural differences”.

The survey was published at a sensitive time for Muslims, who are preparing to celebrate the holy festival of Eid al-Fitr on Friday.

Le Figaro says the survey was taken from a sample of 1,736 people, representative of France’s adult population, who responded to questions online between October 15 and 18.

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  • JustaWhiteMom

    Very encouraging indeed!  Don’t they say Paris is for lovers?  Well get busy then. 

  • Puggg

    The role of Islam in France was once again under the spotlight on
    Thursday after right-wing daily Le Figaro published the results of an
    opinion poll that suggested 43 percent of French people believe the
    religion is a “threat” to national identity.

    The other 57% said:

    ماذا بحق الجحيم الذي تتحدث عنه

  • libertarian1234

    “43 percent of Frenchmen see Islam as a threat to national identity.”

    Since Islam is so obviously a threat not opnly to national identity, but to the country in almost every way,  it is disappointing to know that ONLY 43% were smart enough to understand that.

    It’s even more disappointing to know that there is a large number of students in the US who think diversity is a strength. 

    The only way these types, whether in Europe or here,  are going to cast off their brainwashed ideologies is to experience large scale civil upheaval right in the middle of all the diversity they have been programmed to believe is a strength.

  • But, they will still put into power leftwing socialists who say “muslim problem, what muslim problem?”

    • The__Bobster

      France: Muslims Figure Largely in Socialist Electoral Victory
      By Brenda Walker on May 9, 2012 at 1:11pm

      The numbers are still a little sketchy, but there is no question that Muslim immigrants were a big factor in Socialist Francois Hollande’s win. A huge majority of Islamic voters wanted an open-borders pro-Islam politician in charge.

      • FourFooted_Messiah

         Yes, unfortunately, democracy holds within it the seed of its own destruction – it can be voted out.

        That’s the danger Muslims bring.

  • Whirlwinder

    It is interesting to note how the French population react to the invasion of Islam who is their mortal enemy. I think a call to action would be more appropriate than a survey. And this call to action should go to all of the French population with a request that all report to the amory. Any response short of this is consigning the continent to Islam

  • Old Soldier

    I would like to know how many of those polled know anything about Charles Martel

  • They were tresspassing on private property, why do people think that property rights have no value if the property owners in question do not agree with you? You see the same crap with pussy riot in Russia.

    • FourFooted_Messiah

       I had to look up “pussy riot”.  What kind of godsawful name for a band is THAT?  If they didn’t mean female genitalia, they should rather be “Kitty Riot”, which is much better, IMO.

      • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

         Well, at least you are thinking critically.  I agree with you wholeheartedly  that making socialized medicine available to anyone who can get into a country is THE major flaw of all systems and the reason that some countries are now having financial problems, including our own and we don’t even have socialized medicine (not really) because of the same immigration – theft of wealth problem.  It is a good argument for why the world needs sovereign nations.  It is a question of management.

        I am an atheist as well, but I see things in the way Nietzsche explains.  Someone posted an excellent link to a video called “Credo” on youtube.  This is a British political philosopher who does an excellent job of explaining the Nietzchean view in motion and its application to our problems.  Worth hearing.

        Because of that understanding, I don’t have a problem with faith based philanthropy, except that it is often used as a front for acquiring new patrons or dependents in an actual social state within the state.  But more and more of them have separated that issue in an honest way.  The view also says that regardless of the flavor, the community needs and will always require a spiritual community as part of natural human culture.  Only an elite few will be able to separate themselves from that type of need.  I just happen to strongly believe that Christianity is the wrong one for whites for many demonstrable reasons.  But even so, my experience with Christian Charities today is that some churches do go beyond this and the Catholic Church in particular in Southwestern communities go way even violate the law in assisting illegals.  The protestant churches have their version where they recruit for example, Slavs in Russia and Ukraine and then get them asylum status as persecuted parties.  This has provided a conduit for organized crime into the U.S.  So faith based charities become a problem when vested interests are at play as they are by their very nature.  But we also have very good ones out there that serve communities without such behaviors. 

        My view is that if we did not have the ones we have now, we would have others, because it is natural and normal for people to  want to help out when they see their neighbors in difficulty.  This is an act of basic survival that must be instinctual because one man or family alone in the world before civilization had a poor chance of survival, just as one alone has a poorer chance to succeed today.  We are herd animals by definition.

  • StillModerated

    Liberalism was a big enough problem before the tidal wave of non-assimilating mohammedans slithered ashore. A small minority of home-grown misfits is more tolerable than a combining them with a load of foreigners hell-bent on having their own way, and then taking over.  Le Figaro rules!

    • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

       Who in the right minds would want them to assimilate?  They shouldn’t be there, period.

  • The other 57% wear brown pants

  • There is a word for what you want: socialism.

    • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

       It’s okay with me as long as “national” goes in front of it, as opposed to “world.”

      • FourFooted_Messiah

         :/  I still have a problem with myself over that.  I do like Canada’s philosophy of mixed capitalism/socialism as we had in the past.  Yes, I do think the government’s role is to take care of the most unfortunate under its purview.  There will always be people who fall between the cracks, or who cannot cope, and yes, it’s only right that they be helped  if needed.   Yes, some abuse will happen, humans being human, but it would be limited at least to your own people, who can be punished when caught.  (You may say that it should be the churches who help out.  But as an athiest, I do not feel I have any right to their emergency services, which should be reserved for their own flocks.)

          However, that only applies to citizens living in the country.   I can’t stand leftists who try to say Canada’s health care is truly “universal” – ie, something the entire world should have a right to access (this is why we’re having problems, becuase of these idiots who cannot understand that “universal” is limited to Canadian citizens regardless of income.)  

         I guess that makes me a national socialist (or at least semi-socialist.)  But I get squirmy when I think of what that often gets contracted as.  :/

  • IstvanIN

    Someone should ask a liberal, “how many liberals are their in Muslim-majority countries”?  That, my friends, is the future of liberals.

  • 5n4k33y35

    It would be worse if all the immigrants were Christian, because they would cause less disruption, and France might remain asleep until they were overwhelmed by other races.

    Islam is not the problem. Immigration is the problem. How many more times must it be said? The religious debate is a distraction. Race is the issue. Immigration is the problem.

  • RisingReich

    The actions of Generation Identity in France are ignored by the French politicians at their own peril.  The powder keg is packed, just as it is in Greece.

  • ViktorNN

    Of all non-white cultures to allow into white countries, Islam has to be one of the worst to invite in. Islam uses Western values of liberty and free speech against us to undermine and corrupt our own powers of self-governance. Islam is a malevolent parasite that sets in on its host and tries to compel it to join its brown kowtowing mass of featureless subservient drones.

    In the final analysis, Islam is a religious-cultural expression of non-white peoples and their worldviews. Whites don’t need Islam, we don’t need Islam’s influence, and we certainly don’t need non-white Muslims living amongst us.

  • Google Translation:


    I apologize for not writing in English. I would say that it is already amazing that 43% of people dare answer that Islam is a threat.Because, firstly, misinformation reached a huge, unbelievable for someone who does not live in our country. There are only 3 or 4 2 or 3 journalists and philosophers who sometimes criticize Islam or immigration on television. They are constantly vilified and identified as a threat. You really know réinformation sites to get an idea of the real state of the country, or live in the occupied territories.Those who keep a lucid speech on these topics are constantly being stupid accusations and allusions to the Second World War and collaboration. There is usually no argument in these criticisms, simply repeating stereotyped formulas, ridiculous (“you stigmatize”, “this is an amalgam”, “smelly”, “filthy beast”, “darkest hour our history “).More, whether in the media or in everyday life, there is a kind of snobbery around these issues and discourse we must take on them. Many people know very well that the immigrant populations are not “a chance for France,” but it asks you to worship socially diversity. Whoever has the inelegance to raise the issue is caricatured, seen as a waste, a coarse character: a “redneck”. I think we can roughly translated as “Joe Six Packs” or “redneck”.


  • SintiriNikos


    Please excuse me for not writing in English. I would like to say that it is incredible that 43% of people dare respond that Islam is a threat.

    For, on the one hand, misinformation reaches a huge level, unimaginable for someone who does not live in our country. There are barely 3-4 journalists and 2-3 philosophers who sometimes criticize Islam or immigration on television. They are continually denigrated and labelled a threat. One must really know the sites of reinformation to have an idea of the real state of the country, or actually live in the occupied territories.

    Those who hold a lucid discussion on these subjects are endlessly the object of stupid accusations and allusions to the second world war and collaborators. There is most often no argument in these criticisms, but rather a repetition of ridiculous stereotypical formulas (clichés) (‘you’re stigmatizing, ‘it’s an amalgam’, ‘stinky’, ‘disgusting beast’, ‘the darkest hours of our history’).

    Moreover, whether it be in the media or in everyday life, there exists a sort of snobbery around these questions and the discourse we must have about them. Many people know very well that the populations introduced via immigration are not ‘an opportunity for France’, but it pressures you to adore diversity in social circles. Whoever who is uncouth enough to raise an issue is caricatured as uncultured, a vulgar person: a ‘beauf’. I believe this roughly translates to ‘Joe sixpack’ or ‘redneck’.

  • anarchyst

    Islam is a political system masquerading as a “religion”.  It has absolutely NO PLACE in westerm society.  These 7th-century throwbacks have become adept at using our own laws against us.  Let the deportations (and the survival of the west) begin . . .