Anti-Diversity Advocate Expresses Racial Opinions

Jessica Smarr, The Battalion, October 24, 2012

When questions were called for, hands of different colors shot up in the crowd. Some were rough and calloused, while others were young and graceful but all were ready to seize answers from anti-diversity advocate Jared Taylor.

Taylor, a Yale graduate and the founder and editor of the American Renaissance journal, came to Texas A&M to speak about what he sees as the dangers of racial diversity within America and the University.

“Diversity does not achieve the kinds of things [the Texas A&M administration] pretends it will,” Taylor said. “It doesn’t make your education any brighter and it doesn’t make you any more competitive. At the same time, it’s achieved by racial discrimination.”


Taylor also said race is more than skin deep. Though he said many researchers do not feel comfortable studying possible connections between ethnicity and traits such as personality or intelligence, he believes this relationship exists and works within society, whether it is acknowledged or not.

“I suspect that once genomic studies become far more fine-grained, I think it will turn out that there are temperamental differences between races,” Taylor said.

Taylor said these variations between races are apparent on a social level.

“The United States in the days before diversity was a wonderful place to live in,” Taylor said. “And that’s why other people came. I don’t blame non-whites who want to come and live in the United States. It’s perfectly normal. Whites in America, and all around the world, have built very agreeable, successful societies. That’s why all of the huge migration streams are from non-white countries—which are not such nice places to live—into white countries.”

Taylor said he mourned the move to diversity and that advocating diversity would ultimately lead to the destruction of the white population.

“Any group that does not allow itself to have legitimate interests is going the way of the dodo,” Taylor said. “It’s consigned its way to oblivion.”

Many of the students who attended Taylor’s talk disagreed with his definition of race and the problems associated with it. Silvia Ruiz, senior sociology major, criticized Taylor’s view of race as a biological construct.

“His point of view is very old fashioned,” Ruiz said. “His definition of race is biological. [It] is a classical definition of race and not a contemporary definition of race and has been disproven by scientific evidence. He used examples of genes to mockingly prove his point.”


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  • Puggg

    Seems like it went a lot more smoothly than what happened at Towson.

    • Hirschibold

      Maybe it’s less diverse than Towson? 

    • Good manners are the order of the day at Texas A&M. Even amongst minorities and liberals. The police dropped by but were not even going to charge anything if they  had to stay. A video should be up by tomorrow. 

      • The enjoyment of watching the Towson video was destroyed by the constant CHATTERING and babbling of the black people in the audience.

        They can’t sit still, remain silent and listen for 10 seconds. That requires patience and concentration and well, black people just don’t have that in their genes.

        • Mercerian Jed

          “What, then, is the real point at issue, and what does the South stand for in this contention—stand alone, friendless, despised, with the head and heart, the brain and brawn, the wealth and culture of the civilized world arrayed almost solidly against her? The answer is simple: She stands for blood, for the ‘continuous germ-plasma’ of the Caucasian Race.

          “The South cares nothing, in themselves, for the personal friendships or appreciations of high-placed dignitaries and men of light and leading. She must concede to such and to all Northerners’ and to all Europeans the abstract right to choose their associates and table company as they please. What she does maintain is, thatin the Souththe colour line must be drawn firmly, unflinchingly—without deviation or interruption of any kind whatever.”

          -William Benjamin Smith, THE COLOR LINE: A BRIEF IN BEHALF OF THE UNBORN, 1905

        • bluffcreek1967

          Yes, I believe it. I remember from my days at school in Los Angeles in which Blacks had great difficulty remaining seated, not talking out of turn, and not being disruptive and loud. These are not ‘racist’ allegations having no basis in fact, but instead the normal, everyday observations of Blacks at any place they gather.

          Blacks, for the most part, are unable to concentrate on their studies and maintain some composure during class because they feel school is a waste of time anyways. To show any serious interest in one’s studies or homework is considered “acting White.”

    • Detroit_WASP

      Ditto.  Townson was a good example of what happens to an institution of “higher learning” that has too much diversity!  The “smart people” in the audience would have gladly tarred and feathered Mr. Taylor had it be allowed.
      The videos of the Texas A & M presentation are here as someone else pointed out:

      Great presentation as usual.  I wish Mr. Taylor would use my example of silly racial preferences in the NBA.  Wouldn’t the NBA be better if some Asians and Whites were in the starting line-up?  Shouldn’t Whites and Asians baskets count as 6 points just to even things out?  Why isn’t race considered in sports recruiting?  Many MORE young men can relate to this example…law school acceptance numbers becomes more fuzzy for several reasons.  ALL young men understand that blacks dominate the NBA because they are the best at it.   Anyway, we are lucky to have someone as articulate as Jared Taylor to speak on this subject.

  • Hirschibold

    I’ve watched Mr. Taylor’s performance at Towson, now twice. I circulated the video, to liberal and illiberal friends alike, and the reaction was the same each time: disgust at the behavior of the students who carried on like rowdy 8th graders on a bus ignoring instructions from the driver. Ultimately, Taylor’s performance at Towson shows that when you come to blacks in the spirit of fairness, wanting a Socratic dialogue, they will lash out. They did not want to be treated like adults  abiding by Queensbury rules of debate. They wanted to be patronized by a babysitter calling themselves a teacher, someone who massaged their dangerous egos and told them how wonderful they were. They weren’t really interested in what Taylor was saying. They were more
    amused by his non-profane use of the exclamatory phrase “gracious” than
    anything else.

    I’m not a fan of Romney, but the mainstream media and minority response to civility seems to always be mockery and derision. I heard Dennis Miller recently say that Romney is the “Oh Gosh” president and he’s fine with that, since we’ve had the hipster president for the last four years. People mock the 50s as if it was some horrific time, but I think I’m not the only guy in his 20s who yearns for that kind of ordered society, and I believe those who mock decency do it out of a sense of envy, because it’s a quality they don’t possess.

    • Francis Galton

       Count me in as a guy in his 20s who wishes he grew up in the Fifties.  And you’re absolutely right about civility becoming the subject of mockery in our culture.  American popular culture and teen culture in particular has become so ghettoized and uncouth that simple manners–like not using MFer every other word in public, saying please and thank you, and not airing all your private affairs for public consumption–is seen as weakness, nerdiness, creepy, boring, or whatever.  A Golly-Gee-Willikers President like Romney would be a refreshing stylistic change from the Bumping-Grinding-Shuck-and-Jive monstrosity we have now. 

      • The quote by L P Hartley comes to mind

        ” The past is a foreign country, they do things differently there.” 

      • You must remember the #RebelRomney hashtag game on Twitter awhile back.  My two best contributions were:

        Saw the stop sign, but just rolled right through it at 5 mph like it wasn’t even there

        Called his mother to see if her back was okay, because he couldn’t resist the urge to test that “crack” theory

    • You may like or dislike Rommey but he provides the opportunity, the vehicle of getting rid of Obama.

    • C_C_Conrad

      “…and I believe those who mock decency do it out of a sense of envy, because it’s a quality they don’t possess.” 

      If you get the chance to read Jack’s War, you will see this idea reflected in the part of the story that is centered on Libby’s death. 

      • Mercerian Jed

        “We have bestowed merely a glance upon the scheme of Deportation, which is alas! not now a question of practical statesmanship, though it may indeed become one sooner than we think.

        “However, the outlook is not hopeless to him who has a sense of the world to come, who lives in his race, who feels the solidarity of its present with its future as well as with its past. ‘Of men that are just, the true saviour is Time.’ Besides, it seems not at all strange that a disease, chronic through centuries, should require centuries for its cure, that the multiplied echoes of the curse of African slavery should go sounding on, even to the years of many generations.”

        -William Benjamin Smith, THE COLOR LINE: A BRIEF IN BEHALF OF THE UNBORN, 1905

  • Ulick

    I will say this — the article is far more fair to Mr. Taylor than most articles. Most articles immediately try to brand Mr. Taylor as the bad guy you should loathe by labeling him a White Supremacist. “Anti-Diversity Advocate” is fairly accurate and neutral.

    • Jeremy Johnson

      Pro-White Advocate would be more accurate.

      • Perhaps, but not in the sense of most pro-black or pro-Hispanic advocates, in that Mr. Taylor does not think that if a minority student has higher SAT scores/GPA’s than a white that the white should still be given precedence.  A good chunk of our “pro-White” views are really just opposition to affirmative action and disbelief that a white-free society would be good for anyone in America, views also held by a fair share of minorities who would not relish living in a Haiti or a Guatemala.

    • dukem1

       Boy, did I think the same thing…I’d say the reporter for the student paper must not have been fully indoctrinated yet by typical prevailing campus thought control…actually, I don’t recall , over the last couple years or so, reading any news account of a Taylor public appearance so objectively reported…”Just the facts, ma’am”.
      It’s hardly a surprise the students have a pro-diversity outlook…it’s what they have been shown throughout their young lives.
      But good on Ms. Smarr…and one can only hope and pray that there is a future for someone engaged in such endeavors.

      • WHy don’t you send her a message for good reporting? It could make a good impression on a young mind. 

  • Screamin_Ruffed_Grouse

    Only two comments on the OA, both expressing pretty AmRen-ish sentiments. So there’s that.

    I love the way the quoted detractors make claims and offer no backing. No big surprise. I especially love the complaint that Mr. Taylor’s definition of race is classical as opposed to contemporary. If I were an A&M alum, I’d be embarrassed for my alma mater.

    • WhiteGuyInJapan

       Yes, the contemporary (new, exciting and correct) versus traditional (old, boring and wrong): simple Marxist sleight of hand.  And a bunch of baloney in any case. 

      Geneticists say race does not exist, but there are “genetic populations”.  Cultural anthropologists say race does not exist, yet physical anthropologists can measure the differences between White/Black/Asian skulls. 

  • I was surprised by the headline. ‘Anti-Diversity Advocate’. Wasn’t there an agent of the SPLC on campus to write the copy? 

  • “His point of view is very old fashioned,” Ruiz said. “His definition of race is biological. [It] is a classical definition of race and not a contemporary definition of race and has been disproven by scientific evidence. He used examples of genes to mockingly prove his point.”

    Any scientist who puts the truth before his emotions (surprisingly few these days) will plainly demonstrate that Ms. Ruiz is the one with the outdated definition of race. To deny biological differences between the races is to deny plain facts. You must be a sophist to hold your own very long when taking the racial egalitarian side of the argument. I can’t wait till the professor in my ethnic studies class (required for graduation) next semester attempts deny the biological existence of race. His claims will not go unchallenged.

    • Please go to the article and post replies to the reality of race and of course give examples backed by science. 

      • I’d rather not because it is a lot of work. However, J. Phillipe Rushton does an excellent job of making racial differences both clear and virtually undeniable in his book posted below. The chart on page 9 is especially useful. Also, remember that racial egalitarians have just as much burden of proof to show that the differences we see between the races are simply matters of environment. When they do try to provide hypotheses for race differences being 100% (or at least close) environment they are incredibly weak and inconsistent. 

        • Did you post that in reply on the paper? 

          • I don’t want to have to register to post it. Feel free to copy and paste it there for me. 

          • Gary Jenkins

            The second comments were mine. Not bad, eh?

      • blight14

         Preston, the exchange you had with that little *&^% nearly made me sick….(his avatar pic sealed the deal)…..The tired, lame moniker ‘racist’ has long ago gotten old…..the little comrade was able to spout his retort quickly and easily, I guess its that well engrained……keep up the good work PW…!

  • JohnEngelman

    Many of the students who attended Taylor’s talk disagreed with his definition of race and the problems associated with it. Silvia Ruiz, senior sociology major, criticized Taylor’s view of race as a biological construct.

    “His point of view is very old fashioned,” Ruiz said. “His definition of race is biological. [It] is a classical definition of race and not a contemporary definition of race and has been disproven by scientific evidence.
    – Jessica Smarr, The Battalion, October 24, 2012 
    Would somebody please explain what this evidence is? Where is it? The only reason more scientists do not present evidence that racial differences are significant and biological is because they are aware of what happens to those scientists who are brave enough to tell the truth, like Professor J. Philippe Rushton. They are not imprisoned  like those Russian scientists who disagreed with Trofin Lysenko, but telling the truth can be crippling for their careers.

    • Mercerian Jed

      The only evidence they need is if the “truth” is helpful at eradicating White privilege.

      If just saying that science proves that race doesn’t exist, and if by that statement Whites are forced to embrace more Diversity as a cure to socially constructed Whiteness, then the science is proven by its effect after the fact, not through empirical testing before the discovery is made.I suppose this process is the supreme begging the question, and will try to restate it.

      “Racists say science proves race exists, but racists use science to perpetuate White privilege.  We say science proves race doesn’t exist, and we use science to wipe out White privilege.  We are winning, so our science must be right.”

    • Well, folks like Silvia Ruiz will deny race exists when it serves their purposes, but when they want affirmative action goodies, oh boy, does race ever exist then!  If anything truly has a non-scientific basis, it’s “Hispanic”, meant to give full whites like Marco Rubio affirmative action goodies for which there is no biological justification (other Hispanics already get their AA via their Native American or Black background.)  Don’t expect Ms. Ruiz to be attacking the non-scientific nature of “Hispanic” anytime soon, however.

      • Black Swan

        Yes, folks like Silvia Ruiz, Tim Wise and Mark Potok of the $PLC claim that whites and only whites don’t exist.  Yet whites always exist when it comes to racism, hate crimes, slavery, colonialism, world poverty, etc.

        People who don’t exist are easy to wipe out, which is Potok, Wise and Ruiz’s goal.

        Wise and Potok have a place to go when this country finally implodes economically.  Ruiz types will find it very hard going when her EBT card, college scholarship, Section 8 housing, cell phone and other entitlements that she thinks she has a “right” to dry up.  What Wise and Potok aren’t telling her is that it is the white race (the one that doesn’t exist according to them) that paid for her benefits.

        And this is why it’s imperative that whites learn to protect themselves with deadly force from Ruiz types who will come after them when their entitlements stop.  They won’t go after Wise or Potok because Wise and Potok told them in their college lecture series that all blame for any nonwhite failure is the fault of whites. 

  • The video is available here.

    The video cam cut off at 29 min. There is more, but it will have to be later. I am sure AMREN will have it up soon also. 

  • Mercerian Jed

    SAVE WHITE PRIVILEGE – Deport Diversity Now!

    • 5n4k33y35

      My friend. It isn’t privilege. It is power. Privileges were never granted to us. Power was seized by superior force. Please don’t repeat that inaccurate phrase which diminishes our status.

    • JohnEngelman

      Non whites who are here legally are not going to be deported. The society you long for is gone with the wind. Diversity is not a strength. It is something we need to manage, because it is not going away. 

  • libertarian1234

    “His point of view is very old fashioned,” Ruiz said. “His definition of race is biological.

    Really funny.

    As if there is any other plausible difference in races other than biological.

    Also, I’m betting this Latina prefers all things Latin, and that she’s voting for Obama, because he’s going to allow more of her tribesman to weasel their way into citizenship even though they are illegal.

    But don’t get the impression she’s biased in favor of her tribe or anything like that.

    If she’s like all the rest, she likes to speak of diversity, but she doesn’t like to practice it.  She prefers those of her tribe over everyone else.

    These students have been programmed to laud diversity/multiculturalism, and they’re locked into that point of view as effectively as sect members are locked into theirs.

    They could have just as easily been programmed to accept the Jonestown tenets and drank the kool aid on cue, but the multicults got to them first.

    • quote: “They could have just as easily been programmed to accept the Jonestown
      tenets and drank the kool aid on cue, but the multicults got to them
      first.”  Yes, that’s true.  American school systems today emphasize children’s ancestral homelands rather than their American-ness, which is why you have little assimilation and Americans growing up today thinking they’re Mexican, Cuban, Chinese, etc., and acting accordingly. The U.S. census forms, which obligate Asians and Hispanics to mark down their ancestral country while non-Hispanic whites are exempt from doing so (i.e., an Asian-American is required to declare he’s say Japanese but a white does not need to declare himself Polish) probably also plays an unfortunate role is lessened patriotism and affiliation with America.

  • Part 2 of the video is up…

    Sorry for the minute or so break. 

    • Much appreciated. What affiliation do you have with Texas A&M? Are you a student?

      • No I am not a student. I live in College Station. I do protest on campus and I asked one day if I could rent a room. 

  • Tim_in_Indiana

    “His definition of race is biological. [It] is a classical definition of race and not a contemporary definition of race and has been disproven by scientific evidence.  

    Hmmm, that’s funny, I always thought biology was one of the hard sciences. I guess I was wrong.

    • Let us not forget that the precious snowflake who offered that quote is a sociology major. I knew a few in my day and they were not the sharpest knives in the drawer. She will likely do a stint in Americorps, followed by an MSW and then a 35k per year job at a non profit or think tank of some kind. Useless. .

  • dukem1

     Apropos of nothing, really, in this comment section, I cannot help but agree with both commentors.  Mrs. Dukem1 and I occasionally watch movies on Turner, and it is amazing the “civility” on display…we’re always like, “Everything was better then.”…even the bad guys wore suits and ties…
    I’m not naive….I know you we can’t put the toothpaste back in the tube….but, still…

  • Mercerian Jed

    “Neither dare we tolerate any violations of our fundamental principle among ourselves; nor dare we sit calmly by and behold its violation by others, when that violation imperils our own supreme interests and renders more difficult the maintenance of our own position. Here, then, is laid bare the nerve of the whole matter: Is the South justified in this absolute denial of social equality to the Negro, no matter what his virtues or abilities or accomplishments?”

    -William Benjamin Smith, THE COLOR LINE: A BRIEF IN BEHALF OF THE UNBORN, 1905

  • razorrare
    • Black Swan

      Those articles are 11 and 12 years old and still relevant.  Dr. Pierce is a national treasure and should be read by ALL white people.

      Attention All Whites!  Go to razorrae’s links, including the one in his above comment, read the articles, internalize them, discuss them and pass them on.

    • Mercerian Jed

      Diversity is our greatest strength; it’s also the ugliest thing you will see all day, and it will be looking for you tonight…

      • razorrare

        Diversity has never sought me out, diversity targets the lesser of my race,those who are weak…i have lived amongst diversity where not one White had dared to tread. In the days of my youth i fought diversity while Whites fled…now that i am old i rely on equalizers should the need arise to confront violent diversity…

  • I’m not “anti-diversity”.  I do think it should be voluntary.

    • Mercerian Jed

      We are anti-Diversity, because we are pro-Purity.

      Whites have proven themselves incapable of proper handling of Diversity, therefore they should have their opportunities for Diversity Contact curtailed and outlawed.

      When Whites are surrounded by Diversity, they take on the Stockholm Voodoo Syndrome- they project onto themselves that they are the cause of the problems in the “beloved community of color”.

      “When somebody pushes you, you feel sorry for them,” said Jonathan Bowden regarding our sickness.

      Whitey’s disability harms their need to always put Whites First, and this sad and gloomy race fact proves they are handicapped and should be protected from themselves by extreme segregation into Whites Only states. 

      Children with soft skulls and tendencies to trip and fall are protected by the head helmet their parents make them wear. Whites should be protect from their Diversity Affinity Affliction by removing them from all possibile Diversity Contact.

  • Mercerian Jed

    “We affirm, then, that the South is entirely right in thus keeping open at all times, at all hazards, and at all sacrifices an impassable social chasm between Black and White. This shemustdo in behalf of her blood, her essence, of the stock of her Caucasian Race. To the writer the correctness of this thesis seems as clear as the sun—so evident as almost to forestall argument; nor can he quite comprehend the frame of mind that can seriously dispute it. But let us look at it closely. Is there any doubt whatever as to the alternative? If we sit with Negroes at our tables, if we entertain them as our guests and social equals, if we disregard the colour line in all other relations, is it possible to maintain it fixedly in the sexual relation, in the marriage of our sons and daughters, in the propagation of our species? Unquestionably, No! It is certain as the rising of tomorrow’s sun, that, once the middle wall of social partition broken down, the mingling of the tides of life would begin instantly and proceed steadily. Of course, it would be gradual, but none the less sure, none the less irresistible. It would make itself felt at first most strongly in the lower strata of the white population; but it would soon invade the middle and menace insidiously the very uppermost. Many bright Mulattoes would ambitiously woo, and not a few would win, well-bred women disappointed in love or goaded by impulse or weary of the stern struggle for existence.As a race, the Southern Caucasian would be irreversibly doomed.For no possible check could be given to this process once established. Remove the barrier between two streams flowing side by side—immediately they begin to mingle their molecules; in vain you attempt to replace it. Not even ten legions of Clerk Maxwell’s demons could ever sift them out and restore the streams to their original purity. The moment the bar of absolute separation is thrown down in the South, that moment the bloom of her spirit is blighted forever, the promise of her destiny is annulled, the proud fabric of her future slips into dust and ashes. No other conceivable disaster that might befall the South could, for an instant, compare with such miscegenation within her borders. Flood and fire, fever and famine and the sword—even ignorance, indolence, and carpet-baggery—she may endure and conquer while her blood remains pure; but once taint the well-spring of her life, and all is lost—even honour itself. It is this immediate jewel of her soul that the South watches with such a dragon eye, that she guards with more than vestal vigilance, with a circle of perpetual fire. The blood thereof is the life thereof; he who would defile it would stab her in her heart of heart, and she springs to repulse him with the fiercest instinct of self-preservation. It may not be that she is distinctly conscious of the immeasurable interests at stake or of the real grounds of her roused antagonism; but the instinct itself is none the less just and true and the natural bulwark of her life.”

    -William Benjamin Smith, THE COLOR LINE: A BRIEF IN BEHALF OF THE UNBORN, 1905

    • JohnEngelman

      Strom Thurman should have read that before he fathered an illegitimate mulatto daughter. 
      White owners and employers of black women have been the most enthusiastic misogynists in American history. The black women they had children by had no choice but to submit to their lusts.     

      • Mercerian Jed

        “Remove the negro from the South and this section will quickly
        become the most populous, prosperous and progressive portion of the American Union. But will the negro be removed? Not at all. The two great political parties need him in their manufacturing industry, the making of political ‘issues.’

        “The negro will remain right where he is, wear the cast-off clothes of the white man, steal his fowls, black his boots, rape his daughters, while the syphilitic ‘yaller gal’ corrupts his sons. Yes, the negro will stay, stay until he is faded out by fornication, until he is absorbed by the stronger race, as it has absorbed many a foul thing heretofore.”

        -William Cowper Brann, “The Buck Negro,” WORKS, 1898

        Brann was clearly too optomistic. The Diversity isn’t fading, we are.

        • JohnEngelman

          The Negro got to the South in the first place because Southern whites were too lazy to grow their own cotton and tobacco. 

          • ncpride

            And they were in the North because Northern Whites were too lazy to do their own housework, didn’t want to lose their social status, and the slave trade made them a TON of money. Again, lets be fair here John, and stop pretending that slavery didn’t exist in the North.

          • JohnEngelman

            Slavery was outlawed in the North soon after the American Revolution. It had already been outlawed in Great Britain, although it had been rare there since the end of the Roman Empire. It was outlawed in the British Empire in 1833. 
            When Thomas Jefferson complained in the Declaration of Independence of King George III that “He has excited domestic insurrections amongst us,” he was complaining that the British Army was encouraging slaves to fight for their freedom. 
            The South fought the Civil War to perpetuate slavery. Any other issue was secondary.
            In his “Cornerstone Speech,”  Confederate Vice President Alexander Stephens in Savannah, Georgia said on March 21, 1861: “The new constitution has put at rest, forever, all the agitating questions relating to our peculiar institution African slavery as it exists amongst us the proper status of the negro in our form of civilization. This was the immediate cause of the late rupture and present revolution…
            [The foundations of our new government] are laid, its corner- stone rests, upon the great truth that the negro is not equal to the white man; that slavery subordination to the superior race is his natural and normal condition.”

  • The school newspaper report was fairly written, I thought, with Mr. Taylor’s words quoted without any “editorial comments” injected by the writer to try to denigrate or ridicule them.

    And the quotes from the students about Taylor’s remarks appear to have been presented as spoken, also, without any effort to show that they were “right” and Taylor “wrong.” I do wonder, however, if there were any students who spoke in support of Jared Taylor’s views. Absent a video of the event, there is no way to tell. The “editorializing,” if any, may have come in the choice to ignore any positive statements by the students. 

  • As an aside, here is a small overview of the types of classes that are required for graduation in our nation’s fine learning institutions. This is the class I am taking next semester to fulfill the ethnic studies requirement (Sociology 134). 

    This class provides a basic sociological understanding of how race relations shape social life in the United States.  A sociological approach includes considering race and ethnicity as social constructs that permeate all social life, are entrenched in social structures and institutions, and shift and mutate over time and place, though often in ways that reproduce existing patterns of power relations.  More concretely, we will attempt to understand the ways in which race and ethnicity continually shape public life and our experience of the world and ourselves.

    And people still question whether universities are liberal brain-washing factories except to the most impervious students. Required courses like this should remove all doubt.

  • Diamond_Lil

    I received my Bachelors from TAMU some decades ago (aahheemm).  Making that quintessentially white, conservative alpha male university more “diverse” will ultimately result in ground zero of the race war.  Top notch state university with a predominately deeply-instilled, southern well-mannered population.

    • That was yesteryear sir. The LGBT group gets over $100,000 a year from the university to promote themselves now. Recent speakers at the university include Marc Potok, Tim Wise and Angela Davis, all sponsored by the university. 

  • razorrare

    Race specific bio-weapon in the making…race is a social construct? hahahhaha…after they use it on the arabs they can use it on the blacks…an ideological specific bio-weapon would be neat too,but i fear much too challenging to develop…

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Kudos again to M. Taylor for untold bravery in walking into the lion’s den! He is to be commended for drawing out and exposing the utter stupidity and inanity of clueless students and other brainwashed idiots who have bought into the government’s dogma that “diversity is a strength.” 

    TAMU has been given a speech code rating of “red” by FIRE —  meaning it  “has at least one policy that both clearly and substantially restricts freedom of speech.”

    TAMU’s Mission Statement reads:

    Texas A&M University recognizes the importance of communication, and is committed to an environment which stresses open sharing of information and ideas, and values input from all people.

    Yet TAMU’s policy on Tolerance, Respect and Civility states:

    The rights of students are to be respected. 

    These rights include respect for personal feelings, freedom from indignity of any type.

    The question is: Where is the line drawn between Freedom of Speech and nebulous, new-age gobble-de-gook such as “personal feelings,” and “freedom from indignity” AND why does such a line need to be drawn if the university’s stated goal is “open sharing of ideas and information?”

    Is this a university or an indoctrination center?


    • Mercerian Jed

      Indignity for Diversity is telling it that you shouldn’t have your White privilege crushed.

  • 5n4k33y35

    Nice work Jared. You have a good job, throwing a wet blanket on the diversity peddlers.

    • Mercerian Jed

      Jared Taylor failed again to list the names of the local Diversity Officers of Inclusion and Improved Social Climate and then demand that they explain what message it must send to the White Community when so many blacks refuse to “embrace” St. MLK’s “non-violent social change”.

      Ongoing and increasing black violence gives the White Community permission to “revisit, reengage, and reimagine” school integration and Civil Rights, but you’d never know this fact if you listen to Jared Taylor.

      Jared could take the lead in this movement, but instead he’s worried that not enough Whites know that blacks have lower IQs than we do.  He stays stuck on logos when he should move immediately to pathos.

  • razorrare

    Yes,it would be nice to see what we are missing out on…glad to see you are back…always enjoyed reading your post.

  • Well said Mr. Jared Taylor. I think its important that white peoples reclaim their identity, culture, and uniqueness just as others races have asserted. This indoctrination of students
    to hold contempt and disdain for anything of whiteness must stop. White peoples are people too, and have a right to self identify and join together in their own best interests just as any other group.

  • Annis Isbell

    At Towson the college kids behaved like first, second or third graders.  They couldn’t control themselves even after being told time and time and time again to be quite.  Knowing the behavior was to be expected, a security man told them up front that anyone who disrupted the debate would be removed.  If he had carried out that threat all the black college students would have been removed.

    You can’t hold a debate with blacks around.   People  in public life keep claiming they are not White Semanticist but where is the evidence that any other race is equal to White people?

    jews have high intelligence but there is something wrong with the wiring in their brains because the only thing they do is live off of White societies even though they’ve been driven from every place they lived in Europe. 

    White culture is very different from jewish culture and White people have created nations where others want to live.  jews claim they have a right to a state of their own even though it belonged to Palestinians and also claim that they should have been allowed to live in Germany.  Isn’t that a double standard?

    They were in the German’s country when the Nazis rose to power because they poured in to buy up Germany on the cheap after Germans were defeated in the first world war and were beaten down and prostate. 

    World jewry was behind dragging us into the first world war so the Brits would give them Palestine.  So the thinking and values of jews is so cockeyed and different from our values they could never create a civilized nation any more than blacks could.  They even use our children and our treasury to create their Greater israel.  Google “map greater israel” to see what the middle east wars are about.  They depend completely upon us.

    Later in another debate that I watched on the internet, Taylor and Matthew were interviewed by a black host and a black college professor (of African studies).  The professor shouted out interruptions every time Jared or Matthew tried to answer a question.  He couldn’t keep quite and he jeered others’ answers but offered no thoughtful refutation.    Neither Jared or Matthew spoke unless called upon.  They were subject to name calling by every black there.

    In the black world if you can shout others down and use your brawn to threaten others than you win.  In the same way that Hispanic at the Texas college never offered any logic or facts but just stated that Jared’s ideas are out of style today.  Never mind that his ideas are based upon scientific evidence.  PC from White people is the great equalizer and it counts rather than science so this “professor” got the last word.  I wish Jared would debate that professor.

    •  “You can’t hold a debate with blacks around.”

      It’s not just that you can’t have a civil debate with blacks involved; it’s that any outcome from those debates has to immediately disregard logic and reason in order to make room for their ineptitude and inability to use that logic and reason as a framework to build something positive. Everything is geared toward building up their egos and excusing away their flaws.

    • I sometimes feel bored & exhausted by Jewish tribalism, but this comment is so totally wrong about Europeans & Jews that it’s a waste of time to rebut it point by point. 

  • I’m simultaneously glad & sorry. I’m glad that Mr. Taylor has blown yet another hole in enemy’s fortifications.

    I’m sorry that he is one of the very few. US is falling apart in past 50 yrs thanks to forced desegregation, mass immigration, rampant Capitalism that denies national suzerainty, race replacement…. and still- there is no network of patriotically connected thinking people that would number in hundreds and thousands. There is no financial backup. Most white people are apathetic, with big chunk of hopelessly stupid liberals.

    Strong social changes need programs, intellectuals who will articulate them, the climate that says “something is in the air”- from English via American and French to Russian revolutions. We need 100 AmRens, 500 TV and radio stations, newspapers,…

    Lenin was right. Organization is everything.

    • What is wrong with “rampant Capitalism”?

      •  Because it destroys national economies. Capitalists think only about profit & move industrial potential and factories to China or India. They- many of them- just don’t give a hoot about prosperity of their native country.

        • That is pure fiction. Do you know why companies move their factories overseas? There are a few reasons. Firstly, government regulations and taxes make running factories and the like very expensive in the U.S. Second, American workers will not work for the wages that those in Bangladesh or Bolivia will. This is a testament to how high the standard of living is in the U.S. Moreover, having goods produced by workers working for low wages makes these goods extremely cheap for our consumers. Everyone in the Soviet Union was employed. Does that mean the prosperity of their country was high? Hell no, because communism (and statism in general) prevents prosperity rather than creating or preserving it. Free societies will always be more prosperous than collectivist ones (all other variables being roughly equal). 

          •  You’re arguing with …whom ? Actually, the first part of your post just confirmed what I said. US financial plunge is the direct result of lack of planning on the country level & extreme privatization (private jails- huh…). There is a liberal Capitalism & there is a state Capitalism. German capitalism is, more or less, a state variant. And although some German companies have relocated to China etc., most did not. Further- if you don’t have state, regulatory policy- any affluent country will eat itself out or just collapse thanks to irrational faith in market self- regulatory mechanisms.

            Soviet Union was an absurd experiment, but statist Capitalism a la Japan and Germany simply is not.

          • Further- if you don’t have state, regulatory policy- any affluent country will eat itself out or just collapse thanks to irrational faith in market self- regulatory mechanisms.

            Can you point to any time in history where free market capitalism has led to a financial collapse of any sort? I can think of none. In fact, it was the abundance of regulations and dreadful statist fiscal policies that lead to collapses such as the Great Depression, the recent recession, etc. Privatization is always a good thing.

          • Take a look at this video and the top rated comments if you get a chance.


          • Can you point to any time in history where free market capitalism has led to a financial collapse of any sort?


          • You did nothing but reaffirm the statement that you were rebutting.

            If the notion is that workers and their “high standard of living” are
            hindering a corporation’s viability, then how can any sane and honest
            person deny that many of these corporations only care about profit? The real motive is usually that the executives have found a way to maximize and grow the profit margin for themselves and their shareholders, all at the expense of the American workers.

            I actually respect some of the thoughts and ideas of people like Milton Friedman and Ayn Rand, but I do realize that unrestrained capitalism always devolves to profit over people if left to its own devices.

            People always like to tout the freedom aspect of society as being the greatest thing since sliced bread. But even a free society has laws in place that keep the vampires and vultures from preying on the kindness, generosity, and vulnerability of others, right?

          • I was referring to his claim that Capitalism destroys national economies. That is completely untrue. And when I said free society I meant a state of natural order (anarcho-capitalism), which has yet to exist in the world as I know it. This does not imply no rules, but it does imply no monopoly on force unlike the world we live in now. I suggest both of you read this book. 


    • David Ashton

        Agreed.  This network and adequate funding are essential, and not only in the US.  The outline of a rational coalition program is needed, and maybe AmRen could be used as an initial start-up organizer.

  • And- IQ is overrated, as I’ve been saying all the time:

  • Ruiz does
    not base her comments on scientific study. They are based on feelings and the
    same political correct multiculturalism and diversity claptrap that is
    destroying this country. People like Ruiz dismiss such thinking as “old
    fashioned” since the truth is critical of her diversity. The new fashion
    of thought for which Ruiz speaks is to condemn Whites while promoting diversity
    at all costs.

  • Of course she would. The “contempory” definition of race for which she speaks involves hordes of browns taking from Whites under the theory of social justice.

  • MarcusTrajanus

    “His definition of race is biological. [It] is a classical definition of
    race and not a contemporary definition of race and has been disproven
    by scientific evidence.” Sure, that’s why two black parents have Oriental and White offspring all the time. There’s clearly nothing biological or genetic about race at all. 

  • I have to believe Ruiz would have an entirely different take on the matter if the term hispanic were up for discussion.

  • Mercerian Jed

    The Holy Trinity of Diversity Enforcement: Race, Gender, and Class Studies

  • Frank Keliher

    Good movie entitled “We’ve Never Been Licked” about Texas A and M made in 1943 for anyone interested in learning more about the college.

  • David Ashton

      The short answer to you and “nettle” re neo-marxian “sociology” is simply to refer you to current lists on social studies, cultural anthropology, black studies and racism in university and other academic publisher catalogs.  I am a long-time Fellow of the Royal Anthropological Institute and Life Member of the Galton Institute, and have seen massive changes in the “wrong direction” (deconstruction, class analysis, environmentalism) over the past decades in the “rebuttal” (i.e. propaganda against) what is called “scientific racism”.

  • David Ashton

      A British commentator said that Romney must look each morning in the mirror and see a perfect all-American President – straight out of central casting!
       After his poor performance in the third debate, his face & race remain his best if not only remaining asset.  Tie it in with the “perils of diversity”, rising crime and welfare waste, and he might just get in, and create an expectation that true Americans can subsequently draw upon.

  • JohnEngelman

    If Strom Thurmond did not rape the mother of his mulatto child he used economic coercion on her. Then he condemned miscegenation in speeches. If that was not hypocrisy  the word lacks a meaning. It was worse than foolishness. It was a felony. 
    Miscegenation characterizes the behavior of rich white men throughout Southern history. Where do you think Martin Luther King and Muhammad Ali got their light complexions from?

    • “Where do you think Martin Luther King and Muhammad Ali got their light complexions from?”
      Huh ? Muhammad Ali (aka Cassius Clay) got his light complexion from his great-great grandfather John Grady who was nothing but an  IRISH IMMIGRANT “who emigrated to the United States in the 1860s”.

      Typical Engelman doing the same thing over and over again here but expecting a different result…

  • ConorTheLiberal

    OMG!!!! Everyone on here is such an extremely racist bigot!! Certain factors like the geography, easily tamable animals, and natural resources of Europe are the real reason whites came to spread their influence and power all over the world. I admit I feel that whites are superior in some sense but that is only because of certain circumstances.