Obama Says Latino Vote Is Key to Victory, Vows Immigration Reform in 2013

Dave Boyer, Washington Times, October 24, 2012

The Obama campaign’s strategy of winning the election with the help of Hispanic voters was on full display Wednesday as President Obama promised to achieve immigration reform next year, and a top aide predicted the country’s fast-growing number of minority voters will propel the president to a second term.

In an interview that the White House originally insisted be kept off the record, Mr. Obama told an Iowa newspaper that he’s “confident” he will achieve immigration reform next year if he’s re-elected.

“Since this is off the record, I will just be very blunt,” Mr. Obama told the editor and publisher of the Des Moines Register in a 30-minute phone call. “Should I win a second term, a big reason I will win a second term is because the Republican nominee and the Republican Party have so alienated the fastest-growing demographic group in the country, the Latino community.”

{snip} In polls, Mr. Obama holds a lead of more than 30 percentage points over Republican nominee Mitt Romney among Hispanic voters.


A senior adviser to the president, David Plouffe, told reporters that the burgeoning voter rolls of Hispanics and blacks this year is “a big thing to understand.”

“In every state, there are going to be more Latino voters than there were four years ago,” Mr. Plouffe said. “In Florida, there’s going to be hundreds of thousands more Latinos and African-Americans voting than there were last time. The demographics of some of these states are already improved, through nothing we’ve done. The electorate is just more friendly to the president than it was four years ago.”


Mr. Obama pledged in the 2008 campaign to make immigration reform a priority but failed to follow through on the promise. Leaders of the Hispanic community and others have been especially critical of his broken promise.


The White House originally insisted the president’s interview be kept from the public, although Mr. Obama’s comments on immigration and other topics didn’t diverge much from his public remarks on those issues. White House officials reversed course Wednesday morning and released a transcript of the interview after Editor Rick Green publicly complained to readers about the secretive nature of the interview. Mr. Green openly speculated that the White House had been worried that the president might commit a gaffe that could hurt him in the election.


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  • Puggg

    “In every state, there are going to be more Latino voters than there were four years ago,” Mr. Plouffe said.
    “In Florida, there’s going to be hundreds of thousands more Latinos and
    African-Americans voting than there were last time. The demographics of
    some of these states are already improved

    I don’t consider blacks and Hispanics to be an improvement.

    • The only Latinos that are eligible to vote are Cubans and Puerto Ricans. The Cubans tend to vote Republican, especially the older, more well heeled voters. Puerto Ricans, on the other hand, would be the ones that would vote for Obama, and not because of his promise to pass the Dream Act and Immigration Reform.

      • Puggg

        But lots of illegal alien Hispanics actually do vote.

        • True. But the main Latino voters will be Cuban and Puerto Rican.

  • Moreover, there are more latino voters because we refuse to enforce our laws against
    illegal invaders! They never mention this inconvenient truth!

    • There will be more lartino voters because Republicans are too spineless to have them deported.

      • Many Latinos who live in Florida are illegal aliens. The only strong Latino voting blocs there are Cubans and Puerto Ricans.

  • Puggg



    For all this talk about Hispanics, white men specifically are still the dominant voting force.

    • True. There are also many retirees in Florida that tend to vote Republican.

  • Mercerian Jed

    Every non white that invades our country dilutes our White privilege by one plus all their Diversity babies and grand babies till kingdom come and there is on White privilge left to dilute.

    When Whites suffer under demographic change, everyone, even Whites, will say, “That’s a good thing”.

    When blacks suffer under endemic and persistent black crime, everyone, even Whites, will say, “That’s a horrible thing, and we must do more to protect vulnerable and at risk youth from the harmful effects of historic discrimination”.

  • ImTellinYa

    Wow. They’re not even bothering to hide their evil lies any longer.

    The entire Ruling Elite and their nonWhite allies are our deadly enemy, and their current front man, Obonzo, is the ultimate expression of the social pathology that is destroying civilization.

    I used to think that when the Diversity Housing Bubble burst that people would be forced to understand how self destructive it is to pander to nonWhites by giving them handouts and special privileges. The government forced lenders to drop all standards so nonWhites, who wouldn’t normally qualify for a prepaid credit card, could get loans for houses they couldn’t even begin to afford. This was another attempt to get Hispanics to love us and be grateful. A fool’s errand.

    Well, the diversity housing bubble burst and the government is getting off scot free. No one in the MSM has mentioned how Clinton/Bush caused this bubble. Back during the bubble the MSM was all happy clappy about the lenders dropping sane standards and shoving money at lively, vibrant diverses. Now they are blaming these same lenders. Sure, plenty of lenders are sleazy leftist scum who jumped at the chance to make crappy loans and then sell them down the line. But they couldn’t have done it without the government allowing, encouraging and forcing them to do so.

    We’re still not hearing the truth about this one at all. Obonzo is even trying to reinflate the Minority Housing Bubble. THAT is insane.

    • quote: “Obonzo is even trying to reinflate the Minority Housing Bubble.”  Yes, mortgage lenders simply cannot win.  They’re either sued by the feds for not lending to enough minorities who cannot afford mortgages, or, when they do lend, they’re sued for predatory lending to minorities who can’t afford the mortgages.  The federal government maintains an army of lawyers who have no other way to justify their positions other than by suing private businesses, so they’ll sue one way or the other.  It’s just a cost of doing mortgage business in America.

  • Not all Asians are not loyal to this country and its traditions. Many of our families came well before 1965 and assimilated to the ways of this country. We speak English and no other language. 

    • IstvanIN

       It is more than just speaking English.  No race has been as good hearted, or as stupid, as white Americans.  I doubt your people will treat mine as well as your have been treated overall.  Only whites feed the third world hordes, allow them to invade their nations as immigrants and refugees, beat themselves up over racism, real or imagined, and adopted overseas Oriental and African babies.

      My God, we are stupid.

  • I agree the border will never be closed. The only way it will be closed is if they had a system like the Berlin Wall.

    • …or when we become as poor as Mexico.  Immigration is like osmosis, from poor country to rich country until the latter becomes poor as well.

      Still, using e-Verify to encourage self-deportation, ending diversity visas and the refugee racket of pouring thousands of Somalis into the U.S. at taxpayer expense, etc., there’s many effective ways of reducing overpopulation besides a huge fence.

  • bluffcreek1967

    Obama said the Republicans have “alientated the fastest-growing demographic group in the country, the Latino community.” Really?! If that’s true, then it would be utterly foolish for the GOP to ever waste one more red cent trying to win their votes. After all, the Republicans have done everything in their power to welcome and accomodate Hispanics – and if the end result leaves the majority of them alienated, then forget it! If Hispanics feel alienated, it’s not because guilt-ridden Whites haven’t tried to “reach” them. Rather, it’s because the GOP is a party that subscribes to limited government (at least in theory) and less inclined to give out the government goodies to them. 

    But there’s another reason: Hispanics (namely, Mexicans) know the GOP is, for the most part, a White party. They don’t fully identify with Whites, and their strange concepts of “Constitutional law” and other deeply intellectual ideas are foreign to them. Mexicans are essentially an indigenous Indian people, simple-minded, somewhat backward, deeply superstitious and wed to a religious tradition that’s a combination of Christian and pagan beliefs. The lofty ideas of our American Constitution, including those cultural distinctives that almost all White Americans share, is alien to their way of thinking. This doesn’t mean that the Mexican people are bad or anything like this. It just means they are different from us. They don’t relate to our White culture and way of thinking. They see our country and its future differently than we do – and why shouldn’t they? America is not truly their country, it’s ours (Whites) and it was always intended for us alone.   

  • James Flower

    ‘improved demographics’ = less whites


  • youhavetherighttoremainsilent

     you forgot the main point that blacks and hispanics compete over drug turf