Mom of Teen ‘Slay Sibs’ Tips off Cops After NJ Girl, 12, Killed for Bike

Beth Defalco and Tim Perone, New York Post, October 24, 2012

A New Jersey mom ratted out her teen sons for the murder of a 12-year-old girl after reading a Facebook posting hinting that one of them wanted to go on the lam, law-enforcement sources told The Post.

Justin Davidson’s mom saw his message “Might be moving :(“ on Sunday and became suspicious.

She tipped cops that he might have been involved in the disappearance of their neighbor, Autumn Pasquale, in Clayton, NJ, the sources said.

Autumn Pasquale

Autumn was allegedly lured to meet Justin, 15, and his brother Dante Robinson, 17, at their home Saturday because they wanted parts from her beloved BMX bike.

Dante and Justin Robinson

The massive search for Autumn came to a tragic end Monday night when her body was found stuffed in a recycling bin at a vacant property near the boys’ house.

An autopsy found she had been strangled.


The two brothers were charged with murder, body disposal and tampering with evidence. {snip}

When detectives searched the Robinson home, they found some of Autumn’s belongings and her bike, Gloucester County Prosecutor Sean Dalton said.

The boys’ father, Alonzo Robinson, told the Star-Ledger of Newark that his sons had been charged with bike theft before.

“I think someone wanted the girl’s bicycle,” Robinson said. “Maybe she wanted her bike and resisted, and one of them snatched her off a bike.”



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  • Puggg

    Thanks to a Supreme Court decision this summer (QD, help me out here), these two might not even get a mandatory life prison without parole term.

    • Mercerian Jed

       At Nicholas Stix calls it,  “Life Sentence (until parole)”.

    • QD to the rescue.
      The decision is Miller vs Alabama from June.

      The problem is that that decision came down while the media were waiting, huffing and puffing and salivating for two more important decisions, the Arizona SB 1070 case and then ObamaCare.  To the small extent that MSM analyzed this decision, they got it effectively correct but factually wrong.

      The Miller decision did not out and outright prohibit life without parole prison sentences for juveniles (under 18) convicted of first-degree murder in adult court.  What it did say is that life w/o parole cannot be the blanket all-circumstances punishment for juveniles convicted of M1 in adult court.

      However, I think the net consequence, the disparate impact, of this decision is that rare will be the juvenile convicted of M1 as an adult who will get life without parole.  Thanks to this decision, lawyers for every 17 and under convicted of M1 who does happen to get life w/o parole will drag the sentence into the Federal courts under Miller grounds.  Therefore, I can foresee that states will do one of two things:  Have the maximum punishment for 17U M1 convicts be life with the possibility of parole, or a very long fixed year sentence.  Already, the Governor of Iowa has commuted life w/o parole sentences for relevant individuals to fixed terms of 60 years.

      As an aside, the legal reasoning the majority used in Miller is stupid, because it relies on this “brain maturation” malarkey.  The human brain isn’t fully hard wired until about age 25.  Does this mean 24-year olds don’t know right from wrong?

    • tickyul

      Yes, sickness is quickly taking over this country. The Phonycons are not much good at putting up a fight……….See Justice Roberts.

      These Urban American Yutes will probably be out of prison in enough time
      to slaughter more Human Americans.

  • So two blacks murder a White girl and not a peep from the MSM. If two White “youth”
    had murdered a 14 year olf black girl, there would be hell to pay! It would be
    national news, with the usual race pimps leading the charge, demanding justice.

    Jim Crow laws were not meant to punish blacks, but to protect Whites! This is why!

    • There was plenty of peeping in Philly….until the race of the perps was discovered. I kept posting the names of the perps on the CBS news site, and they kept deleting my posts.

      • Mercerian Jed

        White privilege shall never be allowed to speak hate facts.   Society is obligated to protect the beloved community of color from ugly stereotyping and honest reporting.

      • MerlinV

        That’s the problem — getting national news coverage as the extremely rare White on black crime does.

      • tickyul

        Nancy “HAG” Grace was blaming it on a White Male yesterday.

        • puffdaddy

          Are you KIDDING me? Lord, have mercy on our souls and deliver us from the Nancy Grace’s of the world. Sometimes I think the enablers are worse than the criminals.

          • tickyul

            Hopefully she does not have male kids…..the man-hater in her really shows through.

            Well, man-hater minus Urban American males.

          • puffdaddy

            I think she has a couple of kids that she either had with “help” (meaning through a means other than regular sexual intercourse with a man) or adopted – I can’t remember.

        • ncpride

          That doesn’t surprise me one bit. How anyone with an ounce of intelligence can actually watch her show for any length of time is beyond me. She is nothing more than a rude, self centered, arrogant drama queen who speculates and gossips about crime stories under the guise of some legal expertise.

    • Mercerian Jed

      “The writer has been appalled at the cool indifference with which amalgamation is contemplated as necessary and inevitable by certain highly intelligent philanthropists in the Southland. The matter is delicate and difficult to argue, and in the body of the book it has perhaps been stressed too lightly; but the danger signals are clearly discernible, even as they were to Prof. E. D. Cope, and it is madness not to heed them. If the race barrier be removed, and the individual standard of personal excellence be established, the twilight of this century will gather upon a nation hopelessly sinking in the mire of Mongrelism.”

      -William Benjamin Smith, THE COLOR LINE: A BRIEF ON BEHALF OF THE UNBORN, 1905

  • A White girl in the hands of two savage black teens, and we’re supposed to pretend she wasn’t raped. Oh, okay.

    • youhavetherighttoremainsilent

       they made her perform oral and they did touch her in some way. they also beat her badly before strangling her also she  12 not 14 also they were joking on facebook about it

      • DO you have some links for that? I’d love to have them because so far, they just keep saying they stole her bike and killed her

    • 5n4k33y35

      That’s the story the mainstream media is portraying. I didn’t believe it either. Imagine if the races were reversed. This country has gone mad.

  • schmenz

    Dear God, how horrible.

  • IstvanIN

    I am sorry, those two do not look even remotely human.

    •  But that poor child, presumably thoroughly brainwashed, probably never suspected their nefarious intentions.  Diversity can be fatal.

      • IstvanIN

         She may have been kidnapped or assaulted or otherwise trapped by those two.

      • razorrare

        I demand to know why the above comment was shows 11  likes…readers & contributors deserve better…the offending moderator has no clothes!! Truly transparent and predictable.

  • One can only hope that other parents will now do what Autumn’s parents may have failed to do. Warn your kids, especially girls, to stay away from black males. Better to be called racist, prejudiced, anti-diversity or whatever, than to end up like this poor child.

    • Up to my neck in CA

      I forwarded this article to all of my friends with children. Diveristy is dangerous!

  • Screamin_Ruffed_Grouse

    Was hearing about this all morning on WPHT in Philly this morning. Two local news programs, several hours. Not one word from either host or any callers concerning the race of the murderous urban savages. Didn’t have to work hard to guess, but still…

  • I saw this story yesterday. It was said the perpetrators weren’t being identified because of their age.  Now I know the real reason.

    • dukem1

       “Dante” is pretty much all you need to know.

      • When I first read the story yesterday, I did a search for others. At the time, no names were given because their identities were being protected because of their ages.

    • gemjunior

      The more the news (TV, radio, newspapers) tries to hide it, the more people know exactly what’s up.  First off, everyone knows anyway.  It’s almost a given.  I’ve seen people, many times, raise their eyebrows and exclaim in surprise “Oh, they were white?” when they were not black or hispanic.  That’s how rare white crime has become, now that we have these enrichers who have become such experts at crime they’re unable to be outdone by whites, still a majority.  Everybody knows what race they were without being told.

      We can only hope that whites will become sick of it sooner than later, and that anger will build up and overflow at the hypocrisy of this bullshit.  The mother trying to collect the reward is even beyond TNB.  It is shocking even for them. 

  • IstvanIN

    The “mom” is no heroine, she was looking for the reward money.

    • Sick! just plain sick!!!

    • Ernest

       How do you know this?

      • “How does he know this?” Simple. Because black behavior is predictable, especially when gibs me dat is involved.

  • Stentorian_Commentator

    I say, they look a bit like Trayvon Martin.  Not too much, but enough for me!  Fire away!

    • Stentorian_Commentator

      And I should have thought to say, they must therefore resemble BO’s son, if he had one.

      • razorrare

        the Guest comment had 10 “likes” before i signed in…not that i am signed in it shows 2…if your gonna remove my comment at least be more honest and less deceitful by leaving my username razorrare intact…i expect such shenanigans by members of the tribe and not by the moderator staff of Amren…what was so objectionable about my post that it had to be removed?

  • razorrare

    Yes,even though it is now well known on the internet that the killers of this 12 yr old White child are niggardly the mainstream media like CNN are still refusing to name the killers or show their photos or give their racial gtoup to which they belong…

    The Fayetteville  Murders…

    Let me give you a very forceful example of Jewish media control which shows
    just how tight and how vicious that control is. On Monday, the 17th of August,
    two young, White women were murdered in Fayetteville, North Carolina, near Fort
    Bragg, the big Army base which is home to the 82nd Airborne Division. The
    murdered women were 18-year-old Tracy Lambert and 25-year-old Susan Moore, both
    of them remarkably pretty blondes. Tracy and Susan were driving home after work,
    late at night. On their way home they were abducted by a group of seven Blacks
    and mixed-race Hispanics, all members and prospective members of a non-White
    gang known as the Crips. The prospective members had been assigned to murder one
    or more innocent persons as a gang initiation rite. If they wanted to be
    full-fledged members of the Crips, they had to find and murder someone.

    They found Tracy and Susan driving home in Susan’s car. They abducted the
    girls by stopping the car and forcing their way in — what’s known these days as
    a “car-jacking.” They locked the two White girls in the trunk of the car, drove
    them to a vacant field just outside Fort Bragg, made them kneel on the ground,
    and then, a little after three o’clock Monday morning, shot them in the head.
    The bullets which killed the girls and which were removed from their heads by
    the medical examiner had been painted with blue fingernail polish. Blue is the
    Crips’ identifying color. The bodies were found by a farmer early in the
    morning, just four hours after they had been murdered.

    Two of the gang members were arrested the next day in Myrtle Beach, South
    Carolina, driving Susan’s car and using Susan’s cellular phone. The other five
    were arrested in the next two days. Two of the arrested gang members immediately
    confessed. All seven were arraigned on Thursday. This means the news media had
    the whole story of these sensational, racially motivated gang murders, with all
    of the lurid details, by Thursday, August 20. Stories began appearing in the
    Observer-Times, the local newspaper, and in a few other local
    papers near Fayetteville on Friday. And the story also was reported on the local
    television news program.

    But that’s all. The murders were not reported at all
    outside North Carolina. I’ve talked with people all around the country
    and asked them if they’ve heard anything about the murders, and none have. I’ll
    wager that this broadcast is the first you’ve heard of these murders. Now, isn’t
    that remarkable? That is disciplined censorship. No one in the
    mainstream media has broken ranks, even on such a sensational story. And it’s
    not that they didn’t know. The information was available on the Internet, to
    anyone who knew how to look for it, from the Fayetteville Observer-Times
    and other Fayetteville sources. But the word went out that these murders
    were not to be reported outside North Carolina, and by God, they weren’t.

    Do you remember another racial killing which occurred in Fayetteville, a
    little over two and a half years ago? I’m sure you do. A White soldier from Fort
    Bragg, James Burmeister, got tanked up on beer one night in December 1995, along
    with a couple of his buddies from the base. While in a mood of drunken
    belligerency Burmeister ran into a convicted Black drug dealer and the drug
    dealer’s Black girlfriend in Fayetteville, and he shot them to death. He was
    arrested shortly afterward, and the case immediately — immediately
    — became a cause celebre. It was a headlined story in the
    New York Times, the Washington Post, the Wall
    Street Journal, Time, Newsweek, and every other newspaper and
    newsmagazine in the country. It was on all of the national television news
    programs — all of them. The controlled media spread the story
    around the world with breathless haste. And they didn’t drop it. They reported
    on it over and over and over again for months. Every little detail of the case
    which came out made new headlines all across America.

    They found what they called “racist literature” in Burmeister’s room, and
    that was big news too. No organization. No gang. No gang initiation. Just
    “racist literature.” But that was enough for Janet Reno to come onto television
    and announce that she was sending in the FBI. Bill Clinton was on television
    talking about the case and holding it up as a terrible example of “White
    racism.” And the professional hate merchants like Morris Dees and his Southern
    Poverty Law Center, the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith, the Simon
    Wiesenthal Center, and all of the other Jewish groups commented on the case
    endlessly. A race killing: how terrible! That’s what we heard
    over and over again for more than a year. The Jewish organizations which are
    behind Clinton’s plan for a non-White America in the coming decades — the Jews
    who scripted that plan for him — used the Burmeister shooting in Fayetteville
    as a propaganda club to make White Americans feel sheepish and keep their heads
    down. “See how awful White racism is?” they screamed at us; “see where it

    But Tracy Lambert and Susan Moore? Forget them. They weren’t convicted drug
    dealers, and they weren’t Black. They were just two pretty, young White women
    trying to get home from work. And their killers weren’t White. So they’re
    not news. Actually, it’s more than the fact that the murder of
    Tracy and Susan don’t fit the pattern that the Jews have been promoting with the
    media for so long: the pattern of White racists and non-White victims. What has
    caused news of this case to be stifled is that it fits so perfectly the opposite
    pattern: non-White murderers consistently hunting down and killing White
    victims. Janet Reno won’t be sending the FBI to Fayetteville for this hate
    crime. Bill Clinton won’t be on television about it either. And except for those
    Americans who listen to American Dissident Voices or read
    Free Speech, people outside North Carolina won’t even hear about

    And this is not an oversight. This is deliberate. This is planned. The last
    thing in the world the Jewish media bosses want is for White Americans to hear
    about these murders, because it’ll dawn on some of those White Americans that
    this is the sort of thing they can look forward to when America has a non-White
    majority a few decades hence. The Crips, after all, are spread all across the
    country. They are the biggest criminal gang in America. They are a lethal threat
    to unsuspecting White people everywhere. They will be an even bigger threat in
    the future. But that’s all right. The Democrats need their votes.

    Even in Fayetteville, where the media could hardly have kept quiet about
    these murders, there has been no mention at all of the Burmeister shooting in
    connection with them, no drawing of parallels. That’s such an obvious thing,
    contrasting these racial murders with Burmeister’s shooting of the Black drug
    dealer and his girlfriend in 1995 in the same place, but it’s clear that even
    the Fayetteville media are deliberately steering clear of
    making that connection. They don’t want anybody thinking of these murders in
    racial terms. The image they have established in the minds of the lemmings is
    one of White racists, White haters, attacking poor, defenseless non-White
    victims, and they don’t want reality to intrude on that image.

    I don’t want to overwork the story of these August 17 Fayetteville murders.
    But I think that you’ll agree with me that it’s not an ordinary news story. It’s
    not the sort of story that the media bosses decided wouldn’t be
    interesting to the American people. It’s not just another one
    of those ho-hum stories about Black criminality of the sort we have every day.
    It’s an extraordinarily important story, a significant story, a story which
    provides the opportunity for all sorts of commentary and drawing all sorts of
    parallels, the sort of story which makes people think.

    The media bosses understood that instantly. And with a nationwide criminal
    gang like the Crips behind these race murders in Fayetteville, it’s the sort of
    story that the media have a responsibility to get to the people, in order to
    warn them of a very real and growing danger. And that’s why the media bosses
    deliberately suppressed the story. They don’t want to mess up the false image of
    White racists and Black victims they have worked so long and hard to plant in
    the heads of the lemmings, of the couch potatoes, of the Joe and Jill Sixpacks
    who vote in elections. They don’t want the voters to think. They don’t want them
    to know what’s really happening in America. They don’t want them to form their
    own opinions about things. The Jewish media bosses want to continue controlling
    public opinion and controlling the outcome of elections. They do that by
    suppressing stories like the Fayetteville murders.

    So you see, a big part of America’s decline is the consequence of deliberate
    Jewish subversion, deliberate Jewish sabotage. Through their media control the
    Jews do change the way Americans see the world. The Jews do change public
    opinion. The Jews use their media control effectively enough to determine the
    outcome of elections. If they can hammer the story of James Burmeister’s drunken
    shooting of a couple of Black low-lifes into the consciousness of every American
    and then successfully suppress the story of the cold-blooded, initiation murder
    of Tracy and Susan by a Black gang, they can change the way Americans respond to
    the Jews’ racial programs. They can persuade the lemmings to go along willingly
    with their plan for a non-White America: an America which they can control and
    exploit even more easily.

    The total suppression of the news of the murder of Tracy and Susan is an
    exceptionally convincing illustration of the power wielded by the Jewish media
    bosses and of the destructive way in which they use that power. And it should
    help us to understand not only why we have a clown at the head of our government
    — a clown completely surrounded by Jews — but also why we must have a
    full-scale revolution in America to clean things up.

  • Spartan24708

    Another good reason to teach your kids- no matter what their gender- to stay away from blacks. Also there is a reason to keep girls out of situations where they are the only girl with several boys. I blame the girls parents almost as much as the boys for not teaching her basic safety.

    • 5n4k33y35

      I hate to add to their pain, but you’re absolutely right. 

  • MekongDelta69

    ‘I think someone wanted the girl’s bicycle,’ [The boys’ father, Alonzo] Robinson said. ‘Maybe she wanted her bike and resisted, and one of them snatched her off a bike.’

    Yeah – ‘someone’ – Wonder who that could have been?

    And how DARE she actually want her own bike?

    • dukem1

      Really…life in BRA…”I want your bike….ergo…you die.”

      And the dead look in their eyes.

      What in the world is wrong with these “people?”

      • Mercerian Jed

        The look in their eyes is voodoo, is Diversity, is BRA, is our future…

  • Tom_in_Miami

    It was unusual for the parents of Dante and Justin Robinson to help the police and evidently to imply that their boys take responsibility for their horrible crime, rather than to defend them.  We need more of this type of behavior from Black adults.

    • Strider73

      I doubt it was from any sense of right vs. wrong. Don’t know about NJ, but in many states they could have been prosecuted as “accessories after the fact” if they had tried to protect their savage spawn.

      • I think it was just a case of “loose lips sink ships”, combined with her not realizing the gravity of the situation.  She figured her boys had just been “messin’ round”

        Plus I know from personal experience that many black mothers are jumping up for joy when their kids get taken away to juvenile.  Remember, they will not be eligible for the death penalty, just a few years in juvy.

        • Puggg

          They jump for joy also because they have a troublesome son taken off their hands and dumped off on someone else so she can go out and make more.

    • puffdaddy

      It seems as if the mother had called about the reward money; moreover, the father’s quote at the end of the story seems to excuse the boys – you know they wanted her bike and she had the nerve to want to keep it!

      • evola33

        Mom wasn’t the first to call it in–mom wanted the reward money as per local neighbor:
        “The neighbor across from the boys house says, mom did not live in the
        house with the boys. The boys scoped out Autumn & her bicycle at a
        park/playground. After they murdered Autumn, they kept her body in the
        basement. Mom was supposedly not the first to turn them in. A local boy
        seen that the boys were selling autumns iPod,
        recognized it as being autumns, called the cops. Mom called cops later.
        Cops were denied access to to the house. Mom now wants the
        reward…..(mom never intended on turning her boys in)….so the story
        link –

    • TeutonicKnight67

       Don’t count on that.

  • libertarian1234

    Here’s two more examples of what the black mobs and the black talking heads on T.V. call “our children,” railing against and condemning anyone who thinks they should be punished…. or screaming hysterically if they get shot in the commission of their atrocious acts….. claiming racism and demands for prosecution even though shooting incidents usually always amount to self-defense.

    I’m surprised the press didn’t show these two thugs at 4 years old holding a teddy bear.

    There is no other race in America that has such a large contingent of what blacks refer to as their “children” who are no more than out-of-control black thugs who belong in an adult prison.

    • razorrare

      They belong  under 8 ft of Earth where every now and then the surviving family members can dig them up and kill them again…

      • TeutonicKnight67

         They  belong at the end of a rope from the nearest tree. Then fed to hogs to create fertilizer.

  • JohnEngelman

    They should be tried as adults. They should be executed as adults. Eighty years ago they would have been lynched. 

    • Mercerian Jed

      Long Live Judge Lynch!

      And today somebody told the truth about Nathan Bedford Forrest- he ran the most successful anti rape organization in history.

    • Pelayo

       That should be their fate now. They KNOW that the ” justice system” isn’t going to extend justice to the Pasquale family.

  • JohnEngelman

    My local newspaper reported this. It did not tell the race of the criminals. It never tells the race of the criminals. It rarely needs to. 

  • libertarian1234

    As bad as the stats are regarding black crime, I’m pretty sure Holder’s DOJ is altering the figures on blacks to reflect fewer crimes.

    I’ve noticed figures that were not the same now than they were prior to 2009.

  • Mercerian Jed

    After all we know about Diversity by now, how is it possible that a pretty White girl could be “lured” anywhere by two blacks?  


    • Old Right

      If she was a product of the public school system, or if her parents were guilt-ridden liberal whites, it’s totally understandable, just like with the white teacher who was sucker-punched in Pittsburgh a few days ago while walking down an alley he didn’t need to be in.

    • razorrare

      Heres a great read for ya…
      Benjamin Freedman Speaks: A Jewish Defector Warns America…

      his warning to the West given in a 1961 speech is now more pertinent than ever…

  • Mercerian Jed

    How many White grandparents of hideously ugly mongrel mulatto voodoo Diversity grandbabies wish they had perfected “the talk”?    

    “Compared with the vital matter of pure Blood, all other matters, as of tariff, of currency, of subsidies, of civil service, of labour and capital, of education, of forestry, of science and art, and even of religion, sink into insignificance. For, to judge by the past, there is scarcely any conceivable educational or scientific or governmental or social or religious polity under which the pure strain of Caucasian blood might not live and thrive and achieve great things for History and Humanity; on the other hand, there is no reason to believe that any kind or degree of institutional excellence could permanently stay the race decadence that would follow surely in the wake of any considerable contamination of that blood by the blood of Africa.”

    -William Benjamin Smith, THE COLOR LINE: A BRIEF ON BEHALF OF THE UNBORN, 1905

  • Mercerian Jed

    It’s not a “soulless stare”. 

    That term is a presumtive stereotyping fueld by the ugly misconception that Diversity can or should have a soul, as we understand the word “soul”.

    It’s the “voodoo stare,” which you can’t understand or comprehend, but you can recognize it when it looks at you… and it’s always looking…

  • Martin Martin

    All of us should be “googling” this story and posting comments on all the news boards.  Its time to bring our discussion to the public not just amongst ourselves on amren.

  • two horrifying words: Section Eight

  • Robert Fletcher

    The fact that without question, the young victim was raped before her murder was quickly discounted by agenda-driven investigators.  No need to “inflame” local residents now, is there ? Young blonde girls are meat-on-the-table to feral youths. The Ultimate “prize”.
    Parents, teach your children well.  And move while you still can.

  • Detroit_WASP

    This is daily life in Detroit.

    If Obama had two sons….

  • Major

    How much more proof do we need that these animals don’t deserve to be among us? That the majority are totally incapable of understanding what civilized behavior is?

    “Children” who so cavalierly , murder…that it comes to them so easily over any other choice or rationality?

    Whites…need to “teach your children well”…to keep them safe from the feral beasts that continually prove…they are beyond redemption or being assimilated into a civilized, respectful society.

    • razorrare

      truth be told they are capable of mimicking civilized White behavior but the honest truth is they relish torturing other races and those of their race as well…they actually think it is funny to torture people…they torture for the pleasure of it.

      • Mercerian Jed

        Hinton Rowan Helper’s N’groes in N’groeland, online, chronicles what White explorers discovered about the nature of blacks in their natural surroundings, i.e. without interference from White privilege and Christian missionaires.

        Anthony Jacob’s White Man, Think Again! is a good follow up.

  • IstvanIN

     Unlike Sharmika Firebug Moffitt’s fake KKK crime, this crime, like all black-on-white crimes, will, at best, only get brief, local coverage.  Most whites, despite the internet, are clueless, I think they use the internet for Warcraft and porn or some such drivel.

    • Mercerian Jed

      I wish someone would do a facebook study and show us how often a White person is called racist by their White friends after posting a black kills White crime story.

  • IstvanIN

     They have two others.

  • IstvanIN

    And I had to listen to the blacks talk about voter suppression all day.  

  • MerlinV

    Please help get the word out by posting a link to this website everywhere you think appropriate.

    The media is not reporting these White victims of black brutality. We have to get this truth out!

    • Tom_in_Miami

      What good will it do to get the truth out?  It won’t make any difference.

      • ncpride

        I disagree. Every White mother and/or father needs to have ‘The Talk’ with their daughters. They need to face the realities of life and stop with this nonsense of ‘we are all equal.’ Autumn should have been told how dangerous it was to be conversing with the likes of these thugs. Because of the lack of media coverage of black on White crime, there is an awful lot of clueless Whites out there totally unaware of how bad the situation really is. We have to tell them.  Our children’s lives depend on it.

        • Tom_in_Miami

          I agree with you completely.  I’m just frustrated that all the talking in the world doesn’t seem to be having much effect on parents.  Maybe one or two will change though, so maybe it is worth trying.

  • Detroit_WASP

    Deport them to Haiti,  a fate worse than death.

  • I went to the webpage and did a quick search of Murders in NY by race.

    About 12000 for whites and 16000 for blacks. You have black, white, native, Asian, and other. There’s no listing for Hispanics.

    Being from Buffalo, the search results are unbelievable. Each year, we have between 30 to 60 murders with the overwhelming majority being black on black with maybe 5 white on white murders. The above numbers don’t add up.

    Just in Buffalo, the rate of black murderers far out paces white murderers. I can only surmise that Hispanics are being counted as white on this website.

    • razorrare

      There is no listing for Hispanics becaause they are counted as White to skew the stats against real Whites.

    • puffdaddy

      yes they count as white – in surveys for instance the question of race always includes the category of “non white hispanic” – likewise remember that the New York Times referred to George Zimmerman as a “white hispanic” – 

  • razorrare

    Rape and torture is what blacks do…remember Tiffany Long?…

    On October 16 three different Black teenagers, in Burlington, North Carolina — 13-year-old Joseph Jones, 16-year-old Harold Jones, and a 17-year-old Black girl, Dorthia Bynum — grabbed a 10-year-old White girl, Tiffany Nicole Long, from the sidewalk just a few doors from her home, dragged her behind a garage, and beat her and sexually tortured her until she was dead. One of the young Blacks twisted a piece of television cable around Tiffany’s neck to stifle her screams while the other Blacks were torturing her. Police used bloodhounds to find Tiffany’s mutilated corpse in a pool of blood behind the garage at 4:30 the next morning. Burlington police who viewed the little girl’s body said the murder was the most vicious crime they had ever seen.

    When the three Black teenagers who killed Tiffany were brought into court, dozens of the teenagers’ relatives and the local NAACP showed up to protest. It’s a racist county, the NAACP chairman protested, and the young Blacks wouldn’t get a fair trial. The three Black teenagers are retarded, the relatives protested, and shouldn’t be held accountable. The police were brutal to them in questioning them about the murder. They’re just children, the Black relatives said, and they should be allowed to go home to their parents. With all that fuss one would think that Mike Wallace or Time or Newsweek magazine would have taken notice. One would think that the whole country would have heard about it, like they did about that Black convict in Texas who was dragged behind a truck. Did you hear about Tiffany’s murder? Even one word?

    • razorrare

      I also found this in an Amren pdf.file…excerpt taken from article…

      No one can think of a motive.Alamance county district attorney rob johnson says.”I’m somewhat at a loss to explain that.” However he is sure of one thing.The fact that Tiffany was White aand her killers black, “is absolutely no evidence this was a hate crime.”

    • redfeathers

      The details are horrifying.  Thanks to the Supreme Court these savages can’t get a life without parole sentence.

  • “Sixteen-year-old Na’eem Williams, who described himself as a close friend of the 15-year-old, said that he knew the brothers to take bicycles but that it was a leap to think them capable of a horrendous crime.”
    that’s just it, if you’re willing to offend personal property on such a large scale (stealing a person’s mode of transportation and leaving them stranded) violating the person is not that far behind.    It is in fact the attitude of, “It’s just a little bike stealing” that has created the lawless society we have. Stealing a bicycle used to be grand larceny.

    • Once upon a time, stealing a horse drew the death penalty, for that reason.  For many people, one’s horses was one’s transportation and prime farming implement at the same time.

  • tickyul

    If those were my kids I would have kicked then into the cell.

    Civility and a sense of humanity are more important than bloodlines.

    • Up to my neck in CA

      My parents would have whooped my behind first.

    • 5n4k33y35

       Yeah, but you wouldn’t have done it, so it’s a pointless hypothesis.

  • tickyul

    The more savage Urban Americans behave…..the more White Libscum make excuses for them. And lots of people buy into the Libscum propaganda.

  • SLCain

    “I think someone wanted the girl’s bicycle,” Robinson said. “Maybe she
    wanted her bike and resisted, and one of them snatched her off a bike.”

    This notion that she was murdered for her bicycle is an obvious crock.  Those two black fiends wanted sex from her – either she refused their advances and then they murdered her, or they just intended to rape and murder her from the start.  Either way, they both ought to be fitted for a hemp neck-tie and pine-suit.

    As far as I can tell, the Daily Mail in Britain reported on this ahead of the NY Post – interesting how that is often the case.  I wonder if people in the UK get the subtext of these stories.

    • bubo

      I’ve thought that from the start.  The police and media will deliberately lie about motive very often in cases such as this.   They know whites are becoming more and more fed up.  

      Remember the Anne Pressley case in Arkansas?  Beautiful blonde reporter raped and beaten to death.  The police and media maintain to this day that the motive was robbery, when it is obvious the motive was rape.  

  • Bad_Mr_Frosty

    We all have an obligation to spread this story around as much as possible. This is the perfect “anti-Trayvon” story. I put this photo on facebook and left a simple comment “If I had a daughter, she would look like Autumn Pasquale.”

    • Sloppo

      One of my daughters does look a lot like Autumn Pasquale and I talk with my children openly about incidents like this one.  

      • Up to my neck in CA

        Same here Sloppo, they know the truth about diversity. Eyes Wide Open!

  • GrahamChapmanArmy


  • To the mother’s great credit, she did dutifully report her two sons to the police.  (Then again, it would be difficult to sleep in the same house with two murderers, wondering when you would be next.)  I hope the NJ governor or town mayor or similar visits her, she must be going through a lot of pain.

    • Major

      Since her two “sons” were hatched from different, absent “fathers”…why should she care any longer? I’m certain she’s happy the state will take the problems off her hands now. And free her to start another set of trouble.

    • TeutonicKnight67

      …and neither the usual “din do nuffin” nor the “they wuz good boyz” wasn’t used . shocking.

  • KenelmDigby

    Blacks are the only race in the World that would murder for the price of a low-valued article such as a bicycle.
     Try to comprehend the type of mind that would balance the risk of a lifetime in jail against the incentive of $100 or so that would accrue from killing the bicycle’s owner to gain posession of it.
         –  Even wild beasts are more cunning and thinking than this. Generally speaking the more ferocious of he mammalian predators won’t attack livestock etc, if they fear human guardians – and waht the guardians can do – the highest priority of any animal is to preserve its life, and mammalian predators are able to make that basic connection in the cognitive portions of their minds.
       However ferocious reptiles, fish etc – which have brains almost devoid of reflective cerebral hemispheres – do attack without regards o consequence.

    • Pandemonium

      The “human guardians” of our flock seem to have disappeared.

      • Dr. Möbias

        They’re still around, they are just terrorized into silence by powerful forces that will destroy their jobs if they try to stand up for whites.

        • TeutonicKnight67

           The Communists have won. They have emasculated the American male through the court system to the point that we aren’t even allowed to kill dangerous animals that threaten our children, When Bantus get imprisoned they view it as a rite of passage or as a social engagement where they can further hone their already savage skills. Three hots and a cot. When whites are imprisoned they are subjected to homosexual gang rape to further their debasement and humiliation.
          We need to return to the rope.

      • The human guardians of our flock, our political “leaders” and policemen, only care about collecting a paycheck and a fat pension. (When they’re not dangerous to the sheep, the sheepdogs are next to useless.)

        People must first recognize that “their” government isn’t their government and that they’re on their own before they’ll do anything substantive.

    • William Allingham

      Remember that blacks in jail receive free food and meet with other blacks like them that terrorize even the jail authorities so maybe they are not as scrupulous as us and dont see much difference between living in jail and a safe neighborhood the latter must be suffocating and too arranged for their taste.

  • 5n4k33y35

     Good sleuthing. We sure cannot rely on the media to get the facts.

  • Sloppo

    I read about this yesterday and I suspected the young “brothers” were “youths”, but I could not confirm that from the sources I was able to find then.  Now I see that my hunch was 100% correct.  

    • evola33

       That’s why I’ll be voting against our first “youth” President.

  • White children, living in or near major urban centers, are an endangered species. Parents, in this situation, need to move away as soon as possible. During part of my career, I worked in some rural areas where poor whites lived happily, with their children safe from the dangers of urban street thugs. I know that making such a move is always difficult, but it can be done. Our judicial systems can not and will not protect your children from harm. Our education systems encourage black students to hate whites and white students to hate themselves. It sets up a perfect storm for savagery and wantonness in every form. 

  • Mercerian Jed

    The most important part of this story won’t be reported- what are other White parents telling their daughters about True Diversity?

  • Of all the horrible crimes chronicled here on Amren, for some reason this one is both tearing me up and angering me the most.    That poor trusting girl!   The moment at which she realized her “bicycle buddies”  were turning on her and bent on inflicting  excruciating pain on her ..  must’ve been a terrifying moment.  A moment that no 30-year-old should experience let alone a poor 12-year-old.

    What is most amazing is the very tender age at which blacks are willing to inflict  personal violence on others, at least other whites.   I personally experienced this when I was 10 years old, at the hands of two black 8-year-olds,  whom I had been  “paling” around with for an hour (I was forced to pal around with them because I was in an isolated spot …, but I sort of had an inkling what might happen).  So when I announced I was going home, they jumped me and tried to rob me of the rather expensive equipment we had been playing with.   I fought like the dickens to protect the birthday present that my grandfather had given me.  Fortunately, I was able to fight them off and run to safety.  

    I hypothesize that something similar happened to poor little Autumn.    She had decided that the fun session was over, and she was going to take her bike and go home.  But to the dim-witted and amoral boys, she was “depriving them of fun, offensively”, so they robbed her and killed her.

    • Tom_in_Miami

      You can’t really know how close you may have been to losing your life that day.  Imagine, your life for a birthday present from your grandfather and probably no guilt at the thought of killing you.

  • I am not so sure that if there had not been slavery that population pressures wouldnt have forced Africa into an invasion of Europe and the Americas anyway.

    Of course there would have been the small problem of boats.  And it would have been hard to unite Africa behind a single leader, since it was and still is rife with inter-tribal warfare.

  • NorthernWind

    They should be hung, they’re human garbage.

  • ncpride

    If it did, she will drop this story like a hot potato now that it’s clear two blacks stand accused. She will not smear their names, speculate about motive, nor give her ‘high and mighty’ commentary about what monsters they are. She reserves all that for Whites and Whites only.

    • tickyul

      Yes, The Hagster is very PC when it comes to Urban Americans committing violence.

      But don’t forget how The Hagster threw the WHITE Lacrosse Players under the bus when the trashy Urban American stripper cried rape.

  • same old story,only with a new twist ,” ‘n’ stole my bike, then killed me”

  • She was probably going to turn the neighbor in. She most likely was going to claim that the occupant of the house next door, whose recycling bin the body was put in, was the killer. These creatures are too dull to ever imagine that the cops might have ways of finding out the “troof”. She thought she could just report the neighbor and then collect “da gibs”

  • nope, the mother called, anonymously,  asking about the reward money. The cops traced the call and went to the house. SHe never reported anyone or anything. My guess is that she was going to try to implicate her neighbor as the perpetrator. Her kids put the body in the neighbors recycling bin. She was in agony wondering if she should report the neighbor before the body was discovered and was trying to think about how to clean her house of any evidence before she reported anything. She didn’t have time, the police immediately traced the call and went to her house. She did not let them enter. She tried to conceal evidence.

  • you have it all wrong. This story is wrong. The facts are that the police went to the house because they had traced an anonymous phone caller questioning about the reward. She reported no one. She would not let the police in when they arrived.

  • Tom_in_Miami

    Does anyone know how often this kind of heinous and atrocious act occurs?  It seems to be a daily thing nowadays.

    • youhavetherighttoremainsilent

       i felt bad for the girl at first until i read where she emailed the black boy that his bike was quote SEXY and she wanted to see it, now i dont really care just like with oj simpsons wife.  if these white woman and girls want to date blacks…….

  • Don’t get too excited, I’m certain the term “father” is being used liberally in this case.

  • it is safe for him to come out of the woodwork now, because there won’t be any child support to pay, since these boys are going to be guests of the state until theyre 18.

  • Dr. Möbias

    Fallout from The Great Socieity.  At least these two will be out of the black gene pool for a while, hopefully forever…and the black gene pool will be better for it.

    Who knows what these monsters did to her, the media sure isn’t releasing the details.

    From the comment section:

    “The boys who did this, need to be destroyed. They have ruined two families.”

  • Dr. Möbias

    Blame the schools and the TV too.  Both show blacks as noble, peaceful, brave and highly intelligent and just trying to get by and catch a break in a world dominated by white racist sociopaths.

    You are right that white parents must educate their children about the dangers blacks pose to them and to avoid them anywhere they find them, at school, malls, on the street, in theaters, anywhere in public.  It IS a matter of life and death.  This story could be used for teaching what happens when whites are too trusting of blacks, especially when there is more than one black involved.  What a terrible lesson to have to learn the hard way.

    Is it better to sacrifice one’s child on the alter of diversity lies? or be called a racist and tell the truth and save that child’s life.  Think about it.

  • tickyul

    She left her usual EXTREME attack mode when it was revealed that the suspects were Urban American Yutes.

  • idissent

    No protests!  Of course not, Whites don’t protest!  

    Must be because of slavery! 

  • tickyul

    The internet is one of the ways people can see that there are MANY others that see the light.

    Most people are really starting to realize…that for the most part, Urban Americans just will never be a good fit for this country.

    Too bad the people in charge will stick up for Urban Americans…all the way into the coming Mad Max scenario.

  • tickyul

    Big Brother will squish ANYONE who is a threat to their Urban American Stormtroopers.

    As an example, see the vigorous effort by Big Brother to get “justice” for The Skittlesbandit.

  • Mercerian Jed

    We don’t worry about the blacks who murdered the Whites, but I do worry about why the Whites thought the blacks were worthy enough to risk dying for.

    That is the dilemma of White Humanity. We are willing to invest and die for that which we should avoid.

  • Mercerian Jed

    Those posters would be delcared blasphemy against Diversity (black privilege).

  • it will be interesting to find out what race or nationality this one is: 
    2 Children Fatally Stabbed on Upper West Side; Nanny Arrested

    • 50 yo Yoselyn Ortega is the nanny

      • I’ve been trying to comment over at this story

        …and I believe my comment and reply by another user, have both been deleted.

        I wonder if Disqus is counting points off  and deleting posts  from users who have a history of posting on Amren?  there are a lot more offensive comments than mine ( not offensive at all) on the CNN page like:  “happy Halloween rich snobs”, which haven’t been deleted.

  • Major

    racial makeup of the borough was 79.23% White, 16.05% African American, 0.42% Native American, 0.66% Asian, 0.03% Pacific Islander, 0.95% from other races, and 2.66% from two or more races. Hispanic or Latino of any race were 3.28% of the population.

    Obviously…too many AA’s.

  • Jim Crow laws were never intended to discriminate against dark skin tone and kinky hair. 

    Jim Crow laws were designed to protect Autumn from Justin and Dante. 

  • Will they get to vote for Obamba with a fraudulent ID?

  •  I don’t know if the expression “SHVARTSE” is still used by Jews.  All I know is that I have never heard a Jew use any racial epithet in person. 

    • Actually, ‘Schwartz” is a German word for black. The word you cite is Yiddish. Ex-CA governor Arnold Schwartzenegger’s last name means “black negro” in German. I’m NOT making this up.
      schwartze = black
      negger= negro

  • Why can’t the US set up a penal colony in the middle of the Atlantic?  Drop them off and let them fend for themselves.

  • evola33

    Please sign the petition to have the murderers of Autumn Pasquale, Dante Robinson, 17, and Justin Robinson, 15, tried as adults.

    • youhavetherighttoremainsilent

       just signed it. please start a petition we can sign to ask that they get the death penalty as soon as possible.

  • evola33

    They live in a poor, post-industrial mixed neighborhood where the whites are mostly wiggers.
    They do what they have to do to get along with the black neighbors (that went well).
    Parents and kids are brainwashed by the diversity agents in the schools and the media with their lies about victimization and racial equality, tantamount to White Guilt.
    The parents are most probably definitely liberal; Autumn lived with her father and stepmother, indicating previous domestic dysfunction.
    None of these conditions in any way justify this savage murder.

  • Bantu Education

    If the boys had been white they might have objected but, since they were black, they didn’t want to be judged as racists.  

  • longing4abetterworld

    Tragic shame that this story is getting none of the attention that the CO story is getting in the national media. The one where the white kid killed a white girl. Hmm…saw his face plastered all over the tv screen.

  • evola33

     “I have given my life to try to alleviate the sufferings of Africa. There is something that all white men who have lived here like I must learn and know: that these individuals are a sub-race. They have neither the intellectual, mental, or emotional abilities to equate or to share equally with white men in any function of our civilization. I have given my life to try to bring them the advantages which our civilization must offer, but I have become well aware that we must retain this status: the superior and they the inferior. For whenever a white man seeks to live among them as their equals they will either destroy him or devour him. And they will destroy all of his work. Let white men from anywhere in the world, who would come to Africa, remember that you must continually retain this status; you the master and they the inferior like children that you would help or teach. Never fraternise with them as equals. Never accept them as your social equals or they will devour you. They will destroy you.” – Dr. Albert Schweitzer, winner of the 1952 Nobel Prize for peace, in his 1961 book, From My African Notebook.

  • longing4abetterworld

    That kid was white and his face is still all over the tv

    • TeutonicKnight67

       of course it is.

  • evola33

    More research has discovered that Autumn was Facebook friends with Justin Robinson and has a conversation with him a few days prior to her murder.
    Moreover the thugs were running chop shop for bikes–where would they get all those bike parts?–and were known in the neighborhood for having parties.
    What I would call attention to is these parents did not monitor their child’s Facebook activity, or, they did and saw no cause for alarm.

  • evola33

     Autumn is dead because her weak, naive liberal parents saw nothing wrong with letting their 12 year old white daughter be Facebook friends with a 15 year old negro male.

    • This is a good example of why parents need to have the Derbyshire talk with their children.

    • youhavetherighttoremainsilent

       just like the two kids in ny are dead cause their moron leftist parents left them alone with an illegal third world hispanic from dominican republic

  • evola33

    Any slaves held by Jefferson or Madison were infinitely better off than blacks of today, e.g., Jefferson taught them to read, unlike today’s school system which teaches them that reading is racist.
    Bear in mind that James Monroe established a country for slaves to be freed and repatriated to, Liberia, capital Monrovia, with a free boat ticket, but the slaves knew they were better off in a white society and stayed put. Moreover, Ben Franklin was an Abolitionist who held deep concerns about the preparedness of blacks to cope as free members of a white society, concerns that were tossed out the window under Lincoln’s administration.
    But when someone starts slamming such a great and fair-minded man as Jefferson, I get my back up.

    • TeutonicKnight67

      Lincoln DID NOT believe in equality for Bantus! He frequently recommended that they be repatriated to Da Muddaland. It was the Radical Republican scum who took over in his wake that are responsible for this ongoing diversity disaster.

  • evola33

    Thank you so much for signing.
    As of 10:35 p.m. Eastern time, they have 4,922. That’s over 400 since this afternoon with 5,077 needed. That will happen within a day or so the way it’s going.
    It would be poetic justice if all those with FB accts put the petition link up on their wall to get the word out, and people go to the link from FB, which was a factor in this murder.
    The Social Network showed on FX tonight, heh.

  • evola33

     Bantu, your site popped up a lot while I was searching for this quote. Funny that.

  • Thats unbelievable.  Facebook can be deadly.  

    I am revising my thesis.  This wasnt a murder to cover up a bike stealing, it was a murder to cover up a rape.

  • TeutonicKnight67

     God Bless you sir and have a Golden Dawn!!

  • TeutonicKnight67

     They aren’t children. They are Bantu spawn. Humans have children.

  • TeutonicKnight67

     Agreed! I have posted this exact sentiment myself. If we stopped all aid to brown rathole “nations” tomorrow then nature would take its course and our problems 90% solved. And by “nations” I’m including the useless, violent, savage, debased North American Pavement Ape as well.

  • Better to have the Derbyshire talk with your kids and live with their thinking you’re a racist than not and have them be killed.  

  • Are there any “diversity trainers” we can charge with aiding and abetting this crime?

    “Celebrate Diversity” is become one of the English language’s ugliest phrases.