You’re a White Male; He’s a White Male; Everyone’s a White Male—But Me

Victor Davis Hansen, PJ Media, September 11, 2012

One of the legacies of the Obama presidency is that “white male” as a term of embarrassment has now transcended the hothouse of the campus and gone mainstream. We are lectured by media figures, celebrities, and politicians ad nauseam that the November election is really about a new America of diverse minority groups, gays, feminists, and greens pitted against a dying and shrinking number of old white guys. Sometimes that narrative requires absurd assumptions.

If blacks vote this election in ratios of 97% for Obama, it is not really proof of racial solidarity, but because Romney somehow is a racist. In this regard, consult the wisdom of Louise Lucas, a Virginia state senator, who is part of something called the Obama “Truth Team”: “What I am saying to you is Mitt Romney, he’s speaking to a segment of the population, who does not like to see people other than a white man in a White House or any other elected position.”  Note that Lucas adduces no evidence to back up her slander.

In turn, Romney supporters allegedly have employed racial “dog whistles”—coded language like “golf,” “welfare,” or “cool”—intended to call out white racist males who favor Romney by supposed margins of 40% to 60%. Again, examine the logic—when various minorities prefer Obama by margins of 70% to 97%, we are to assume that they are both enlightened and that Romney is a racist; when white males vote in far greater percentages for Obama than do minorities for Romney, we assume they are racist and illiberal. That white males usually vote for the more conservative candidate, regardless of race (ask John Kerry), is ignored.

You’re Pale, Not Me

Harry Reid, the rather old, white, wealthy, and grumpy Senate majority leader, recently remarked that “the day after the election 17 angry old white men will wake up and realize they just bought the country.” I am not as angry, old, white, or wealthy as Harry Reid, so I assume he has better claims on membership in that guild than I—and millions of white male others.

Radio host Richard Fowler joked to rather pale, unexciting, and male Bill Press on the latter’s TV show that the Republican National Convention was “pale, stale, and male.” Giddy on hearing the glib stereotype, and apparently assured that his own liberalism meant that he was not included in it, Press chimed up that they were “old farts.”

Not long ago, an upscale, well-paid host on MSNBC by the name of Melissa Harris-Perry attacked Paul Ryan as a “wealthy white man.” Ryan, of course, makes a lot less than does Harris-Perry. A bit earlier, the rather boring and very white NBC host Brian Williams asked Mitt Romney whether he would pick as his VP candidate another “incredibly boring white guy.”  These examples of the new racial polarization could be multiplied, from the idiot rantings of a quarter-educated Cher to supposedly serious entertainers like James Earl Jones, Morgan Freeman, and Chris Rock (the 4th of July is now “white people’s independence day”) to the ranting of the Congressional Black Caucus to “put y’all back in chains” Joe Biden.

Rules of Racialism

There are a few general rules in these new daily racial obsessions. Stereotyping is not just permissible, but welcomed as long it is never reciprocal. If one were to answer Fowler by invoking skin color in a derogatory way of those not “pale,” he would lose his job. If someone watching Ms. Harris-Perry were to use her language to say that he resented a “wealthy African-American woman” ranting on TV, he would lose his job. Try using the word “niggerization” as did someone calling himself Touré, and see what happens.

Generally the ignorant in politics and the media take their cues from the even more ignorant in academia, who for nearly half a century have sermonized that race or gender stereotyping is applicable only to, and mostly welcome when aimed at, white males. Given supposed “power imbalances” and a “history of oppression,” all but white males can stereotype with exemption. When a Harry Reid or Bill Press takes up the white male slur, they take their cue from the archetypical university president, who for decades has entrenched his own position, and deflected criticism from his usual mediocrity, by warning the campus community of the  -ologies and -isms of the white male like himself. I have known about 20 college presidents; they often had one thing in common: they usually upon retirement never followed their own prior loud tutorials. Instead, once out to pasture, the whiny liberals sought out exclusive communities and social engagements with mostly rich white people like themselves.

So liberal white males never imagine that their own slurs could easily apply to themselves. We are to believe that Harry Reid is not old, white, and rich by the fact that as a liberal he caricatures others less liberal with such labels—and feels that his own rather startling success in making money while in office does not mean that he qualifies as wealthy. The same is true of Bill Press or Brian Williams, who likewise trust that their loud liberal credentials offer a pass from the smears that they level at others. I doubt that either thinks that a John Kerry or John Edwards is rich and white, or if he were, that his race or gender matters.


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  • Dean_Wormers_Hot_Wife

    We are headed toward a flash point- something will trigger it- probably a secretly taped video of high level black elites talking about their plans for Whites coming out the same week as a gang rape video of a White blonde junior varsity cheerleader getting her authentic Diversity enrichment treatment- but this needs to be along with massive economic suffering for Whites, otherwise they will ignore it.

    White Humanity will organize and push back, eventually. It’s just as inevitable as the horrors of minoritization, happening faster now, so much faster…

    •  I dont know, did you see the ratings for Sunday football this year?  I think they were at all time highs.  I dont think there will be a revolution.  Just a slow fade into extinction or slavery.  Try walking around anywhere that isn’t a Whitopia.  Just masses and masses and masses of third world alien people everywhere!

      • Puggg

         I heard some fool today say that the ratings for the NFL being so high was a good thing because “people want reality.” That’s because historians a thousand years from now will write chapters on grown men wearing spandex chasing an odd-shaped ball.

      • Dean_Wormers_Hot_Wife

        So many of the non Whites now are unidentifiable. They are a dark, dusky look, but not anything you can recognize, and they all scowl.

        • The__Bobster

          And breed.

      • IstvanIN

        Just masses and masses and masses of third world alien people everywhere!

        Sounds like NJ.

        • Marc B.

           I’ll never forget a Friday night drive through Newark a few years back. As the sounds of a Doo Wop radio show from a more civilized era filled my ears, I viewed the most sordid and decrepit landscapes populated with a polyglot mix more suited to the Dominican Republic than the USA mainland everywhere I looked.

          What’s even worse it that I saw similar inhabitants in large numbers in small towns all over Eastern Pennsylvania (likely transported there via Section 8 vouchers). They seemed perfectly satisfied sitting on their stoops and hanging out on street corners in the middle of the day. You could easily see the decay and neglect slowly befalling these once proud industrial towns. 

      •  I always wonder if the people waiting for the big revolution actually have a plan B should things not explode, but merely morph and transmutate. All of these comatose zombies with AstroTurf for brains could be useful if even a small percentage of the energy, time and money they dump into multiculty sports would be used to protect the culture and heritage that made it all possible to begin with. If that’s their “culture” and they are willing to sacrifice their progeny for that dead end, then perhaps they deserve to be left behind.

      • Bad_Mr_Frosty

        Then why are White people buying all those guns? 

    • Tim_in_Indiana

      I think it will take something like another Great Depression–or worse–to finally wake whites up.

      • Ulick

        When I go to a CostCo in the Washington, DC area it might as well be a third world bazaar.

        •  The only thing I think about when I hear Costco is that movie Idiocracy:

          “Welcome to Costco, I love you… Welcome to Costco, I love you”

      • Dean_Wormers_Hot_Wife

        Latinos want bias probe of Fox, talk radio

        This story would make you think that Whites wouldn’t know how to hate illegal aliens unless they heard how on the radio.

        We’ve been warned: When Whites are a minority soon in our own country, the Diversity will use their power of govt. to kill our freedom of speech. How bad will it get for us?

        Maybe the Latinos will do something worthwhile with their new power and outlaw rap lyrics.

        Forget about Auschwitz- our coming American Anti White Holocaust will be much worse.

        Why isn’t anybody demanding that the Govt. investigate how the hate terms “dominant culture” and  “White privilege” instigates violence againt us?

        • RisingReich

           I’m not going to a camp of any sort.  They will have to kill me first.  I do not say that to be dramatic, or over the top in any way.  I’m not going to want to live in that kind of a world anyway, so the least I can do is take a couple of Red Global Diversity Tyrants with me.

      • Dean_Wormers_Hot_Wife

        White men should make it a daily habit of reading the latest from this David Leonard race hustler.  He tells us exactly what it will sound like when we are rounded up for the Obama Auschwitz.

      • MrGJG

         We will be able to test that theory very soon. It is unavoidable.

  • Ulick

    I used to bite my tongue when I heard people spouting anti-white venom, but now I speak up.  While I’d love to simply say “F*** off!”, I usually respond in a gentlemanly and diplomatic manner where I spin it to disclose the speaker for the anti-white racist that they are.  I find that this method is more effective for changing the minds of those who may be witnessing the encounter than the straight “F*** Off!” technique.

    • Dean_Wormers_Hot_Wife

      Wrong. Take the opposite approach, but saying:

      “Right! White people have no right to exist! What should we do next?”

      • Ulick

        The hardline approach gets those that already agree with us to fist pump, but it sometimes scares away the potential convert.   Remember, they’ve been inundated with “straight white man evil, colored or gay man good” propaganda.  So if you appear too angry it reinforces in their ‘evil white man, helpless minority’ worldview.   To me, it’s more important at this stage to change minds than it is to rally thr troops we already have.

        To each their own.  I prefer the softline approach, but there definitely is a time and place for the hardline approach.

        • Marc B.

           I do the same thing. It’s extremely easy to spin an anti-white invective 180 degrees when you have the facts on your side like we do. Presenting information regarding evolutionary psychology/biology (nature over nurture and non-white pathology), the TRUE color of crime, cognitive dissonance and blatant double standards tend to make even steadfast DWL’s pause and think for a moment while it sinks in. Non-white’s respect the fact that you’re not going to quietly sit their and be made their scapegoat. 

  • David Ashton

       Americans faced with a Hobson’s Choice over Presidential policy are left with the simple racial image difference.  White Americans might just as well vote for a White American.  Let millions of “white hetero men” and their women hit back at these “liberal” insults from whomsoever, and worry about what Romney actually does afterwards if and when he does it. 
       And incidentally the original Mormons did not arrive in slave ships or across the Mexican border or at Ellis Island, so however weird their religious beliefs and customs, they were part of the Old Anglo-America and have had a pretty good patriotic record in modern times.  Southern white working class Baptists who back Obama are not acting in their own long-term interest.

    • bluffcreek1967

      True. Theologically and Biblically, Mormonism is off the wall. In no way does it comport with historic, orthodox Christianity. Nonetheless, most Mormons are lily White and their history reflects it too. It’s very pleasant, if you ask me, to see a Mormon family because they appear so clean, wholesome and White. It’s almost as if you’re looking at people from a different era. The same image is evident when seeing conservative Christians – especially of the Southern Baptist, Grace Brethren, Reformed and Mennonite branches.  

      • Bad_Mr_Frosty

        How about the Amish? They are “feral” Whites.

      • Libschmibs

        Unfortunately, these white mormons are starting to cave in and I’m seeing some with Mexican wives or adopting third-world kids.  All whites of all political beliefs today are being indoctrinated and ambushed.  We’ve got a long LONG way to go to fix things.

  • AmericanTaxPayerNoMore

    Start calling them racists and bigots and demon spawn and evil.  They really don’t like being treated how they treat others.  If White People can be called names, so can they.

    They’re just way too used to getting away with this and White People have, for way too long now, let them get away with it.  I have found that when I give it back to them, they stop.  Well, they don’t stop stop, they just move on to another White Person who won’t fight back but if all White People gave back what they give, they’d probably stop.  All White People need to start calling them the same names they call us.  They want Equality, well By God, let’s give it to them.

    • Dean_Wormers_Hot_Wife

      Call them racists for not acting like “there is no such thing as race- there is only the human race”.

      • AmericanTaxPayerNoMore

        I call them everything from Ghetto Rat to “american” to Traitorous Trash to Phony Balonies to everything else I listed on my other post and more.

        I just won’t let them get away with their name calling anymore.  They’re always screeching about Equality (racism) so I figure, okay.  I certainly have no problem with that so if that’s how they want to act, well, I’m not “mature” so I really have no problem “sinking to their level”.

        Seriously, I’ve been the nice, polite and patient one and I used to never reply back with venom but I have found that giving to them what they give to us is a much quicker way to make them stand down.  It really confuses them when they run up against a White Person who fights back.

        • Dean_Wormers_Hot_Wife

          Tell them to Equalize themselves with their black African cousins and leave White Humanity to Equalize itself with the Hyperborean Angels.

          • AmericanTaxPayerNoMore

            But they won’t.  I used to use that too (go home if it’s so racist here) and even offered to pay for their plane tickets but I never got any takers so I dropped it.

            I’m sorry about being rough these days but I’ve tried everything else so all I’m left with now is their own tactics.  And so far, it’s working!

  • potato78

     The best way to fix it is The Affirmative Action for minority white.  Uneducated White Males have to claim minority status.  Then next step is automatically triggered into The Affirmative Action Program for your free education.  However, you have to work hard to earn your credits.  No smoke, No drink, etc….

  • I’m tired of this defeatism.

    White male is, whichever are your beliefs, the ultimate perfection of evolution or Greek god incarnated. White men

    have created phonetic alphabet, mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology & other sciences, including social and humanist like economics, sociology, linguistics, philosophy, …  White man had invented democracy & idea of a free individual, the global high
    culture: in literature everything from drama to the novel, polyphonic music, visual arts that dwarf all other cultures’ arts; all
    ideologies and social ideas from feminism, communism, fascism, eugenics, universal
    human rights, retirement with pension, universal literacy, universal suffrage. They have abolished slavery and created global legal systems and institutions. White man has made all inventions that changed the face of earth, including cannons, universities in the Middle Ages steam machine, mechanical clock, smelting process, printing press, microscope, telescope and that history turning point named Industrial revolution, the locomotive,
    vaccination, strict hygiene, sterilization,
    blood transfusion, hospitals, antibiotics, electric power, telephone, radio, computer, planes, cars, jets, TV, laser, A-bomb,  wash machine, refrigerator, satellites, … White man had discovered bacteria, cell, DNA, gravity, atomic structure, radioactivity, smashed the atom, performed heart transplantation and sent a man to the Moon.

    And “you” ?
    If “you” means south or east Asian, partly Islamic- you have produced old, respectable and static cultures. With you, our global time would still be somewhere around  1400 A.D.
    If “you” means African or Native American, all further comments are simply redundant.

    p { margin-bottom: 0.08in; }

    White man has conquered the world, went to outer space, created global
    civilization, killed more people than any other group, created
    all sciences & arts & technology, screwed uncounted
    millions of women of all races around the globe, and is the most
    developed human form- physically, mentally, emotionally,

    “You” may gloat for a time- but it won’t last long, I assure “you”.

    Rant over.

    • Inspirational words.

    • Dean_Wormers_Hot_Wife
      • Ulick

        Liberal white women think that they’re endearing themselves to minorities by adopting minority children.  Yet the black women that I work with laugh at and have disdain for these trendy white actresses who adopt black children.  The black women say that for these white actresses a black child is like a new designer handbag — something to be seen with.  And, of course, the black women are completely correct.

        • Bad_Mr_Frosty

          It’s the most racist thing I have ever seen! They use black children as a FASHION ACCESSORY! Then they all get together and talk about their black children like they would a gucci purse. It’s disgusting at every level.  

        • AmericanTaxPayerNoMore

          I feel sorry for the black kids actually.  You think they’re not gonna know they’re being used?  Blacks are naturally resentful as it is and being raised in a white family (rich or not) is not going to ease that.  As a matter of fact, I’m bettin’ it’s (resentment) gonna be worse.

        • Dean_Wormers_Hot_Wife

          Shouldn’t we be wondering why blacks don’t want to adopt the black babies?

        • Net_Drifter

          I have to admit that I’ve often found some black women to be far and away more intelligent, informed, and reasonable than black men. Black men are almost universally impossible.

      • Ugh… I’m going to eat & see this … 

    • Bad_Mr_Frosty

      Every passing day it’s getting harder and harder for the left to deny the truth. The anti-whiteness of the media, government, and schools is increasing to critical levels. Things like the “un-fair” campaign and the horribly anti-white 2012 olympics show how desperate they are getting.   

    • Mar1ne

       Damn that was a good rant…Kudos my friend

    • Net_Drifter

      Much of that is true. But, white racially conscious people(for lack of a better term)have to get over the idea of going back to a version of the past, that is long dead. I’m considered racist by many people that know my viewpoints, but even I agree with some of the social changes that have taken place during the 20th and 21st centuries. Although, I’m not in agreement with the racial changes that have taken place; I still don’t want a return to 50s strictly, rigidly conservative America or a Puritanical culture.  So many people in this ideology do want that it seems.

    • Ottknot

       Wouldn’t you love to see just one talking head on Television say this?  Or a politician?   Can you imagine if Romney gave this sermon as an answer to one of the multitude of questions he’s gotten about currying favor with “minorities”? 

  • Dean_Wormers_Hot_Wife

    “We must atone for the sins of segregation by holding ourselves accountable to the beloved community of color for our racist unearned White privilege. First, we must dedicate ourselves to reelecting our wonderful and transformative first African American president. Second, if your White daughter isn’t dating a buck nasty Diversity, you have more soul searching to do. Third, you must do more to renounce the benefits you get from systemic bias, structural bigotry, and institutional inequity; you must step out of the dominant culture and stand in solidarity with the Other”.

    That’s just for starters…

    • Libschmibs

      In other words, give us your money, give us your children, and die, right? 

    • The tough Truth

      It’s so easy to say such crap when you have the government and commercial media on your side…they control the agrument…they control the language. The only reason why blacks get away with so much crap is because the media has given the word “racist” so much power to use as a weapon against the white male whenever he even questions the double standard pro-black male/ anti-white male BS that is so prominate in our society today. Not only has given it so much power but twisted into a one sided word (racist can only mean against a so-called minority, never agaist a whites or it automatically loses it’s power). Very slick!

  • anonymous_amren

     Wouldn’t work. It’s much too hard for most people to judge on merit, and requires too much time and effort in everyday life. If you see a large group of young black men, you need to avoid them without taking the time to give them a test, even when you wouldn’t do the same thing with a large group of white women.

    Also merit regresses to the mean for each race, so two meritous black people are likely to have non-meritous children.

    Segregation along racial lines, and slightly different treatment of men and women, is the only answer that still makes sense if you think about it.

  • Great White Observer

    This destruction of The White Male could never have happened without The White Male. Can anybody answer why this is?

    • AmericanTaxPayerNoMore

      That’s what I want to know.  From what I can tell, it began with WWII.  Seems that since that War, the Respect, the Honor, the Love and Admiration for White Men has dwindled and for the past fifteen to twenty years, hate for them has been pronounced and accelerated.  I really don’t get it.  From where does it come?

      You ask an excellent question and one that is owed an answer.

    • Net_Drifter

      Harmful class snobbery among certain kinds of white men and women.

  • AmericanTaxPayerNoMore

    DEAR ULICK, (writing here ’cause the box is bigger)

    I get the feeling you believe that one who refuses to take abuse from others is one who is “angry” and that couldn’t be further from the truth.I provide nothing but facts (on my favorite political website) and have been very “soft” towards those who did nothing but spew hate at me for it and I would turn “motherly” (I still do when I feel the moment is right) on them and tell them things like, ‘were you here, I’d set you in my lap, rock you back and forth, pet your pretty little head and tell you everything’s gonna be alright’ and I meant that and still do whenever I choose to soothe my angry liberal children.  My “motherly” approaches do work to calm them down but I only use that on those I feel are genuinely hurting.  This however, doesn’t change their minds, it only stops them from being angry for awhile.The reason I take a hard line with some but not others is because I go by the feeling I get from the particular poster.  And, I’m not trying to convert anyone.  I simply put my opinion/facts out there and I respond, like I said, to how I feel they feel.  Some people are just nasty because they’re nasty and no amount of niceness or patience will ever change that.  For me, I decided awhile ago to stop applying the one size fits all approach (always be nice).

    • Ulick

      “I get the feeling you believe that one who refuses to take abuse from others is one who is “angry” and that couldn’t be further from the truth.”

      Not at all.  I know that the hate-filled people are those who hate us, and that we’re just reacting to the hate being thrown at us.  But for the media, politicians, and a sizeable portion of the public being against us, we wouldn’t have a reason to react.  Yet since they are against us we have a duty to react.

      As far as changing the minds of those who hate us, we’ll likely never do that regardless of whether we take a hardline or softline approach.  If someone like that is being a true dick to me, and I’ll a true dick back knowing that I won’t change their mind, but also knowing that I won’t take their abuse.

      That’s not who I’m talking about, though.  I’m talking about the white guy or lady who thinks they’re liberal on race issues (because that’s what they’ve been force fed), yet their intuition tells them that there’s something up with the increasing anti-white tone and anti-white violence.  They’re at a point where they could get tipped in our direction through an honest and logical argument pointing out the hypocrisy of the racism racket.  For these people, that’s such a taboo subject that if you come off unhinged or angry you could easily lose them.

      Like I said before, though, to each their own.  Intelligent minds can disagree on this point, and if you think that a more forceful approach works better — go for it.  At least you’re taking an approach of stnading up for white interests which, sadly, is more than what most white people do.

      • AmericanTaxPayerNoMore

        Sir, I need to clarify.  Are you talking about on-line debate or face to face?

        Face to face is very different as you well know and my favorite political (website) debating is on-line.  I wouldn’t get snippy with a fellow White be they liberal or not were I face to face with them ’cause like you, I don’t want to lose them when I have a golden opportunity like that sitting right there in front of me as I prefer to leave one with Food for Thought but I won’t take abuse from those who only seek to abuse for the sake of abusing.

        The reason I turn gentle with my liberals (on my fav website) is because I’ve been there for a long time and I can tell the difference between their misguided anger from their liberal leanings.  There have been lots of times, lots of times when we’ve debated (without abuse) our views and that’s what I mean about not changing their minds.  Though they will listen most of the time, they’re still stuck on stupid so to speak.  That’s not meant to insult them ’cause believe it or not, I care about those knuckleheads.

  • rightrightright

    Back in the ’80s the feminist movement which was in the process of third-worlding itself, liked to sneer at “dead white males”.  At that point I lost interest in anything further they had to say.  (I’m female).  

    What, actually, have dead (or living) black/brown females achieved that benefits the entire human race?

  • Victor Davis Hanson is a 5th generation California fruit farmer. The same fruit farmers who are largely responsible for bringing in  the millions of illegal Mexicans destroying my homeland of California  over the last 30 -40 years. They had to have cheap labor so they could make huge profits instead of paying a fair wage to local whites. So they were directly behind the import of these sub humans who they used like slaves so they could make more profit.

    California fruit farmers as being subsidized by taxpayers because the people they employee are able to get large amounts of public assistance through, food stamps, free lunches, free housing, welfare, free medical and other programs. Thus they same workers are able to work for much less money, many times $5 an hour cash because they get so much public assistance. Otherwise workers could not survive on what they pay them.

    Now guys like Hanson want to complain about being minorities while they continue to brag about how their family is married to Mexicans.He even goes so far as to tell  how his daughter dates Mexicans. So much for his Swedish ancestry, he might as well just flush all his genetics right down the toilet because he is too milquetoast to admit that it is a racial thing.

    I would love to see Victor David Hanson come to the same end as some of the  South African Boer farmers,maybe  staked on one of his own grape stakes to rot in the blistering Central California sun by one of his Mestizo workers.

    Even if that doesnt happen he wont have to worry, his grandkids wont be white and they wont have to deal with being a minority.

    • Dean_Wormers_Hot_Wife

       Powerful elites come down firmly on side of discrimination against Whites; Diversity Wins Again:

      A wide array of groups and leaders have acted in support of UT, including more
      than 55 leading corporations, more than 35 high-ranking retired military
      officials, student organizations, prominent social scientists, colleges and
      universities, small business representatives, states, religious denominations,
      labor unions, and civil and human rights organizations.

      •  Um……. okay lady,  so you are good at cut and paste. Why not actually address my post….

    • Puggg

      My point is even more fundamental.  After years and years of being a race denying “conservative,” (You know the drill:  We’re not racists, liberals are the true racists, Martin Luther King was a conservative, etc.), VDH and that crowd finally wake up and discover that California is the third world full of third world people. And one of the reasons it happened is that the President they worship gave ’em amnesty.

    • bv

      I didn’t know that very good point.


    If all the “hate whitey”  hate mongers got their way and suddenly all white people disappeared  off the face of the planet their ultimate question would be “Oh God!  what are we going to do now?” as they all run around in a frenzy of chaos and panic.   This of course also includes the white  liberal  “race traitors” who would be suicidal at this point.            

  • Help your blog into Wall Street !!!

  • Libschmibs

    Maybe, but many will still call you ‘ignorant’ (even though you are giving real-life, personal examples or facts) or call you ‘full of hate’ (even if you merely suggest you prefer the company of whites), etc.  Most whites will react angry at you because they have been conditioned to for so long now.  If they hear about whites getting killed in South Africa, for example, or the Beat Whitey Night here in the US or many other black-on-white crimes they will pass it off as “well, those blacks are poor and angry” or “Well, the whites were probably racist.” 

    Then again, I hate white liberals to the nth degree and usually don’t waste my time with them.  I even deleted them and blocked  them from my Facebook account.  I even don’t care being around my liberal relatives that I will make up reasons now why I can’t visit them and I will tell my conservative relatives that “I can’t stand being around them (my liberal relatives) because they always bring up their politics and we get into arguments and screaming matches almost everytime.  it’s not pleasureable being around them for me.”

  • Dean_Wormers_Hot_Wife

    Next time you hear a Whitey bragging about their mission trip to Haiti, commiserate with how bad the poor, suffering blacks have it down there, compliment the do gooder, then say we need to do more, and close with “So, how many did you save from the horror by bringing home with you?”

  • How on earth can anyone see wealthy white guys as something bad whilst seeing Obama as something good? Blacks like him act white for personal success. He’s the adult, mulatto equivalent of white kids who are into rap FFS.

  • AmericanTaxPayerNoMore

    I appreciate that and, I love your ‘lifeboat and limited seating’ response!  That’s a good one!

    I reckon part of the reason why I’m mostly patient with them is because I secretly hope I can get at least one of them to come back to us.  And no, I don’t what color they are but you can mostly tell.  The non-whites are more naturally racist than us (they always side with their own no matter what and never critique their own so that’s one give away) and the race-mixers always get offended whenever you bring up negatives about non-whites and the Whites just completely ignore the facts you present or spin off onto another subject.

    Last, sadly, you’re right.  I fear most, if not all of them, will get caught up in all the chaos to come and too many of them will never come out of it alive.  For some strange reason, it’s very difficult for them to be racially conscious.

  • AmericanTaxPayerNoMore

    I hope and Pray to God, you’re wrong.  I don’t want another day to pass before I see White Men take back what they and their Ancestors’ Built.

    I’m a lady so of course, I love my girls but, we’re supposed to be taking care of the home and y’all Men are supposed to be out hunting for food.

  • AmericanTaxPayerNoMore

    It was here on Amren where someone posted years ago, and to paraphrase:

    ‘Television shows like archie bunker, etc., were all geared to show White People as racists and bigots’ and it’s only gotten worse from there.

    I find all this Anti-White stuff on Television to be good though.  We need to turn off the T.V. and get back to how we used to be.

  • AmericanTaxPayerNoMore

    I know.  But, it could be, they feel they can never be White and so, reject us first before we can reject them.  In pursuit of Self Preservation so to speak.

    Generally speaking, non-whites are not emotionally stable so I can understand how mixy’s are quick to side with the part of themselves that is less judgmental in terms of having a bad attitude, expecting everything for nothing and in general, expect to be allowed to act as wild as they wish.

  • AmericanTaxPayerNoMore

    I prefer cold hard facts.  And calling out Double Standard.

    Please pardon me when I write to you, I don’t care if a Liberal wants to care for non-whites.  I only care that they allow White People to care for White People without being insulted and ostracized for it.

    And, for The White Peoples to never be Taxed for all the Minority Privilege running rampant in this Country of ours.

  • The tough Truth

    Why?? It’s obvious why..because there has been a very powerful agenda at least the last 30 years that has its tenticles in government, education and all commercial media forms to hype up the black male as being far more noble, wiser, stronger, sexier, and intelligent then the white male while at the same time bringing down the white male as weak, shallow, unattractive, arrogant, greedy, and stupid, and it is done in a very safisticated and slick way that is amost subliminal most much of the time. to make the white males ashamed of themselves and submissive to anything the black man bitches about so he gets it. In a nutshell it is conditioning over years and generations that is making this happen..very suddely at first to the more blunt crap we have now to the point where white people see it and accept it as the norm these days. The “why” of what is going on is another subject, but first you must understand that how before the why.

  • bv

    Quebecized? Quebec is the home of French speakers, the English and immigrants are the Mexicans in this case. Get it clear in your head English is the foreign tongue not French. In fact all of Canada was French especially the Maritimes which was Acadia before the ethnic cleansing.