The Silent War on Noncollege-Educated White Men

Matt K. Lewis, Daily Caller, September 10, 2012

Much ink has been spilled this election cycle about the so-called “war on women,” but as the Wall Street Journal notes, “In 2010, young American women had a median income higher than that of their male peers in 1,997 out of 2,000 metropolitan regions.”

That same year, Hanna Rosen observed: “Earlier this year, women became the majority of the workforce for the first time in U.S. history. Most managers are now women too. And for every two men who get a college degree this year, three women will do the same.”

There is no political benefit in discussing this phenomenon, but it hasn’t gone unnoticed by academics. From Kay  Hymowitz’s ”Manning Up: How The Rise of Women Has Turned Men Into Boys” (listen to my podcast with Hymowitz here)—to Rosen’s “The End of Men and the Rise of Women”—some observers are keenly aware of the trend.

In recent years, women have also been hit by the economic downturn. Still, you won’t hear much about the plight of men on the campaign trail.

There is very little benefit to talking about how hard men have it.


A generation ago, a young man in, say, Ohio might expect to graduate from high school, get a job in a factory, and provide a decent middle-class lifestyle for a family. Those days are long gone. And while men in general seem to be in decline, one can imagine the changes are particularly acute for working class white males. They see their jobs shipped off or taken by immigrants who will work for less money. On top of that, they may also feel emasculated at home.

Again, this has not gone completely unnoticed. Ross Douthat noted in a controversial 2010 New York Times column, that “downscale, the rural and the working-class” whites are experiencing “alienation from the American meritocracy.”

One wonders about the unique psychological toll this might take. White men, especially, can’t complain. What I mean is that nobody is sympathetic to them. There is a good reason for this. Historically, they have won the lottery. Thus, there is no release valve—no politically correct way for them to express their understandable anger at a society that seems to have let them down. What is more, they are regularly mocked and portrayed as Homer Simpson-like buffoons by the media. There is no anti-defamation league to complain when men are portrayed as idiots on TV commercials, movies, etc. They are supposed to suck it up.


This could also have quiet political ramifications. Not many people are writing about it, but as a recent National Journal piece hinted at, there is some angst beginning to bubble up from this silent majority.” [Johnny ] Whitmire is an angry man,” the column observed. “He is among a group of voters most skeptical of President Obama: noncollege-educated white males. He feels betrayed—not just by Obama, who won his vote in 2008, but by the institutions that were supposed to protect him…”


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  • Puggg

    I didn’t vote for Rick Santorum. But one thing I wish he would have said more often and more loudly, even though he was the only one to say it even once, is that people who don’t go to college ought not be consigned to a life of hand-to-mouth poverty.

    A generation ago, a young man in, say, Ohio might expect to graduate
    from high school, get a job in a factory, and provide a decent
    middle-class lifestyle for a family. Those days are long gone. And while
    men in general seem to be in decline, one can imagine the changes are
    particularly acute for working class white males. They see their jobs
    shipped off or taken by immigrants who will work for less money. On top
    of that, they may also feel emasculated at home.

    Part of that is the fault of politicians that The Daily Caller glorify. Both the immigration and the outsourcing.

    • Stentorian_Commentator

      I had to like that just for the pug picture.  I also agree with the sentiment.  Mittens would be winning by a landslide if he could be trusted to stand for (1) immigration control and enforcement, including throwing out all illegals and their so-called anchor babies, and (2) doing whatever it takes to bring our international trade into balance.  Those policies together would increase the demand for native-born American labor, and would most likely result in increases in wages and improvements in working conditions.  Not only would it give white men a sense of purpose, but it would give white families breathing room to have a chance to build a future rather than be swept under wave after wave of imported good and imported people.  If only Duncan Hunter had been the GOP darling in 2008 rather than the execrable McVain.  I guess I can dream.

      •  Duncan Hunter?   I thought the only people who supported his Presidential candidacy outside of his immediate family were the blogger who calls himself Town Crier and myself.  I’m glad someone else remembers him, and remembers he’s one of the scant few elected Republicans to be against free trade.  Virgil Goode was another one who never got due credit for being against free trade, but now after his unfortunate defeat in the blue wave of 2008, he’s now flown off to third party loony toon land.

      • William_JD


  • humptydumpty

    The Silent War on Noncollege-Educated White Men

    I feel proud that I never went near one of those stupid places known as colleges.

    • bluffcreek1967

      I also consider myself lucky not to have graduated from college. When I first attended in the early 80s, I knew that much of it was a scam and would be a waste of time – and I was right. I dropped out because I wanted to be productive and make money (which I did). I never regretted my decision and I am debt free from any seemingly never-ending college loans that most graduates experience.

      However, not graduating from college has never been an excuse for me to be ignorant or uninformed in human events, ideas and political matters. I read widely, and I try to think through issues fairly. Moreover, a continual practice of writing down my thoughts has helped to crystalize my understanding.

      Interestingly, I have spoken with numerous college graduates throughout the years and I have been less than impressed with their knowledge of history and the world. It seems many of them stopped thinking as soon as they graduated (perhaps they did so years before they graduated?). When I see how dull-minded so many of them are, it only confirms how right I was to have dropped from the college scene many years prior. Moreover, most are unable to break from their liberal indoctrination that almost all colleges and university are guilty of.  

      This is not meant to suggest that college isn’t for some. But for these and many other reasons, I urge people to think hard before pursuing the traditional college route.  

      • humptydumpty

        Well said Sir…

      • ncpride

        My nephew took the same route. He decided against college and at first, I was disappointed, but now I see he did the right thing. Instead, he got his plumbing license and followed his step father into that line of work. He makes a good living, and has more work than he can handle.

        Lack of a college education doesn’t mean lack of intelligence by any means. This nephew of mine, this ‘country boy’ with his slow Southern drawl can certainly talk to you about rebuilding a car motor or hunting, but he will also dazzle you with his knowledge of politics, history and anything from the newest software to the British Monarchs. I’ve seen him catch more than one person off gaurd with conversation, when I know exactly what they were expecting from this so called ‘redneck’ and it’s always just plain funny.

    •  Strongly disagree.  Being a white man with a college degree is worse than being a white man without.

      • fabius

         Agree. Immigrants take the bottom jobs. But that’s because we let in (by not guarding the border) 8th grade dropouts, who don’t qualify for the best jobs.

      • ncpride

        They won’t take most white collar jobs.

        They’ll probably just bring in more Asians claiming we don’t have enough ‘qualified’ people to fill those positions.

      • bluffcreek1967

        Well, it all depends on what career or vocation one pursues. In certain fields, it’s required, but in others it’s not necessary. A good portion of the subjects one can get a college degree in are worthless.

        There are many Whites who have a college degree, yet are working minimal paying jobs. To make matters worse for them, they also have an enormous college loan to repay and it’s earning interest too. Many  of them have come to regret the time and money they spent while on the college track. Of course for some, it’s worked out. But there is a growing amount of college graduates who have come to realize that institutional promises of success and money once their B.A. was attained wasn’t quite true.

        Rarely is the general public told that success is not necessarily dependent on a college or university degree. How often are financially accomplished businessmen who dropped out of college or never attended held up as examples of success? How often are our young people seriously warned of the massive college debt they will incur? How often are these same people warned of the many useless college degrees out there? The reason is because the college system itself is a business, a racket that rakes in billions each year.

        Charles Murray (one of the authors of ‘The Bell Curve’) has recently written about this. In his opinion, the majority of people currently attending college shouldn’t even be there because they lack the intellectual ability to handle the academic load. Most people are average or below average in intelligence. This doesn’t mean they are bad or something like that. It just means their skills and abilities are probably found in some other sphere. There is nothing wrong with people who have mechanical skills or things such as this rather than intellectual or academic ones. In fact, such skills are necessary in our society and they are honorable too.

        •  I agree with most of what you said.  I’m one of those people saddled with debt because I made a stupid choice of pursuing a rather worthless career at an overpriced school.  But then I decided to go with a business field using grants.

          The state governments definitely needs to start discouraging students from studying for worthless majors and encouraging the hard sciences or careers with employability.  In fact my state is doing just that.

          They also need get students to go to community colleges and state universities instead of expensive private and for profit colleges.

          I agree that there are many students at universities that have no business being there.   Many put in a minimal effort and wonder why they’re unemployed.  I think ending affirmative action could put an end to that considering schools are very selective these days (With their non-affirmative action cases anyway).

          As far as the businessmen who dropped out and became successful, those are few and far between.  Not everyone is going to have a big business idea.

        • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

          ” There is nothing wrong with people who have mechanical skills or things
          such as this rather than intellectual or academic ones. In fact, such
          skills are necessary in our society and they are honorable too.”

          There is nothing wrong with being both or multifaceted.  I have an advanced degree, and a long career behind me, but I have always done much of my own mechanical work and one of my hobbies is rebuilding vintage motorcycles (I raced as a young man).  I like to go fishing and I read and appreciate all sorts of music and art.  I have long kept an organic garden and enjoy eating/canning food I grew myself.  I was a competitive fencer for decades, good enough to qualify for National Championships in a highly competitive region at my peak.  I trained with horses for years and won ribbons at jumping shows.  I don’t see why people feel they need to define/limit themselves.  What seems to be the necessary thing is genuine curiosity and a desire to know/experience.

      • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

         I agree, all this “sweet lemons” talk is worrying to me.  But white males need to get into the traditional professions, become doctors, LAWYERS (most important), engineers, scientists, biologists, business PhDs, etc.  This is what built white male dominance in the first place, not anti-union blue collar wage slavery.  If this is to be seen as a turf war, whites are losing and pretending it doesn’t matter.  Maybe it’s really all over.  That “Death of the WASP” story last week seemed a celebration.  Now we will see how quickly what the WASPs left is run into the ground and killed.

        But I am somehow not surprised at the plethora of Amren posters who don’t have anything beyond a high school diploma, although I agree that the college environment has become awful for white males and the costs are ridiculous.  It is also true that education has largely become a scam.  Community colleges are the worst, training GEDs to do jobs that they will never get.  The online “colleges” are even worse.  My view is that this is all part of the social collapse that is happening.  When so many people can spend their entire lives being shuffled from one scam to another, things must just naturally fall apart because the apathy it will produce will be profound and paralyzing – as it is becoming more and more obviously so – right now.

        • 5n4k33y3s

          Don’t worry so much about white men missing out on the academic scene. Those places are imploding. The internet has leveled the field for educational opportunity.

          Most college campuses are very hostile to white men. Imagine the indignity of having college athletes who shouldn’t have even graduated highschool, strutting around, bound for professional sports league to make more money between two commercial breaks than you will earn all year.

          I’m sincerely pleased that I missed out on that. I wouldn’t want to pay a nickel to a place which contributes to that. White men should withdraw from the mainstream society as much as possible, and re-establish ourselves apart from those who hate us.

          Most importantly, non-college educated white men have to stop cheering for men of another race, who are living like aristocrats because so many whites are enthusiastic about them dropping a ball through a hoop, or tackling each other like a bunch of big babies.

          Working class white men cheering black professional athletes are pitiful and sad to behold. Work all year, and you earn less than they were paid between two commercial breaks, playing a game they enjoy already.

          • “Most college campuses are very hostile to white men.”

            That’s why white men need to storm them and send the message this is not OK.  This whole tactical retreat nonsense isn’t working.  We’ll just become more isolated and marginalized if we don’t fight back.

            Not going to college means there will be that many more feminists and minorities in the professional workforce and government.

          • Zorro

            Choose the right Colleges. Make sure that they are Conservative before you enroll for Classes. This is why a Campus tour is so important. The right questions need to be asked on that tour, and during any interview afterward.

            Colleges are Businesses like anything else, and they run on lots of money. Why would Whites be so stupid as to support a College or University that is openly hostile to them and their people?

            Remove your money from their Bursars’ Offices, and from their Box Offices for College Sports Teams, and you can watch the whole thing implode in no time.

    • MarcusTrajanus

      We also need lawyers, politicians, journalists, script-writers, scientists, etc. who are on our side, and those are all college educated people. If you are able get an education do it, parrot the diversity duckspeak if necessary (war is deception), then undermine the system from within. There’s a reason they are trying to keep non-elite White men out of there.

      • WhiteGuyInJapan

         I think we also need some social scientists who examine tribalism, ethnic conflict and the inherent instability of extremely diverse societies.  The Marxist Left is grossly overrepresented in academia, it would be nice to see and read something from another point of view.

  • Hirschibold

    These same intellectual types who are noting this phenomenon are the same class (intellectually and economically) who first promulgated this crap. Blacks and Hispanics have been propagandized since they were in the womb to believe that white people have all the money and power, and were responsible for genocide and slavery. The people who taught the minorities this forgot to add a footnote or two specifying that the vast majority of white men throughout history have borne their nation on their shoulders, never benefited from slavery, and died in wars to free and help people who despise them.

    If you want to see what white privilege truly is, visit Arlington National Cemetery sometimes.

    As for the struggle between elite white power and the white working class, this is the real war that has been raging for half a century. People like the Kennedy family, i.e. eastern white elites, fear Archie Bunker and Ralph Kramden, the white man who can’t be coerced by political correctness and won’t surrender all of his rights and dignity for a larger slice of the government cheese. This elite’s method of destroying this sector of the population was to increase the political & geographical power of blacks, and then to import Hispanics (or Muslims in Europe). In exchange for their larger slice of power, these new emigres and the black underclass had only two obligations, both of which they have fulfilled:

    1) Commit acts of violence and terror against these lower class whites.
    2) Vote democrat.  

    I am optimistic about this system (which was initiated by Lyndon Johnson) crashing sometime in the near term, for two basic reasons:

    1) These minority groups will tear one-another apart in their struggle for power.
    2) If and when the white man rekindles his desire to pasteurize his own damn cheese, he is capable of sustaining himself and surviving without the intercession of the State, which will either crash or rapidly lose power in the future, as all tyrannies eventually do.

    • Dr. X

      You’re absolutely correct about the white Eastern elites. They use racial “tolerance” and “diversity” and “civil rights” as a means of showing how superior they are to what they regard as declasse, stupid, toothless, Bible-thumping white trash morons driving pickup trucks in Mississippi.

      A significant amount of the racially-oriented political correctness in this country is not actually generated by minorities themselves, but rather by elite white snobs who gin up accusations of “insensitivity” as a way of targeting lower class whites.

  • guest

    Nowadays it just doesn’t seem worth the money and time to go to college.  The educational value of these places has gone out the window.  All it is anymore is liberal brainwashing and bringing in more diversity just to make themselves look good.

  • Puggg

     You very likely have the same kind of job now that you would have gotten even if you went to college. But like you said, what you don’t have is debt. Don’t pity yourself.

    • Not totally true. He could have gone to a community college or trade school and gotten training in such fields as machinist, nursing and other fields that pay more than what he is making now. He may have qualified for grants that would have paid for his education.

      • 5n4k33y3s

         He can still go to a trade school. But at least he didn’t have to pay people to denigrate him as a white man, and go into debt for it.

  • It’s not too hard to see what the future looks like WITHOUT the White man in charge.  Haiti, India and all of Africa (Ethiopia excluded) are perfect examples of life with the White man in charge and life without the White man in charge.  Without us, everything falls to pieces which is why there will never be a first world Majority-Minority USA.

    • India is the outsource capital of the world and some of their citizens, most young university graduates are getting call center jobs that were outsourced from the US.  But with growing customer dissatisfaction with overseas call center representatives, many call center jobs are being returned to the US. In fact, at one time, 30% of call center jobs for high tech firms were overseass. Today, that total is only 12%. In fact,one company I worked for, had a call center in the Phillipines but most of the customers could not understand the call center operators. They closed that call center. Opened one in Jamaica to handle its regular customers but opened another call center in Nashville, TN to handle it best customers so that they would have an American operator to speak with when they called.

      • Puggg

         Before we start cheering, we have to check whether the firms brought in the Indians and Filipinos using H1B or whatever visas to work in the call centers they re-opened here.

        • The__Bobster

          Agreed. I seem to be greeted with the same number of unintelligible foreign accents as ever.

        •  They would still have Indian and Filipino accents.

  • E_Pluribus_Pluribus

    “Stick it to the white male” is a shorthand way of understanding 21st century America.  The firmest data on anti-white discrimination may be those on  admissions policies of selective universities.   A pair of Princeton sociologists discovered that:

    “When lower-class whites are matched with lower-class blacks and other non-whites the degree of the non-white advantage becomes astronomical: lower-class Asian applicants are seven times as likely to be accepted to the competitive private institutions as similarly qualified whites, lower-class Hispanic applicants eight times as likely, and lower-class blacks ten times as likely.”

    American universities expressing their values.

    SOURCE: “How Diversity Punishes Asians, Poor Whites and Lots of Others”
    By Russell K. Nieli,, July 12, 2010

    • Puggg

      Here is a paragraph from that article that got missed:

      In an attempt to find out what kind of diversity exists — or doesn’t exist — on the Princeton University campus, I once asked students in a ten-member discussion group to raise their hands if they knew one or more Princeton undergraduates who had served a year or more on active military duty (in the late 1940s or early 1950s, of course, undergraduates at Princeton would have encountered legions of such people coming back from WWII and the Korean War). I made it plain that I wasn’t asking if the students had a close friend or roommate who was a veteran, just a single person with military experience that they had at sometime encountered during their Princeton undergraduate careers. Only one student — a female — raised her hand: this student once met someone who had served in the Israeli military. On a second occasion I asked this question to a larger group and again only one hand went up — this student once met a Princeton undergraduate who had served in the Turkish military.

      Princeton University:  Room for Israel and Turkey, but not America.

  • Instead of shunning all post high school education, why don’t these males look into community colleges or technical schools that can provide necessary skills for a decent career?  In fact, several of the most hard to fill jobs do not require a 4 year degree. They include truck driver, nursing, repair technician and machinist.

  • humptydumpty

    You’ll do fine, keep/start reading, work well, set reasonable goals, find a good woman and everrything will fall into place for you. But it’s essential that you keep working. If you get laid off, get another job immediately, no matter how lowly and keep at it. You’ll do fine. Maybe in the future you’ll find something worthwhile to study in college. But if you do, go to night school and pay for the credits when you get enough money. Never take a dime from anyone. Earn all your tuition money yourself. My wife did that and it took her ten years to graduate. When she finally graduated, she didn’t owe a penny an got a raise at her job.

    • xsfsoldier

      Great advice and comment humpty!  Good on you to!

  • potato78

    Noncollege-Educated White Men have to claim themself as minority white.  Then they can get into Affirmative Action Program for a free advanced education.  But these people have to do no smoke, no drink, no drug, etc….

    • AmericanTaxPayerNoMore

      You don’t get to dictate what one does in their own personal time and on their own dime.

      I drink.  What of it?  I smoke too.  What are you gonna do about it?  My Founding Fathers weren’t the kind to tell others what they can or cannot do and so, neither can you.

      You need to understand, alcohol, smoke and drugs are not the problem.  Those three things have always been and always will be, abundantly available.  It’s this “society” that only honors evil is what is the problem.

      • Esmithton91

        taxpayernomore said-
        You need to understand, alcohol, smoke and drugs are not the problem.
        I say =
        alcohol, smoke and drugs are red flags…….. and if you rely or pursue them you will lose and have problems until you face yourself and get clean.

        90%  of those who use these crutches either find out the hard way or are condemned to be less than they could be………and that is before you start adding up the wasted money.

        • potato78

           I see.

        • AmericanTaxPayerNoMore

          What’s the matter with you people?
          Did I say I wake up and start drinking and smoking?  Did I say I did these every day?  Did I say I support people doing it?  I said, they are not the problem.  The problem is you people.  You clearly have no understanding of what self control is.I know plenty of people who smoke when they drink but not smoke when they don’t.  I know lots of people who drink on a Friday night and I know people who drink twice a month and I know people who drink once a month and I know people who only drink on holidays.When you start going into bars and start lecturing all those people who stop at the bars everyday and call them losers, you can come back and tell me, me who DOES NOT do that about my so-called “destructive” habits.Learn what abuse actually means and learn what moderation means.

          By the way, I drink alot of tea and iced water too.  You gonna tell me what a “loser” I am and how “destructive” that is too?  I also exercise.  I reckon that makes me a “loser” too right?

      • potato78

         I scratched my head.

  • xsfsoldier

    Good on you young man!!  Aquire solid usable skills in as many crafts or trades possible.  The world needs MEN that have the skill sets to build and repair the machinery of civilization.  Most college grads can’t wipe their own butt with out help.  Watch Dirty Jobs, Overhaulin’, American Restoration, Counting Cars, etc!!  Don’t ever lose you pride in work or your dignity as a WORKING MAN!!  Again, GOOD ON YOU!!

  • Dean_Wormers_Hot_Wife

    That oddball Shepard Smith on Fox just reported on the 1974 racial integration troubles in Boston.

    A federal judge ruled that black children were “disadvantaged” and must be bussed into White schools.

    (Why are Whites always responsible for solving voodoo? We’ve done enough, we’ve done too much, UNDO EVERYTHING AND TAKE BACK WHAT IS OURS!)

    “The children became victims of racial hatred and mob violence.”

    That was a calculated statement to make White women all weepy over the poor, suffering blacks so that Obama will get the White vote.

    “Don’t share your bed with your White husband unless he does the right thing and votes to guard the change by voting for Obama”.

    • Puggg

      Did you hear?  Mark Potok got a new dog.  He called it Shep.

      And no, it wasn’t a pug.

      Really, Shep has a one-way ticket for MSNBC.

      • No good. I agree with you Puggg. From one pug lover to another. I lost my beloved pug Matlilda over a year ago and I still miss her. She was a good friend.

        • Bad_Mr_Frosty

          I love their personality, but I don’t like the skin-folds and breathing issues. 

          • I can agree with you about their breathing issues. But I just love their personality. Matlilda was very territorial, I can never forget the day we moved into our new house. I brought her with me in the car. and when I let her in the house, she ran into every room as if to say, “this is all mine”. I will never forget it.

        • AmericanTaxPayerNoMore

          Bull Terriers are the Best!

          Ms. Crystal, you will never stop missing your child.  Moe’s been gone for eight years now and, needless to say, I died with him.  My other children are greatly loved and spoiled rotten but, none of them help ease the pain or this great big huge hole in my Heart.

          Sometimes, I still wail as if I just lost him.  That’s all I can say ’cause here I go, I’m starting to cry.

    • “If your White daughter isn’t dating a nasty buck diversity, you’ve got some soul searching to do.”

      Rev.DeValleyism 2012

    • Ed_NY

      As one who was bussed into a previously all black school, I was victimized by mob violence and racial hatred.  I should get reperations from blacks just for that horrible two year experience.

  • The Worlds Scapegoat

    There is also a war on uneducated white men that want/need to go back to school/college to get a useless degree so the anti-white companies will need to come up with another reason why they won’t hire white males.


    • bubo

      Yeah, like gaps in employment or bad(for a white guy) credit.   They have a phone book full of excuses they can use.  

    • 5n4k33y3s

       I would not ask that the private sector companies be made to hire white men. All that I ask is that federal government does not require us white men to hire diversity tokens who are less qualified.

  • JohnEngelman

    What matters is a STEM degree, or a professional degree from an elite college. If that is not an option one should go to a trade school. 
    Those who love the liberal arts and the social sciences, like I do, should study them on their own. 

    • Accounting is one of the jobs that employers cannot fill. Get a degree in accounting.

      • Really?

        • I checked on the internet on jobs hardest to fill. Accounting was listed along with nursing, machinist, software developer and repair technician.

          • Sherman_McCoy

            Why, then, are so many software developers (ESPECIALLY white male) out of work?  You are reading pro-H1B propaganda.

          • JohnEngelman

            Perhaps they are advertising for trade schools that claim to be able to train computer programmers in six months. 

          • JohnEngelman

            Unfortunately, the computer field has become very specialized. 
            When the IBM 360 was introduced in 1965 many companies decided to computerize clerical work. Usually this was accounts payable, accounts receivable, and payroll. Anyone who knew the programming languages of COBOL, Assembler, and OS and DOS job control language was in demand. Those could be learned in about six months by anyone with an IQ of 110 or above. 
            In the early 1980s the C programming language and the UNIX system were good to know. Again we are talking about a finite skill set that was in high demand.
            Now employers want years of specific experience in esoteric skills. They want “the perfect candidate.” That is someone who currently has a job performing those skills. In today’s economy, and to a lesser extent in the economy that has existed since the recession of 2001, they are able to find the perfect candidate.
            A young person should train for is a skill that is portable. That is to say, experience anywhere with any employer is valued in many other areas of the country with many other employers. 
            Ideally, there should be more job openings than people qualified to apply for those jobs. 

          • The Worlds Scapegoat

             They can’t get a machinist or nurse to work for $13 a hour.

            As the communists say: “From each according to their ability; To each according to their need.”

            Machinists and nurses have the ability, but they don’t have the need to make a living wage.

      • bubo

        I barely made it through my accounting requirement at college.  Too confusing to me at the time.   But yeah, that job will never go away as long as there are businesses.  

    • Michael C. Scott

      I did exactly that – a history minor while I majored in chemistry.

    • ncpride

      At my sons Middle School, they are implementing a STEM pilot program this year. Only a few schools were selected, and I suspect they were choosen because they ranked number one last year on the National Science League Exam. He has a careers class that is only focused on STEM, and the various careers in those fields. So, yeah, I suppose that is the way to go.

  • AmericanTaxPayerNoMore

    This ain’t the lottery and White Men never “won” anything.  White Men EARNED everything they used to have and ALL of it was STOLEN from them for no other reason than a bunch of lies that were swallowed hook, line and sinker.

    • Ed_NY

      It was the White male of all skill levels that actually built this once fine nation.

      • AmericanTaxPayerNoMore

        I know that!!!

        I’m saying that White Men earned everything they have fair and square and everyone else did not.  Affirmative Action is what I’m talking about here.  And, White Men didn’t do anything to deserve what’s happened/happening (being replaced).  They don’t deserve the constant bashing neither and especially for stuff they never did.

        • Ed_NY

          I completely agree with you and my last post was in support of your prior post.

          • AmericanTaxPayerNoMore

            I’m sorry.  I’ve been dealing with alot lately (Ribs died and my mother-in-law’s in the hospital) and I’ve been taking things wrong.

            Anyway, I’m sorry.

          • Ed_NY

            Don’t mention it.  We all have bad days.  I wish you and yours the best and hope your mother-in-law has a rapid recovery.

  • E_Pluribus_Pluribus


    I think the critical distinction is income level.  Elite universities tend to hold middle and upper income Northeast Asians to slightly higher standards than Whites, but at the lower income levels — probably for diversity reasons — whites of equivalent qualifications need not apply. 

    Yet, I admit the numbers as stunning.  But they are what they are.

  • Puggg

     If you mind me asking, what is the prestige level of the college or university where you teach?  Your answer will guide my analysis.

    • bubo

      Sounds like a community college.  I got my A.A. degree from one and the first week or so of class was filled with the people he described.   Then they realized no one was making them show up, so they stopped.  

      • Puggg

        Here’s where my mind is running:

        College age young white men are basically overgrown boys because they’ve never been exposed to controlled structured danger and violence, nor have they had anything close to real responsibility. Their parents have basically cocooned their sons from the real world, so when they get to college and for the first time on their lives they’re “on their own,” (such as it is, or rather, isn’t), they don’t know how to act because they’ve never had to deal with any really serious consequences for actions.

        I made a nice little bag of money during the first month or so as a college freshman teaching fellow freshmen (especially fellow men, but some women, too) how to do laundry properly, because the first load of laundry they did in college was the first load of laundry they had to do on their own in their lives.  I started doing my household laundry solo for everyone in the house since I was 13 years old. Not because my parents couldn’t, but because they wanted me to know how to fend for myself as much as possible.

  • Hirschibold

     Yeah, but if you listen to the MSLSD lapdogs and Krugman-types, Keynesian economics basically means, the more debt the better things get. Right, that’s what they thought in the Wiemar Republic. We’ll be using $100 bills to light our campfires in a couple of years.

  • Denise

    My son earned a degree in Engineering, and landed a good paying job within a few weeks of graduation. There’s a shortage in this field, so there are ten employers for every engineer. There are plenty of technical jobs, but unfortunately not many scholarships for white males. My son went to a state school to cut costs, which was a wise choice.

  • Michael C. Scott

    True enough, but a four-year degree isn’t for everyone, and a lot of otherwise bright people don’t have the patience or the diligence to finish one.  I was the best laboratory chemist in the world in my old field, but my level of job satisfaction was zero toward the end.  Working for jerks earned me a blood pressure of 175/105 by the time I was 30.  Now at age 46, it’s 90/45.

    I don’t recall being asked to shape any policies back in those days, and while the money was nice, money isn’t everything.  It certainly isn’t worth wrecking one’s health over.

  • anarchyst

    There are those who are college “snobs” that looks down on those who achieved success in life  without the typical “brainwashing” that many colleges provide.
    I am a self-taught individual (electrical engineering) who can converse with all types of people from high-school dropouts to PhDs on just about any subject from engineering and physics to the life sciences, law and politics and liberal arts.    It is interesting to note that many of the college types I deal with are surprised when they find out that I do not possess a college “degree”.  Most of them are comfortable with the fact that my education came from my own pursuits and not a traditional college curriculum.  However, there are those who “turn up their noses” and attempt to discredit my “education” because I did not “suffer the same hardships” that they did with their “ivory towers” education.  Sad to say, there are many “college degreed” individuals that have that same attitude . . .
    One would be surprised how many talented high IQ people there are WITHOUT college “degrees” working with their hands as well as their minds in the trades and technical service industries. 
    All one needs to do is to look at all of the “Hahvahd” (Harvard) and “Yale” types that have made a mess of our once-great country.  From “creative bankstering” to the sorry state of politics (no true statesmen any more)…Look around you.  Get your heads out of the “college” sky and look at the many good (white) people around you.
    As a final aside, a noted Catholic bishop (Fulton J. Sheen) once remarked that “it is easier for an educated person to rationalize and justify evil”.  It turns out he was right.  The evil of abortion, justifying killing human beings for convenience is only one example.  The “pointy-headed intellectuals  that Alabama  Governor George Wallace spoke of were the “college-educated intellectuals that foisted the Immigration Act of 1965, the so-called “civil-rights (for some) laws, affirmative action and hate crime laws, multiculturalism and diversity mandates and the rest of the evils that permeate our society.

    • bluffcreek1967

      Excellent points! It’s been very true from my experience that once someone obtains a college degree, they automatically look down on others who don’t have it. They tend to view non-college educated folks as ignorant and almost illiterate. They become intellectual snobs.

      But what they fail to recognize is that education can come through many routes, and not necessarily one that’s limited to sitting in a classroom and reading academic books. If one is half-way perceptive, life experience can be quite educational. Reading widely on history, politics, and religion will certainly benefit. Watching documentaries, reading newspaper articles, and fairly listening to the views of others will help in one well-rounded intellectually. A degree, by itself, means relatively little when it’s not accompanied by a thirst for further knowledge and understanding.   

      • “…They tend to view non-college educated folks as ignorant and almost illiterate. They become intellectual snobs.”  
        And how do most of these ‘educated ‘ fare when confronted with practical problems… i.e. their 80K BMW broken down, the plumbing is clogged, etc? You guessed it, they call some ‘uneducated slob’ to fix it, and pay 90+ dollars an hour for the service. Sure, they make enough to pay, but if they are so smart, why do they need ‘dummies’ to take care of them?

  • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

    The first item on this issue is that many white males are chased out of the educational system at a young age.  But on the college campus, discriminating against white males is institutionalized and the “normal” practice.  There are even classes “women’s studies” that basically exist to support the practice and seek to expand it to all aspects of society and it has been working very well.

  • Sherman_McCoy

    How, pray, does they “loose their nerve on the whole campus scene?”  One may loose the dogs of war, but I’m unclear as to how one looses a nerve.  Perhaps it is some type of surgical procedure?

  • 5n4k33y3s

    This is so irritating: “White men, especially, can’t complain. What I mean is that nobody is
    sympathetic to them. There is a good reason for this. Historically, they have won the lottery.”

    White men invented the vast majority of modern technology. White men fought and won a lot of wars. White men didn’t win a damned lottery.

    I keep saying this, that the “Affirmative Action” whiners are mistaking power for privilege. This how I put it to them: You keep talking about white privilege. Privileges can be granted and revoked.

    There is no such thing as “white privilege”. God forbid they call it what it really is – white power. As a matter of fact, in America and the whole western society, privileges are granted by the white power to non-whites, and privileges granted by men to women.

    White men are far too altruistic. White men’s power is used to take care of everyone before ourselves, and as a result, western civilization is collapsing.

  • 5n4k33y3s

    Yeah right. American women are far less mature than American men. Feminism keeps the invisible hand of the federal government on the scale, tipping everything in favor of women.

  • Good Article. I have been surrounded by hard working men that never went to college: my father, uncles, friends. They all have worked from sun up to sun down and could fix/repair anything they used/drove/required to live. They did (and still do)work their fingers to the bone and expect nothing from their government or anyone around them. They raised their kids with high moral standards and a strong work ethic. Too bad this is not a supported idea in America, anymore.

    • Ed_NY

      This reflects my life experience exactly.

  • Eurobeing

    Welding, nursing, electronics, plumbing, respiratory technician, dental technician, electrician, horticulture, these are some skills that will net you good pay without the debt incurred from colleges and univesities. The problem is that the jobs comensurate with a college education are not what they used to be. So what happens is some kid has $50,000 in debt and no useful job.

    College is a wonderful thing but it has gotten to be a racket. Blacks do not have the intellectual disposition to do well at these endevors over the long haul. Neither to Mexicans.

  • Dean_Wormers_Hot_Wife

    How many non educated White men’s votes will be cancelled out by fraud?

    Campaigns prepare for post-election court fights on voting laws

    We all know what’s coming.  The court challenges will go fever pitch on race. SCOTUS will follow along by allowing voter fraud to push “transformation” as antonement for “taking too long” to integrate the schools with Diversity and punish Whites for their “history of oppression”.

    • WR the Elder

       Yup, we’re always told that simply requiring a valid id is disenfranchising black people.  Jeesh, if you can’t figure out how to get a state id you’re too dumb to vote.  Me, I’d like to reinstate literacy tests.  If you can’t read at the level of a typical newspaper you are unlikely to be informed enough to vote.  That would even encourage more black people to learn how to read, so you’d think liberals would favor it.

  • Silent ?

  • Ed_NY

    And if you do get that government job, Devandra, La-a, Mylanta, Loqueesha and Kaopectate will get promoted and advance while you as their subordinate will have to complete their work because they lack the ability to do so.

  • I am a high school dropout, and make 100K a year. I find it hilarious that people I know, with 100K or more in student loan debt, are working retail, or unemployed. However, I spent decades toiling in the manufacturing sector as a welder, for low pay, but paid attention, and when the time came, made the jump to inspection. My experience, and the ability to pass standardized tests, enabled the move. There are very few minorities employed in the business, possibly because of the entry requirements… difficult standardized tests, and a facility with precise reporting. Stick with it, boys, intelligence and application of work ethic will pay off.

  • GM (Australia)

    I imagine your daughter will have no trouble in getting a good well paid position virtually anywhere. Now if your daughter had gone for a whole lot of soft options and ended up with say a degree in “gender studies” I am sure her job options would be quite limited.

  • potato78

     you made one excellent point.

    Why all whites are having fantasy about black’s things?  footballs, footballs, basketball, basketball, spending money on tickets, etc… having no time to study and social services.  Whites can smoke if they feel a lot of pressure due to study.

  • AncientMason

    “Most managers are now women too.”

  • AncientMason

    “Most managers are now women too.”

    This trend also follows an increasing bureaucratization of every aspect of our work lives. I think the two are related.

    • Libschmibs

      I’ve had female bosses, too.  They are very emotional, act like they have something to prove and spend more time gossiping with the girls at the office (or on their cell phone) than actually running the business.  Oh, one had a husband that made a lot of money and always wanted a new car or a new pair of boots.  Oh, then another one cheated on her husband with a guy that I trained to take my job when i put in my notice at the time.

  • I graduated undergrad in 1986 w/ a BS in Computer Science and then got my MBA several years later.  I’ve had a series of responsible well-paying corporate jobs.  I’ve found that corporate America does hire plenty of White males (or Regular White Guys) for professional & desirable positions, but I feel that we are held to a much higher standard in the work place than all others.

    On the other hand, this may not be so bad.  If NAMS and females only have to perform at, say, a level 3 on a 10-point scale, then I, as a RWG, only need to perform at a level 6 to get by and not get fired or disciplined.  Of course, I could produce at a level 8 or 9 if I really wanted to be successful on the job.


    “Historically, they have won the lottery.”
    White men created wealth, they didn’t win it in a game.  

    • Libschmibs

      “Historically they have won the lottery” is a typical loser’s mindset.  Losers think another person or group of people do better because they were “lucky” or screwed someone else over or claim others are “lucky” so they can get pity.  Blacks and mexicans are losers in that they aren’t willing to play by the rules, work hard, sacrifice for the long run and their liberal enablers know that so they take our resources from us and give it to them.

  • Puggg

    Mine introduced me to the kitchen at the same time they introduced me to the washing machine.  Actually, they had to ease me into both cooking and laundry, as there was some trial and error.  My parents started teaching me both kitchen and laundry duties at the age of nine, and like I said, I was trusted to do laundry solo by the time I was 13.  Also when I was 9 (more like 9 and a half, start of fourth grade), I no longer had a fixed bedtime, because I was trusted to go to bed at the proper hour.  This means that as of the start of fourth grade, I could put myself to bed, wake myself up with my own alarm, shower, dress, eat breakfast, (at first, warm breakfast food had to be microwaveable until I got the hang of frying bacon and eggs), and leave for the bus stop all without someone telling me or even an adult in the house.  And there were a few times that I had to do just that.

    I also started doing supermarket shopping on behalf of my household at the age of 12.  Of course I didn’t pay for it myself, my parents gave me the money or made sure there was cash available. But it would be a situation where both my father and mother had important business to do, so my task was to have an uncle or aunt or friendly neighbor drive me to the supermarket, get everything on the list and them some, pay for it, bring it home and put everything away where it needed to be. 

    I wasn’t truly a semi-adult until I could master the fine art of the hot iron, which took me until late 13 years old almost the age of 14.  Even then my mother wanted to iron all her clothes, so I was only allowed to iron my own clothes and on occasion a shirt or a pair of pants or two for my father in a pinch.  But, that means I’ve been ironing all my own clothes since just before my 14th birthday.

    I’m 39 now but I feel a lot older because it feels like I’ve been at least a semi-adult for almost all of my life.  Of course

  • mexicans hire mexicans, it’s the way it is and White America better get used to it because fair employment law does not extend to Whites.

  • potato78

     Next thing Obama will do is a war with Iran.

    On what scale, I don’t know yet.

  • Good article, but imcomplete. Lower middle class white males are also losing out.

    Bell Curve-style thought exercise:

    Three applicants apply for two white collar positions.

    1. an upper middle class white female with an IQ of 123
    2. a lower middle class white male with an IQ of 119
    3. a middle class black male with an IQ of 115

    Guess who misses out.