Brand-New Surge in Black-Mob Violence

Colin Flaherty, World Net Daily, September 11, 2012

The weeks before and after Labor Day are a busy time for black mob violence and lawlessness—some of which made the news.

Most of which did not.

Let’s start in Chicago. On August 26, Chicago police arrested 24 black people in the upscale, downtown Gold Coast area for a “ruckus” that featured “running in and out of crowds bumping into people and pushing folks.”

This incident was brought to the attention of by a member of the Chicago police department.

“The papers are calling it a ruckus,” said the officer. “But this was a series of violent episodes, by violent people, that the local media and the police administration simply do not wish to deal with. They arrested 24. For every one they caught, several got away. The crowd was black.”


In Erie, Pa., the end of the summer features the annual downtown Celebrate Erie days. This year, as in the past, hundreds of “unruly teens” disrupted several nights of the festival with violence and mayhem.

Twitter traffic and local web sites identified the teens as black, even if local media did not.

Down in Savannah, a white man in the company of a black woman was beaten unconscious by several black men after he took exception to racially charged comments made to the couple. According to the black news web site NewsOne, the man and his girlfriend were

“leisurely strolling through the town’s square when suddenly they were approached by three black men who began barraging them with racial slurs.

“‘One of them was making racial comments at us and one of them was blowing kisses. It was very aggravating,’ she said.”

Savannah Chief of Police Willie Lovett does not call it a hate crime because that is a “serious” label that could “taint our community unfairly.”

In Sacramento, several black men taunted a “gay” man on the public transit. They beat him when he tried to get off the train.

In Buffalo, a woman was “mercilessly beaten by six to ten people” after she tried to help a deli owner stop a mob of black shoplifters. Several bones in her face were broken. The attack is on video.


In Fairview Heights, Ill., for the second time in six months, a group of black women assaulted their waitress at the Red Lobster. They said she was coming by too often to fill up their water glasses.


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  • Dean_Wormers_Hot_Wife

    This isn’t what Holder had in mind when he said we need a conversation on race.

    Look for this kind of reporting to be outlawed as “hate speech that instigates violence against Diversity”.

    • 1911ThePunisher45

      Who’s Dean Wormer?

      •  Vernon Wormer was the Dean of mythical Faber College in the cult classic “Animal House.”  A must see if you have not already. 

      • Dean_Wormers_Hot_Wife

        Sorry, can’t help you with that. Who’s George Washington?

        • Up to my neck in CA

          Didn’t he invent peanut butter?

        • JDInSanDiego

          Who’s John Galt?

      • The__Bobster
    • blight14

       Hate facts are racist…….

    • blight14

       Hate facts are racist…….

  • Michael C. Scott

    Perhaps any criminal action by a mob of three or more people should be considered an aggravated offense, i.e. the sentence would be doubled.

    • Ulick

      They should also re-write the criminal statutes and make charges for group attacks joint and severally liable.  That means that if 10 blacks attack a white guy and they catch one black guy and tell him to give up the names of his co-conspirators but he refuses because that would be snitchin’, then the prosecutor says, “Fine, if that’s the way you want to play, then you’ll also receive the charges of the nine other guys you refuse to identify.”  Suddenly, when instead of looking at two years in prison the thug is looking at twenty years in prison he may be more apt to snitch or, better yet, not do the attack in the first place.

      • The__Bobster

        The FBI could work wonders using the RICO Act….except that they don’t want to.

      • Dean_Wormers_Hot_Wife

        Black mob violence will go away as soon as prisons are abolished. These mobs are only trying to give voice to the desperation of the unheard behind bars.

        Who gives voice to the desparation of unheard Eve Carson, Channon Christian, and Brittny Watts?

        Abolish prisons and the electoral college as reparations, says public university professor

        A professor at Washington State University (WSU) has demanded the abolition of prisons, the Electoral College, and implementation of universal healthcare as reparations for America’s “history of racist violence.”

        • Ed_NY

          Abolish prisons?  Blacks thrive in prisons.  It is just another housing project to them along with three hots and a cot, free medical, free dental, don’t have to work, shoot hoops, watch television all day  and they can still victimize the out numbered white inmates.  Most black inmates are serving time with their fathers, uncles, brothers, children, cousins and their homeys from the streets.  Doing time is a way of life for blacks and prison is neither a deterrent nor is it punishment.   Blacks are lazy and hate work.  Bring back hard labor and that would probably make many blacks think about doing time..

    • RisingReich

       Not a good idea.  How soon before ‘a mob of three’ is translated to bar white people from assembling in groups of three or more?

      Ah the heck with it. 

  • Clearly these blacks are upset about slavery, white-privilege, Jim Crow, Institionalized racism, Trayvon Martin, and Louis Gates. Their violence is every bit as justifable as is their cousins’ rage in the middle-east over a cartoon or a film they don’t like. Birds of a feather. There are those who are civilized, those who can become civilized and those who will never be civilized. Society has a right to cut out the cancer within its midst or be prepared to succumb to it. Our laws should allow us to permanently deport the uncivilized to those parts of the globe where they will fit in better. Like Liberia, Somalia, Haiti or Cuba, etc.

    •  It’s funny, Arab Muslims took 3 times as many slaves from Africa as the White man, yet you NEVER hear the blacks protesting against that.  In fact you see blacks converting to Islam all the time! 

      • Bantu Education

         Dont think it was 3 times as many, but it began much earlier finished much later and most males were castrated which explains why there are few pure negroes in Arabic countries.    They also were treated much more harshly and certainly not kept together in family units.    There was no question of  having a normal family life as in the old South.    Same applies to the one million white slaves who were tortured daily and worked to death in what can only be described as extermination camps.   Read ¨White Gold´.

      • It amazes me that blacks convert to Islam. They’re clearly ignorant of the Arab role in the slave trade (past AND present).

        • IKantunderstand

          And also, clearly ignorant of the role the Democratic party has played historically in slavery and Jim Crow laws. It doesn’t matter. They are stupid, ignorant people. Frankly, I’m enjoying the teachers in Chicago twisting in the wind on finding out that they are to be judged on the verifiable accomplishments of their stupid, and ignorant pupils. The chickens have come home to roost. Maybe. Actually, they will squeeze by on the theory that their home life sucks. Obviously caused by …(all together now) RACISM!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now that I think about it, we can’t win. Racism is the one size that fits all.

        • bubo

          They don’t care a bit about the Arab role in anything.  Or the fact that Arabs consider them all bantu or kaffir.  

          They know that being a moslem is aggravating and offensive to whites.  That’s all they care about.  

          • Ed_NY

            Many American blacks claim to be muslim but I can tell you this, you better not mess with their bacon.

          •  Wasn’t Mike Tyson a muslim, for about wo days.

        • MarcusTrajanus

           It amazes me that Whites convert to Islam (or remain Muslims in the case of White Muslims from the Balkans).

      • blight14

         Who owned/operated the nine ships?

  • 1911ThePunisher45

    This is only going to get worse. I wonder how many people can see the writing on the wall? The 2012 election will spark massive violence regardless of who wins, howerver if Obama loses it will be a cat.5 chimp-out. I wonder if it will look like Regan-Mondale in relation to the media polls?

    Does any one have any indefinate plans to survive a WROL situation ie. water/food/guns/ammo? I do, but what good am I, or you if we’re the only ones? Get your neighbors involved, explain a possibility of  WROL, even if it’s just due to a natrural disaster.

  • Ed_NY

    And so it begins, there will be much more black mob violence to come!

  • Up to my neck in CA

    Prime example you can’t win with blacks:
    Its either the service is terrible or she filled our water glass too often..WTH is that?

    • Ed_NY

      Blacks have no sense of personal responsibility.  No matter what happens, they play the race card and put the blame on YT.

  • Biff_Maliboo

    When euphemisms are outlawed, only outlaws will be euphemisms!

  • humptydumpty

    The point is the society passed blacks by years ago. They aren’t smart, but they do know they’re not able to cope here and they aren’t wanted. So, I’d guess their answer is anarchy. Why not? they’ve got nothing to lose. 

    • RisingReich

       Nothing to lose – yet.  One of these days, some store owner who is already on the edge for other ‘reasons’ is going to pull a 12 gauge and blast a few heads right off the shoulders of these cretins during a flash robbery.

      Every one of these incidents that are swept under the rug just adds more power to the keg.  All it takes is a spark.

      Keep it up, darkies.

    • blight14

       Humpty, I don’t believe they really KNOW they’re essentially the bottom rung of the ladder……I imagine that collectively they actually think they could have created America, Europe, space travel, microprocessors, etc IF ONLY they hadn’t been ‘held down’…..

      • humptydumpty

        Well, wouldn’t the answer to that be, if they’re so good, who could’ve held them down?

      • humptydumpty

        Well, wouldn’t the answer to that be, if they’re so good, who could’ve held them down?

        • blight14


      • Ed_NY

        They really think that they invented and discovered everything.  They think the Whites just took the credit for their accomplishments.  Pathetic!

  • newscomments70

    This site reminds me of “Radio Free Europe” during the Cold War. In this time of tyranny, it is one of our few voices of hope…but we will fight for our freedom and win. 

  • “Savannah Chief of Police Willie Lovett does not call it a hate crime
    because that is a ‘serious’ label that could ‘taint our community
    I wonder if he’s related to Eric “My People” Holder.

    • newscomments70

      It doesn’t matter. White police chiefs are often eager to bow down to their marxist comrades. They want to keep that six figure retirement income.

  • FREE Crime Avoidance and Self-Defense Advice here:


    • Ed_NY

      That is very good reading, I highly recommend that everyone on this board read and implement the information on that link. 

    • Up to my neck in CA

      I just picked up another 300 rounds of .223 at Big 5, on sale!

  • Have no fear, MSNBC just announced this is all George Bush’s fault and that Lord Obama and Eric (I hate Whitey) Holder will fix everything.  As for me I keep buying more ammunition and keep my concealed carrie permit up to date.  Just picked up a new S&W SD9 VE to go with my trusty Colt 1911 and Remington 870 Express.

    • Up to my neck in CA

      You will need a centerfire rifle as well.

  • NM156

    Gold Coast residents living in $5 mil. town homes aren’t going to like this one little bit. Rahm’s cell phone must be ringing incessantly.

  • Sarge

    >>>…Police arrested 24 black people in the upscale, downtown Gold Coast area for a “ruckus” that featured “running in and out of crowds bumping into people and pushing folks.” 

    From what I’ve read, I gather that the goal of this black game of bumping and pushing people in public is to provoke a response. If one of the targeted people objects to being bumped or pushed (or to his wife, girlfriend, mother, or daughter being similarly treated), several mob members will then appear and surround and attack the individual who dared speak up. 

    It’s the refined, sophisticated little brother to another black pastime, the “knockout game.” 

    • Ed_NY

      Exactly, they are trying to justify the coming beatdown.

  • Major

    There’s a sure cure for this…the 2nd Amendment in the Commie gulag of Chicago-hood.

    Otherwise this will just continue…and innocent, unarmed citizens will pay the price for allowing the Bantu’s and Zulu’s to rule the city.

  • The__Bobster

    Here’s the lastest one:

    EXCLUSIVE: Cobble Hill candy shop hires security guards after 40 teens storm the store stealing sweets

    • Ed_NY

      Just another case of blacks stealing from Whites.

    • Up to my neck in CA

      “Sugar Shop shells out $500 a week for burly men to watch over treats.”

      Would that be classified as a Diversity Tax?

  • Ed_NY

    Every black I have ever come in contact with claim to be half American-Indian.

  • MrGJG

    “In Fairview Heights, Ill., for the second time in six months, a group
    of black women assaulted their waitress at the Red Lobster. They said she was coming by too often to fill up their water glasses”.

    I had hit the link on that one because I thought the reason for the assault was a mis-print.
    Nope, one of these savages threw it’s glass at the waitress for filling it to often and another one of these sub-humans threw it’s menu at her.
    I’m sure the waitress also called them n—–s