Violence Erupts at Anti-Islam Protest in Sweden

The Sacramento Bee, August 4, 2012

Swedish activists clashed with police amid a hail of bottles and fireworks in downtown Stockholm on Saturday as they tried to break through a police line and attack an anti-Islam demonstration.

Police spokesman Kjell Lendgren said around 400 leftists had gathered to heckle the 100-strong demonstration, which was rallying to bring attention to what it perceives is the Islamization of Europe.

He said the leftists shouted and blew vuvuzelas to drown out anti-Islam and nationalist speeches, but then started throwing bottles and lit fireworks at police, injuring two officers.


Nationalist groups such as the English Defence League were instrumental in organizing the anti-Islam event, which was described on the anti-Islam European Freedom Initiative’s website as the “first worldwide counter-jihad action.”


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  • It is mind boggling how young people can come to believe so strongly and forcefully in protecting the right of foreigners to move into their country. It’s not just that they believe it, but that it is the cornerstone of their entire belief system. It’s the most important thing they believe in. Many of them would die for this. It’s like anti-patriotism, anti-wholesome values.

    How do you get to a point where you’re willing to go throw bottles at the police to to show your commitment to bringing in foreign migrants to get on the dole your taxes are paying for, to rape your sisters, mothers, wives, to eventually transform your entire country?

    • Gwynn Ap Nudd

      Protest is the ultimate value in Liberal Thinking. And thus non citizens the ultimate citizens. The more Swedish, the less Swedish. The less Swedish, the more Swedish.

      America is a “nation of immigrants”. So at least they had that to work with here. How they managed to do it the Swedes, who didn’t even have foreign colonies, is what I don’t get. It does seem to indicate that Nordics are the most vulnerable to this kind evil though.

      • The Verdict of History

        We are witnessing the destruction of a civilization.

        As the victims cheer for the coming of their own racial demise.


      • Kronolog

        Thanks to the toxic that is the Swedish welfare model, we’ve lost much of our will for self-preservation and gained an unhealthy amount of trust in every branch of the government.  Add to his some “WW2-neutrality guilt” and you’ve got a recipe for disaster.

        And as always, the most zealous of the pro-immigrationists are those that have hardly ever seen a real, living black or Muslim; who live in their all-white neighbourhoods far away from the ghettos. As is the case of the violent left: close to everyone comes the upper-middle-class and are, ironically, stuck in the mindset off 19th century colonialists, devoted to the concepts of the noble savage and the white (“civilized”) man’s burden, the only difference being that instead helping (civilising) the poor and oppressed in their own countries, we are instead going to do in our own, by inviting them over.  The result will, of course, still be the same.

      • American_cavalier

         America is not a “Nation of Immigrants”. Only 15-20% of the country is immigrant and perhaps no more than 25% is immigrant stock. Fully 85 million Americans are of indigenous stock to the country, having been here since the nation was formed. Another 70 million is native in all but name, having been here for at least 125 years. Then of course, there are the 25 million Black Americans who have been here since independence. Lastly, almost all of the remainder of the white population has been here for at least 75 years. The term Nation of Immigrants is a Cultural Marxist word of deconstruction developed in the middle 20th century to delegitimize the American people’s right to their own homeland.

    • JustaWhiteMom

      I think they’re on the take.  I’d bet anything Islamic money is flowing into these organizations.

      •  Oh I  definitely agree 100% WhiteMom.  This “counter demonstration” by the left was fully funded and put into action by some function or form of the ruling Elite EU bureaucrats. 

        • ncpride

          Much like OWS was funded by leftist groups to pay protesters to show up, and half of them didn’t have a clue why they were there.

      • ncpride

        I sincerely hope you are right, because like all race realists, I just can’t wrap my mind around these stupid fools advocating for the transformation of their country and culture. If these Muslims are not stopped, in a few more decades they will be living under barbaric laws, and their great granddaughters will be the property of these stone-age nutters they love so much. Geez! How can they be so blind as not to see that? IDIOTS!

      • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

         Maybe, but not necessarily.  For leftists, it’s a matter of lifestyle.  It is cool to be an internationalist.  The left has long been associated with things like Jazz, The Left Bank of Paris with its artists, writers and Marxist agitators.  It’s a long story, but for them, everything “hip” deepens upon being in the “right” group politically.  But then, people on the right (most of them) are doing the same thing in many cases, fighting one kind of social sickness with another.  But lost in it, is a race that will die out entirely if enough members don’t figure things out better soon.

        • ncpride

          You know, if these fools are protesting for money, (greed) or being ultra PC, or ‘in’ with the right group, as stupid as it is, it can be understood. But I wonder if these people actually believe all these Muslims belong in their country and have every right to be there? For somebody like me, it’s just impossible to understand how they can’t see their peril.

          But I suppose in the long run, it doesn’t matter what reasons they have, they are causing much damage either way. Too bad it will probably be too late before they see the error of their ways.

          • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

             I’ve thought about this issue a great deal.  I also got to see it close up through actually living in Europe for several years and having many discussions around that subject.  It wasn’t a frivolous sort of discussion either, although some of that occurred.  In one case, I was invited as a guest to sit in on an unofficial meeting of university professors and members of the UN mission in Bosnia.  I also am in the credits of the first book written on the subject of Freemasonry in that part of the world (books or any material on FM had been banned first by the Hapsburgs (and the Roman Catholic Church and then in communist Yugoslavia).  This time combined with an even longer period of observation has led me to the same conclusion for Europe as I make for the Left in general in the U.S.  That is that the West in general carries a conceit (which isn’t limited to the Left by any means) that our system(s) is so superior that it can mitigate and CHANGE the most unlikely culture after it and its members are imported into any particular nation.  Variations on this occurs in different regions of the West, but the central tendency of this conceit is there.  Even in more socialist Europe, that conceit seems stronger, but they have largely learned from the U.S.  I’ve even considered that many nations, even Canada actually engage in “topping” America and it is almost a competition to see which nation and people can do it “best.”  The result of course, is to knuckle under to a huge amount of abuse because reacting to it would tend to prove the entire idea and the by now HUGE investment in those “principles” was not just wrong, but disastrously wrong. 

            Even so, we must support people like this woman who are more like brainwashed victims of this cultural/political dysfunction because it is a beginning.  But (at the risk of being set upon here again) I must insist that offering a solution via the notion that a religion based on the mythology of a magic sky Jew named Jesus is the solution will only tend to delay and likely defeat that deprogramming and the necessary correction.  Especially now that we have the specter of a couple Christian gunman going on “holy missions” that only tend to isolate such people that even share generally similar dialogues.  The problem as always is that the underdog must always be better, try harder than the oppressing group.  Recognizing these things is important and as I have often predicted, are going to prove critical to white survival, and soon.

          • ncpride

            That’s a really good point, and I’ve always thought that our efforts to force, or coax other nations and cultures into accepting our idea of democracy or our ideology was pretty arrogant on our part, yet we continue to do it with little to no result.

            I enjoy reading your posts on religion, but unlike you, I’m unwilling to approach the topic much because it’s such a divisive subject. I will say this though. I can remember at the age of 15 or 16, telling my grandmother (who was VERY religious) that it seemed to me that most of the misery of world came from religion, and promptly receiving a tounge lashing from her. It seemed to really hurt her that I would say such a thing considering my own upbringing, so I dropped the subject until I was much older and realized that my assessment was correct.

          • American_cavalier

             Your analysis of the cause seems pretty good. The Conceit you mention stems from the abandonment of certain philosophical and religious principles whilst keeping the shell of the universality of “Civilization”. Christianity nor even Civilization are the cause of this conceit but rather a movement firmly rooted in Secular Materialism championed by gnostics and atheists of Continental Catholic Europe in the middle 19th century.  The return to “primitive” Christian roots and traditional European values are one and the same. They cannot be separately engaged for purposes of restoring Western Civilization. I don’t know which couple of Christian gunman on holy missions you are referring too. All mass murders in recent times, aside from the IRA-Loyalist groups have been done by non-Christians. Even in the IRA-Loyalist attacks, the vast majority hewed to a form of just-war theory of targeting, unlike simple terror attacks of the gnostic and atheistic variety.

    • libertarian1234

      “It is mind boggling how young people can come to believe so strongly and forcefully in protecting the right of foreigners to move into their country.”

      There’s a certain segment in any Western society that is more easily led and gullible than the rest of the population.   They can be turned any way a propagandist wants to turn them.

      Look at the photos of the five oddballs who took it upon themselves to physically attack people they were programmed to believe are the personification of right wing evil at the restaurant, going so far as to attack innocent bystanders.  Every one of them looks demented.  They’re typical mind-controlled cult or sect members who could be made to believe their mother ship is coming for them from outer space to take them to Jupiter.

      Take a look at the entertainment bunch here, especially Hollywood.  Are there any bigger fools than Susan Sarandan, AlecBaldwin, Jean Garafalo, and too many others to list?

      These fools didn’t enter the business with their kooky ideas or their hate-filled rhetoric.  It was inculcated within them by the radical bunch that now controls all of Hollywood and most of the  entire entertainment industry.  They know if they don’t parrot what they hear the fat Harvey Weinstein types shriek about on the set and at cocktail parties they won’t have any work.

      But they mostly drink the kool aid, because they’re too weak-minded to resist and think for themselves.

      • The Verdict of History

        What is more sick?

        The leftist universities they attend are supposed to cultivate critical thinking skills…

        Instead, these universities PROGRAM unthinking devotion to the cult of race-suicidal multicultural utopia…

        Collective surrender to monsters from backward lands. 

    • The Verdict of History

      SO TRUE.

      These leftists youths are eagerly and savagely HUNGRY for the destruction of their own futures… it seems…

      They might as well chant:

      “WE LOVE RACIAL SUICDE” !!!!!!!!

      • NikkiOwens

        Your comment brought to mind the brilliant and penetrating portrayal of such people in “The Camp of the Saints.” Reading it brings me a small measure of grim satisfaction when I get to the parts where the liberal betrayers of their nation get exactly what they deserve at the hands of the Third World rabble they welcomed with open arms. The whole thing has the distinct air of a Greek tragedy: the downfall is always brought about by some innate “fatal flaw.” In our case, it’s our natural altruism, amplified to self-destructive magnitude by the parasites among us who stand to gain the most from our sad demise.

    • mikejones91

      See “Pathological Altruism”. 

    • S

      It’s the daily bombardment from TV and Movies.  We MUST turn these off, and free our minds, if we ever hope to be free men again.

      What the eyes see, and the ear hears, the mind believes.

    • American_cavalier

       Unlike the Anti-Fas, the EDL and other such groups are grass roots. The Anti-Fas have the luxury of being paid outfits by large corporations, capitalists, political parties and subsidized by government appropriation especially by the secret services.  Lastly, many if not most of the antifas were probably shipped from around Europe. If the same thing were done for the nationalist groups, the patriots would’ve numbered in the thousands.

  •  Somebody in the UK needs to map the homes of members of the English Defence League for people who want to pay a late night visit.  649 pages of people who hate England, very few of whom have the stones to use their own name.

    • JustaWhiteMom

      What do you have against the EDL?  They aren’t explicitly white but at least they’re standing up for the interests of the indigenous people.

      • godzillabloggs

        There was a time when the EDL and the BNP were  given quite a lot of coverage  in the British MSM (negative, needless to say),  but they have hardly received a mention for some time. I suspect that the media have discovered the truth of the saying  ‘No publicity is bad publicity’

    •  Calm down Hoss, the English Defense League is on our side!

      “Nationalist groups such as the English Defence League were instrumental
      in organizing the anti-Islam event, which was described on the
      anti-Islam European Freedom Initiative’s website as the “first worldwide
      counter-jihad action.”

    • IstvanIN

       What?  Are you a genocidal moron?

    • says the muslim rabble-rousing troll…

    • godzillabloggs

      What did you say your name was?

  • JustaWhiteMom

    The commenters aren’t celebrating diversity.

  • whiteyyyyy

    Only whites are dumb enough to attack other whites over racial issues. I’ve  never heard of any other  race doing this.

    • ncpride

      That’s the stone cold truth. I had a non-white ask me once in a debate why Whites turn on other Whites about racial issues, and the only answer I had was 50 years of indoctrination.

  • 1gravity

    The legal slang for what most counter-protesters do is “hecklers’ veto,” meaning outshouting, or otherwise suppressing, the speech of those with whom they disagree.  Ideally, police presence at a demonstration / counter-demonstration is intended to prevent that, i.e., the “hecklers’ veto”, from happening.  Anyone planning a race realist demonstration should be prepared to win a disciplined pitched battle at 4-1 odds, as presented at the Stockholm situation described in the Bee article, and have cameras at the ready to record what really happened. 

  • Can we come up with an emergency plan to evacuate all the Swedish women if Muslims take over the country? I can probably fit 4 or 5 sexy blonde women in my apartment. I only have 1 bed, so we’ll have to cram…

    • libertarian1234

      Five sexy women in your bed?

      It’s absolutely admirable to see someone willing to make such heart-felt sacrifices.

  • Chimp Master Rules

    What amazes me is that it’s always 400 to 100.  You get 50 WNs together for a march and you can call it a MAJOR turnout.  Yet the coloreds and white libs will have hundreds and hundreds screaming lunatics on the other side of the barricade.

    Maybe the rest of our WNs are watching feetsball  . . . or maybe being “active” online . . .

    Or . . . maybe they’re just at work. 

    That’s the other side of the coin.  Our low turnouts could be a function of WNs being too darn busy to join a mob.

    • Sherman_McCoy

      Exactly.  Many’s the time here in Germany when I’ve walked through groups of protestors on my way to work.  Often thought how nice it must be to have so much time off. 

  • Were they Swedish or were they diversity imports?

  • SouthernWhite

    How stupid the left is, supporting Islam, in the 1970’s in Lebanon, the left supported the muslims as well, once the muslims became the majority in Lebanon thanks to the government allowing palestinian refugees!! The muslims trashed the MarioRite Christians, then they Trashed the LEFT!!! So keep supporting the muslims liberals, when muslims take over, they’ll kill you and throw you in the trash as well, The left, how stupid can you be!!!!!!

  • bubo

    War is brewing in Europe.  It’s getting closer every day.  It’s bubbling just below the surface.  The only question is will the U.S. fight on the side of the Muslims like we did in the Bosnian War. 

    • newscomments70

      It reminds me of the end of European colonization in Northern Africa and Southeast Asia…various civil unrest and terrorisim until this erupted into full scale wars.  I’m not looking forward to a bloody civil wars, but I believe the whites will win. (We can use the white liberals as human shields). The primitive Algerians ousted the French from Algeria. The far more advanced Europeans can do the same to the invading Muslims in Europe.  It will be day of relief and joy when the last Muslim is ousted from Europe. 

      “The only question is will the U.S. fight on the side of the Muslims like we did in the Bosnian War. ”  I sure as hell won’t.

  • The psychology behind the self loathing white liberal is this 

     ”Not all who undermine Western civilization through support for Multiculturalism and mass immigration do so out of a hidden political agenda. Some do it  out of plain stupidity and vanity. .
    “ Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the most open-minded of them all ? ”It’s a beauty contest for bored,middle class liberals who use immigrants as a mirror to reflect their own inflated egos, a sport where they can nurse their vanity in the mistaken belief that denigrating your own cultural heritage is a sign of goodness and lack of prejudice.The Multiculturalism on display now stems from feelings of guilt because of affluence. I hear so many of these open border activists talk about “ solidarity,” but in reality it’s all about ME, ME, ME. They don’t show much solidarity with their own children and grandchildren who are going to inherit the Multicultural nightmare they leave behind.It’s all about making them feel good about themselves right now, without regard for future consequences of their actions. So their “ SOLIDARITY ” is really an extreme form of egotism and holier-than-thou self-exaltation. Besides, many of them have lived sheltered lives for so long that they honestly don’t understand that something bad can ever happen to them. They’ve never had to fight for their freedom or their prosperity, which had been ensured by others. ”

  • ncpride

    I suppose I’m desperate to find an answer as to why these White people protest so hard for their foreign invaders, because the thing that scares me the most is that they have lost all will to survive, and any natural instinct to preserve their race and culture.

    I have seen posts from some of these type of people who declare that if we were all one race, the world would be a better place. That kind of talk and attitude terrifies me because those people really believe that, and see no problem with it.

  • Berkeley Redneck

    Indulge me for a moment; but this is evidence that diversity actually *is* a strength. 

    Some of the bitterest conflicts occur between groups that are most alike: witness the clash in Northern Ireland between the Catholic and Protestant population. 

    While the former group is, ostensibly Irish, and the latter ‘Scots-Irish,’ the two groups are in fact so closely related as to be often genetically indistinguishable. 

    Likewise the clash in Sweden between white leftists and the police is the perfect example of how ‘diversity’ is a cudgel whites use against other whites. 

    So while homogenous nation-states may be in some ways ideal — with high levels of social trust, low-levels of corruption, and a minimal need for the state to step in for the heavy-handed enforcement of things such as non-discrimination laws, et cetera — they may not be stable: the rich, or the educated, or the politically-connected may seek out diversity as a way to compete with those most like them and set themselves apart. 

    I’m only being a little bit facetious here, and put forward this argument because I take the positions taken in this forum very seriously. 

    In fact I’d go so far as to suggest this is an argument that must be made because Jared Taylor has been so skillful, smart, and thorough in making his case that he *deserves* a counterargument that is neither mendacious or afraid to say things that are not politically correct. 

    •  You haven’t made any case why diversity is a strength.  All you have done is engage in the tu quoque fallacy by stating the sometimes pitfalls of homogeneity.  Your argument is akin to saying that because your DNA will have you developing cancer at age 60, that it’s better to deliberately try to contract the Ebola virus at 30.

      • Berkeley Redneck

        Good, we need to sharpen a politically *incorrect* argument as to why diversity is a strength. 

        How about this: different races in different roles can create stronger, less divisive societies than those that have a single, homogeneous group tearing itself apart  with internal strife. 

        Sparta, for example, is an example of a society that was strong for many years because it put different groups in very different, very clearly defined roles, with helots at the bottom and a the warrior class at the very top. 

        • Look at Japan, very homogeneous, very low crime, very peaceful overall. There are class conflicts to be sure, but nothing compared to a true multicultural nation. The countries of Europe had far less crime and far less social decay when they were homogeneous.

          Every society will have internal strife. Adding diversity only makes things worse. Lebanon, Yugoslavia, Israel, diversity is conflict, nothing more

  • whiteyyyyy

     A good idea is a good idea Ulick.

  • David Ashton

    Sorry, EDL not EDP.

  • American_cavalier

    Man, we gotta sign up for these Anti-Fa sites. Go over there. Join in the demonstration. Then attack from the rear.

  • Assonu

    Correct, the founding stock was predominantly Anglo-British, though there was a contingent of Celtic and Germanics.  Overall the group could be termed North-Western European colonists.