Muslims Are Banned from Fasting During Ramadan in China

Al Arabiya, August 7, 2012

Chinese Muslim officials as well as students under the age of 18 in the restive northwestern region of Xinjiang are not allowed to fast during the holy month of Ramadan, a newspaper reported on Wednesday.

In a bid to clamp down on religious extremism, Communist Party leaders posted guidance on numerous government websites restricting Muslim religious activities, including fasting and visiting mosques, the UAE-based newspaper, The National reported.

The Chinese central government has also asked officials in the Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region to discourage the local Muslim population to fast, highlighting in particular the health concerns.

The ban has led to exiled rights group to warn of new violence. The World Uyghur Congress warned that the policy would force “the Uighur people to resist (Chinese rule) even further,” according to The National.


The statement, which was posted on the Xinjiang government website, went on to advise party leaders to bring “gifts” of food to their local village leaders to certify that they were eating during Ramadan, as well as statements posted with the educational bureau of Wensu county advising schools to ensure that students eat during the day and do not enter any mosques during the 30 day holy month.

There are around nine million Uighurs, a Turkic speaking and predominantly Muslim ethnic minority in the Xinjiang region, many of whom are shifting the blame onto China’s leaders, accusing them of religious and political persecution.

In July 2009, Xinjiang was the scene of violent ethnic conflict clashes, when two ethnic groups clashed, resulting in around 200 deaths.

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  • IstvanIN

    Go Chinese leaders!

  • WmarkW

    I dunno about this.
    A law against not eating violates my sense of religious liberty.

    •  I’m just curious how you can enforce a  “ban” on people for not eating.

    • jeffaral

      And why should they tolerate a backward religion like islam??!  By the way, they don’t tolerate Christianity either.   Chinese are intelligent people.

  • anmpr1

    Chinese are not liberals.  They approach their problems, along with possible solutions, from a different angle.  Of course the Chinese will have to be prepared to expect and use extreme violence, since Muslims are not liberal, either, and will not lie down passively.

    • The__Bobster

      I wouldn’t worry. The Chinese are very good at using extreme violence when they have to. And they never feel any guilt about it either.

    • I do not think the Chinese will have any problems whatsoever in implementing “possible solutions,” regardless of what they might entail. The Chinese are ruthless when it comes to solving problems they believe are a threat to national interests.

  • The Verdict of History

    The Chinese don’t play.

    Diversity of ethnic identity is met with SEVERE skepticism there.

    Maybe we should take after them… ? 



  • potato78

    China likes diversity.  But not Islam one way straight and irreversible diversity.
    Communism == Capitalism are balanced and reversible,  Christianism == Atheiism are balanced and reversible in this free world.

  • Chimp Master Rules

    I have to hand it to the muslims . . . I couldn’t go to a Chinese Restaurant and fast.  Muslims must be much more disciplined than I am.    Or nuttier.

    I think it’s the latter.

    I challenge every WN to go read the rules for fasting as promoted by islam.  You’ll find interesting instructions concerning who can and who can’t fast, masturbation, sex, vomiting, swallowing dust or another’s saliva and a bunch of other rules straight out of the 8th century.  It’s bizarre.

    The fast only lasts during the day.  So be sure to read about the pre-fast and post-fast meals which in many places are not meals so much as banquets with a little debauchery thrown in. 

    I’m not singling out muslims for criticism since all religions have kooky ideas and practices.  My only point is that islam is backwards and the Chinese (ubnlike our fellow whites in Europe) are correct to reject it as much as possible.

  • The chinese  do’t DO PC…….

  • Good for China, kill the fungus before it grows.

  • jeffaral

    The Chinese are very pragmatical and racially conscious.  In their efforts to conquer Africa, they don’t go around messing things up like the Europeans who converted them to Christianity by force.   They know Africans are very low IQ, it’s not worth teaching them Confucionism or Kung Fu.

  • LaSantaHermandad

    I never thought I’d be praising the “ChiComs” but I can’t resist. Thumbs up; at least on this issue!  Otherwise , in short order, the Muslims would be demanding that restaurants close down during their
     ” holy days”.  It’s all about THEM!  To Hell with the remaining 999,999,000 people. 
    I also credit them with bravery for ousting their rioting and raping African visitors AKA “students”.

  • LaSantaHermandad

    “What China is doing is trying to bring back Hitler.” said DHNAER chief Herschel Goldfarb. “China must understand than Hans are evil and must pay for having any sort of identity at all.””Uyghurs are humans too! And when their rights are denied, all our rights are denied! Down with Han Privilege!” said Ari Blankfein, president of the Uyghur Rights Messrs Goldfarb and Blankfein,Do you have any idea what would happen to you if the Muslims take over which seems to be their ultimate goal?Why are some liberal Jews so suicidal? 

  • This is why I think the rise of China as a global superpower could be more of a feature than a bug for us.  All I know is that the world was a hell of a lot more stable when two hyperpowers were ready to blow each other to smithereens.  A China that is the big big big dog on the Asian continent could keep a lid on all these Muslim terrorist types.  We should just give Afghanistan to China — We’d never have a problem with AQ or the Taliban ever again.  Take Pakistan while they’re at it.

  • The one thing you have to give the Chinese credit for is they are not paralyzed by political correctness. They would just as soon shoot you than listen to your grievances that are disruptive or threatening to the Chinese culture.