The Corrupt Liberal Media Discovers Hate Music

Black Racism, August 9, 2012

The cowardly racist murder of 6 people at the Sikh temple by the thug, Wade Page, has given the Corrupt Liberal Media an opportunity to condemn White  Hate Music while completely ignoring the Black Hate Music that is all around them.


Hate music is part of white supremacist circles

MILWAUKEE (AP) — When they aren’t ranting in Internet forums, many of the nation’s white supremacists seek a louder outlet for their extreme views: thunderous, thrashing heavy metal or punk music with lyrics that call for a race war.

Wade Michael Page, the gunman who killed six people at a Sikh temple in Wisconsin before being killed by police, was deeply involved in the “hate rock” scene — a shadowy world of hundreds of performers in the U.S. and Europe, most of them playing metal or hardcore punk. Some also play country, folk and other genres.


Yet hate music by black rappers has been broadcast nationwide for over 30 years without being recognized as such by the Corrupt Liberal Media. And the death toll of innocent whites murdered as a result of young black males imitating and being incensed  by this hate music,many of these white victims documented on this blog, is in the hundreds if not in the thousands: LINK

Album cover shows black home invasion of white family with the father being beaten to death and the mother being raped.

And it is still happening today:

Check out these lyrics that glorify the racist attacks on white delivery drivers. Dozens of whom have been murdered by racist black thugs.

“White boy in’ the wrong place at the right time
Soon as the car door open up he mine
We roll up quick and put the pistol to his nose
By the look on his face he probably s—— in his clothes  LINK

And unlike the White Hate Music which is isolated to the backwaters of the Internet, Black Hate Music is openly broadcast coast to coast and marketed by large media conglomerates. For instance this black hate video, RIOT, has major corporate advertizing and has over 4 million viewers on You Tube:

Clique full of killers, please don’t get us excited
Ill smoking loud, so lame n—– be quiet
And if you f— with us we gon’ start up a riot
I’mma start a riot, I’mma start a riot


And  a riot in Greensboro NC happened just days after he appeared in concert there.

And the spewers of this hate and glorification of  black violent crime and mob violence are laughing all the way to the bank with one virulent rapper Dr. Dre, reportedly worth $250 Million.


Ya see when niggers get together they get mad
cuz they can’t fade us
Like my niggers from South Central, Los Angeles
They find that they couldn’t handle us
Bloods, Crips on the same squad
with the Ese’s thumpin, n—- it’s time ta rob and mob
(And break the white man off somthin lovely, biddy-bye-bye
I don’t love dem so they can’t love me)
Yo straight puttin down gettin my scoot on
Let’s jump in off in Compton so I gots ta get my loot on
and come up on me some furniture or sometin
Got a VCR
in the back of my car
that I ganked from the Slauson Swap Meet
And motherfucker better not try to stop me

Here is another gem: Violate that Bitch by the “artist” Lil Boosie


Here are the vile lyrics of this “song.”

With the common themes of hating whites and hating women in rap music for the last 30 years, is there any wonder that brutal black-on-white rapes and sexual homicides are epidemic compared to the reverse?

Some liberals are finally speaking out against this filth:


Philadelphia writer and film maker Taleeb Starkes sees the damage every day up close at his job and in his neighborhood.

“With more than 70 percent of African-American children being raised in single parent households, hip-hop often serves as a surrogate parent, and this outsourcing of parenthood has naturally yielded dysfunctional results,” said Starkes, producer and author of the documentary film Mother of No Tomorrows.

“In the hood, hip-hop is omnipresent and is by far the most influential form of entertainment. In fact, it is more than entertainment; it’s a lifestyle.

Even academia is starting to get it.

After making all the usual protestations and apologies about how talented the biggest offenders are and how much he enjoys their music, professor Boyce Watkins of Syracuse University delivers his own intense message in the Black Voices section of the Huffington Post to those glorifying violence.

“I’ll be damned if I am going to sit and watch our kids continue to grow up believing that it’s cool to be ignorant, violent, high, drunk, broke, uneducated and lazy,” he said. “We must critically assess the music we love and let artists know that we will no longer tolerate the mass promotion of ideas that are hell bent on destroying our kids.”


[Editor’s Note: See here for AR’s report on anti-white rap lyrics.]

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  • WmarkW

    I have nothing to add.
    But I will share that I participate in a religion discussion site called On Faith, run by The Washington Post.  The Sikh massacre has motivated them to run a number of columns on hate and white supremacy, with occasional mentions of neo-Nazi rock.

    One column mentioned that Page had a #14 tattoo, for the famous “We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.” 

    Substitute any other ethnic group for “white” in that statement, and tell me that anyone wouldn’t  agree that it’s a legitimate concern for people of any race, ethnicity or culture.

  • MarcusTrajanus

    I was listening to some “hate music” today: Blood Axis. Recommended listening.  

    • Anonymous

      Yep.  Listening to prowhite makes you violent and hateful just like eating at Chick-Fil-A makes you hate gay people.  Don’t you love this PC, liberal logic?

    • WhiteGuyInJapan

       Blood Axis is a good example of  contemporary Eurocentric music, mixing rock, march music, classical and European folk into a dynamic blend.  Also, a good example of music the PC “tolerant” types hate.  At times, protesters will attempt to shut down their concerts.   Big thumbs up in my book!

      Also recommended are Death In June, Der Blutharsch and Boyd Rice.

      • Enar_Larsson


        And if you prefer more folk and less march, check out In
        Gowan Ring, Birch Book, The Soil Bleeds Black, Of the Wand and the Moon,
        Ostara, and my favorite, Changes. The following track list from the Changes
        album “Orphan in the Storm” should give a fairly good idea of the
        lyrical themes (“Twilight of the West” is a masterpiece):

        1. Orphan in the Storm

        2. Changes (Theme)

        3. What’s the Wind If It’s Not Free?

        4. Never So True

        5. Icarus

        6. Embarkation

        7. Sailor’s Song

        8. Song of Pan

        9. The Reckoning

        10. Summer

        11. The Times They Ain’t a-Changing

        12. Aphrodite

        13. Waiting for the Fall

        14. Twilight of the West

    • Sherman_McCoy

      Very happy to find these recommendations!  

  • haroldcrews

    The implicit double standard for blacks and whites is a silent affirmation of racial differences.  DWLs must merely overcome their guilt and once the incentive of encouraging that same guilt in other whites is removed they will be with us.  It is the apathy of the majority that empowers DWLs.

  • The Verdict of History

    I suppose that black hate-filled messages are construed as expressions of righteous and just “rebellion” and “resentment” against whitey… in the same vein as the old Negro Spirituals. Not what they really are: coldblooded hate on the part of a lowly and incapable group of asocial misfits: the hoodlum blacks themselves.

    Liberal academia loves to brand black music as insightful, or even out-and-out illuminating, and they all the while ignore the decidedly vicious messages expressed…

    … which are acted upon by the violent creeps on the streets against unsuspecting (white) victims. 

    What is even worse is that whites are the ones whose children consume this poison.

  • Pick an 18-year old white person at random.  I bet that he or she will be far more likely to have heard of and listened to rap than nationalist music.

    It might be the case that white rappers are significantly more criminal than white nationalist musicians.

  • Enar_Larsson

    1. Has anyone heard or seen Katy Perry’s duet with the black
    rapper whose name I don’t know? He portrays an alien who wants to
    “kiss” and “infect” the white Perry. In the chorus she
    sings something along the lines of “K-K-Kiss me, infect me with your
    poison”. It seems that anti-white hate music is not only the province of
    black musicians. Not only are black musicians singing about violating white
    women but white women are singing about wanting to be violated by black men.

    2. There are people paying attention to black hate music,
    they’re just not focused on any of its anti-white components. I know someone
    whose master’s thesis was about anti-homosexual themes in rap (or maybe hip-hop,
    I don’t know the difference) and another whose master’s thesis was on violence
    against women in rap/hip-hop.

    3. A
    seminarian friend of mine took a class at the seminary on “redeeming”
    rap/hip-hop. He told me that it was the best class he had had and that he
    really learned to appreciate all the good things about rap. I asked him, such
    as? His reply: “those guys really love their moms and can think of rhymes so
    fast you wouldn’t believe.”

    • WmarkW

       #2 might be a way to get more attention for the AmRen philosophy into the MSM:
      Whites against Hate against Whites

      Talk about Louis Farrakhan, gangsta rap, interracial rape rates.
      It would be hard to object to.

    • crystal evans

      Rappers are misogynistic and hate women. Their mother is the only woman they respect. Every other black women is called b*tch and ho and see themselves as pimps. One rapper referred to women as “drill bits”.

    • Screamin_Ruffed_Grouse

       Glad to hear they love their moms. They obviously don’t give a damn about their kids.

    •  “Those guys really love their moms”

      Mine would disown me if I ever “loved” her like that.

      As if loving your mother is so rare.  Only 99.999999999999% of people love their mothers, way to take a bold stand.

      Back in the days when Dick Gephardt won elections, I actually heard people otherwise sympathetic to our worldview say that they voted for him because he loved his mother.

  • But Bono endorsing the ANC Youth League’s “Kill the Boer” as legitimate political speech is A OK!

  • libertarian1234

    I think a lot of these white corporate types look at rap as an outlet for black anger, which they support because they feel that as long as blacks have the means to let off steam there is less chance their power and assets will be diminished by riots, destruction and violence, so they’re o.k. with letting it all carry on as standard operating procedure.

    But with academics I think they’re cowardly enough to think that placating blacks any way possible is going to make themselves safer.

    But, whatever the reason might be for going along and encouraging this kind of violent influence,  it can’t be denied it has been getting worse with each passing year, right along with inflammatory rhetoric coming from black groups, the black leadership and black talking heads on T.V., all supported by self-hating white America haters.

    All of it together encourages flash mob thefts, attacks, beatings and murders.  It will get worse.

    • crystal evans

      White record labels see black rappers as a money machine because they sell a lot of cd’s and digital downloads. They could care less what these guys are saying as long as it sells.

      • Sherman_McCoy

        And without AA and Welfare, they’d sell very little.

    • anarchyst

      Let’s face it . . . the “tribe” has done much to destroy what was good about American culture.  These “aliens” do not belong in MY country.  Of course, since they run the “mass media”, hollywood and yes, the political systems in MY country, us whites do not have a voice.   We are expected to pay our taxes and do little else . . .

  • I primarily listen to Bach and Mozart. This morning when I woke up, the song I heard in my head was E Lucevan le Stelle, from Tosca which I promptly listened to. After that, I was compelled to listen to the second movement of Beethoven’s ‘Emperor’ Piano Concerto. It went on from there. I wonder when this music will be defined as ‘hate’ music because most blacks don’t want to hear it.

    I don’t listen to any kind of ‘power rock’ or heavy metal; ‘hate’ music or otherwise. I’m sure there’s a level or artistry there in playing electric guitars in such a fashion but it only moves me to turn it off.

    If white boys are inspired to listen to ‘hate’ music only because it feeds their anger, I don’t believe that’s a good thing. I would rather they find white bands that inspire white pride.

    • Vil

      I guess you don’t know anything about metal or rock. 
      Read a few lyrics from some metal bands and compare those to the ”lyrics” in rap.
      That may open your eyes a little more. 
      Collapse my Dream from The Unguided is a nice song to start. Or most songs from Disturbed.

    • The__Bobster

      It went on from there. I wonder when this music will be defined as ‘hate’ music because most blacks don’t want to hear it.

    • The Verdict of History

      I’m in accord with you.

      We should encourage our children (and my generation) to embrace the original, classical music of European culture. THAT is our heritage, not the styles which were born out of the denigrating and backward tunes of the 50s rockers and 60s hooligans.

      Poise, refinement and delicacy are the essence of our civilization, not the wild and raucous rhythms and beats of beastly rockers.

  • Just listening to some Arresting Officers and some Death’s Head. There’s nothing like some good hate music to brighten up my day.

  • Welcome to Wonderland. As you read more Race Realist literature you will understand how deep the rabbit hole goes. They have re-written history, brainwashed generations of Americans and endangered the lives of countless people. Here are a few recommended readings. 

  • What about the Florida rapper and his song, “Pussy Ass Cracker” Leading to popular shirts listing the name of the song with a picture of a half white man on it. They wear them with pride, But I have yet to hear an up roar form it. Reverse the situation and titles, only then people would care. Sad, but yet it sickens my very soul.

  • Sherman_McCoy

    It isn’t white hate music.  It is white love for one’s own race music.  It is music that describes white frustration with a government that has broken the social contract.

    Too much of it is unlistenable metal, from my perspective, though I’ve always liked Rammstein.  I like Laubach, but there is too little that it uplifting music for whites.  We have the great classics, and those are sublime, but I think there is a market among racially aware whites for something new and exciting.

    Anyone with music recommendations, please reply.

  • The left should search YouTube for “Colonel Sharecropper.”

    So should you.  

  • Rap …… “music”. Hahhaha…thanks for laugh.

  • Global Minority

    The Communist MSM will never speak about Black on White hate music because they themselves hate White people. Once you find out WHO owns the MSM then you’ll know why they hate White people.

  • …its nothing but bad that that knucklehead Sikh-shooter did what he did, I don’t know of and can’t imagine a single White Nationalist supporting something like that. The incident has dragged all of us into the kosher spotlight and now Big Sis is looking for any excuse to monitor and lock us up in the country our fathers built.
    Now that the topic of White Nationalist culture and music has come up though, now is the time we need to be making points like the ones in this article whenever possible; people need to know that they’ve been getting anti-White violence shoved down their throats since they were kids. They need to know that just because we’re focused on preserving our own heritage it doesn’t mean we support an obvious nut-job that lashed out a a temple full of… Indians?…of all things.  

    • Sheila Dinehart

      kosher spotlight…I like that

  • They’ll stop crying shortly after they get here and move into their free housing and start receiving free money and a college admissions letter. Move on over White man, its time to redistribute your country!

  • To be honest,I do not see anything new about this one.

    The hypocrisy and one sided bias of the Mass Media is old news.
    But it’s a good Refresh with some solid evidence.

    • Sheila Dinehart

      AR has been posting Black Hate music awarness for a long time.

  • Jay1

    Black hate lyrics are really off the charts in terms of racism and outright calls for murdering of whites, police, and anyone who they feel like.

    What really shocked me, because of the lack of criticism from the liberals, was the Kanye West video in which he and a black female accomplice sadistically torture, behead white women, along with using their dead bodies for props.

    Liberals said nothing except praise for his ‘daring’ and ‘artistic vision.’

    I’m not kidding about that.  For the life of me I cannot fathom what kind of young, white women, even if she has liberal sickness, would see depictions of death and murder of specifically her kind and not be at least mildly offended.

    Then again, I am around a lot of really brain washed young white liberals who openly say that whites have no culture, are a social construct and that whites have unfair advantages that must be demolished.

    They’re so stupid.  They don’t realize that as hard as they are working to tear down the white race and America along with it, non-whites are working just as hard to gain the upper hand over us, eliminate us and remake the world in their savage image.  Just ask the Black Panthers or La Raza!

    • IstvanIN

       It is amazing how brainwashed we are.  When discussing our problems with friends and family I am considered just a cranky, old racist.  I am dismissed, laughed at, or they just role their eyes at me.  Occasionally I get a very grudging agreement when I insist on a rational counter-argument since facts do not support the race-liberal side.

      • Sue

         You can win these arguments. I’ve been around the most blatant liberal and they agree angrily I might add. If you get angry you lose. Bring it down to personal terms as simply as you can. Remember the arguments you’ve won already and go from there. It is a winnable. Temper tantrums don’t win, facts do.

  • anarchyst

    It seems that just about anyone  that criticizes the “tribe” gets censored on this sight, but here goes . . .
    As to the debasement of our culture, look at “who’s who” in owning and running our mass media and you will have your answer. 
    Our once- decent white culture is being destroyed by those with no decency or regard for what is good.  It seems that the “powers that be” (media moguls)  promote every perversion while criticizing those who object to such culture-destructive behavior.  
    Us whites have been marginalized and are now blamed for any deficiency that befalls “people of color”. 
    This also extends to our “non-profit” cultural institutions that routinely denigrate Christianity while promoting filth and perversion with taxpayer dollars (and calling it “art”).
    There needs to be a revolution…

  • Sheila Dinehart

    I like it that AR has been making it a point to inform people of the black supremacy nationalistic hate music that has been influencing and inducing black on white hate crimes for decades.  Certain elements love to *ejaculate to the hate*, thinking they can take on whitey in a race war.  The reason blacks have been promising a race war since forever and it just doesn’t happen is because they don’t dare.  Period.

    Know that “frustrated white man” who killed all those people in the temple recently?  That is the kind of frustrated whitey, male and female that would come out of the woodwork and crawl out from under every rock in the country in the face of a so-called Race War…in the words of an infamous terrorist (now hero to the overturned establishment) known in the so-called elite ruling intellectual cult in power good old revolutionary soldier of the Weatherman, Bernadine Dorn: (upon hearing of the slaughter of Sharon Tate and others carried out by the followers of Charles Manson who hoped the killings would spark a race war…)


  • Sheila Dinehart

    Andrew Berwick, yeah he was really a frustrated white to be sure, though he was not American, America is full of them and why shouldn’t it be?

    Frustrated Whitey needs an outlet too.

  • Sheila Dinehart

    Could be that when a white becomes that frustrated any killings will do.

  • “It would be different if they were ignoring this state of affairs, but they seem to be intentionally misleading everyone, at every level, in the media, schools, universities, government agencies.”

    History seems to be repeating itself, only this time in English speaking countries as well.

  • WhiteGuyInJapan

     I agree with both of your points.  The “hateful” skinhead music lost its shine for me in my late teens.  As a side note, I have to say I find it amusing when the MSM talks about this “hate” music with no historical context; Skrewdriver was the NF house band back in the 1980s! 

    Death In June/Der Blutharsch/Blood Axis are a bit more interesting and appealing as they combine traditional European pagan culture with a desire to create a new pop culture for the contemporary West. 

    Have to brag, I saw Death In June and Boyd Rice live in NYC back in 2001 !  Great show!

  • WhiteGuyInJapan

     Most aggressive forms of music (death metal, gangster rap and even white power skinhead rock) have a strong element of rage to them, while Johnny Rebel sings with an unrepentant glee that is quite appealing.  And humorous as well.

    Even Howard Stern found the humor in JR and played a song on his radio show!

  • razorrare

    There was once a website called Violent Racist Music that did a great expose on violent racist gangsta rap lyrics and those who  were awarded grammys for their creativity in writing violent racist rap lyrics handed out by the liberal Arts & Sciences Academy…If you go to Amren search and type in violent racist music it will give you a small listing of such lyrics…

    The reason why i am responding on this subject is because i have found the original site no longer exist…I believe the site originated sometime in 1998-99, and you could get to it by typing

    But everytime i try to go there its unsuccessful. Haters of free speech strike again?

  • Sloppo

    “MILWAUKEE (AP) — When they aren’t ranting in Internet forums, many of the nation’s white supremacists seek a louder outlet for their extreme views: thunderous, thrashing heavy metal or punk music with lyrics that call for a race war.”
    People who’ve read Colin Flaherty’s book entitled “White Girl Bleed a Lot ” already know that we have a race war right now.  The big media just doesn’t want to talk about it.

  • razorrare

    A race war that is pretty much one-sided…

    Inter-racial rape is a hate crime which is exclusively black-on-White,with 14,000 assaults on White women by African American males in 2007.Not one case of White sexual assault on a black female was found in the FBI study…U.S. department of Justice,Bureau of Justice  Statistics,Criminal Victimization in the United States,Statistical Tables,2007(Washington, DC,2010),table 42…from Pat Buchanan’s book,Suicide of a Superpower-The Diversity Cult-page 243…of course,these type of stats are unmentionable in MSM  and are not prosecuted as Hate crimes nor are they seen by many White Americans as an Act of War.

  • Sloppo

    Thank you for mentioning her.  I have an enormous appreciation for Saga.  Her music sounds great, she is easy on the eyes, she doesn’t seem to dress inappropriately, and she obviously cares deeply about her people.  How many musical artists have all that going for them?  In my opinion she is kind of inspirational because she is a pretty little girl with the bravery to speak the truth and the talent to present her message the format of good sounding music.  🙂

  • Terry in Florida

    Go to Saga’s website.

  • The Verdict of History

     It would only be going in remission, in such a case.

    Like a cancer, it would resume in full and deadly force…

  • Rap/ Hip-Hop is a very, very, broad genre, with sub-genres.
     Like this article, it’s always lumped together by non-listeners as one
    thing. Which is often the most negative and polarizing lyrics. 


    From my understanding, hate music isn’t an isolated or unique
    genre of music. Instead, it adopts rock, country, maybe even rap to convey a
    constant hateful theme. 


    The fact that hip-hop is one of the most lucrative and popular
    genres of music is a testament to its global appeal to all races and
    nationalities.. Yes most of the popular artist tend to be black Americans but
    they’re largely supported by white audiences by CD’s and concert tickets.


    Finding a handful of hateful lyrics isn’t hard, finding an actual
    racist popular hip-hop artist? Probably impossible.