Police to Overhaul Ranking System

Adam Sege, Boston Globe, August 9, 2012

Hoping to end decades of tension over the advancement of minority officers, the Boston Police Department plans to overhaul a promotion system that has been criticized for contributing to a lack of diversity in the department’s upper ranks.

Commissioner Edward F. Davis is expected to send an e-mail to officers and command staff Thursday announcing a $2.2 million initiative to replace a written promotion ­exam used statewide with a testing system that could ­include interviews and other components designed to provide a broader measure of leadership and potential.

Among the department’s approx­imately two dozen captains—the highest rank determined by the promotion exam—there is one Asian and no blacks, Hispanics, or women.

“All you need to do is look at the numbers to see that something needs to be done,” Davis said. “We intend to take charge of this and to put a process in place that people will be satisfied with.”

In a statement, Mayor Thomas M. Menino said the initiative, which will be paid for by the city, underscores ­Boston’s commitment to a ­police department that better reflects the increasing racial and ethnic diversity of Boston.


The current examination consists entirely of multiple-choice questions. Results from the examination determine promotions to the ranks of sergeant, lieutenant, and captain.

The overhaul will not affect how the department hires rank-and-file officers.


A federal court declared in 1974 that Boston’s police and fire departments were so lacking in diversity that it imposed quotas on rank-and-file hiring, mandating that one minority candidate be hired for every white newcomer. That federal order was lifted after 30 years.

In February, nine black ­police officers sued the city, argu­ing that the written exam prevented them from receiving promotions they deserved.


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  • Enar_Larsson

    —“All you need to do is look at the numbers to see that something needs
    to be done,” Davis said. “We intend to take charge of this and to put a
    process in place that people will be satisfied with.”—

    No, observing the numbers is not sufficient. First, you need to prove that there are palpable benefits to having a more representative police force. Second, you need to prove that blacks, Hispanics, women, and white males have an equal ability and desire to be effective police officers. Finally, you need to prove that, if three is true, that the only possible explanation for the discrepancy in achievement is a biased test. If one through four have not been established, then the numbers don’t mean anything. So if you are going to waste 2.5 million dollars why not give a grant to some philosophy post-docs who can try to prove one through four?

    •  philosophers can prove anything you want them to, but I admire your creativity with the delaying tactic.  If Boston had a pro-white mayor, he could direct those postdocs to take as long as necessary until everyone forgets they’re there.

  • JohnEngelman

    Those who advocate a overhaul in the ranking system should listen to Jared Taylor’s video, “Race Differences in Intelligence.” Unfortunately, it would not do them any good. 

    • ed91

       first off, they wouldn’t listen to it……… 

      secondly, if they did, they wouldn’t hear it…..

  • Cogitator

    The black refrain: “We’re to bleeping stupid to pass the exam, but we should be promoted anyway.” If they do something well, like basketball, they say they deserve to have most of the top positions. If they can’t do something well, they say they deserve to have the positions anyway. Sort of the old “heads I win, tails you lose.”

    The real question is, how much longer are white people going to tolerate this nonsense?

    • In a similar way, any White that watches professional sports in America is a black worshiping idiot.

      Can’t fire a black coach ….  can only not be renewed when contract runs out.They get credit for flukes, don’t get fired for failures. 
      It’s like they live on a pyramid that can’t ever let them fall a level.
      Jerry Sandusky is a building block in that pyramid.
      Doesn’t matter how many blacks are down low and would have sex with a keyhole if they could get it in.

      • Sherman_McCoy

        Exactly.  Stop watching so the ratings fall, cut off the ad revenue and watch it die.  Then, in a few years we can create the White Football League.

        Similarly, cut off welfare and SNAP, and watch the revenues to rapping thugs disappear.  Then, hopefully soon after, the rapping thugs. 

    • Detroit_WASP

      Not sure how long the other races (not just whites) will put up with it. I wonder that myself.

      Seeing this kind of injustice is what draws me to websites like this one.   Misery loves company I guess.  

      I grew up in Detroit, tried to be “open minded” but personal experiences and events like the OJ simpson case are constant reminders that George Wallace was not totally wrong!   

      I am just glad to see I am not alone in my views.   Not everyone has drank the kool aid.

      • IstvanIN

        Pre-shooting Wallace was right.

  • guest

    Diversity – the only answer to a problem found only by those who see racism in every single thing in the world.  Yet they never explain how it benefits anything such as education, police, firefighters, etc.  They just repeat the word “diversity” over and over like a broken record, never making an objective and intelligent point.

  • B

    Of course they want to go to something subjective like an oral interview instead of a written exam. This is just so they can easily discriminate against whites with no evidence to prove otherwise.

  • If you are to stupid to pass a test that you have YEARS  to prepare for, you don’t belong in charge of anyone or anything.
    By their way of thinking approximately 86% of the NBA needs to be fired.

  • “…replace a written promotion ­exam used statewide with a testing system that could ­include interviews and other components designed to provide a broader measure of leadership and potential.”

    This was the goal of blacks and their enablers from the beginning. To do away with any objective standard.

    Civil service tests were meant to end nepotism and find our best and brightest.

    Clearly we’re moving backwards.

    I hope someone challenges this in court.

  • GB101

    It is a misguided effort to buy social peace.  Davis is smart enough to know that the tests are a fair and effective way to decide who gets promoted.  

    It is morally repugnant and illegal to boot, but the people who run our leaders have little regard for the law.   (See Menino’s statements about Chick-fil-A.)

    It is not only morally repugnant and illegal, but it is ineffective:

    And that is called paying the Dane-geld;
    But we’ve proved it again and again,
    That if once you have paid him the Dane-geld
    You never get rid of the Dane.

  • The NFL needs a new system to decide who gets to play running back, wide receiver and cornerback.  Raw speed is just too discriminatory, and has a disparate impact on slow people.  Instead, there should be new criteria, including oral examinations to determine leadership skills and charisma.

    Clearly, the NFL needs a more diverse set of running backs, wide receivers and cornerbacks.  It just does, because our diversity is our greatest strength.  We know they have a problem in that stead:  Just look at the numbers.

    • Rocky Bass,

      I agree, both the Nubian Football League, and the African Football League suffer from way too little diversity.

    • The NFL system currently looks like a joke. 

      QBs only throw to non-humans who are right where the pattern told them to go.

      If I watch 5 games in a year it is a banner year. The NFL has done everything it can do to take the need to be able to think out of the game.

      I be at point X you put ball in my hands which are at point Y. If I am 5 feet from point X … oh well.  If I am probably too heavily covered at point X, you still have to throw because a negro worshiping coach told you to do so.

      • The Worlds Scapegoat


        I have watched football a few times only because my friends were watching it while I was at their place. I always wondered why they couldn’t throw it to any open person. I have seen front line blockers (or whatever they are called) in the open, but the quarterback is just playing with himself. The QB then throws an impossible pass while there were several other from his team in the open.

        I think American sports tells a lot about the mentality of the American people. The 3 most popular sports are Baseball, Football, and NASCAR. In Baseball three players, the pitcher, catcher, and batter, do all the work while the others stand around scratching themselves just like Caltrans. In Football you have a bunch of dumb fat bullies that push each other around. In Nascar you have a bunch of guys who drive around in circles. None of those sports requires much intelligence or quick thinking. 

        • crystal evans

          NASCAR requires some quick thinking on how to avoid an accident when you are coming around a curve and three other cars have already cracked up or burned up and you do not want to be no 4.

      • ed91

         I enjoy football with the likes of Peyton, etc…………..

        but I’m very tired of the % of blacks………… it seems racist…………

        Since we live in a country of quotas for the politically correct.

  • At this point it can safely be said that written words and numbers discriminate against the black race.

    • The Worlds Scapegoat

      Reality descriminates against blacks.

  • potato78

    This kind of news is going on and on.  Looks like never stopping.  Blacks are Blacks.  Even after 3000 years, they are still Blacks and sorry for that.  God made us have a different skin color.  This is called “Diversity”.  If they still like to blame just blame God.  The media is trying to encourage a mix between whites and blacks. 


    Hopefully, “whites” will genetically change these blacks into “whites”.  After genetically modified,  Blacks will be more positive instead of over-negative.  God bless America. 

  •  “There’s no one at the table that looks like us, for the most part, in the decision-making process,”

    So what he is saying? That whites don’t resemble human beings?   That it’s ok for blacks to focus on skin color?   That blacks don’t respect decisions made by whites? That blacks make different decisions than whites?

    • Sherman_McCoy

      Umm, it isn’t the WHITES who do not resemble human beings.

  • In South Africa and Zimbabwe the people making the decisions are black, how’s that workin’ out for them?

  • The lawsuit is challenging the promotion exam, so you have to assume those taking it have 10-20 years on the force already. That you cannot pass the exam after that many years and with the prep classes that accompany these exams probably means you are in the wrong field

  • OT

    More Disqus gremlins this evening:  Comments in the moderation queue, (by people who aren’t registered users) won’t appear online even though I approve them.  This problem doesn’t affect registered users, whose comments should appear immediately and indeed are.

    • We are still having the same problem.  “Conrad Jack’s War Fan” asked how to register.  On any AR post, between the end of the post and the beginning of the comments, you will see a box and a link to “Login,” click either one.  From there, you can register, and pick your method, either directly with Disqus or piggybacking onto a social media (Twitter, Facebook, etc) account.

    • The Verdict of History

      It is for reasons like this – frustrating technical glitches – that I decided to register.

      Message to non-registries: 


      • Glitches can still happen to those who are registered and whose comments appear immediately.  As it is, the problem from last night was fixed.

  • IstvanIN

    It is amazing, no matter what is done to make things ‘race neutral’, such as giving everyone the exact same written test, there is still “bias”.  All that really proves is that each race needs its own nation.  We spend so much time on race we do not have time for anything important.

  • Let’s have these black police officers publish their exam scores and show everyone just how they have been cheated out of promotions. 

  • Everything discriminates against blacks, everything.

    • Only science …..  and well, that is everything.

  • Plato1

    The written exam prevented them from receiving promotions they deserved. If that isn’t the most ridiculious statement i’ve ever read.  Did they not teach reading and writing in their schools ?  someone please explain this to me,  because it sure as hell doesn’t compute in my literate brain. 

    • The Verdict of History

      Racial egalitarians and blacks have their own kind of logic.

    • The Worlds Scapegoat

       Black always deserve something more than whites.

      • ed91

         or so they believe……….

        I believe blacks need to all go to africa and fix the place and relish their blackness.  Maybe they could start some nba teams there.

  • Laura White

    Slightly O/T, but: something is not quite right at all about this most recent Olympiad: 


    Please submit comments, Cuz we’re confused too. 

    Very confused, in fact. 


    – Arturo 

    • IstvanIN

       The world is upside down and a few souls are noticing.

    • ed91

       I didn’t watch the girl’s gymnastics very much.  Was Gabby ‘given’ her gold medal as in undeserved?
      could you direct me to a site that ‘proves’ that or talks about it?

      • crystal evans

        Not at all, she earned it. She simply was better than everyone else on that day. A few months ago, she was not even heard of in the gymnastics world until as an alternate, she ended up beating Jordyn Weber in a gymnastics tournament.

        • ed91

           That is what I thought, but the video above brought it into question so I thought perhaps I had missed something.

  • Detroit_WASP

    Great, we need to do the same thing in the 100 run in the Olympics.  Instead of the race being determined by the race alone….we can have interviews, candidates can draw pictures and tell stories.  All of these things will be used in determining the winner of the race.

    • ed91

       attach different weights to different races, e.g.

       40 pounds on blacks, 20 for whites, o for asians…………. 

  • …so the “persons of color” can’t pass a written test, but the REAL problem is that there arent’ enough of them in charge…

  • “…I got ‘sperience like, I wuz a cummunity o-ganizer. An plus I wuz a hustla when I was cummin up, like cuttin it real smoov, but dass all in ma pass now fo’ I’m da police…fur rill.” 

  • 1proactive2

    Imagine one of these falsely promoted black officers talking to his son:

    “Yes, my boy, you may have failing grades, and be dumber than a soup sandwich, but you will succeed.  Even if you get thrown out of school for a few weeks for beating up other kids, smoking weed, or stealing, don’t worry.  You can succeed as I did.  Just sue them.  The courts and white politicians are afraid of black people who complain or call them racist.  Some of them are just dumb, too.  So head out with your homies, and have a good time.  You will get what you want in life just by complaining, suing, and yelling racism.  Worked for me, your loving father and a real man.”

  • MrGJG

    Does anyone in power have the stones to put an end to this insanity? I believe the time is ripe if only somebody would step forward and say enough! The worm is turning and I’m betting that a large majority of white people will be receptive to such a person.
    The writing is on the wall, in every racial story that allows comments, you can see the change. People are fed-up!

  • Marc B.

    “In February, nine black ­police officers sued the city, argu­ing that
    the written exam prevented them from receiving promotions they deserved.”

    I can’t believe nine officers on a police force were willing to admit publicly that they lacked the intelligence to progress through the ranks of the police department yet still deserved promotions. Proud men would be far too embarrassed to ask for special favors when they couldn’t get by on their merit, but the zero-sum game of a race spoils system trumps all.

    • Dr Al

      Exams discriminate against Blacks.

      One simple sentence says so much.

    • MrGJG

       Blacks are notorious for having false pride. The idea that the tests are racially biased (whatever the hell that means) is so ingrained in their minds, that they actually believe they’re entitled to something akin to a handicap.

    •  Marc,

       Maybe they thought that they’d be “socially promoted” just like in high school…

  • A recent promotion exam for the SLFD that some deemed “discriminatory” (but the Federal courts didn’t view it that way, knock on wood), asked this question:

    If you are 90 feet away from a fire, and all of your hoses are 30 feet long, how many hoses must you string together to get from the hydrant to the fire?

    It wasn’t a trick question, either!

    Remember, this was on a test for a promotion exam.  Therefore, line-level firefighters in the city of St. Louis don’t need to know how to divide 90 by 30.  Really comforting thought.

    The Federal courts found that the test wasn’t discriminatory, and the black fire chief still refused to make promotions based on the tests.  It ended up with our white mayor firing the chief and ordering the promotions and finding a new chief.  That was probably his only moment of racial gumption in his political career;  he’s a black-lover otherwise.

  • pc must go

    I believe hostile angry non-white women who glare at me hate me more for my eyes and multi-colored indescribable hair color than skin. 

    Eyes and hair too, guys!

  • The Worlds Scapegoat

    “… with a testing system that could ­include interviews and other
    components designed to provide a broader measure of leadership and

    I have never met any black person with leadership potential. I have only met blacks with bully potential.

    In the Army, the blacks would bully whites to hide their incompetence. There were a few black sergeant who could give an impression of having leadership ability, but that was only because they didn’t interfere with whites who were doing their job.

    • ed91

       except in combat arms.

      • crystal evans

        Or 3. They would be shot if they did.

  • The Worlds Scapegoat

     That is the same process the California University system uses to decide who gets enrolled in their schools.

  • The Worlds Scapegoat

     “Diversity? We ain’t got no diversity. We don’t need no diversity! I don’t have to show you any stinkin’ diversity!”

  • The Worlds Scapegoat

     The men from the ministry of truth will be by to pick you up shortly.

  • The Worlds Scapegoat

    So a written test that uses multiple choice answers marked on a scantron bubble sheet, and is scored on a computer that doesn’t see the skin color of the person taking the test, discriminates against blacks, but a personal interview where they can see the applicants skin color does NOT discriminate.

    Up is down, black is white, and left is right.

  • This whole malarkey about biased tests is based on the SAT having a question one year in the analogy subsection of the verbal section of the test that required you to know the general parts of a yacht.  (No kidding:  A college entrance test that schools in the northeast heavily rely upon might ask a question about a yacht?) 

    First off, if you know you’re going to take that kind of test, wouldn’t it behoove you to know the anatomy of a yacht?  It’s not hard if you try.

    Second, even if you can’t, or don’t, or are protesting against “bias,” it’s just one question.  Getting it wrong is not the end of the world, and it won’t reduce your score much.

    • MikeofAges

       More than that, SAT questions are based on readings which provide all necessary information to correctly answer the questions.  Some test takers may have more pre-existing  knowledge of the subjects the readings are based on. But I don’t think anyone knows something about every subject the readings might cover. At best, the failure to  perform commensurately might be due to lack of test taking skill.

      IMO, the SAT is a rotten test. The idea of having readings which discuss yachting instead of, say, urban public transportation or mini marts might be idiotic. But I think suburban kids who have been driven everywhere they had ever been and never been shopping anywhere except a mall would still score higher on these questions than inner city kids.

      This whole issue is another case of lying with statistics, ultimately. No one is ever told that these question are intended to measure the test taker’s comprehension of a reading. They are not tests of the individual’s externally acquired knowledge. The SAT is not an apperceptive test, a test based on the presumption that the more a person knows about their habitual environment the more intelligent they are likely to be generally.

      Examples of an apperceptive test might be the Wonderlic (somewhat) and the BITCH (Black Intelligence Test of Cultural Homogeniety) test. The BITCH test was a jocular effort to show that cultural bias in a test could lead to abysmal scores. I got a very high score on the BITCH test. But I grew up on the South Side of Chicago and knew all of the slang terminology and cultural concepts contained in the test. A test like the BITCH test, or a similar test for people from other environments, might be valid way to identify adequately intelligent people who otherwise lacked education and test taking skills.

      But the SAT is not an apperceptive test. Not, and not intended to be.

      • IstvanIN

         Re: BITCH Test:  shouldn’t tests, of any sort, use standard American English and not some local or ethnic slang?  WE communicate, nationwide, using standard American English.

        • MikeofAges

          My point was, the BITCH test was an appercetive test, measure of how much of your local culture you were aware of. The presumption uderlying these type of tests is that the more native intelligence a person has, the higher they are likely to score. These type of tests might have their uses.

          The SAT emphatically is  not an  apperceptive test. I think it is a bad test but the result still provide a generally accurate relative ranking of those who take it.

          Keep in mind, the BITCH test was intended as political theater. But the idea is not necessarily invalid as long as you keep in mind the purpose of apperceptive test, which by its nature has to be highly culturally biased.

  • ed91

     not this white father

  • crystal evans

    Asians also have high cheekbones, which are envied by many white women. We also have a lot of fat in our faces so we do not tend to have wrinkles or other signs of aging.

  • “designed to provide a broader measure of leadership and potential.”  So the idea is to get stupid people in leadership positions to manage more intelligent people.  Way to run a business?  I think some of the Corporations tried this approach and what they got was some pretty sharp embezzlers, thieves and others of that ilk.

  • Note that the writer is careful not to mention anything about WHY blacks and Hispanics routinely score lower than Whites and Asians on multiple-choice tests. The reason for that is, of course, that there can be only one logical explanation if it happens consistently: Lower IQs among the blacks and Hispanics than among the Whites and Asians.

    I’m a retired newspaper reporter, and there can be only two explanations for why such a carelessly documented story was approved by an editor: Either (A) the editor was incompetent; or (B) the editor shared the reporter’s desire to avoid mentioning the reason for the lower scores. In fact, in recalling the editors I worked for, I’d say it could well be both.

  • potato78
  • LaSantaHermandad

    Actually he referred to the content of their “character”. Either way too many of them come up short be it mind or character.

  • Laura White

    In the same way that the legendarily verminous Boston Globe attempts to “Comfort the Afflicted, and Afflict the Comfortable,”  the Disastrous Diversity Dictators at the New York Times continue to goose-step down the autobahn of  anti-white, pro-diversity disinformation : 


  • Why can’t White Men Stand Together and start Demanding Equal Treatment?  I absolutely adore White Men but for the life of me, I do not understand why they decided that they were to pay for the sins of a few.

    They are literally, handing over every single piece of everything they built.  I could always be wrong here but I thought White Men came up with the idea of Law and Order and Fairness and Equality yet they are the only ones excluded from all of it.  Can anyone tell me why?

    • anarchyst

      As a white man, I have NEVER apologized for “racism” or the role that I have played in my life.  I have been vocal in my opposition to the pity corner of (white) self-inflicted flagellation over the nonexistant misplaced “blame” for the plight of “people of color”.  For one, I am PROUD to be called a “racist” for which I extend a hearty “thank you for noticing”.
      Best regards,

      • crystal evans

        How is your skin color responsible for what happened to people of color that you had nothing to do with? Please explain that one to me. I guess it is the black way of saying you owe me even though slavery ended 146 years ago.

      • “thank you for noticing”.  Oh my goodness, may I use this?  It’s just too good!  I’d like to treat that racist charge like a fresh new face lift.  Awww, Thank You for noticing!!!  You’re just so sweeeet!

        • anarchyst

          You are very welcome!   🙂

    • Detroit_WASP

      Political correctness is like a religion.  If people are told something from birth, they will believe it no matter how absurd it is.

      White men who have no personal experience with blacks really believe that they are equal.  American blacks are far enough removed from the grass huts and stone axes that they now APPEAR to be just like Europeans. 

      Put a shirt and pants on a savage, stick them in a car with a CD player and air conditioning and they do appear to be the same.   No one ever stopss to think that if not for white males there would be no cars, CDs or air conditioning.

      • Sloppo

        Political correctness is not LIKE a religion, it IS a religion.  Forget the idea of separation of church and state, PC is the official mandated religion of the United States.  The tenets of that religion could only be accepted by PC adherents with a powerful blind faith/willingness to ignore obvious reality.  People who reject the PC religion are often punished harshly by the government thought police and our PC media masters for their heresy.  People who question PC tenets are denounced as “racist” or “anti-semitic” or “homophobic” some other term which really just means your heresy has offended adherents of the PC religion.  There can be no debate with PC religious zealots about the PC tenets, because those beliefs can not be defended logically.  By the way … it’s important to remember not to refer to a PC religious zealot as a “PC religious zealot”.  For some reason, they really don’t seem to like that.  

        • Detroit_WASP

          I like it!

      • Blacks will behave quite nicely if you make them.  All one needs to do is not cater.  There is no such thing as “police brutality”, “community racism” or any such folding to them going on by anyone and watch how quickly they fall in line…

        Blacks in America, much like Africa, prefer to be led by White Men.  White Men are the Kindest, most Generous and most Forgiving bunch of People they’ve ever known and they know it.  Blacks are like the mildly retarded but wildly spoiled child who is merely doing what all brats do, seeing what they can get away with.

    • ed91

       it happened inch by inch.  Our worst enemies have been some white men (liberals) in the vein of men like axelrod, dick durbin, joe biden, steny hoyer,  that kind of white man. 
      and then white women.  It seems at least half of them have some underdog gene that worships losers, even if they are self made losers.  Plus the fact that it seems like half of the white women are gullible enough to swallow propaganda to want to bed down with blacks………..  is it some father rebellion?  the wish to live dangerously?  the wish to be ‘unique’?  or just stupidity?  I don’t know.

      • Yes, but why?  Why do some White Men insist on doing this?  Hurt, which many times, turns into ‘self hate’ or a want to hurt those who hurt you is all I can think of.

        There has to be a reason for this.  One day we based our qualifications on Intelligence and Ability the next we value color and gender?  Huh?  I question this heavily because even when you take into account all the ‘white sins’ they use to quantify their reasons, it doesn’t equal. There’s also that little problem they have with Truth. Everyone has noticed, they take the same story and tell it over and over and over again and try, the best they can, to add and they even stoop so low as to add lies in efforts to boost up the “evil”.  Everyone sees through this so why is it still going on?

        I keep asking why because I feel that if we can git down to the raw bit of it, we can work to remove the rot.  We gotta know where the rot is coming from.

    • crystal evans

      I could not agree more with you. Whites have been shafted for far too long. I do not understand how today’s white man is responsible for slavery and Jim Crow, when they were not even born. My husband works for the federal government and tells me that blacks get away with murder. Many supervisors at his job are too gunshy to discipline black workers.  He is now working the midnight shift where he does not have to deal with them at all.

      • ed91

         the only way white men today would be responsible for the past is the roundabout way of saying they have the tendency to do that as white men.

        At which point we need to implement racial profiling and discrimination against blacks as they have a tendency to more crime………chaos, violence etc

      • Hahahahaha!  Good one!  Blacks get away with murder and all the time too.  The only good thing out of that is, at least they kill more of their own than anyone else.  Maybe that’s what kept their population in control for these here past hundreds of years.  Let us not disturb them….

        Whatever it takes ma’am.  If your Husband must work graveyard in order to have a staff he can depend upon, so be it.  It sucks but it sure beats having to watch them get paid for all the work you have to check and correct submitted by them.  I’m sorry he has to work so late though.

  • LaSantaHermandad

    If you want to get to the bottom of this White male malaise, you need to look no further than to our public educational system and what it has been doing to our young White boys for the past 50 or more years. What they couldn’t accomplish in the classroom they did so with drugs. The normal rambunctiousness of young White boys was quelled with drugs like Ritalin while the same behavior from “non- White”  males was dismissed as “part of their culture”. 
    Even history classes demonized our forefathers and  downplayed so many of the great accomplishments of Europeans and Americans and focused only on the negative.  I was reprimanded by the AP when I insisted that the kids stand up and be respectful during the Pledge of Allegiance .
    Shop teachers would talk about the good old  days of the gun cabinet project where boys would bring rifles (unloaded of course) to school so that they could use them as a way of determining the dimensions of the cabinet to be built. The rifles would be held in the closet of the shop teacher .When did the school shootings start? When did teen suicides reach a high point?  Who comprised the majority of students who committed and are still committing suicide?  Why did the school shooters commit suicide? There was one kid who was intercepted as he tried to leave the school after a shooting spree. He intended to go to another school and shoot some more people but was intercepted by an assistant principal  (thank God) who happened to have a gun in the glove box of his car. He held the kid at gunpoint while the kid pleaded with him to shoot him.   If we connect the dots there certainly is a common denominator. We have two types of White males; the guilt (for nothing) ridden and the very angry.I was in education for almost half a century and half of that was in Public Education.

    • potato78


  • blindsticks

    Funny but for the last thirty years all I’ve  been seeing  in American cop shows and movies are  all these quick thinking , and very  highly motivated black police
     lieutenants  and captains, kicking  our slow, dumb  white ass.
    So you telling me they’ve been lying again.

  • ed91

     maybe —

    I have more confidence in white guys, of which I am one.
    I won’t go quietly into that night.

  • ageofknowledge

    So they are going to ensure the test used to qualify whether or not a police officer should be promoted, which currently consists entirely of easy multiple choice questions, is dumbed down so that even a moron could pass it to increase racial diversity? Seriously? 

  • Sheila Dinehart


    …and why should they?

    Fine, let whites quit every job in the land, live in and take over government housing, drive big fancy- assed cars, get checks and food from the government and let the black folk work and take care of the white folk for awhile.

    Where I sign up, boss?

    • potato78

      white people do not have those genes.

    • crystal evans

      Whites are too proud to do that. They have been taught the value of hard work. Besides, I still cannot figure out why people would rather sit home and get benefits that are too little to live on. Most of these welfare and food stamp reciepients run out of money and food by the 15th of the month.  I would rather work and enjoy life.

  • MikeofAges

     Marx’s dictum was an interation of the Platonism concepts of the composition of the human “herd” so to speak. In the Myth of the Metals, Plato metaphorically described human beings as having variously the natures of gold, silver, bronze and iron, or various admixtures of these, with one always  predominating.

    In Marx’s “last stage of the dialetic” uptopia (the classless society) each person would contribute according theiur ability and receive according to their  needs without ever experiencing alienation, exploitation or deprivation.

    In the Soviet system (the former USSR) this got perverted a little, sad to say. The ordinary workers contributed based on their level of vocational skill and received according to their needs, those needs being a concrete block apartment, a sturdy pair of boots every couple of years, and two weeks in the Crimea every summer.

    The party apparatchiks contributed according to their ability by providing administration and guidance. They also received according to their needs. It just so happened that they needed private automobiles, western consumer good, the company of attractive younger women and frequent trips to Paris.

    Gosh, how come our Ivy League graduates could never explain all of this to us? Is because they didn’t want to? Or is it because they don’t know? Personally, I vote for the latter. And I am in a better position to know than most people.

    • crystal evans

      But after the end of Communism, the inhabitants of the apartments became their owners and many of these properties, especially in Moscow, became very valuable and some owners who refused to sell their apartments ended up dead.

  • crystal evans

    I do not think that whites will fail because they would be smart enough to figure out what the interviewer is saying.

  • crystal evans

    African Americans have come in different colors. Some of them are nearly white like Alicia Keys and others are jet black like Justice Clarence Thomas. No other race has this much diversity.

  • crystal evans

    That would never happen because MARTA is unionized and the blacks would have senority over any white applicant who was lucky enough to get hired.

  • Frank

    Does this mean that oficers do not have to know how to read?

  • Hirene

    So, the kids who spent their school years listening to teachers and doing their homework will be rewarded by having their efforts discounted.

  • potato78

    Don’t you think that East beautyism is beautiful?

    It is incomparable.
    You got used to cheese but you can not say apple is not tasty.

    • Le Gaulois

      Sure, but there’s little choice in a barrel of rotten apples, like this juvenile slideshow of photoshopped Asian girls with Caucasian and Manga features from YouTube.   What’s next? Another slideshow of wannabe Whites with tight nose jobs and eye lid surgery like the current fad throughout East Asia ? http://blog.asiantown.net/tags.aspx?t=plastic&p=4 Thanks for resting my case perfectly with those cartoonish YouTube links, and reminding everyone here about the rise of  Westernising surgery as discussed on Amren last September …well done !  http://www.amren.com/news/2011/09/westernising_su/East Asian blepharoplasty:http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_XCJ62cJhAPU/TFqjkcXSNqI/AAAAAAAAHSk/MNPg90G7P6o/s1600/beforeafter31.jpg 

  • morally superior – I’ve actually thought that from time to time.  It’s almost as if they think they’re scoring points with God or something.

    On the other hand, it feels like some white people (corporate brass and such) are trying to alleviate their own guilt for betraying us with all their outsourcing and importing cheap labor and abusing non-whites (slave pay, etc.) by trying to make us feel like we’re the ones doing all the oppressing.

  • potato78

    Please don’t believe that trash.

    look at the following: