‘Sikhs Are Not Muslims’ Sends a Sinister Message

Scott C. Alexander, Los Angeles Times, August 10, 2012

Almost from the beginning of their coverage of the horrific and deadly shooting at the Sikh temple in Wisconsin, CNN and other news media went out of their way to send a message to the American public: “Sikhs are not Muslims.”

But what were we to make of that message? If the temple’s members had been Muslims, would the attack have then been justified?

We say we don’t endorse prejudice against one group or another, but for some reason we also want to make sure people know who the “we” and the “they” really are. CNN would probably say it was simply trying to clear up a common misunderstanding that, in this case, may have been shared by the gunman himself. Fair enough. The assertion that Sikhs are not Muslims is certainly true. Jains are not Hindus, and Mormons are not Methodists either.

But in the post-9/11context of a deadly act committed by an apparent white supremacist against a congregation that is largely ethnically South Asian—a congregation that includes bearded men in turbans—broadcasting the mantra that “Sikhs are not Muslims” takes on a far more insidious subtext: Don’t blame these people, it implies, for the unspeakable crimes of 9/11. It’s Muslims you want.


At the height of the accusations that Obama was a closet Muslim, the only public figure I saw get it right was former Secretary of State Colin L. Powell, the first black man ever to hold that office. In his famous “Meet the Press” appearance on Oct. 19, 2008, Powell, like others, condemned the “false intimations” that Obama was a Muslim. But he then went on to say: “But really the right answer is, what if he is [a Muslim]? Is there something wrong with being a Muslim in this country? The answer’s ‘No; that’s not America.’“

It’s time for all of us—Democrats and Republicans, “tea partyers” and Occupiers, conservative evangelicals and progressive Episcopalians, Latinos, blacks, Asians and whites alike—to take the kind of wise and principled stand that Powell took. {snip}



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  • WmarkW

    Talk about the faintest of praise.

  • LaSantaHermandad

    “But really the right answer is, what if he is [a Muslim]? Is there something wrong with being a Muslim in this country? The answer’s ‘No; that’s not America.’“Colin, you got it right again.  It’s NOT America and it won’t BE AMERICA when they seize power.
    Please send me a post card from that ” Fools Paradise” in which you live.

  • Chimp Master Rules

    QUOTE:  “CNN would probably say it was simply trying to clear up a common misunderstanding that, in this case, may have been shared by the gunman himself. ”

    What do muslims have to do with any of this?

    Right away, the spin was that a white, nazi, skinhead, racist, evil, supremacist, white, moron, military washout, white guy  had stupidly mistaken one group of turban wearers for another.

    But that does that even make sense?  The guy was in a  technical skill MOS in the Army – he fixed Hawk missiles and then went to work on audio electronics.  He wasn’t a brain surgeon, but he wasn’t the hospital janitor either.  He had his airborne wings which means he was alert and on the ball.  He was reasonably intelligent and I think he was well aware of multicults and the damage they cause.

    I think he got exactly who he wanted to get.  This wasn’t “anti-muslim.”  It was anti-multicult.

    Every white community has one or more flavors of multicults swarming in.  For this guy, it was Sikhs.  It could just as easily have been Zulus or Eskimos.  I think he took care of the business at hand as he saw it. 

    •  Unfortunately, his community doesn’t exist in a vacuum.  He shot some non-whites, big deal.  Anders Breivik understood who the real enemy is, and attacked them directly.  Until we make it so the white anti-whites can’t keep importing non-whites, it doesn’t matter if this guy had been able to shoot all the Sikhs in in the Midwest.

      • Were The White Peoples to Stand Together, the non-whites would go home.  They can’t make a move without our approval and why we approve, I need someone to tell me why.  I need to know why and the “marxism” stuff doesn’t explain it.  Why, where from and how did the hate for us come to be needs to be explained.

        Someone needs to explain why we have no right to be left alone and don’t hand me this ‘because The Bible tells you so’ (your children’s children children will pay for your sins) stuff neither ’cause as some would tell you, God doesn’t exist so, what’s the reason? Can you help me?

        •  The hate for us by whom? For non-Whites overall, it comes from birth and blood. It is eternal. And natural.

          • Non-whites didn’t do this though.  Our White Leaders voted for this.  Why they voted for it is what I need to know.  I’m talking about the Minority Privilege, 1965 Immigration, ’90 IMMACT, etc.

            I know they say slavery and racism but “racist” crimes were already on the books (murder/assault) and slavery is a lie too so who made slavery a white thing and crime committed by white people something to trigger extra rights and privileges for non-whites and why non-white on white crime does not trigger same for us?

          •  Of course, the hatred of whites for themselves is much more difficult to understand. My point was that non-whites have a default hatred of us. It is not a reaction to anything. If a handful end up determining otherwise, it is because they have chosen against their default nature.

            Slavery has been found to have been a practice in just about every culture in history. Genocide too, has been found between cultures which never encountered Western civilization.

            My opinion is that White self-hatred is beyond reason. It is evil on the level of holding one’s own daughters as sexual slaves.

        • dmxinc


          I agree with you to a point. I have made ALL the same arguments myself. However, you quote, “God doesn’t exist.” I realize your wording doesn’t quite commit you to that belief, however, if you are entertaining the belief that God doesn’t exist consider something:

          If God doesn’t exist, then EVERYTHING you are fighting for doesn’t matter anyway. Do as you please for this short time here on Earth, because it will all pass away.  You and everything you know and value will turn to dirt.

          Without God there is no “right” or “wrong” because there is no legitimate judge, only those who would make themselves judges over us and who cares what those people think? Anything matters only to the point that we are answerable after death, all else is futility. We only fool ourselves into believing our actions have worth beyond providing a little comfort and enjoyment for ourselves and our families.

          My difficulty has been in trying to figure God’s hand (or position) in any of this destruction of our country, people and way of life. I realize that my vision is short and that many things may not be resolved for decades or centuries. My timing is not His timing. Perhaps what we value is not what He values. Does God care if America, the West, our culture, and our people disappear? If He doesn’t, then all actions on our part will remain futile. If He doesn’t, it does not make Him against us, it may just be that our perspective on life and death and how we should live is not what it should be.

          The injustices in our country and stupidity that propagates it are clearly visible to all who choose to open their eyes. What I have not resolved is what should be done about it.  I knew there would be guys, like this killer, that lash out. He will not be the last by any means, but a million more like him will not solve the problem of the basic mindset of White people who have bought into multiculturalism and all that goes with it.

          Ultimately, as Lincoln pointed out, it matters more that we are God’s side rather than asking if He is on ours.

          • “My difficulty has been in trying to figure God’s hand (or position) in
            any of this destruction of our country, people and way of life.”

            Remember that Satan too has a hand. We must be careful not to ascribe to God what is rather the work of the Devil. God is not evil, and does not promote the evil driving us to dissolution. Satan is and does: the left is Satanic whether they think so or not.

            The institutions which think they uphold “true Christianity” in our world have been loud and clear in their condemnation of the Christians of the past: this is because the great Christians of our heritage did not conform to modern liberalism.

            God was on our side when we had faith in Him and not in liberal slogans. Why should we expect Him to care about a humanist-atheist modern West responsible for slandering and squandering Christendom?

          • I wrote “as some people would tell you”.  I wouldn’t tell you that because I believe in God.

            You must be new here.  Lots of my posts talk about God and as you hang around and read more, you’ll see there are Atheists here too and they were who I was talking about.  They’re good people, they just don’t believe in God like I do.

  • bubo

    I was wondering how long it would take for the media to pick this up.   The Sikhs have been adamant about not being perceived as Muslim for the last week much to the horror of the PC media.   The fact of the matter is that Sikhs, Hindus and Muslims have been at each others throats for many years in their part of the world. 

  • Who cares?  Non-whites murder White People all the time but do they care about that?  I get tired of all the fawning over unassimilated Third World Invading Aliens while White Victims barely get a mention and when they do, it’s usually about how Whites are “racist” and somehow deserved it or it wasn’t a racist act committed against them or how the poor non-whites were just acting out frustrations of “white institutionalized racism” or White People need to reserve their judgement or…

    • zimriel

       Here’s the thing, though – not all non-whites are the same, and some are even pro-white at least situationally (“pro-West”). There is no good in pissing off or, worse, murdering potential allies.

      • That’s funny.  I’ve never seen even one non-white stand up and declare that their Minority Privilege is Utterly Un American and I’ve never seen any non-white say White Men are being discriminated against every single day and I’ve certainly never seen any non-white say White People are allowed to have their own neighborhoods and communities like they themselves have here in America.

        I have however, seen non-whites take over entire neighborhoods and communities and I have seen them line up for all their Minority Privilege and I have seen them have even more children they cannot afford while on Welfare and I have seen them refuse to learn English yet expect White Tax Paying Americans to pay so they can have their language printed for them in our English Speaking Country.  I’ve also seen them lie about fleeing their supposed horrible Countries yet the first thing they do is turn whatever part of America they moved into, into the exact same Third World Hell Hole they crawled from and then actually expect America and Americans to welcome it with open arms and on our American Dime too.

        I have also seen them attack White People on a constant basis and never be charged with extra crimes like White People are.  They get charged with robbery and we get charged with robbery AND hate crime.

        You ally yourself with non-whites and I will ally myself with White People who feel the same way I do.  I always said, White People are going to split and I say it because we need to.  There’s still too many White People who don’t get it and they need to be separated so when they repeat History, they won’t be spreading their disease to the rest of us.

        I don’t mean to be so mean but I’m all filled up now and it’s spilling over.  This is what happens when you watch your own people be refused equal treatment while those who don’t even have a History here, get privilege.

        Just tell me, are White People are allowed to be left alone or not?  Do we or do we not, have a Right to a Country of our own?  Why are we the only ones who always have to make room for, pay for and move over for non-whites?  And why, why are White People obligated to accept non-whites?

        Last point:  Every time non-whites “help” White People, the next thing to ALWAYS come is, we have to accept and take in everybody that wants to come here no matter their allegiance.  That is a trick put upon us by them and our very own people and why no one can see it, I really don’t know.  I know a Vietnamese Translator, Ty is his name but it wasn’t just him who was allowed to live here.  Des Moines is FLOODED with asians of which most of them had nothing to do with the War and the mass majority of them certainly never helped any White Person EVER yet what do they get?  EVERYTHING and who pays for it?

        I’m still waiting for anyone to tell me why White People aren’t allowed to just be left alone already.  Give me one, just one community please.

        •  I have seen such people, but they are few, and many are in the position of  being counted amongst Whites and are essentially stuck being in our boat. I know of a handful of American-born individuals of mixed European and East Indian origin that fit that situation, possessing a visible degree of admixture but speaking only English and having almost no connection to a wider “minority-community”. Without such a membership, they are left being attached to the general White population which of course is lacking of a defined and assertive identity.

          Then there are palefaced foreigners who do have an ethnic identity, but as a minority that is distinct from and at odds with the general White population. And no, I am not taking a veiled swipe at Jews with that statement… at-least not exclusively.

        • dmxinc


          You have it figured out. No question.  The problem is that so few do and even fewer can/will do anything about it.

      • The Worlds Scapegoat

        ” Here’s the thing, though – not all non-whites are the same, and some are even pro-white at least situationally (“pro-West”).”

        By “situationally” do you mean as long as they get free handouts?

      • Sikhs can only be viewed as pro-western if they in their homeland and battling Moslems or Communists as part of a united front against those ideologies. Outside of their homeland, they are just more foreigners from the Third-World. They don’t have a role to play here, and should return or at-least withdraw entirely from community life (i.e., not involving themselves in our politics, as they have done on a wide scale in areas like British Columbia).

  • IstvanIN

    We are killed by browns and blacks in greater numbers than the browns and blacks are killed by us.  At the end of the day we are the real victims.  Sorry, but I am at the point that I simply do not care what happens to them.  The Temple shooter was no doubt a nut and those people shouldn’t have been killed but I simply do not care any more.  I am done.  I am sure the French partisans felt the same way about young German soldiers in France, they weren’t the cause of the war but neither did they belong in France.

  • Sikhism is an interesting ethnic religion/culture, but- they belong to India. They’re absolutely non-adaptable & even more tribal than Muslims. I can respect them- from safe distance. They don’t belong to any part of the Western world.

  • Clytemnestra

     The media knows that Page was targeting Sikhs and they are covering up WHY he targeted Sikhs.  Because they are afraid that if they honestly reported Page’s motivations, he might find a more sympathetic hearing with the American public,

    It’s IMMIGRANT WORKERS, stupid.  There is no longer a single profession that is safe from being in-sourced by foreign labor, including the Sikhs.

    Page was an unemployed trucker who could not get work.  Oddly enough, the Sikhs who were brought in on H1B worker visas had no problem. 

    Now you know the truth.  Please feel free to spread it all over the internet, because the Talking Headcases on MSM, whether they are “conservative” or not, will not touch this with a twenty-foot pole.

    The Pages of this world are wasting their time by going after the ethnic minorities.  They need to go after the people who are letting them in.  Mind you, I am not advocating rolling over and playing dead if these minorities attack Whites.  The Whites NEED to retaliate with them and make it transparent as to why. 

    However, the real focus of Whites should NOT be on these ethnic minorities but on the people who let them in.  We can’t say we are curious about keeping our country if the likes of Teddy Kennedy and John McCain have political office until they die of old age and are carried out feet first.  TK and those who helped him change the Immigration Law should have been primaried the next election and replaced with people to overturn it.  Every single White politician who signed off on an Anti-White law should have been primaried as well.

    It is only when it becomes clear to the Congressional Critters that NO incumbent is safe from paying the price for stupid and evil decisions that this stuff will stop.  Every White racial realist needs to register to vote, watch these treacherous bastards like hawks, and then primary them the moment they step out of line.

  • You are one of those that will be swallowed up because after all this time, you still are unable to see how non-whites and “whites” use ALL tactics against you.

    It matters none, none, how you act.  If you’re nice, they use it against you, if you defend yourself, they use it against you and if you’re Mentally Ill and act out, they use it against you and if you’re just fed up and act out, they use it against you.  If you speak using only Logic and Reason, they use it against you.  They use Christianity against you (you’re not Christian if you don’t allow them their demands, etc.) and no matter what the actual facts are, you will always be nothing but an evil White who must be destroyed at all costs.  They’re so good at what they do, they have you working for them and you don’t even know it.

    You have no idea what you’re up against.  You continue to play nice and I will continue to call them out for exactly what they are and what they’re doing.

    My best advice for you is:  Don’t bother with me.  I will never change my mind and I will never be so quick to pass judgement on my own people unlike you are all too willing to do, when the F.B.I. themselves have yet to declare  the man’s reason or even his mental state.

    The tea party is phoney.  They say they are “all inclusive” but America isn’t all inclusive.  Well, she is now and that’s why she’s in the sorry state she’s in but they’re too stupid to see it.  By the way, it was the “tea party” who just helped elect a hispanic in Texas I think it was.  They’re not for White People and if you dare say to them that White People have Rights too and deserve to get the exact same privileges and considerations all the non-whites/women get just for not being a White Man, you will be ostracized and labeled a “racist” by them.  Go ahead and see if you can get them to fight for White People to be relieved of paying Taxes for all the Government Set-Asides that currently go to non-whites/women.

    NRA is the same.  Phoney to the core.  I don’t see them fighting for Americans neither.  “We” are to be Free from Cruel and Unusual Punishment and Americans who lose their Right to own guns FOREVER even though they paid for their non-violent crime and have been crime free for well over twenty and thirty years, are being Violated yet no one wants to fix that neither, especially the NRA.

    The time for pretending is over.  I will not give up my Right to Free Speech for you or anyone else just so y’all can continue to let this thing get to the point of truly, no return.

    Last point:  Without having facts, White People who commit acts of violence are AUTOMATICALLY labeled and when facts do come in and especially to their mental state, NEVER is an apology or retraction ever made.  I’m not going to play nice when they won’t.

    • IstvanIN

       You, young lady, are absolutely correct!

      • Inequality and Invasion can and does bring people to discount entire groups of other people.  Believe it or not, I never had anything against non-whites or our liberal whites neither.  I was always against “civil rights” though because you’re not allowed to punish an entire people for the crimes of a few.  People commit crime individually and they are to be punished individually.

        It wasn’t until I learned about all the lies about racism, slavery and colonization and watched Town after Town be forced to give up their American Culture so as to include Third World that I began to dislike them.  When not even one American Town can just be left alone to remain American, I have a problem with that.  They don’t get to cry “innocent” when it is they themselves who refuse to live and let live.

        And I don’t like Jews neither now and here’s why:  I ordered a pizza last time around Christmas and I was forced to hear “happy holidays” and when I called him out on it, he told me he was no longer allowed to say “Merry Christmas” because some Jew complained.  So now I get to be offended so some Jew who CHOSE to move here, won’t be offended.  Isreal exists now and if Jews don’t like Christmas, they can move to Isreal who also doesn’t like Christmas.

        Why is The American always expected give up piece after piece of American Culture and Tradition just so some Alien who again, CHOSE to live here, won’t be offended by the Culture they CHOSE to live in?

        When do I get to move to other Countries and force them to give up everything and change everything I disagree with?

        •  Alexandra1973:

          The Cromwells also prohibited a near-winter solstice observation of the birth of Christ for the same reason.

        • ALEXANDRIA,

          I know Christmas is called “pagan” but it’s still American.  I lean toward Jehovah’s Witness Style of Christianity so I agree with you but  I disagree too.

          Christmas is American.  German Culture and Tradition, whether people like it or not, is a Great Part of American Culture and Tradition and Germans aren’t pagans.

  • Reminds me of Gandhi’s views on how South Africa treated Indians.  He got really mad when they were compared to blacks.

    Talk about going for the silver medal…

  •   Donate money and work for a candidate that challenges the traitors in the primaries.

    Fear not, you’re preaching to the choir.  I’ll let everyone try to put two and two together.

  • Carney3
    •  article is heavily biased

      • Carney3

        What a shock, somebody named “Singh” unhappy about unflattering FACTS being published about Sikhs.  Tell me, Singh, what FACT is untrue in the article?  “Bias” doesn’t mean “it makes me look bad”.  “Bias” means, the article is distorting reality by giving undue weight to the negative and ignoring the positive.  But NO positive aspect of having Sikhs around is worth the crime, terrorism, and the changing of the white, British, Canadian-ness of Canada into a South Asian / Third World nation.  If South Asia was so great, you’d have stayed there.  The more of you come, the worse you make Canada.  Go home, ALL of you.

        •  i am not in Canada even not in white world either. i am home where whites are found in ashrams trying to learn yoga. its not about being unhappy about the article its really biased racially motivated. let us talk about this article now.
          “baptized Sikhs have a duty to be soldiers for their faith, continuously
          prepare for a fight, and participate in armed conflict when called upon.”

          This is not true, many sikhs died in defending people of other faith for example Hindus see this article.

          Sikhs must fight for the cause weak and poor.sikhs fought two world wars. was this for sikhs themselves

           sikhs feed millions of hungry people every day

          “In theory, anyone can become a Sikh, but the faith is essentially racially based.” this is also not true

          Think as a human not as a white

          • Carney3

            I might well respond, “Think as a human not as a Sikh.” What do you care how people far away feel about Sikhs since they cannot affect you? It’s because you feel a loyalty to your people above any feeling you have for outsiders. So what’s wrong if I feel that way about my fellow whites.

            Nothing in the sentence about baptized Sikhs having a duty to fight for their faith is contradicted by the irrelevant posts about how Sikhs have also fought for other reasons.

            Every religion practices alms-giving.

            The fact that a tiny handful of whites have converted does not erase the reality that the basic, real-world reality is that Sikhism is an ethnicity as well as a religion.

          • if i am not there doesn’t  mean that no one who is in my relation doesn’t live there. these incidences can affect them and hence affect me.
            Sikhism is more about being Human and my forefathers who were Hindus accepted Sikhism.
            Feeding hungry and helping needy is a duty of sikh. it is not about giving alms.
             “Nothing in the sentence about baptized Sikhs having a duty to fight for
            their faith is contradicted by the irrelevant posts about how Sikhs have
            also fought for other reasons”
            can you prove it, with hard evidences.

            sikhism is youngest religion and we don`t have missionaries to convert people.we donot forcibly convert people.

          • SINGH,

            What?!?  White People have Relatives too but we don’t pretend to feel what they feel.  Empathy is what we feel and that’s because NO ONE can feel the pain of another.

            feeding hungry – Please explain why your people are still starving to death.

            White People don’t “forcibly” convert people neither.  What is that?  Some feeble minded attempt at a jab towards White People and our Christianity?  You wrote “missionaries” and the only people I know who are “missionaries” are White.  So, what are you saying?

            Please don’t pretend and cry foul like you were talking about ALL people (missionaries) for you are on a WHITE Forum.  You have an agenda and we all know it.

          • Let’s see here…  According to you:

            siks fight and die for their fellow indians aka hindues.  Okay, so?  Tell me again, what do you do for White People?

            Your following list of links is about you people fighting for only your own.  No news here.

            feeding poor  – “sikhiwiki”.  Hmmm, no bias there…  Site a credible source or forget about it.

            siks not racially based – Yes they are but who cares?  Everyone is “racially based”.  It’s Nature so learn to Love it already.

            “think as a human and not as a white”.  You couldn’t be more hateful, more racist or more deliberate than this.  You expect to be allowed your Identity yet DARE to tell White People to think of themselves as just “human”?  It is for this sort of stuff as to why I will NEVER listen to any of you Demon Spawn.

          • i am done there is no point for  further discussions…kill as many non whites as want. muslim kills non muslims, nazis killed jews so forth and so on………happy killing

        •  Further this article doesn’t tells about killing of innocent sikhs in November 1984 by Hindus in the most planned way, it could not answer why there was media black out during operation blue star, who demanded khalistan “sikhs demanded it” even GOI could not prove how sikhs demanded. only single person from India made an announcement that too in USA about demand of khalistan. sikhs is the most loyal community to India even now. current Indian prime minister and army chief both are sikhs.
          Nobody was able to prove who bombed kanishka airline, because how could an act be proved  which was never done by any of the  Sikh, .they look similar thats all…. there is no concrete evidence only accusations are made. what if it was done by some intelligence agency.

          This article does not tell about ethnic cleansing of sikhs   and human rights violation against sikhs in Punjab and elsewhere. atrocities made by the police on sikhs, say for example rape of sikh women, killing of innocent sikh men in cold blood. and it also does not talk about 1984 sikh genocide, inactivity of police forces while people were killed before their eyes. Not a single person  even today is punished for 1984 sikh genocide. WHO ARE THE GUILTY?
          all this happened to us just because we are Minority in India too? . i was only a year old when our shop and house was set fire by Hindu mob on 2nd November 1984. i have copy of its First information report (FIR) made to the police. 
          On contrary  American police punished Page for his cowardly act…i hail to them.

          • Carney3

            I’m really not at all interested in who’s in the right vs. who’s in the wrong in the bitter blood-feuds of various non-whites. The relevant point is, you Sikhs brought your bitter quarrel with you when you came to the white world, creating trouble, hassel, and danger for us. Solve your own problems; don’t make them our problems as well.

          •  “I’m really not at all interested in who’s in the right vs. who’s in the wrong in the bitter blood-feuds of various non-whites”
            I never asked you….I wanted to prove that the article you provided is biased and hence it is.

            “The relevant point is, you Sikhs brought your bitter quarrel with you
            when you came to the white world, creating trouble, hassel, and danger
            for us”

            It were the whites who destroyed India and Sikh Raj, Punjab. And you whited created Pakistan too the source of terrorists destroying India. Whites looted all our wealth and prosperity. whites destroyed our country and our culture too. And now you talk about problems, you people  destroyed many culture and races

            “Solve your own problems; don’t make them our problems as well.”
            The problems you are talking about were created by your white forefathers. hadn’t they have destroyed Sikh homeland and deprived us from Sikh raj, all these problems wouldn’t have arisen.

          • SINGH,

            You proved nothing.  Truth knows nothing but Truth and those who refuse to accept it are those who ignore it the most.

            As for your spiel on White People and their supposed draining of resources from you and yours, no, that’s just not true.

            If you have a problem with what a bunch of long dead White People did to your Country, you need to take it up with your own people.  They are the ones who sold you out, not White People.

            “white forefathers”.  You need to be Thanking Jehovah and in Jesus’s Name, that I am not in charge.  This nasty and hate filled comment of yours would get you expelled from America and Europe for Life.  You and every square inch of your Blood Line too.

            My Founding Fathers’ took nor stole anything from anyone EVER!  This isn’t the place to be bashing White Men least of all those who FOUNDED this Country YOU Third World Aliens dare to Disgrace with your UnGodly Presence.

          • It is NOT the business of America and Americans.  You people need to settle your own business.

            hindus – They’re a part of you.  You are from India and so are they.  It’s like The North and The South over here.  The North loves to say, “we won” but they didn’t win.  Like you, the war ain’t over for us but unlike you, we don’t go killing each other over what’s been declared as over.  We just say we don’t like the yanks, they didn’t actually win and We will Rise Again but that’s all.

            If you want American Protection, you gotta pay for it.  “We” are not to pay for you.  “We” have a Right to not to be taxed without Representation and paying for the affairs of foreigners is a clear Violation of that Right.

          •  There is no difference between you and Muslims. you all preach & spread hate and violence. By the way i was never interested in settling in Europe or americas

      • Truth always is.

        The Truth is, while The White Peoples were busy creating and building the Greatest Society ever known to Man Kind and bringing things like Fairness and Freedom to the Forefront, you people were and still are practicing the exact same backwards and barbaric crap you’ve always practiced.

        In short, you people have grown not one single inch.  Not one.

        •  yes i agree to you…….but killing innocents is fairness and freedom. we have not grown agreed but you to are the same. hatred hatred hatred but nothing else.

          • You mean, ‘killing innocents is “not” fairness and freedom”.  No, it sure is not Fair nor Free but it sure does Guarantee it and why that is always ignored should be answered too.

            Before you dare preach “hate”, you must make the first move and do away with whatever part of your Culture we say is ‘hatred, hatred, hatred and nothing but hatred’ before we will talk about giving up ours.

            Remember now, you came here.  Once again, the non-white invades the White.  Y’all need to learn how to leave other people alone.

  • who cares? They dont belong here either.

  • For all the hand-wringing by liberals, I think the Sikhs still don’t feel any more threatened here than in India. In fact, they are probably surprised by how little violence has touched them here.


    •  I am a sikh. and i liked the way American media and American people responded to the incident. Minorities are killed everywhere whether its India or elsewhere. In November 1984 and in 90`s sikhs were killed in cold blood but we never got  justice.

      • Of course you’re a “sik” and of course you liked the “response”.

        “american” Media does not represent Americans and Non-Whites aka “minorities”, are NOT Minority.  White People are the only True Minorities.

        Non-whites account for over Six Billion people while The White Peoples account for less than one.  Don’t you dare try to play semantics with me and count non-whites separately ’cause I’ll do the same and I guarantee ya, I’ll win.

        “justice”.  What’s “just” is for you spawn to go back where you belong.  You’re an Invader and you take from a Country and People that you have No Right to.

        Since you’re in America and, I’m quite sure, taking FULL advantage of all those WHITE Tax Paid for “Minority Privileges” you so richly but undeservedly enjoy, tell me, when shall we see you here pouring out sympathy for the untold numbers of the White Victims of Vicious Racism that is being constantly committed against us?

        And where’s your sympathy for all the White Men that have been conveniently laid off while the company undergoes “restructuring” and then, once again, conveniently never called back for work?

        •  i am not against whites or any group or any human in any form……if you want to save white ………..best wishes……..but violence will lead nowhere.

    •  But this does not approve violence against Sikhs or any other community.

      • “approve”.  What a funny word that can be when applied to fit one’s agenda.

        You’re disingenuous at best and a deliberate agitator at worse.  You’re expecting to gain some sort of sympathy or acknowledgement from a People you and yours seek to control and that just ain’t happening.

        Europe or America, it doesn’t matter, wherever you people go, you don’t do anything but drain whatever welfare system you can and take over and promptly destroy any and all pieces of Land you squat on.  Proof of this can be found in the very Country you and yours come from.

        •  i am done there is no point for  further discussions…kill as many non
          whites as want. muslim kills non muslims, nazis killed jews so forth and
          so on………happy killing

  •  this is not true mark.

    • Yes it is True.

      You people CHANGE American Neighborhoods into your own Third World Piece of Hell and you have the audacity to expect Americans to keep Paying for it.

      Know this, the Free Ride is just about Over.  Sixteen Trillion Dollars worth of Debt (conservative figure aka not counting unfunded financial promises made) and the first to go will be you.  No how, no way will Americans EVER deny their own for the likes of you.

      You people bring nothing to the table except for your Uncleanliness, your Natural Instinct for Violence and Corruption and your Complete Disregard for all that is Good.  You people KNOW NOT one single whit about Ethics, Morals, Law and Order, Personal Responsibility or any other White Value.

  • Turban and kripan  are essential part of Sikh dress. In India we never forced Christians not to wear crosses,  nuns or monks wearing their dresses.


    • “in India”, “in India” you keep saying but guess what you sad excuse for a “minority”, you’re not in India.  You keep saying you are but I highly doubt it.  It’s not like you people are known to be the most Honest among us.

      What’s with all this “forced” stuff you keep writing about?  If you or anyone you know is being “forced”, you need to take that up with whoever’s doing the forcing and stop whining and crying to us White Folk.  “We” have problems of our own and can’t be bothered with you and your India.

      p.s.  ‘Twas but a few short years ago that India stumbled upon TRILLIONS worth of Treasure.  Ask your Government about that and get your welfare and protection from that found money instead of expecting us do it and pay for it.

  •  those who drop turbans and kripans are not sikh. Keeping kes (uncut hair) and other Four k`s, are mandatory for sikhs. Also a sikh under any circumstances must not
    1. cut hair
    2. have sex with man/woman except his/her own spouse
    3. use intoxicants.
    4. eat Halal meat as prepared by muslims.

    if any violates any above four don’t s  is an apostate.

  • SINGH,

    Your Culture, Customs, Religions and Traditions do not belong here.  There’s nothing to debate here.

    You’re here preaching about your Third World Religion to a bunch of people who don’t want it and you’re doing EXACTLY what you pretend to be against.

    No one falls for your false cries of innocence/oppression/racism/justice, etc.