Russia Must Counter Nationalist Threat, Putin Says

Gleb Bryanski, Reuters, August 24, 2012

President Vladimir Putin said on Friday that Russia must counter a serious threat from nationalists he said were taking advantage of democratic freedoms to gain influence in a country with a fragile mix of ethnic groups.

He rebuked local authorities, saying recent outbreaks of ethnic violence were “primarily the result of the inaction of law enforcement organs and irresponsibility of bureaucrats”.

“Today more and more often, under the guise of development of democracy and freedom, various ethnic nationalist groups are raising their heads. They take part in rallies, work on the Internet and among teenagers and students,” Putin said,

“In essence they all are pushing, provoking separatist tendencies inside Russia,” the president said, addressing the first meeting of his Council on Inter-Ethnic Relations. “It is important to confront their dangerous influence.”

Russia has seen several outbreaks of ethnic violence in recent years, including December 2010 riots near the Kremlin in which thousands of nationalist soccer fans attacked non-Slavic passers-by and clashed with police.

Nationalist soccer fans on Thursday attacked supporters of a team from the Muslim North Caucasus province of Dagestan in Moscow and St Petersburg, cities where tension between ethnic Russians and migrants from the Caucasus and other areas has risen.


“Corruption and prejudice among representatives of state bodies, and their inability to provide justice and defend people’s interests, are fuelling ethnic conflict and tension,” Putin said.


Putin interrupted a working vacation in the Black Sea resort of Sochi to travel to Saransk, capital of central Russia’s Mordovia region, home to the Finno-Ugric speaking Mordvin people—one of over 200 ethnic groups in Russia.

The trip was to mark what is considered the 1,000th anniversary of the region joining Russia. It was part of Putin’s effort to cast himself as a protector of Russia’s unity and ethnic diversity and use his power to discourage ethnic tension.

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  • Russia has been a multi-Ethnic nation for centuries. When the White Russians spread their influence to the south and  east they incorporated many Asiatic tribes into their kingdom. It is no surprise that there are ethnic tensions from time to time. A good portion of these central Asiatic tribes were consumed by the Russian majority and as a result  look more Euro than Asian today. There in lies the difference between non ethnic Europeans in Russia, and non ethnic Europeans in the rest of Europe. The ones in Russia have lived under the Russian flag for centuries upon centuries whereas the EU is importing black Africans right out of the jungle to live in Paris, London, and Brussels. 

  • RisingReich

    Well, well, well.  I’m glad to see a Kommunist bent leader confirm the truth – confirm that I’m right in trying to re-frame via vocabulary what the real ‘war of ideas’ is really all about.

    It’s NOT left or right.  It’s NOT ‘conservative’ vs. ‘libtard’ or even ‘progressive’.

    IT IS Nationalism vs. global Communism. 

    I wish I could convince more Americans I”m right. 

  • Putin warns of nationalist threat?

    At least according to some media sources here, cough cough Bill Kristol cough cough, Putin IS a Russian nationalist “threat!”

  • I suspect massive amounts of crude exists in these restless republics. 

  • Sherman_McCoy

    Well, that’s that.  Consider my day officially ruined.

  • You misunderstand this. He’s a statesman.

  • jeffaral

    True!   Putin belongs to an old Russian tradition of despots and imperialists.   Wether a racialist concience will come out of this Russian mess is to be seen.   To some extent Russians have parcially become Asians themselves.  

  • In this statement, we see the vast difference between a Czar, as “Little Father” of a homeland of homogenous racial solidarity, and a Western, Corporation Style ‘President’- who sees the land that elected him, as merely a business to be run. Mr. Putin, gospodiye pomiluye.

    You should know better than anyone, what ‘Narodnost’ means.

  • The Mordovin people never joined Russia = they were invaded and forcibly converted to Christianity .This is the same for all most all of Russias ethnic minorities .Those Mordivans today who maintain Mordivan tradition are those who fled to Bashkir and Tatar lands to escape forced Russianisation .