Analysis: Europe Far Right Shuns Breivik’s Acts, Flirts with Ideas

William Maclean and Catherine Hornby, Reuters, August 26, 2012

Norwegian mass killer Anders Behring Breivik may have failed to ignite a race war with Muslims, but he succeeded in stoking anxieties about the stability of Europe’s increasingly diverse societies.

Though his talk of an international underground of killers—latter-day Crusaders he called the Knights Templar—seemed to be mere fantasy, and while his methods place him far beyond the pale of mainstream politics, many of his beliefs are to be found within the fold of anti-Muslim, anti-immigrant populists.

“His ideological ‘manifesto’ is a distilled representation of a cultural crisis that pervades the European continent and finds expression in an increasingly xenophobic populism,” Kirsten Simonsen, a professor at Denmark’s Roskilde University, wrote in “Bloodlands”, a 2012 series of essays about Breivik.

Some notions—that Europe and its indigenous cultures are being weakened by immigration and multiculturalism—have been helping reshape the continent’s right-wing politics for years.

These beliefs occasionally find an echo on the margins of centre-right parties, among politicians seeking support from communities plagued by rising unemployment.


In a 2012 report, European police agency Europol stated the threat of violent right-wing extremism “has reached new levels in Europe and should not be underestimated. The threat will most likely come from lone actors, but organized, underground groups also have the capability and intention to carry out attacks.”

Some argue Breivik might have had more chance of setting off the kind of religious war he imagined if he had targeted Muslims, so as to create a cycle of revenge killings, rather than killing young white Norwegians from the pro-immigration Labour party, which encouraged a rallying behind common values.


U.S.-based researcher Arun Kundnani, in a June 2012 paper for the Hague-based International Centre for Counter-Terrorism, asserts that in the past two decades rightist violence in Europe has been comparable to Islamist bloodshed.

By his count, since 1990, at least 249 people had died in incidents of far-right violence in Europe, compared to 263 who have been killed by jihadist violence.


Fifteen to 20 million Muslims, out of a total population of 500 million, are estimated to live in the 27-member European Union as well as non-EU members Norway and Switzerland.

France, a nation of 60 million people, is home to Europe’s largest Muslim minority, estimated at about 5 million. Norway estimates two percent of its 5 million population are Muslims.

A 2011 Pew survey of 50 European countries said the Muslim share of the population was expected to grow from six percent of the region’s people in 2010 to eight in 2030, due in part to higher birth rates among Muslims than non-Muslims.


In Norway itself, Breivik’s deeds rebounded against the right. The mainstream but anti-immigration Progress Party, briefly joined by Breivik, suffered a huge blow in municipal elections two months after the attack.

But a growing number of opinion surveys show Europeans increasingly receptive to the notion that immigration, especially by Muslims, should be curbed or halted.


In June 2012 an Ipsos MORI poll on attitudes to immigration found that in seven out of nine EU member states surveyed the majority regarded immigration as having had a negative impact on their country: Sweden and Poland were the only exceptions.


Pepe Egger, head of Western European Forecasting for the UK-based Exclusive Analysis research house, says some of Breivik’s ideas are held quite widely among European political activists.

“The bizarre thing is that his ideas, as Islamophobic as they are, are almost mainstream in many European countries,” he told Reuters. “The perceived need to defend Europe against ‘Islamisation’ is not that far removed from what you can find in the opinion pieces in large daily newspapers.”

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  • JohnEngelman

    Calling those wish to prevent the immigration of those who will not or cannot conform to European norms of civilization “far right” is a way of derogating them without considering their arguments. 

    • WhiteGuyInJapan

       Yes, and on top of that, the designation of “far right” really shows the Left’s perspective.  When some media studies goofball calls the NRA a “far right-wing” organization, I always think, “Far to the right of YOU”.

    • The__Bobster

      No, their elites call them “crazy” while seeking the destruction of their own country. We’re living in the Bizarro world.

      • JohnEngelman

        When I think of someone who is on the “far right” I think of a neo Nazi, or a reactionary who wants to restore laissez faire capitalism.
        European social democracy has only worked in countries where nearly everyone is white. European Social Democrats need to learn that before it is too late. 
        I think social democracy would work with Orientals, but third world peoples game the system. When the welfare system expanded during the 1960s as a result of the War on Poverty millions of blacks quit low wage jobs and went on welfare. They knew the good life was out of reach, so they choose the easy life. Whites are less likely to behave that way.

        • Sherman_McCoy

          “European social democracy has only worked in countries where nearly everyone is white.”

          Truer words have not been spoken, and should be committed to memory to be brought out whenever someone praises OR criticizes socialism.

        • OPersephone

          The problem is that social democracy itself seems to spawn and foster the mentality that leads, ultimately, to the ideal of national multiracialism that is now the bane of all Western nations. It appears to be an inevitable progression.

    • Exactly. But then, who owns Reuters? Hitchcock’s massive time-line book, “Synagogue of Satan” clearly delineates who…. But, as they say, what else is new?

  • Pretty soon it will be a “far right” position to want to defend your house from a burglar!

    • WhiteGuyInJapan

       That was the message of the movie “American History X”.  If you use a legally-owned firearm to prevent people from breaking into your house and attacking your family, you are a “Nazi” and a “hater”. 

      • anarchyst

        It was interesting to note that there was a statement by the “tribe” in the movie “American History X.  Of course, the “tribe” had to insert one of its own in the movie to “prove” how horrible (white) racism is and that “anti-semitism” is real.

      • JohnEngelman

        They think we should view violent criminals as victims of social and economic injustice. They think it is our fault they are that way. If only their unmarried welfare mothers had gotten bigger AFDC checks they would have become responsible citizens. 

    • 1911ThePunisher45

      Too late. The West is broke. The global elite, I think, are shitting in their pants in fear right now. According to the plan, they were supposed to have white Americans disarmed and muzzled by now, but we have stubbornly beaten back every attempt to eviscerate the First and Second Amendments. They now see white Americans–already the most heavily armed ethnic group in the world–buying as many Kalashnikovs from Russia’s top armory as the Russian military and police are, while filling the comments sections of innumerable news articles with vituperative denunciations of their lies and thievery.

      The crushing defeat of SOPA and PIPA back in January was the global elites’ waterloo. It was their last chance to get us back under control before the coming economic collapse. They’re now finished and they know it

  • Chickens are coming home to roost.

  • Church_of_Jed

    “Europeans sense a demographic and cultural crisis,” and that “sense” is deemed as nothing more that another rise of the ugly prejudice that proves we “still have more work to do” at eradicating racism and hatred from the White community and that we need to urgently increase Diversity immigration and recruit more global Muslims for Obama’s civilian civil rights army.

  • Kronolog

    To focus on the Moslems themselves is to focus ones attention on the wrong problem – After all, they did not conquer their way into Europe with force. The problem is and has always been the political system, which allows the establishment to rule contrary to the wishes of the people. If you must make war, then make war against the political order (in that sense, Breivik was right in his choice of targets), because once the state is back in the hands of the people, the Moslem problem will actually be solvable.

    • The__Bobster

      As far as the elites are concerned, it’s back to business as usual. Obviously, they didn’t get the message, which is unfortunate, as more Breiviks are inevitable.

    • bluffcreek1967

      Yes, that’s a very perceptive point!

  • Chimp Master Rules

    QUOTE:  “Some argue Breivik might have had more chance of setting off the kind of religious war he imagined if he had targeted Muslims, so as to create a cycle of revenge killings, rather than killing young white Norwegians from the pro-immigration Labour party, which encouraged a rallying behind common values.”

    Hmm.  I don’t know Mr Some . . . but he has a point.  A lot of people have tried starting a race war this way – to include Charles Manson. 

    But of course, the negro is too stupid to take the bait and the white is too timid.

    Muslims, on the other hand . . . they have enough crazy juice flowing in them that it just could work.  They go ape when you just burn a book or publish a cartoon. 

    • The__Bobster

      You don’t cure a disease by attacking the symptoms.

  • I wish some people would bring back the Knights Templar.

  • The Norwegian prime minister Jens Stoltenberg should be put on trial for letting 400.000 African and muslims immigrants into Norway.

  • Yes we all know what Anders Breivik did killing 77 people was wrong, blah blah blah.

    But consider this , the rapes, murders and crime by blacks in Norway will out strip what Breivik did in the months and years ahead.

    Just look at South Africa, 50 murders a day by blacks. 

  • IKantunderstand

    I’m a math person. Also, a sports person. So far, the score is muslim team: 263; far right (whatever actually that is) 249. They’re ahead by 14 dead people. Our dead people. And, by the way, I will not even begin to count the numbers of our people who have died in centuries past. I’m not really sure about the rules; of course, as a White, I’m concerned by rules and fair play. I’m an idiot. All Whites are idiots. STOP THINKING THERE ARE RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Our enemies don’t have rules, have never heard of fair play, and , if they have, they think it’s a  tool to use against us! Please, White people, we are in a fight for our very existence. Breivik knew that. He picked a target that made sense to him.  Personally, I disagree that his target made sense.

  • Anders Breviek got 21 years for killing 77 people, that’s about 3 months for each person killed. This pathetic sentence illustrates how soft and liberal Norway is. A Norwegian prison is like a 5 star hotel. No wonder then they’re letting in hundreds of thousands of Africans and muslims.

    ”Multiculturalism is great ” so they say but then having a party on the Titanic was great too.

    • Sherman_McCoy

      David, he will never be released.  In Norway, it doesn’t really matter about the nimal ength of the system.  He will constantly evaluated.

      My beef is that he is doing easy time.  He did much to set our movements back.

  • IstvanIN

     So what if we are angry, what do they care as long as we are disappeared?

  • 1911ThePunisher45

    Look at all the new Conceal Carry/Right to carry, Castle doctrine, Stand your ground laws. If those laws stay on the books when the Dollar collapses, White Americans will bring back frontier justice. Around 90% of combat vets. are White, all the way back to my Grandfathers(still alive) war Korea.

    The Global Elite are running scared, the Bush family is buying hundreds of thousands of acres all over South America. They’re getting out of the U.S. as fast as they can. Oath Keepers was a complete blind side, got them scared. Now they know the military wont turn it’s guns on the American people when the Dollar falls and their paychecks stop. 

    The only people who don’t see it are the blacks, them being borderline retarded.Even the illegal imigrants are leaving in droves due to the economy, they have already crashed California and other states don’t have the same free ride California offered so the just go back home.
    The blacks in this country are in for a rude awakening once they find out the stores are’nt restocking more food for them to loot. It will get ugly, and alot of DWLs will most likely die by murder, commit suicide, or fall in line with the whites who have the guns. Get ready for some pain boys and girls.

  • bluffcreek1967

    Agreed, and thank you for pointing this out.

  • NM156

    Re. the first paragraph-that’s a new thought. I’ll remember that one. Thanks.

  • GM (Australia)

    Perhaps the concepts of Race Realism do not or should not really fit into the category of traditional Left vs Right politics. My understanding of politics is that the the Right is all about private enterprise and the Left is all about more government control of the economy and the rights of workers with a tendency towards socialism. Using this traditional model of the political spectrum I am certain that there are persons at both ends who are concerned about the future of the white race. For this reason I feel that we have all got it wrong, especially the media, to call  anyone who is concerned about the future of our race a right wing extremist. It is quite meaningless really.

    • JustaWhiteMom

      The problem is that since WWII, the Left has redefined the oppressed and oppressor classes.  Non-whites are now the oppressed and the whites are the oppressor.  Oppressors do not have any legitimate interests, even in their own existence.  You do not negotiate with oppressors; you destroy them.

      Of course, race realism is a massive threat to the worldview of the Left. Because if race realism is true, then non-whites are to blame for their own failures, and there goes the moral crusade and raison d’etre of these self-righteous anti-whites.

      Read about Antonio Gramsci.  The genocidal plan against whites is all right there.

  • It all started with coffee house layabouts convincing Europeans they were above menial labor.

  • JustaWhiteMom

    This is a tribal trick to get whites to act against their own interests.  Any assertion of white interests is neurotic.  No one wants to appear neurotic, so we shut up. 

  •  The problem was, they started eating their own propaganda.  Ask a leftist on the street, chances are he literally believes that race doesn’t exist and that America doesn’t have a culture.

    The problem any totalitarian system has is, the next generation of leaders are going to be the ones who are most able to say things that are obviously false and believe in the ideology without a critical thought.

    And that lack of vision screws them over.

  • Say whatever you want about Breivic’s actions, he attacked the elites and made them look weak and pathetic. Only ten years for murdering 70+ people…. That is feeble. Breivic’s career is just starting folks. He will still be young when he get’s out. A major economic catastrophe will steer millions of people his way. People follow the strong horse, not the weak one. Those who are running the show today are not only weak, they are incompetent, and they will be held responsible for the coming economic debacle. Europe is perched at the edge of an economic cliff in case anyone has not noticed. Putting Hitler in prison after the Munich beer hall Putsch did not neutralize him. Not only has Breivic not been neutralized, he comes out looking more competent than the government.

  • Feeble people placing roses and teddy bears. It is pathetic. The only way to honor the victims would be to execute the perpetrator. 

  • You know nothing about psychological warfare. Breivik’s actions shocked the lefties very deeply. Such great shocks are very effective at controlling people. You can convert most people to a totally different set of beliefs through such shocks. The muslims know this and have been practicing this for centuries. You violate people, administering a great shock, the more brutal the better. Their INITIAL response is to hate those that violated them. Those that hate the most end up becoming emotionally exhausted, they then wish for internal peace and start flirting with the idea of submitting to the enemy, then submission quickly follows, and they are converted. The article clearly shows that this is what is happening. Initially, any group associated as “rightist” lost in the elections. A year later though, Breveik’s ideas are being embraced. More brutal attacks such as  Breveik’s will only reinforce this and accelerate it. Most people are weak and are cowards. They hold beliefs that the authorities declare to be acceptable. When another player comes on stage who is more aggressive, and when it seems that such a movement is gaining momentum. people start to be converted en mass, like dominos falling. Before the thirties in Germany, the NAZI’s were a joke. The overwhelming majority of the population rejected them. In only a couple of years though, most Germans changed their beliefs, at least publicly. The fact that the elites in Europe dismiss this man as a “loon” or a “nut” is very dangerous for them. They can not play this game wrong or they will lose very quickly.