Australians Urged to Stand Up to Racism

Melissa Iaria, 9 News, August 24, 2012

Australians are being urged to stand up to racism in their daily lives.

Launching a new national strategy to combat racism on Friday, federal Attorney-General Nicola Roxon called on individuals to call out bad behaviour wherever they encounter it.

“It does require people to stand up when they see something that’s wrong and like in all other areas of bullying, the silence of the majority allows bullies to get away with bad behaviour,” Ms Roxon told reporters in Melbourne.

The strategy comes on the heels of a random survey of 2000 people last year, in which one in seven Australians reported experiencing discrimination based on their colour or background, a figure that has risen steadily in recent years.

Federal race discrimination commissioner Helen Szoke said racism was more prevalent in Australia than people believed.

“Australia is not a racist country, but racism exists and we have to do better,” she told reporters.

Dr Szoke said the Australian Human Rights Commission’s strategy would begin a national discussion about what racism is and include initiatives to prevent it.

She said racism could take a real toll on people’s lives and communities.

“Discrimination costs us financially and culturally,” she told the launch.

The three-year strategy is supported by a campaign titled “Racism Stops With Me” and has the backing of industry, unions, national sporting groups and Australians for Native Title and Reconciliation.

Australians for Native Title and Reconciliation national director Jacqueline Phillips said public consultations held in the lead-up to the strategy showed racism was a reality for many indigenous people.

“Racism is an ongoing reality for many Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, and can result in feeling like second class citizens in their own land,” she said.

Reconciliation Australia co-chair and former race discrimination commissioner Tom Calma said racism was a significant obstacle to achieving a reconciled Australia.

Ms Roxon said most Australians accepted people who come from other parts of the world but ignorance and bad behaviour still existed.

“We all like the idea of a fair go,” she said.

“Now we actually have to make sure we deliver it in our daily lives.”


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  • JackKrak

    I wonder if the Attorney General or the local equivalent in any country in the world besides Australia, New Zealand, the US, Canada or anywhere in Europe worries about “racism” among their citizens.

    Just one.

  • “Australia is not a racist country . . . ” But the United States is!  Funny how the most multicultural (multiracial) country on Earth is also simultaneously the most racist country on Earth!  Gee I wonder why.

    • 1911ThePunisher45

      Because the U.S. whites are the most heavily armed ethnic group on the planet.

      • ed91

         too bad we have so many white traitors amongst us.

        • Not as many as it seems. The traitors just have free run of the schools, media, and government. Hardcore liberals are only a sliver of the overall population.

  • “Australia is not a racist country, but racism exists and we have to do better,” ….

    We need native Australians to hate themselves.

    She said racism could take a real toll on people’s lives and communities.

    What’s Chicago’s murder rate? Go see Unamused to see what diversity does.

    “Discrimination costs us financially and culturally,” she told the launch.

    Lives, freedom,  liberties, peace, happiness, money, etc. Yeah, the black tax is a wonderful blessing.

  • libertarian1234

    “……….a random survey of 2000 people last year, in which one in seven Australians reported experiencing discrimination based on their colour or background…….”

    Of course they don’t mention the racial harassment by Middle Easterners and Asians against whites that inundated the beach areas a while back and could well be continuing today, but is unknown because the government keeps a lid on racial intimidation and attacks against whites, just as they ignore or play down Muslim on white rapes, because Muslims regard white women as sluts.

    The government fools there….as here…have been duped into believing that they must import warm bodies in order to stay economically solvent.

    To keep the white masses in line, because they see their country and way of life slipping away from them, with an  attendant rise in crime and other third world pathologies, the government flakes embarked on a psychological campaign of intimidation and misinformation wherein they insisted that “diversity” is a strength and any opposition to it comes only from racists and haters.  And it is kept up on a daily basis.

    As it is done here,  such nonsense is pounded into young minds from birth all the way through school,  with the eager assistance of the radically left entertainment industry and the press, who themselves, are products of mind-control and conditioning.

    It’s the same procedure that is employed in brainwashing prospective sect members to unquestionably be a true believer and to attack with rabid hatred anyone who is not.

    It works wonderfully on weak-minded fools and morons.

  •  The few Africans that live here cry nonstop about being marginalized and oppressed. In fact I seen a recent 60 minutes episode about racism in Melbourne. They featured a African guy who owned a shoe store.  Basically his business failed and he was going out of business. He then ent on to blame (wait for it)……………………………WHITE RACISM for the failure of his business.

    This guy was living in a semi jungle 5 years ago, but he knows that white racism is without a doubt responsible for his business failure. Our self proclaimed leaders inoculate non-Euros with this ideology almost immediately.

    For Christ sake, how can a guy that was starving to death summon the will to bad mouth a people and nation that have provided his family with food, shelter, clothes, and opportunity that was beyond his wildest imagination while living in the Congo.

    • The__Bobster

      I know of a Jamaican who came here a few years ago and was so “shocked” at White racism that he applied for a NAACP scholarship so that he could go to law school to become a racial grievance lawyer. The worst part is that he got it.

  • haroldcrews

    Hopefully the whites will report every instance of anti-white ‘racism’ that can be even remotely inferred.

  • From wikipedia  Nicola Roxan Australian attorney general

    ”Roxon was born in Sydney. She is the second of three daughters and the niece of the late Australian journalist and Sydney Push member Lillian Roxon.[1] Her paternal grandparents were Jewish and migrated from Poland to Australia in 1937. Anglicising the family name from Ropschitz to Roxon.”

    • I’m shocked I tell you, SHOCKED!

    • .

       I just looked up “Sydney Push” on Wikipedia. It sounds like a Frankfurt School clone. I wouldn’t be surprised if they were networked and funded by the same people.

  • ”but racism exists and we have to do better,” she told reporters.

    Can some liberal tell me the precise date when this ” terrible evil ” of racism doesn’t exist anymore ? or is it to be more exact  just a ruse to give whites a never ending guilt trip.

  • IKantunderstand

    The thing that absolutely amazes from one country to the next, is that we constantly must fight against racism. Why is that? Racism is natural and the way everybody is hardwired to act. This whole charade is as effective as forcing people who are righthanded, to write with their left hand. They can do it: they do it awkwardly, it takes them longer than usual, and everything they do is practically unreadable, but, what the hell, their left hand now has parity with the right.(Legally) Success for the incapable, semi-retarded, spastic left hand.  And. no handsim is allowed.

  • ncpride

    Sheesh, here is Australia’s version of our Unfair/White Privilege campaign. Of course they are pointing their finger at YOU White Australia.

    I do believe they are pushing this anti-white propaganda worldwide because they see they are losing their grip on White guilt. We’ve had enough and that makes them nervous.

  • Very true. The Sub-Saharan black African is unfit for anything beyond a hunter gatherer existence. To say this is not racism. It is simply the truth. If a area is more than 20-30% Sub Saharan black African you will visibly began to see civilization breaking down. Whether in Haiti, South Africa, east London, or Detroit. This is one of those inconvenient universal truths that express themselves beyond borders and various cultures.

    That being said, one has to wonder what is going on in the minds of our self proclaimed moral, intellectual, and philosophical leaders as they witness the destruction of their own nations come about from their own failed experiment. My guess is that this will not end well. I talk to working class Australians on a daily basis. So many are PISSED  off at what has happened in their country.

    Having lived in both the United States (I was born and raised on the South Side of Chicago) and Australia, I would have to say that the average Australian is far less politically correct than the average American. They are far healthier both physically and mentally as well. Of course there are exceptions. This or that celebrity may act in a liberal/Marxist manner. But the rank and file Auzzies are my kind of people.

    • They are far healthier both physically and mentally as well

      What are you basing this on? Just curious.

      • Sherman_McCoy

        Political correctness is a mental disease.  Ergo, less PC = mentally healthier.

      •  By mentally healthier I mean exactly what Sherman McCoy has alluded to. Less PC = a higher degree of mental health. More PC = Mental illness.

        As to the physically healthy comment. I realized that this assessment may offend some people and actually erased it before I put it back in.  I went back to the states three years ago. I was appalled at the complete lack of physical upkeep of so many of my countrymen + women. It was quite common to see young boys 17-18 years old in the physical prime of their life look as though they belong on a hog farm. As the hog, not the farmer. Depressing really. I am 36 years old and run between 5-8 miles at least 4 days a week. I find it hard to believe that a 19 year old boy cannot sacrifice 1 hour a day to some sort of fitness. Being physically fit instills both pride and confidence in a person. Particularly males.

        The women seemed (including young females 18-19 years old) to have oddly shaped unfit bodies.  Large numbers of the women I encountered seemed as though they just gave up on any and all attempts at staying in even partial shape.

        Now I understand full well that what I am saying is subjective. I also have no doubt that there are many many young men in our country that are in tip top physical shape. I have no doubt of that. I know many men still in the Marines as well as their younger cohorts whom I still keep in touch with and know full well that the United States still produces large numbers of capable men that can kick as* when needed.

        However the rank and file Americans I saw in the major U.S. metropolitan cities I stopped in were a truly pathetic, unfit, unhappy, ill mannered group of people.

  • It was the famous Australia All White policy, only British and then white Europeans were allowed in. This changed in the early 1980s.


    ”It is necessary that we should determine what are the ideals towards which every Australian would desire to strive. I think those ideals might well be stated as being to secure our national safety, and to ensure the maintenance of our White Australia Policy to continue as an integral portion of the British Empire. We intend to keep this country white and not allow its peoples to be faced with the problems that at present are practically insoluble in many parts of the world.”

    Australian prime minister Stanley Bruce 1925

  • sgmpalm

    No surprise here. Nicola Roxon’s paternal grandparents were Jewish. This is the first thing I look for when researching the diversity racket, racism, immigration, hate crimes, gay rights, banking control, media control, etc. Always look for the Jewish connection.

  • ELN

    Again, what is this fascination blacks have with moving to other continents where they are the minority and then whining and suing the native racial group there when things don’t go their way?
    Yeah, it happens to the best of us… read this story.