Has ‘Europe’ Failed?

Nicholas Sambanis, New York Times, August 26, 2012

Last week, European leaders met in Berlin amid new signs of an impending recession and an emerging consensus that Greece could leave the euro zone within a year — a move that would have dire consequences for the currency’s future.


The European debt crisis is not just an economic crisis: it is an escalating identity conflict — an ethnic conflict.

The European Union was a political concept, designed to tame a bellicose Germany.


Elites could sell that concept to their publics as long as Europe prospered and had high international status.


As Europe’s status declines, the already shaky European identity will weaken further and the citizens of the richer European nations will be more likely to identify nationally — as Germans or French — rather than as Europeans. This will increase their reluctance to use their taxes for bailouts of the ethnically different Southern Europeans, especially the culturally distant Greeks; and it will diminish any prospect of fiscal integration that could help save the euro.

The result is a vicious circle: as ethnic identities return, ethnic differences become more pronounced, and all sides fall back on stereotypes and the stigmatization of the adversary through language or actions intended to dehumanize, thereby justifying hostile actions. This is a common pattern in ethnic conflicts around the world, and it is also evident in Europe today.


A recent study by the political scientists Michael Bechtel, Jens Hainmueller and Yotam Margalit found that German voters’ attitudes toward the bailouts are explained by their degree of “cosmopolitanism,” or the extent to which they identify with geographically or culturally distant groups. More cosmopolitan individuals are more likely to support bailing out Germany’s southern neighbors.

Unfortunately, cosmopolitanism can be the first casualty of rising ethnic tensions, as populations react negatively to escalating political demagogy, strengthening the hand of extremists. Examples of such stigmatization in Europe abound, from the disparaging acronym PIGS, used to refer to the troubled economies of Portugal, Italy, Greece and Spain, to the tired medical analogies of an infection of the North by the contagious South. Germans tell the Greeks how to live; the Greeks reply by calling them Nazis.


Germans must have a frank public discussion about what it means to be European, how good European citizens should behave toward other Europeans and why a strong Europe is good for German interests in a world dominated by the United States, China and emerging powers like India and Brazil.



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  • Of course Europe failed, I mean how many Mexicans and Blacks are there in Europe?  As we all know, successful nations require massive amounts of non-white third world people.

    • The__Bobster

      But they DO have plenty of non-White turd world people.

  • Church_of_Jed

    “New York Times tells Europeans how to behave themselves,” and they will be told in this tone of voice, by this accent spoken by this woman, who runs the NYT:


    She is the icon of the J-word feminist victory over White Men.

    • The__Bobster


      The executive editor of the New York Times is disputing an accusation of liberal bias made by her very own public editor, Arthur Brisbane.

      In his final column for the Times, Brisbane wrote that his fellow staffers “share a kind of political and cultural progressivism” that “virtually bleeds through the fabric of The Times.” Brisbane even argued that Times reporters approached some liberal issues, like gay marriage and the Occupy movement, “more like causes than news subjects.”

      But Times executive editor Jill Abramson says she disagrees with Brisbane’s “sweeping conclusions.”

      “In our newsroom we are always conscious that the way we view an issue in New York is not necessarily the way it is viewed in the rest of the country or world. I disagree with Mr. Brisbane’s sweeping conclusions,” Abramson told POLITICO Saturday night.

    • bluffcreek1967

      How people can actually gather into an auditorium to listen to this frumpy liberal woman, with her mono-tone voice, is beyond me! But it’s very typical of guilt-ridden White liberals to speak much, using flowery words, and convey absolutely nothing!  

  • Yes Europe has failed.  It was a pipe dream from the start.  You can’t fight human nature and the tribalism that comes with it.

  • loyalwhitebriton

    As a proud Briton, and anti-EU (not anti European, anti EU), I am watching these tribulations of the EU with some anticipation. The sooner that Europe cleanses itself of the this exercise in international socialism, the better.

    As far as the Euro is concerned, the only good thing that the previous Labour government did was to keep us out of it; not because it was in our interest not to adopt the Euro, but because they feared (correctly) a public backlash. Nevertheless, it was good that we stayed out.

    ‘..as ethnic identities return, ethnic differences become more pronounced..’
    Good! Let the British, French, Germans, etc, experience a wave of nationalist sentiment; then when the EU has finally been dismantled, we can set up a mutually beneficial trade agreement, which was how European “cooperation” was sold to us in the first place.  

  • mobocrat

    As the economic power of the West fades, so does the worldwide influence of their globalist elite. Their dream of a NWO [the EU was to be the model]- their project above all- begins to look less and less inevidable, more and more shakey…They will begin to panic, to double down on all of their toxic, nation killing schemes: multiculti immigration, anti-White agitprop, the low-grade genocidal war against Euro-descended peoples via their black and non-white proxies; a psychological and physical war on all fronts. At this, the moment in time when they seem most ascendant, most triumphant, their egalitarian utopia begins to crumble. Their rage and frustration- for hate and hubris is their essence- will show its face more plainly. It is an open question if the deracinated Whites of the West still have what it takes to fight the coming war successfully.  

    • 1911ThePunisher45

      The West is broke. The global elite, I think, are shitting in their pants in fear right now. According to the plan, they were supposed to have white Americans disarmed and muzzled by now, but we have stubbornly beaten back every attempt to eviscerate the First and Second Amendments. They now see white Americans–already the most heavily armed ethnic group in the world–buying as many Kalashnikovs from Russia’s top armory as the Russian military and police are, while filling the comments sections of innumerable news articles with vituperative denunciations of their lies and thievery.  
      The crushing defeat of SOPA and PIPA back in January was the global elites’ waterloo. It was their last chance to get us back under control before the coming economic collapse. They’re now finished and they know it

  • RisingReich

    “The European Union was a political concept, designed to tame a bellicose Germany.”  I hope the NPD reads this and uses it as ammunition.  It’s really pretty powerful ammo in my opinion.  True intent of policy is revealed. 

    Good Lord, history is already littered with two stories of ‘political concepts designed to tame a ‘bellicose’ Germany’ that resulted in the whole entire world having to mobilize it’s forces ‘against evil’.  No one can fathom that maybe, just maybe, Germans are GOOD – and that all these high-brow kommunist blood suckers might not be such a great thing.

    The globalists keep saying ‘evil keeps rising’ and I keep saying ‘good keeps rising’. 

    I said it before and I’ll say it again.  Somehow, someway, the poor Germans are going to be blamed for the Euro collapse, a global recession, and the resultant global conflict – the third time in 100 years.

    The Germans aren’t evil.  The globalist kommunist vampires are. 

  • potato78

    The globalist kommunist vampires are so empty and void.  It is like vacuum.
    But Germans or Germany is solid human beings and a country.
    In this world, a winner will be savior.
    In west europe, the culture is tribalism culture.  Each country should keep its own way.  This would be better and let anglo-white/Jew keep them diversify.  This way will be more colorful.

    • bluffcreek1967


  • “The European Union was a political concept, designed to tame a bellicose Germany.”

    THIS was the implicit reason for forming the European Union? To corral and contain an aggressive Germany? 

    Weren’t we told the EU was formed to encourage and promote unified monetary polices such as currencies and trade? But all this time, it was about containing Germany.

    Only the New York Times was privy to this subterfuge? Only now is this being revealed to the public only when the EU seems on the verge of failing?

    Only now can the true motive be told. Is that why they really fear the break-up of the EU; because an independent Germany might go rouge and needs to be stopped?

    If this is true, the EU was nothing more than a preemptive strike against Germany. 

    • Sherman_McCoy

      What I have heard is that giving up the DM was the price Germany had to pay for the reunification.  That said, I have been paying a “temporary” 7% tax surcharge (Solidaritätszuschlag) to support the East ever since 1991.  I always thought THAT was the price.

      Regardless, decades of being demoralized and demonized has turned the typical German into a spineless pacifist, unwilling to raise the flag unless it be for the World Cup.  A more PC country you will not find.  

      And yet, there are rumblings from time to time that enough is enough, and Germans are tired of cosigning loans for the rest of Europe, and tired of uncontrolled muslim immigration.  I have hopes, dim as they may be, that Germany will pull out of this dive and start caring more about its citizens than it does the third world, and wacky environmental Marxism.

      If that happens, I intend to apply for citizenship.

      I remain, a white expat, hoping for a world in which to raise my children, where they are not inculcated with undeserved white guilt.

      • Vil

        Regardless, decades of being demoralized and demonized has turned the
        typical German into a spineless pacifist, unwilling to raise the flag
        unless it be for the World Cup.

        Amen. One cannot find less patiotic people. Heck, even Albanians have more national pride.

        And yet, there are rumblings from time to time that enough is enough,
        and Germans are tired of cosigning loans for the rest of Europe, and
        tired of uncontrolled muslim immigration.

        I do hear more and more bad remarks about the Turks and lately about the flood of SS-Africans as well. There may still be some hope.
        I usually hear that they dislike muslims because they have absolutly no respect for other cultures or religions, which we all know is a fact.

  • IKantunderstand

    I don’t know what the hell is the matter with the Germans. Clearly, they must know, not only is race a social construct, but so is ethnicity, nationality,etc. So what, exactly, is their problem with the Greeks? I would point out that they are both considered to be “White”.The fact that the Greeks have absolutely no grasp of future time orientation, are lazy, and prefer welfare to working, wait, I lost track, am I talking about african americans?

    • potato78

      Greek is the West Europe’s Africa.

      • ABM

        They are not even in Western Europe. A big chunk of the population is mixed with Turkish genes. Greek Nationalists don’t want to admit it. Take a look at the leader of Golden Dawn.

        • KenelmDigby


          But they’ve still got the right to keep Greece Greek – a right that I deeply respect.

  • So they shall, this failed multicultural/socialist experiment has brought White people together like never before. 

    Look at this site, we have Americans, Britons, Australians, Swedes and South Africans all complaining about the same issues. We are united in our complete disdain for the 3rd world and all the “diversity” they bring to our nations.   

  • rightrightright

    “Germans must have a frank public discussion about what it means to be European, how good European citizens should behave toward other Europeans and why a strong Europe is good for German interests   ……”
    That doesn’t sound like a ‘discussion’ to me.   It sounds like meek submission to a brainwashing session or two.   

    • Church_of_Jed

      “Frank discussion” means “they have some soul searching to do,” which means we deem them as racist and demand that their understanding of themselves evolve to our higher level of Enlightement so we can give them their anti White privilege therapy without their fighting back against our better American future where borders are erased and the promised dream is no longer deferred…. blah blah blah till kingdom come…

  • curri

    The totalitarian globalists at the NYT are really coming out of the closet. 

  • en.wikipedia.org/wiki/NATOThe first NATO Secretary General, Lord Ismay, stated in 1949 that the organization’s goal was “to keep the Russians out, the Americans in, and the Germans down.”(Reynolds, David (1994). The Origins of the Cold War in Europe: International Perspectives. Yale University Press. ISBN 0-300-10562-2.)
    http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2012-05-10/merkel-s-euro-policies-have-no-alternative-kohl-tells-bild.htmlEurope is “a matter of war and peace” and Germany must work for its integration, former German Chancellor Helmut Kohl told Bild-Zeitung.
    http://www.handelsblatt.com/politik/deutschland/helmut-schmidt-interview-wanted-political-leadership-in-europe-seite-4/3659434-4.htmlI am speaking of the psychology of nations and their public opinions and their published options. [Because of the Nazis and the Second World War] Germany will remain in debt for a long time – for all of the 21st century, maybe even for the 22nd century too. Former chancellor Helmut Schmidt
    http://www.presseurop.eu/en/content/article/351531-you-get-unification-we-get-euro“The Deutschmark is to the Germans what the atom bomb is to us,” was the Elysée’s view.
    http://www.spiegel.de/international/germany/the-price-of-unity-was-the-deutsche-mark-sacrificed-for-reunification-a-719940.htmlPreviously classified documents from the archive of the German Foreign Ministry, which SPIEGEL has obtained, now show that the connection was far closer than previously known. The papers reveal that a broad Western European alliance threatened to oppose reunification, and that the long-standing Franco-German relationship was at breaking point. At the time, Mitterrand bluntly warned the German government that it could find itself as isolated in Europe “as in 1913,” in other words, the period leading up to the World War I, when imperial Germany found itself up against an alliance between England, France and Russia.
    http://www.spiegel.de/international/germany/the-price-of-unity-was-the-deutsche-mark-sacrificed-for-reunification-a-719940-2.html“We may have the nuclear bomb, but the Germans have the deutsche mark,” officials at Elysée Palace, the office of the French president, apparently said.
    http://www.auswaertiges-amt.de/EN/Infoservice/Presse/Interview/2012/120414-BM_Oettinger-StuttgarterZ.htmlEuropean integration has brought us more than sixty years of peace, freedom and prosperity.
    http://www.welt.de/print/die_welt/debatte/article12535342/Der-Euro-als-Friedensengel.htmlEU-Kommissar Günther Oettinger betonte die historische Bedeutung des Euro: “Es geht nicht nur um Haftung, es geht auch um die Friedensordnung. Die Europäische Union insgesamt und ihre Währung sind zwei Garanten für dauerhaften Frieden, für Partnerschaft und Freundschaft.”
    Roughly translated as: EU commissioner Guenther Oettinger highlighted the historical importance of the EURO: It is not about accountability, it  is also about the peace order. The European Union and its currency are the two guarantees for lasting peace, partnership and friendship.

  • jeffaral

    The J… York Times is the lowest of the lowest.   Pure filth !

    • Church_of_Jed

      The Tel Aviv Times criminalizes Whiteness.

  • The Great Unwashed

    Actually the acronym is PIIGS.  Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Greece and Spain.

  • Marcy Fleming

    The New York Times has no credibility whatsoever. It is the dying voice of the Establishment Left and is read by an decreasing number of brainwashed, braindead libs. It’s the same incestuous crowd that reads the WashPost, listens to National Propaganda Radio (NPR) and votes Democratic. On this last item I’m referring to the ever decreasing number of whites who vote Democrat. The Black and Latin lumpen who do do not read The New York Times.
    A former Mayor here in SF (now Lt. Gov.) said if the Chronicle went out of business no one here under 35 would even notice. All these rags take their cues from the Pravda Of The Hudson and when it goes, they go.
    Good riddance to bad rubbish !

  • Marcy Fleming

     No, it is not and we need to stop this one down defeatism !