Ad Accuses Obama of Defending ‘Racism Against White Folks’

W. James Antle III, Daily Caller, August 17, 2012

Has Barack Obama, the first black president of the United States, failed to live up to the dream of civil rights icon Martin Luther King? That’s one of several startling claims made in a new ad accusing Obama of “tacitly defending black racism before and since being elected.”

“The Obama administration has injected race into the presidential campaign,” the narrator intones at the beginning. “Obama Attorney General Eric Holder recently said, with no argument from the president, that their white critics are motivated by race.”

The voice in the commercial then turns Holder’s charge on its head: “Implying whites are too stupid to have honest disagreements with the president without being racist is, in and of itself, racist against whites.”

Both the ad and the registered super PAC behind it,, are the brainchild of longtime political consultant and opposition researcher Stephen Marks. {snip}


Marks argued that after Obama took office, his administration established a pattern of behaving in a racially polarizing manner, including Vice President Joe Biden’s recent remarks to a black audience that Republicans are going to put “y’all back in chains.”


Marks, who narrates the ad himself, manages to pack all “these issues” into two minutes. He mentions the president’s criticism of Cambridge police after the arrest of black Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates. Marks quotes Obama as describing his own grandmother as a “typical white person” whose “racial slurs made him cringe.”

“But Jeremiah Wright’s far more racist rants never made him cringe?” Marks asks as footage of the infamous “Goddamn America” sermon by the president’s former pastor plays.

“In 2009, the Obama Justice Department dropped charges against the New Black Panthers just as they were about to be convicted of intimidating white voters,” Marks also says in the ad. “And they’re now calling for a race war, again with no objection from the president.”

Former Justice Department official J. Christian Adams, the author of the New York Times bestseller “Injustice: Exposing the Racial Agenda of the Obama Justice Department,” said these are legitimate campaign issues.

“The Obama Presidency has been characterized by an unashamed racialist policy—whether trying to keep Abigail Fisher out of the University of Texas because she is white, or refusing to clean up the voter rolls under Motor Voter because it doesn’t ‘increase minority turnout,’ or dismissing the New Black Panther case because some defendants get breaks,” Adams told The Daily Caller News Foundation in an e-mail.  “The administration thought they could do all this quietly, but millions of Americans have noticed.”


“Attorney General Eric Holder called us cowards because we don’t talk enough about race,” Adams said in an e-mail. “So lets talk.”

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  • Rocky Bass,

    Seemed fair points in the ad to me.
    Needed more Shabaz rant though “Killl some cracker babies” and all that noise.

  • Francis Galton

    The ad is spot on except for the ending–Obama is living up to Saint Martin’s ideals quite nicely.  MLK, Jr.  was essentially the Al Sharpton of his time, and he is deified in today’s American mythology only because he was assassinated.   

    • Oil Can Harry

      “Dr King would have been sickened by the New Black Panthers…”

      How so? “Dr” King wasn’t sickened by the cop-killing, drug-dealing original Black Panthers. Or by Malcolm X, Stokely Carmichael, H. Rap Brown or Jesse Jerkson, all of whom were far more racist than Jeremiah Wright. 

    • Tim_in_Indiana

      Yes, even that clip of MLK that was included doesn’t show him in a good light. Instead, it shows him as a manipulative guilt-monger. White boys and girls should hold hands with black boys and girls? Why? 

      What he is saying is that whites wanting to associate with those most like themselves are somehow immoral, even though all races feel exactly the same way. 

      Blacks want to associate with whites when it suits them and serves their interests, but then retreat into their own black community when they really want to feel comfortable, but whites should not be granted the same luxury. 

      The black panthers, Rev. Wright, Eric Holder et al are direct descendants of MLK’s philosophy.

  • Church_of_Jed

    W. James Antle III has just marked himself as a target of extreme and forced anti White privilege therapy.   He’s about to learn the cost of speaking freely while White.

    • libertarian1234

      “But he’s also a typical Whitey who claims that MLK wouldn’t approve of the anti White hatred in our black leaders. ”

      I commend the guy for making this video, but he IS wrong about King.

      King’s non-violent policy was simply a tactic that reflected the times.  If he had acted and spoken as blacks do now, the white population would have come down hard on him and blacks in general.

      I have no doubt King would be every bit as bad as Sharpton, Jesse, Tavist Smiley, Michael Dyson, et al, if he were alive today.

      They DO NOT want equality.  The want power and control.

      And they’re too dense to understand that everywhere they have power and control they turn it all into lawless third world slums. And every one of them thinks that’s due to white oppression and racism.

      Like children, they’re incapable of governing themselves….or anybody else.

  • Global Minority

    W. James Antle III is going to find out the cost of speaking this tabboo. As the darkening of America continues this ‘racism” is only going to grow much worse. Blacks have always been a tribal people as they should be. White people used to have this too,  however something went horribly wrong and now White people are not united, turning on each other to the point of killing their kin off through slow motion gencoide policies.

  • I have never seen or heard the ad before. Is this really a SuperPAC?
    The address is a UPS Store. 

  • I remember the “Gates” incident well. The Cambridge officer did exactly the right thing. If an officer  receives a report that someone broke into a home and he finds the owner there it would be good to take the owner aside and tell him his house must be searched in case an intruder is hiding in the basment or a closet. Of course this becomes difficult when the homeowner starts screeching hysterically about bigotry, discrimination, being a black man in America, disturbing the peace and refusing the officer’s request.

    How sad that two educated, supposedly intelligent, semi-black men (Obama & Gates) can’t figure this out. And then they have the audacity and arrogance to not admit they were wrong.

    I wonder where this ad is paying and how long before it is banned or pulled forbeing too controversial.

    We need more of this dialogue.

    •  or maybe the reason he broke in is that he was locked out in a domestic dispute involving domestic violence.

      It could have been sorted out calmly between adults, or Gates could grandstand about racism and create a shitstorm.  Gates has spent his entire life grandstanding about racism and creating shitstorms.

  • Chimp Master Rules

    Fight bigotry?  Why would any white person give money to fight bigotry?  We need to embrace bigotry and promote it whenever we can.  I watched Don Black and some other WN make total fools of themselves on Geraldo the other night.  They wen’t on trying to proclaim that Stormfront and whatever that other group is weren’t “hate groups” or “supremacist.”

    What garbage.   Here’s the truth about us:

    Of course, we’re all about hate and supremacy.  That doesn’t mean we promote or even tolerate VIOLENCE . . . but if a white person doesn’t  hate coloreds, illegals, white libs and socialists for what they’ve done to this country – why are you here?   If you don’t believe that the white man is superior to other cultures when it comes to running a nation – why are you here?

    Or even more pertinent – do you have a pulse, white man?

    Time to show strength.  We need to get over this nonsense of trying to appease our critics by being so “intellectual” and “fair.” White nationalism DOES NOT support or endorse violence because any advocay of violence 1)  Will be used to persecute us even more and 2)  Won’t accomplish anything.   But have to be honest in our beliefs or else they’re not worth a darn.

    As long as we still have a NATION called the United States, this culture war will be fought in the ballot box.  We must elect pro-white candidates who will discard the dysfunctional multicultural new world order in favor of a pro-white racialist state.

    Once we have the legitimate political power, THEN we will organize things as they must be organized to ensure our survival and supremacy.

    End of rant.  Now go promote some bigotry every place you can . . .

    • RebelliousTreecko

      Pretty much all racial/gender/LGBT civil right and advocacy groups are also hate groups, since they acknowledge and stand against their “enemies”, who oppresses, or oppressed them.
      There are only a select few advocacy groups I can think of that really don’t seem to hate a certain group that has been Racist/Homophobic/etc to them.

      The thing is that only White advocacy groups are counted as hate groups, though, while the Mexica Movement, and the Angry Queers would be considered just Civil Rights groups by a lot.
      Conversely, hate groups like the KKK and Aryan Nations are also Civil Rights groups, because they too, advocate for the well-being of their race.

      The New Black Panthers are counted as hate group by the SPLC, but it’s mainly because too many people saw the Black Panthers for what they were, so the SPLC counts it  for the sake of seeming like a “neutral” group when it comes to hate.

      It’s hard to be pro-Black without having resentment for the past actions of Whites.

      It’s hard to be pro-Mestizo without hating Illegal Immigration laws, and Whites for accepting (or “stealing”, as they call it) the Southwest from Mexico and improving it.

      It’s hard to be pro-Jewish without hating  Germans, Christians, (and Whites in general) and the sense of unity in those groups.

      It’s hard to be pro-Gay/Transgender/Bisexual without hating Straight people for not having their “lifestyle” accepted.
      (I believe that Homosexuality is a genetic disorder that they are born with, but also that Homosexual ACTS are a CHOICE that they aren’t forced to make.)

      And, yes, it’s hard to be pro-White without hating Mestizos and Blacks for their actions against us.

      I’m not trying to be a plant for the other side here, just being realistic.

  • Jones Dave

    Racism cuts both ways

  • All of these comments are false. What the writer had did is twisted everything around. It was certain people of the white community saying that Obama was a President for his people from the beginning.  There were alot of whites who believed that President was for all people and he had proven it but for the haters they wanted to stir the pot up by creating racial conflict in this country.
    It was true that President Obama called out the police department and he wasn’t incorrect ither. There is and always have been racial profiling going on in this country by white police officers towards black men and nothing have ever been said or done against it. Now from time period on when President Obama had said that about the black profiling by officers across the USA, these officers are now just killing black men without regrets nor justice.
    When President Obama became President of this country those who hid their hatred of racism then exposed it without a care in the world from news casters to congressmen.