US Government and Politics No Longer Run by WASPs. Does It Matter?

Brad Knickerbocker, Christian Science Monitor, August 19, 2012

No matter how it turns out, the 2012 presidential election will have made history.

For the first time since the founding of the Republic, none of the major party candidates for president or vice president is a WASP—a white, Anglo-Saxon Protestant—a fact that was confirmed when Mitt Romney picked Paul Ryan to be his running mate.

Mr. Romney is Mormon, Mr. Ryan and Vice President Joe Biden are Roman Catholic, and President Obama—a man of mixed race—most obviously is not a WASP.

With the candidacies of Mr. Obama and Sarah Palin in 2008, the trend toward greater diversity took a big step. But this year’s election and its lack of the kind of person the Founding Fathers were—ethnically, racially, and religiously, at least—is causing widespread comment.


The Pew Research Center’s Forum on Religion & Public Life recently reported “little evidence to suggest that concerns about the candidates’ respective faiths will have a meaningful impact in the fall elections.”


Although they both attend Catholic mass regularly, Ryan and Biden have very different positions on abortion, gay marriage, and the “social justice” aspects of the economy—subjects of high interest to movement conservatives, particularly evangelical Protestants.

“As Ryan and Vice President Joe Biden articulate their views, we will be tuning into an intra-Catholic conversation pitting ‘social justice’ Christians on the left versus ‘family values’ Christians on the right,” writes Boston University religion scholar Stephen Prothero on his CNN blog.


Pew finds that a substantial minority of registered voters who know that Romney is a Mormon—19 percent—are uncomfortable with that fact. The number increases to 23 percent among white evangelicals.

“Most adults say that Mormonism is very different from their own religious beliefs, and only about half of the public thinks of Mormonism as a Christian religion,” Pew reported last month.

Obama faces similar unease. Nineteen percent are uncomfortable with his religion, and 17 percent say he’s a Muslim.

The decline of WASPs as the dominant group in presidential politics is reflected in the other branches of government as well.

“The hallowed halls of Congress are changing fast,” writes Mr. Prothero on his CNN blog. “There are now both Buddhists and Muslims in Congress. And Catholics, Jews and Mormons are better represented there than they are in the US population as a whole.”

That includes the leaders of both Houses of Congress. Speaker John Boehner is the Roman Catholic graduate of a Jesuit university, and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is Mormon.

With the retirement of Associate Justice David Souter in 2009, the US Supreme Court became completely non-WASP. Of the nine justices today, six are Catholic and three are Jewish.


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  • Rocky Bass,

    No it doesn’t matter, it had to shift so we could start to have Diversity of what is called “civilization”!
    In some diverse “civilizations” eating one’s neighbor’s children is not even considered “impolite”.

  • Francis Galton

    The “P” in WASP may not matter too much, but the “WAS” sure as hell does–especially the “W.” As more and more non-Whites gain a hold on political power, we Whites inch ever closer to Zimbabwe-style persecution and genocide.  God help us the day mestizos and blacks form a Congressional supermajority.  

    • Chimp Master Rules

      Why?  Without a white majority to ride herd, the coloreds will steal the place blind. There will be no place to sit so no work will be done.   They’ll impregnate the white female secretaries so the paperwork won’t get filed.  They’ll rape the white male aides who do 99% of the work, so they’ll all quit.   They’ll skip sessions, show up drunk or be up on drug charges in DC.   It will take months to pass even simple bills because none will understand english or the meaning of polysyllabic terms.  There will be fist fights over who sits where, who’s in charge of what committee and who gets to bang the gavel.  There will be shootings in the parking lot over parking spaces or who owes who money for last night’s hos.
      I say put the coloreds in charge.  We’ll all take a long vacation and come back after they’ve destroyed the place.  It won’t take long to rebuild.

  • JackKrak

    “Does it matter?”

    Take a good long look at Detroit, Haiti, Oakland, Atlanta, South Africa, etc. and come back and tell me if it “matters”…..

  • Church_of_Jed

    WASPs could have defended America against enemies external and internal, but they succumbed to illicit theories of compassion and justice.  Now they suffer, which is justice without the compassion.

  • Global Minority

    WASP’s lost total control in 1913 and it did not have anything to do with a Catholic or Mormon! This whole article is so far off its shameful!

    •  try 1865, the year that Dixie was defeated by Yankees and their pet negroes.

      Then those pet negroes ruined the Yankees’ cities.

      • Global Minority

        I agree it goes back that far, however WASP’s still had lost toal control at that point. There was a small reprieve until the year 1913 and that’s when I feel WASP’s lost total control becasue America no longer own her own banking system. Fiat money instead.

  • razorrare

    The author of this article neglected to mention that no WASP is a member of the Supreme Court…6 Catholics & 3 Jews…nor did the author mention that for the first time,fewer than half of the nine cabinet -level officers and fewer than half of the top White House aides are White males.Minorities and women are coming to dominate the federal government as they do the Democratic Party…

    Pat Buchanan writes in his book,Suicide of a SuperPower…Harvard law professor Noah Feldman,in a New York Times op-ed, “The Triumphant Decline of the WASP,”rhapsodied over our first WASP-free Supreme Court. “It is a cause for celebration that no one much cares about the nominee’s religion,” wrote Feldman,congratulating  the WASP’s on their dethronement…

    Unlike almost any other dominant ethnic,racial or religious group in world history,White Protestants have ceded their socioeconomic power by hewing voluntarily to the values of merit  and inclusion,values now shared broadly by Americans of differant backgrounds.The decline of the Protestant elite is actually its greatest triumph…

    For the most underrepresented group on the SC is evangelical Christians.More numerous than Catholics and Jews combined,who hold all 9 seats,Evangelicals have not held a seat in modern times.

  • MartelC

    I wonder if the wasps who naively gave up power foresaw that their own kind would be discriminated against, and those who were given power have not given up  ethnic nepotism and favoritism. Does anyone really belief Elanor Kagan is on the supreme court because of her abilities? Or because she’ll look out for the interests of ALL americans? 

    WASPs go out of their way to show they are no discriminating, other ethinic groups mutter ‘ha ha sucker’ under their breath and reap the benefits. 

  • razorrare

    btw…does it matter that Barack Obama may be our first Jewish president…

  • Forget WASP. If you are a White, European, Christian, heterosexual, male and conservative, you are at the top of the diversity hit list. Any one of these traits is enough to put you on the list, but imagine being a combination of all six.

    The “Powers-That-Be” have been very sucessful in dividing and destroying this country through the media, politics, the banking system, the legislature, entertainment and academia since the mid-1960’s. There is obviously an isidious element in our country working night and day to break down the cohesiveness of the American people. Divide and conquer.

    If on the other hand you are non-white, non-european, non-Christian, homosexual, female and liberal you are taught through the media that you are a victim and must demand your just retribution.

    This is a formula that is destroying our country from within. Once the baby-boomers fade into a minority and the demographics shift, I would hate to see what this country becomes if we don’t grasp the gravity of the situation now and reverse what has happened in the last 45 years.

  • Chimp Master Rules

    Don’t kid yourself. Old money still owns this country.

    •  ahahahahahahahahaha

      yeah like Bill Gates, who’s spending his fortune trying to save negroes

      and every media and bank executive.  Real old money aristocrats there.

      yeah, no.  the country is run by journalists and lobbyists.

    • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

       Having been involved in Genealogy for years now, I have come to realize that Anglo-Saxon is actually a misnomer for the majority of white, English immigrants and settlers of North America.  They are far and away of NORMAN origin.  My own maternal descent goes back to the Reverend Thomas Carter, the first ordained minister in the American Colonies (Mass. Bay Colony 1630).  Carter is from Cartier and just one example.   The Genealogical tome; The Norman People in North America greatly supports this idea and actually states it as a fact in its forward. 

      Most of the settlement of North America was driven by these people of Norman origin, both French and English.  Of course, the Normans were Viking settlers who settled on the North coast of France after their King Rollo forced Carolingian King Charles the Simple to cede them the land for settlement.  As part of that agreement, King Rollo agreed to hold himself vassal to the throne and be baptized.  (Interesting note on how political deals helped spread Christianity, as most often was the case).  I find this interesting because the Vikings had (as nearly everyone knows) a history of attempted settlement there and it seems that was retained in their cultural memory as the desire to return and settle there.  It seems that it happened as soon as they were better armed.

      • “Anglo-Saxon” is a term with variety of meanings. I won’t delve into most of them. Just:

        * British Isles have been populated mostly by Celts
        * then, Germanic invasions during 5-6 C brought great numbers of various Germanic tribes (Angles, Saxons, Jutes,..). They prevailed linguistically, but it’s impossible to ascertain the ratio of various Celts & invading Germanic tribes.
        * then, annoying Danes & other Vikings
        * finally, Normans- Frenchified Scandinavians who freely intermarried with other French people, so racial purity of Normans is also a myth. Plus, they dragged numerous other French from south of France- Gascoynes etc. Don’t forget that Henry V was the first English monarch whose mother tongue was English- some 4 C after the conquest in 1066.
        * add Flemish traders and whatnot

        So, Anglo-Saxons is a cover term for an alloy of mostly three components- Celts, Germanic invaders & Normans. Fertile Normans further changed the genome of “Anglo-Saxons” and perhaps more than 20-40% of English people are of mostly Norman origin. Recent haplotype investigations (Luca Cavalli Sforza) suggest that broadly defined Celtic haplotype dominates.

        Be as it may, Anglo-Saxon is not a “racial” term (although does have some quasi-racial resonances). From 11 C to 14C all these tribes fused into one nation & Protestant reformation served as the catalyst for final national integration.

        • American_cavalier

           I think the definition of Race is open to debate. My opinion is a race is known by comparing to another group. Thus, white is a race in contrast to black. Or Nordic is a race in contrast to Slavic. Or Anglo-Saxon is a race in contrast to French. etc etc. The British people have been so fully integrated from disparate but broadly racially similar tribes, the only thing separating them are ethnicities caused by religion, language, or geographic distribution. Thus, I would go so far as to state Native Americans (the original definition being those descended of British colonial stock) are like the English, Scottish, Australian, etc an ethnicity within the British people.

        • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

           I see you imagine that I don’t know much about this period of history, or anything at all, even after I input that I have been studying genealogy for years, which is a very detailed type of historic study.  But you ignore the high likelihood that I also may be well read and even traveled in the areas.  Moreover, a couple of your citations here are phony, or at least highly exaggerated and assumptive. 

          “They dragged numerous other French from the south of France (Gascony).  Gascony is not in Southern France but more central Western (I’ve been there).   BTW, by the time of the Normans, the Visigoths and Franks had long been the main population of France and they were Germanic tribes.  There was also the famous Burgundians who came from Sweden to settle in France and produce the culture that Wagner used for  the inspiration of his famous Ring Cycle operas.  So “dragging” French from other regions is more like “dragging” in your cousins at that time.

          What you display is a Balkan consciousness of tribal/national difference that has its separate history and causes.  It is a mistake to try to make Northern European history and culture fit that mold.

          According to the genealogical tome I mentioned yesterday (and supported by known history as well), The Normans were a people created by the Viking settlement and mix with Franks and Gauls.  No one claimed  that they were “pure” Vikings, but implying that they were/are some sort of mongrel is a silly and non-scholarly scribble.  Just because some people began recording their history before others doesn’t mean that others in the world are not results of tribal mixing.  But the point of my writing was to point out that the spirit of exploration and conquest is acknowledged by genealogical research and other history to have been carried from the Viking settlers to the Normans and beyond.  You are doing summersalts trying to undo ideas that I think you haven’t even taken the time to comprehend.

          But the fact is that ultimately, all Northern Europeans, including the tribes you cite are largely Celtic in origin, even Germans.  I cite German historians research and book, “The Celts,” which demonstrates the ultimate Indo-European origin of 95% of Europeans.  So pretending that there is a racial divide or something that is all mixed up and somehow this cancels out some sort of validity or pedigree is not only short sighted, but blatantly and ultimately, anti-white in its nature as you use it for pointing out the “impurity” of the Normans I wrote about here.

          • What are you talking about ? Debating something that wasn’t even inferred ? Genealogy….OMG.

            Go in peace


          • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

             I can understand that you don’t understand what you are doing – writing, and you prove it with this one. 

            Go anyway you want to.

  • No protestants on the U.S. Supreme Court. 

    • Sloppo

      And a BM in the White House.

      • Allan477

        I aways thought that BM stood for bowel-movement.  Is that what is meant here?

  • anew

    How wonderful; now that WASPS  (i.e. Americans) have been pushed aside, the country is doing much better than ever before.

    As for the article itself, despite the teaser in the headline, Mr. Knickerbocker (pretty cool old-stock name, I must say) offers only a dispassionate analysis of his subject, as if he were examining the prospects of the President to win Colorado’s electoral votes in November. Doesn’t the demographic transformation of the country qualify as a social issue, and as such, isn’t it worthy of a back-and-forth debate? Couldn’t he find a quote from someone who thinks that it might be wise to try to avoid turning our country into an ethnically-fragmented society? 

  • Ni123
    • No 40% of Jewish billionaires (although they are over-represented). Maybe close to 25%.
      Just- why always picking on “Joos” when talking about money, and elegantly forget about them when discussing positive contribution to science, health, inventions, US military power etc. (Waksman, Salk, Rickover) ? I understand that many are annoyed by Jewish clannishness- I am- but it isn’t morally correct & intellectually honest to present this entire ethnic group as some kind of utterly alien inimical parasitic bloodsuckers.

      Very big part of Jewish Americans are assimilated & valuable members of the society. Yet, most amren regulars conveniently forget that. As if scumbags from SPLC or Tim Wise represent all US Jews.

      Anyway, I’m tired of these futile exchanges. Believe what you will, in Illuminati, Protocols, Talmud conspiracy, Vatican-Zionist-Opus Dei whatever …

      • Ni123

         “Believe what you will, in Illuminati”

        Please, do not put words in my mouth. Where did Illuminati and Protocols come from? Are you a Tarot reading disciple in training making first steps in reading minds of Internet users?

        Actually, that link has everything including intellectual achievements of Jewish Americans.

        BTW, thank you again for introducing Tom Wolfe to me. I got hooked.

  • El_Magyar

    Jefferson was a Luciferian and a huge supporter of the Illumanati.

  • Sardonicus

     I think we can safely say that Justice Antonin Scalia is at the top of  the  liberal
    “hit list”  :

  • Xerxes

    Pat Buchanan

  • Xerxes

    Not true. They were never persecuted.  Today many hold high positions in government and in all parts of Irish sociey.

    • American_cavalier

       Not true? So, why did the population of Ireland remain roughly the same in the ROI after 1922 but the Protestants fell from 20% to 5%? If Protestants were not discriminated, why was the Catholic Church made the de facto Established Church having control over health, welfare, and chaplains in every school and given state taxpayer support but the Church of Ireland was not? If Protestants were not discriminated, why were Protestant Irish the victims of continual campaigns of political and criminal harassment in the ROI including the torching of their buildings, the removal from Civil bids, etc? Ironically, the Protestants had less privileges in the ROI, than Catholics had in the decades preceding independent Ireland. There is a very real reason the Protestants in Northern Ireland are afraid of living under Catholic rule. Aside from seeing what its like just next door, all they have to do is look at Boston Massachussettes.

      • Try read some serious history books on Irish history. Many Protestants moved to Britain because they couldn’t stand living under “Rome” rule. It’s about nationality, not religion. Protestants who are Irish nationalists (W.B.Yeats, Douglas Hyde, Erskine Childers,..) were among leaders of Irish independence.
        It is true that ROI had been in many respects clerical and “reactionary”, but it hasn’t been so for many decades. What is split in Ireland is between Irish and the British nationalists, first being mostly Catholic & other mostly Protestant. But, perhaps the majority of Irish nationalist leaders have been Protestants (Henry Grattan, Wolfe Tone, Henry MacCracken,Robert Emmet, Thomas Davis, Isaac Butt, Charles Stewart Parnell, Erskine Childers, Roger Casement, ..)- so that your simplistic interpretation does not hold.

        • You’re either misinformed or a bigot. Have you read Wolfe Tone’s speech prior to execution ? Robert Emmet’s speech on the gallows ? What you seem to ignore is that Irish Protestant nationalists’ primary goal was independent Ireland, even when during Parnell’s era they would be satisfied with Home Rule, i.e. autonomy within British Empire. And Parnell was in full contact with Sinn Fein groups in the US.
          This was a clash between two nationalisms, Irish and British, and it continues to be so. I’m not advocating unified Ireland- it would be too much for the Republic which could not assimilate a million hostile British Protestants.
          But, your interpretation is simply a one-dimensional reductionist reading of the events. It’s not the pope or Vatican (most) Irish protestants were afraid of, but the rule of a majority which they had subdued & exploited and treated like slaves (which had been the case of Irish enslavement during 17th C).
          In short- it’s a nation, not religion which is at stake. Religion is the identifier of national loyalty, be it Irish or British. Some Protestants were Irish nationalists, most- not.

      • ATBOTL

        Boston eh?  That’s pretty scary.  What a horrible fate.  

        BTW, many Irish Catholics are descended from pre-Reformation English settlers.

  • You’re barking up the wrong tree. Check out: Who Controls America:

  • Off the top of my head does the name Bill O’Reilly, or Shawn Hannity, or Judge Napolitano ring a bell? Unfortunately most Catholics seem to be Dems. As for Jews, I don’t consider them Christians.

  • Global Minority

    Negro’s are still pawns in the game and White people are the intended target.

  • Put the list of most powerful US companies’ & banks’ CEOs. Here you’ll see WASPs galore, way over 50%.
    Anyway, it’s a red herring & diverts from the real issues. 90% of these Catholics & Jews are so in name only. The chief US problem is not, for a long time, denominational or religious-cultural. US is not an extended Britain, but Europe, with strong British infrastructure (language, law).
    It’s a race, not a variant of Christianity that matters most.

    • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

       Agreed, and with even Christianity not necessarily important.  Our core selves, people and real culture is what matters.  Too many white Americans have been apart from their European roots for so long that all they can resort to for their self definition as whites is Christianity, which I will argue to the end is NOT really European and NOT a dogma or system that supports whites or any particular race, but seeks to blend them all and remove all identity except Christian.

    • American_cavalier

       I’ve looked at those lists and I don’t see anything approaching 50%. Again, studies have been done which shows that Catholics hold 30% of the wealth in the country, Jews hold 35% of the wealth in this country, other non-whites hold 10% of the wealth in this country, and WASPs (which at this point also includes German Protestants) are down to 25%. Thus, the true Native Americans (those who are descended of British colonial stock) old a miniscule of the wealth and power in the country they founded, formed, and made the might of the world. So, of course its not going to piss.

      As to race being what matters I disagree. Italians are supposedly white but look at their country. Of course, some will say they are highly miscegenated from Roman mediterraneum slaves, moors, etc and that is true. So, go ahead and look at Russia. Yep, really great country there. Or look how successful Catholic Irish are in contrast to Protestant Irish or any Catholic Celtic group in contrast to Protestant Celtic group or Catholic German versus Protestant German. In short, a variant of Christianity is a decisive molder in the success or failure of a country. I firmly believe that had Europe remained thoroughly Catholic or Orthodox, the New World and America and thus the world, would’ve remained a much more backward even ugly place.

      •  You’ve messed even your own stats- Pro Temp (Daniel Inoyu) is a Methodist, not Catholic; NSA chief is a Christian- but not the way you seem to imply; he’s a Catholic.
        Your other stats-about wealth etc.- are not verifiable. Nor, IMO, important.

        Your ideas about Italians, Russians, Germans Protestant & Catholic I’ve met here many times & they’re profoundly ignorant. Since I don’t intend to bother with you anymore, I’ll just say this: your -if they are yours- ideas are deeply divisive & counterproductive. Divide et impera. Your rhetoric can only have the effect of weakening White Americans’ (and Europeans’) self-awareness and corpus: it’s a tool in our enemy’s repertory.

  • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

     This is one of the best synophysis of the history of this issue that I have ever read.  I usually can’t read a long winded post beyond the second paragraph and I have written some myself.  (I only hope that they were as readable and stimulating as yours).

    Of course, there are many sub-histories involved; each region of the U.S. had their own situation, but you do not contradict them with your survey.  One aspect you might find really fascinating is the history of the agricultural corporations in California (they were the first such farm corporations).  Another is the history of Marxism in Chicago and The Old Northwest as German settlers arrived (many of whom were Lutheran Protestants).

    Finally, one little known aspect of late 19th century history that fascinates me is the so-called “Johnson County War” or “Powder River Invasion” that took place in Wyoming in 1892.  There is a very rare, thoroughly suppressed book on its history written by a jounalist/historian named A.S. Mercer. Mercer was a “pioneer” who helped establish the city of Seattle, WA, for example and a large island in Lake Washington bears his name.  He might be called the Horace Greely of the Northwest.  His book, “The Banditti of the Plains” recounting the causes, actions and results of the “war” that had ramifications and involvements in the U.S. Government all the way up to and in the White House of then President Benjamin Harrison, which supported what was a plan to murder approximately 70 settlers hatched by the several cattle associations via The Cheyenne Club (a gentlemen’s club that all the cattle association owners belonged to), with state and federal support.  The settlers had claimed land available through the Homestead Act and went about raising their own herds or farming.  The claim was that they were rustling cattle, but this is a dubious claim.  There was rustling going on, but even if the citizens were doing it, this plan effectively provided for was the execution en masse for a sizable group of citizens, with families, without a trial.  But the Assoiciation had members and investors from strong, political families in the East, and even some Europeans, with one member being a knighted Brit.  The settlers learned of the plot and set to defend themselves and put up such a good fight that they hired mercenaries (mostly from Texas) had to be rescued by the U.S. Cavalry.  Marshall law was then declared by the President.  The final insult to Johnson Counties white settlers was the posting of 6,000 Negro soldiers to “enforce the peace.”  There were several incidents where the town population had to resort to arms to defend women that the troops set to molest or molested.  (I haven’t finished learning the full history, so I’ll leave that where it is).

    The book was so thoroughly suppressed that even the copyright copies disappeared from the Library of Congress.  The reason that any copies exist today is because the man who drove a couple hundred copies out of Wyoming into Colorado under a continuous hail of gunfire, Phillip A. Rollins, had the foresight to send a copy to the Librarian of Princeton University with cautions to protect it as all known copies were even in 1923 still be located and multilated or destroyed wherever they appeared in any library in the U.S.

    The history “The Banditti of the Plains” contains has been the inspiration for countless Western films, Including “Shane,” an early ’50s Alan Ladd Western.  But none until the infamous “Heaven’s Gate” (1979) was released really dealt with the direct history anywhere near the real, sordid, sad story.  (Bad timing, few in the by then scandal weary, Iran Hostage Crisis America wanted to see an epic film about government corruption and John Wayne image shaking Western history revealed).  However, that film has gained new popularity and has an incredibly beautiful music score.  What this history does show is that history is often if not always far more complicated than it is simple, and making quick conclusions about events or historical epochs is nearly always going to fall short of real truth.  But knowing that truth often will lead us to understandings such as you reveal here.

    My argument is that we must KNOW those details (and be brave enough to face them) so that we can better understand what it is we need to do. 

  • Sorry, but this is …. loony.

    1. there is, sociologically speaking, an affinity between Catholics & Jews, hence high rate of intermarriage between two groups. For instance, ,

    2. there is no Judeo-Catholic anything. Cultural affinities are, say, even  stronger between Catholics and mainline Protestants.

    3. stats are following: for every 1 Protestant who converts to Catholicism, 4 Catholics convert to Protestantism (mainly Evangelical variant), although things are different for intelligentsia:

    4. ask any White Catholic is he or she too happy with (mostly) “Catholic” brown invasion from across Rio Grande. I guess the answer is obvious.

    Well, I’m through with conspiracy fictions.

    • American_cavalier

       So you agree there is a sociological affinity between Catholic and Jews as represented by high rates of intermarriage. I suspect a huge factor in that statistic is simply the geographic distribution of Catholic and Jews next to each other due to Great Wave Immigration. However, I tend to believe their rates under different circumstances would still be higher in contrast to Protestant-Jewish marriages.

      There is Judeo-Catholic establishment. The National Criminal Syndicate was a Judeo-Catholic organization of Jewish, Irish Catholic, and Italian Catholic and other Catholic criminal organizations. Similarly this is found in more legitimate operations in corporations such as US Steel which was founded through corporate racketeering between Jewish and Catholic magnates. The list could go on.

      As to conversion rates, I don’t know if the rates are that high, but I will agree that rates of conversion are higher from Catholic to Protestant than Protestant to Catholic. However, this begs the question as to why Catholics are rising both nominally and percentage to the overall population.

      The reason answers your last point. The rates of WASPs opposing immigration are overwhelming in contrast to Catholics, yet WASPs who attempt to agitate for their own self-interest which is the self-interest of America, they are crushed. Simultaneously, although, perhaps the majority of Catholics are opposed to continued immigration, especially of Third World immigrants, the Catholic Establishment and its Church are huge cheerleaders and they keep getting elected through the votes of Catholics who vote for them out of ethnic comraderie and deluded Protestants manipulated by a media-cultural complex which is hostile to WASPs. Meanwhile, the Catholic Church gets to keep its pews, tithes, and votes going through importation of Catholic “Brown” Immigrants and the civil Judeo-Catholic Ascendency continues to enrich itself at the expense of the middle and working class while demographically changing the country into a Banana Republic just like other Catholic Republics. 

  •  Just an aside- how many intelligence agencies ? Seems that these guys have no other business in life but to spy on everything that moves.

  • Pat Buchanan:  Parents Irish Protestant, German Catholic.

  • Although the subject is dumb, it needs to be addressed.

    1. seems that some people still harbor irrational fears of papal invasion & Vatican conspiracy.

    2. there are ca. 25% Catholics in the US & the figure is stable in past 40 or so years.  Just, one must add that had not numerous Catholics left their faith for atheism/agnosticism and for some kind of Protestantism (mostly Evangelical), their percentage would have been somewhere 35-40% (pew research). So fears of “Catholic US” are unfounded. And, even in that case- Canada is, technically at least, predominantly Catholic. Even the Anglo part. So, bad thing- IMO- about Catholic potential numerical dominance  (which exists, by the way, in Germany, the Netherlands and Switzerland) is not some 500 years old fear of papal mafia & Vatican octopus, but the very fact that US Catholics -Whites- are incurable liberals, many of them. Catholics are majority, absolute or relative, in New England, mid-Atlantic (New York, New Jersey, Penn) & are a significant presence, along with Lutherans, in Lakes’ states (Illinois etc.)Northern states (Dakotas, Nebraska etc.). And these are “liberal” states, like it or not. That’s bad.

    3. completely another thing is “Catholic” brown invasion (Texas, California, Arizona, New Mexico,..). White Catholics are not happy with it- buit what can they do ? The most vocal opponent is Pat Buchanan, and he’s effectively silenced.

    4. socio-culturally, WASP term means establishment in the NE (not South). Anglophile, what Santayana called “genteel tradition” (Holmes, Henry Adams, Cabot Lodge,..) Simply, WASPs don’t dominate current public discourse-as a group. But, now is the irony – most publicly prominent WASPs are fervent multiculturalists &-with a few exceptions like our Jared or late Sam Francis- they cannot be trusted in the public ideological debate for White preservation & dominance. With all their shortcomings, Catholics like Sailer, Buchanan, half-Catholic Coulter, Gingrich (convert), O’Reilly, …are better than silence.

    5. as for “rulers” or elites, US has three dominant areas of power- oil & gas, military-industrial complex and banks. Jews are significantly over-represented in finances (although not dominant), while WASPs control most of oil, military industry and banking system. Just check Forbes.

    This comment was actually redundant, but I felt that focus on religion should be exposed as something marginal- which it is.