360k More Immigrants Eligible for Late Deportation

Sarah Parnass, Washington Examiner, August 13, 2012

About 350,000 more illegal immigrants than previously thought could earn an extra two years in the U.S. when President Barack Obama’s new policy takes effect next week, according to the Migration Policy Institute.

Under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, students age 30 or younger who are enrolled in school on the day they apply will now be eligible for a two-year reprieve from deportation if they demonstrate that they came to the U.S. before their 16th birthday; lived there for the past five years; and have not been convicted of certain crimes or pose a national security threat.

Before the new rule was announced last week, the program was slated to be open to students enrolled in school as of June 15, 2012, or those who have graduated high school, received a GED or honorably left the armed services, including the Coast Guard.

Obama’s policy takes effect Aug. 15, and the government will begin accepting applications for deferral that same day. The application includes a fee of $465 used to fund the program, though exemptions will be provided for minors, homeless youth and youth with chronic disabilities that fall below 150 percent of the U.S. poverty level.

Applicants who are denied deferral will not have the option to appeal. Those approved will be able to separately apply for work authorization in the U.S.

The institute estimated in June that 1.4 million unauthorized immigrants could benefit from the program. Those estimates only included students who were enrolled in school as of that date. Speaking Tuesday at a panel at the Carnegie Institution for Science, Doris Meissner, Director of the institute’s U.S. Immigration Policy Program, said as many as 1.76 million people could be eligible, based on new guidance the Homeland Security Department released Friday.

Jeanne Batalova, an author of the report, said the program is “a powerful incentive to go back to school” for young people who previously were not continuing their education.



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  • This is going to absolutely kill the slowly dying corpse that is the community college system.  Whites are now going to have to pay through the nose and other orifices to attend a community college, so that millions of mexicans can get a free ride.  I feel so bad for those students who are actually trying to get ahead and now are faced with a tidal wave of hispanic “students.”  It’s  so disgusting, these “students” will flood their local community college, enroll in some B.S. class that they will never attend, all the while collecting student aid – or as they call it “getting paid.”

    • The__Bobster

      If they do manage to graduate, those Dreamers will also be given hiring preferences over the White graduates.

      • Some of these Dreamers are white. There are Europeans from Poland and other countries who find themselves in the same situation as the Hispanic immigrants.

        •  How many?

          There are literally 11 million illegal Mexicans in America.

        • One of the most prominent Dreamers is a young woman named Ola Kaso who is an illegal immigrant from Albania. She was brought by her parents 14 years ago. They applied for political asylum but their claim was denied because their attorney did not file the proper paperwork. They are still fighting deportation. There was a recent deportation of a young white South African Neil Dylan on May 29, 2012.

        • bluffcreek1967

          Yes, Crystal, you’re probably correct that “some” of these Dreamers are White. The problem is that the overwhelming majority of them are non-White (primarily of Mexican descent). The relatively few Whites who would be viewed as “Dreamers” doesn’t justify this god-awful government assistance program (State, Federal or otherwise).

    • Illegal immigrant students are not eligible for federal financial aid. They are only eligible for state funded financial aid in California, New Mexico and Texas. In California, they are eligible for financial only after all US Citizens and other eligible non citizens have received theirs.

      •  I’ll believe that when my S*** turns purple and smells like rainbow sherbert.  As a lifelong CA resident I can tell you with 100% certainty that illegals are on MediCal AND receive all sorts of wonderful benefits.  Many have fake IDs and stolen SSNs.

        • At least that was the language in the California Dream Act that passed the legislature and was signed by Jerry Brown. A referendum against this bill did not get enough signatures to be placed on the november ballot. In order to apply for financial aid, the FAFSA form has to be filled out. The social security numbers of both the student and the parents have to be verified before any aid can be disbursed. Any errors have to be corrected before aid can distributed to the student.

  • There is one good thing about this. In the majority of the states, these people have to pay out of state tuition with no access to financial aid. The state of Arizona made a lot of money off these students because a private fund was set up for these students to pay the difference between in state tuition and out of state tuition.

    • Some windfall…how much will the state of Arizona  pay to house, clothe, feed and educate their anchor babies?

  • IKantunderstand

    Here’s the simple solution: NO MORE IMMIGRATION! Period.. If we can’t stop illegal immigration, well than, stop legal immigration. I mean if nothing else, why not  require every potential  legal immigrant to this country produce an illegal immigrant who can be kicked out to make room for them. I’m pretty sure most of them have illegal cousins, aunts, siblings, etc., that they would be more than happy to have deported.Oh, wait! What’s that? I.C.E doesn’t actually deport anyone anymore? O.K.! Back to my original solution: NO MORE IMMIGRATION! 

  • Every appeal will be granted, and a good number of those given amnesty will be over 30, as the administration will be taking the word of illegal aliens as sole proof of eligibility

    • bluffcreek1967

      That’s a major part of the problem right there: The government will be taking the word of the illegal aliens, and there will be little effort to verify their claims. There’s too many of them and our govenment doesn’t have the resources to check out each and every claim as to its veracity.  

  • humura

    The more and the longer illegals remain here, they jump to the head of the lines – the line to get amnesty for being illegal, AND the head of the employment line, as most will be Hispanics and will receive affirmative action preferences over white American citizens.  A double injustice from the Obama Administration.—–Hugh Murray

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    or pose a national security threat.

    Every illegal poses a national security threat. 

    Here’s the legacy of traitorous, evil politicians who support and coddle illegal aliens at the expense of American citizens:

    *Thirteen Americans  killed by drunk illegal alien drivers every day for an annual death toll of 4,745.  That’s 23,725 since Sept. 11, 2001. (Rep Steve King, R- Iowa).

    7/12/12, California: An illegal alien with a known record of multiple drunk driving and grand theft auto convictions, killed Riverside, Sheriff Dispatcher Dominic Durden. 

    7/12/2012, New York:  An unlicensed and intoxicated illegal alien with a history of prior felonies and previous arrests for DUIs was driving nearly 100 miles per hour when he ran a red light, and smashed into another car carrying 38-year-old Goretta Doyle, mother of an 8 and 10-year old, who was killed in the collision.  Cops say Altamirano posted bail, then fled. He hasn’t been seen since.

    MADD?  HA. They only care if the drunk driver is an American!!

    Victims of Illegal Aliens Crime reports:

    Through exclusive investigations, we have discovered that crimes committed by foreign nationals, including illegal aliens, on American soil are not tracked, recorded, or reported by the FBI or the Justice Department as being committed by foreign nationals.

    Legacy of evil is what it is.


  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Before the election:

    Illegal immigrants younger than 30 who came to the United States before age 16, have lived here for at least five years continuously, attend or have graduated from high school or college, and have no criminal convictions are eligible to submit requests for so-called deferred action (legalese for an official exemption from deportation).

    EO after 0bama reelection:

    Illegal immigrants who came to the United States are exempt from deportation.