A town in Connecticut deliberately tried to keep out non-white residents from settling in the area, according to a lawsuit.

Winchester, a rural town with a population of just 11,000, is 94.4 per cent white, and official statistics show that it contains no African-American families.

The lawsuit launched last week argues that town officials directed housing subsidies to white families to avoid an influx of ethnic minorities.

The Winchester Housing Authority is charged with distributing federal funds to low-income households to enable them to afford the cost of housing.

The authority is responsible for administering the benefit in Winchester and 16 surrounding towns, according to the Courthouse News Service.

To be eligible for a grant, families must already be resident in one of the 17 communities.

Since the towns are 91 per cent white, this requirement ‘systematically and unlawfully’ discriminates against ethnic minorities by making it unaffordable for them to settle in the area, according to the Connecticut Fair Housing Center.

The organisation further argues that, as the programme does not allow families to move to Winchester, it is ‘ensuring that overwhelmingly white communities remain overwhelmingly white’.

If the challenge to the WHA is successful, it could open the door to more legal challenges to any subsidy programme which is open only to a community’s existing residents.

‘These requirements are unlawful because in communities with populations that are disproportionately white and/or non-Hispanic they perpetuate segregation by excluding minority applicants who live outside those communities from obtaining housing there,’ the lawsuit says.

The Fair Housing Center has been joined in its legal battle by Crystal Carter, an African-American single mother of six who was denied the chance to apply for a housing subsidy by the WHA.

Officials told Ms Carter that because she lived in Hartford she was ineligible for the programme – allegedly forcing her to live in homeless shelters while she waited for housing to become available.

They attempted to dissuade her from settling in Winchester by saying that there were no jobs in the area and that it was located in the ‘woods’, according to the lawsuit.

Authorities also suggested that she should seek a home in Bridgeport or New Haven, both cities with substantial ethnic minority populations.

The Fair Housing Center seeks an injunction and punitive damages against the WHA for its alleged racial discrimination.

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  • JustaWhiteMom

    The comments cheered me up.  Most support the town and the ones that don’t got major thumbs down.  Of course, the DM isn’t taking comments anymore.  Cowards.

    • The Verdict of History


    • Of course…as soon as too many American speak out against their disgusting diversity utopia, they shut it down. They will have none of that!

  • Funny, Detroit is 90% BLACK but for some odd reason no Whites or Government Agencies are filing lawsuits demanding that whites be given housing subsidies there!

    Furthermore why should a rural town of 11,000 be forced to pay for the welfare dependent single mother of SIX KIDS AND various hispanic immigrants?

  • Why should I have as a tax payer have to pay for her and her six children? Is that not the responsibility of the man who fathered those children?a

    • K.K.

      Why should I have as a tax payer have to pay for her and her six children?”

      That question is completely irrelevant. The only thing that counts is that you will (pay). Why will you pay? Because the ruling elite/government has the power to force you to.

  • Ulick

    “These requirements are unlawful because in communities with populations that are disproportionately white and/or non-Hispanic they perpetuate segregation…”

    Those disproportionately white and non-Hispanic communities also tend to perpetuate good schools, stable families, low crime rates, successful children, and a friendly environment.  And the inverse appears  true — communities that are disproportionately black and/or Mestizo/Amerindian perpetuate failing schools, unstable families, high crime rates, unsuccessful children, and a crappy environment.  I wonder if there’s any correlation.

    •  Apparently, according to another article here on Amren, Whites have more trees on their streets, THAT is why we are successful!

      • The Worlds Scapegoat

        Blacks have more garbage on their streets. 

  • The__Bobster

    Since the towns are 91 per cent white, this requirement ‘systematically and unlawfully’ discriminates against ethnic minorities by making it unaffordable for them to settle in the area, according to the Connecticut Fair Housing Center.

    The Connecticut Fair Housing Center is a private, non-profit organization dedicated to ensuring equal housing opportunity to Connecticut residents

    I’m assuming that the usual suspects are supporting this “fine organization”.

    • The Verdict of History

      I think the bobster was thinking a little more specific than “liberals”… 

      I think he may be alluding to the ethnic background of these particular “USUAL suspects” [Emphasis Added with a very STRONG hint included too.]

  • Hirschibold

    The New York Times has a wonderful little feature, a census tool that can give you the ethnic composition of any land tract in America:


     Something I’ve noticed when using this tool is that many of the champions of diversity, from Phil Donahue to Paul Krugman and Tim Wise, tend to live in areas with very little cultural enrichment. Naturally they are being deprived of a unique opportunity to share in the brotherhood of man. I’m sure that they would not object if some of the newest citizens in our nation of immigrants decided to be their neighbors.

    How about these guys?


    • fuzzypook

      This map will be very helpful when I’m am deciding where to retire.

      • I_loathe_disqus

         It appears to be inaccurate: I put in my ZIP code, and it says my town is 94% white, 4% latino/hispanic, and 0% black. That simply is not true. I don’t know what percentage of the population here is black, but I’d say it’s between 5-10 percent, maybe more than 10% .

        Unless my town is the ONLY place for which the data is inaccurate…I wouldn’t rely on it.

  • Winchester has crime rates below the US national average:


    Never would have guessed, right?

    Take a look at some of those bar graphs, especially robbery (the quintessential black crime, if there is any such thing).

  • I think that too many communities went downhill went you could not refuse housing to blacks and browns. If I was a landlord, the last tenant I would want is a black single mother of six kids. They usually cannot control the behavior of their kids and they end up tearing up the place anyway.

  • ncpride

    The organisation further argues that, as the programme does not allow families to move to Winchester, it is ‘ensuring that overwhelmingly white communities remain overwhelmingly white’.

    Oh no! The HORROR! The world must stop spinning while ‘they’ address this horrific crime commited by these White people. We have not seen such terrible crime since…well.. ever! These evil Whites must be stopped at all cost! They have known for decades that every other racial group are allowed to have their own ‘communities’, but that it darn well did NOT apply to them, so no excuses from you YT!

    I don’t know about y’all, but the first thing I would look for when house-hunting is a place that I’m not wanted nor welcome, to make me feel right at home. (insert sarcasm)

  • Global Minority

    I hope the town sues them for anti-white discrimination. After all they are forcing them out of their “White traditional communties.” Blacks all the time proclaim this is a traditional black community and we are being pushed out! Well it is time for White people to start proclaiming this too. Turn the tables on them. Why should they be forced to pay for welfare dependent people! WHY

  • The diversity hucksters simply cannot tolerate White Americans wanting to escape multiculturalism. They will impose it on us, by court order if needed.

  • xthred

    That’s what I like about living around mexicans. They keep the blacks away.

    • I do not want to live around either….

    • bluffcreek1967

      Believe me, my friend, living around Mexicans isn’t that much better than living around Blacks – only a slight improvement if any. Consider the hellhole L.A. County is now as a result of a massive Mexican population. Wherever Mexicans reside, the entire community becomes gang infested and everything just turns into a bloody mess! 

      • xthred

        I live in Madera, CA. I know about Mexicans. They’re not all LA bangers. Most of my friends have been Mexicans. My Godparents were Mexican. I’ve walked thru the barrio at midnight to a back yard poker game and nobody bugged me.

        The ones in my area are good people. AND THEY’RE NOT NEGROES.

        • Why is a White American of European decent ( or maybe I’m assuming something I shouldn’t be) walking through the barrio at midnight? Sounds as if you are a little too cozy with Mexicans. But I digress. Most of us do not care for Mexicans and for good reason. Excluding the fact they are invading us;  my personal experience in Southern California has made me conclude they are only slightly better than blacks. They jabber away in Spanish wherever they go, always with multiple anchor babies in tow. They walk around with a sense of bravado and arrogance that is truly disturbing. Many of them dress and act like blacks, including pimping out their ghetto rides with 21 inch spinner rims.
          If you love Mexicans so much, then you can have them!

  • IKantunderstand

    Hi there residents of Connecticutt, you are among the most liberal voters in the U.S.A. You are beginning to reap what you have sowed. I sincerely hope that every liberal stronghold in America suffers the same fate. Please, if there is any justice, let Crystal Carter prevail.

    • Sloppo

      I wonder if you might be judging the people in that little town because of a different kind of people who live in other places.

      • IKantunderstand

        Seriously,  I have no idea what you are talking about. If you are in fact saying, that the poor people who live in Winchester, CT. have some how been tainted by the political proclivities of their fellow citizens, I say: Tough shit.Move someplace else!

  • Sheila Dinehart

    So good of London DM to remind Americans and the world how we need federally forced diversity.
    After all, look how well it’s worked for London.

    Thanks old chap!

    • rightrightright

      London is a boghole, an alien stew.  America, don’t have done to you what has been done to us.  Manchester,  Birmingham, Bradford, Liverpool, Dewsbury et al, all in the process of deracination via the third world.  

      The ancient city of Exeter was and is under attack for being too White.   Shove up, Whitey, be enriched or else.  http://www.guardian.co.uk/world/2009/nov/06/bnp-emma-thompson-exeter-universityFunnily enough, Exeter is in the same neck of the woods as Winchester, England.  

  • tickyul

    Voluntary segregation………..forget it, makes Big Brother very angry.

  • People have a right to decide who they want to live with.  Its called freedom of association.

    Funny how freedom to the left always means being free to tell OTHER people what to do.  

    • IstvanIN

       Freedom of association was banned almost 50 years ago.

      • Bon, From the Land of Babble

        Along with rest of the Constitution.


    • Our government calls it “racist” for White people to live amongst ourselves. Yet this same government has no problems encouraging separate townships for diversity such as China towns, Mexican towns, Vietnamese towns, etc. In fact, they even help promote this garbage by posting freeway signs reminding you that you are entering their enclaves!

      This is not about integrating diversity; this is about eliminating White Americans, as this government knows all too well that White flight will commence once diversity reaches a tipping point in any given neighborhood.

  • Winchester, a rural town with a population of just 11,000, is 94.4 per cent white, and official statistics show that it contains no African-American families.


  • frmore

    Sounds like paradise.

  • Call it what it is!  White Genocide!  Its now illegal to be White!

    So says Idi Amin, jr.  Enemy of the White Race since birth.  Birthplace undeterminate.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    This is not about “Fair Housing”, it never was,  it is about the destruction of White neighborhoods and communities by moving in feral, criminal-prone urban blacks. 

    Section 8 housing vouchers are the latest incarnation of 50s and 60s blockbusting.

    Don’t want the abomination of Section 8 housing and the resulting crime and destruction brought into YOUR safe, peaceful community? YOU are a racist!!

    But…this town may be a great place to open up a home alarm company, windows with bars installation business, or a gun store.


  • Do some research on Williamsport Pa. A very nice town until it was forced to inport negroes from Philly in the name of diversity.

  • disqus2222

    Why make those poor and oppressed African Americans suffer by forcing them to live near racist Whites?

    • Exactly.
      If white people are as evil as they say, why is it the dream of the black man to live in a white neighborhood.
      We need to call these people out for what they are; White Supremacists. They know everything White is superior and so they demand to with with us.

  • rightrightright

    There’s a good saying “he who pays the piper calls the tune”.  This parasitic breeder is housed, fed and hosed down at working people’s expense.  If she doesn’t care for the tune being played, let her pay for another one.

  • Perhaps White People should start suing all the majority non-whites neighborhoods and businesses because they’re breaking the Law because they’re too non-white.

    Are these people really this evil or just really this dumb?  Forcing Towns to take in non-whites simply because they’re not white or because the Town is “too white” is unconstitutional.  And the “racism”.  My God.  It’s “too white”?  What is that?  That’s got to be one of the most hateful things I’ve ever read.  “it’s too white”.  They say that like it’s a disease that must be stomped out.

    White People need to start declaring their Right to be left alone, our Right to be White and Proud and our Right to include or exclude whoever “We” damn well please and for whatever reason “We” please.  Free to Associate.  It’s time to start reminding these inept and pathetic excuses for “americans” what that means.  And the Double Standard.  It must be constantly thrown in their low IQ faces each and every time they dare to speak or sue.

    • ncpride

      Right on Stephanie! How many times have we heard the words ‘too White’ applied, not just in some neighborhoods, but our special forces, top governmental positions, some colleges, some sports (hockey & Nascar) and some public schools. We need to start demanding to know exactly what they mean by that, and why ‘they’ seem to hate White people so much that they feel the need to refer to us like a four letter word. After all, they would NEVER refer to anything as ‘too black’ or ‘too Latino’….. it’s infuriating and it’s past time we start fighting fire with fire, and loudly let them know how hateful and racist they are.

      • AMEN!

        If it’s up to us Ladies to take it back for our Men, so be it.  I will not stand by and watch our Ancestors or our Precious White Men of Today, go without Mention and Proper Due.  I don’t mean to be so sappy it’s just, I find White Men Worthy.  I love them.  The Art, Architecture, Philosophy, Medicine, etc., all they’ve brought, not a Thank You is ever found from anyone and that is going to stop.

        fighting fire with fire – Yes Ma’am!  We get Affirmative Action so I say, let’s use it.  If anyone can turn Minority Privilege on its head, its us.  Let us use it and then we will give back to Men, what was stolen from them.  Best part of all this is, Men will be working with Fine American Family Wages while we’ll be back in our gardens and spending our days planting flowers, baking sweets and making the best home made suppers you ain’t since your mamma made it!

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble

      I’ll go with evil.


      • BonSoon,

        If anyone ever saw a swarming of evil, it’s you.  You’re on the Front Lines.  You and every other American at our Close Proximity’s, Ports and Entryways.  God Bless You and Y’all.

  • MissBonnie123

    Notice! A city can be too White but never too brown or black!

    Sounds like anti-White hatred to me.

  • MissBonnie123

    I agree. Just a cursory glance at the demographics of New Jersey shows a highly segregated state. For example, Newark has a high rate of minorities while a beautiful city like Little Silver has a high rate of White folks.

  • jeffaral

    God bless Winchester!

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble

      When I read your comment, I thought you meant THIS  (see image).

      Yes, God bless the Winchester!!!


  • The Worlds Scapegoat

    They tried the same thing with Germany after World War One, but there was an evil guy named Hitler that tried to stop them. Luckily there was a country full of imbeciles named America to stop him.

  • The Worlds Scapegoat

    These Connecticut ancestors fought for their freedom over 200 years ago. Maybe it is time for them to pick up their rifles and start again.

  • John

    The Congressional Black Caucus actively keeps out Whites who apply for membership.

    • ed91

       it’s the black kkk

  • And the answer is?  I vote with that Sir, don’t remember his name but someone responded to one of my posts and he said:

    Never Apologize.  Be Proud to be Racist/Supremacist/Nationalist and to add to that, know what the True Definitions of those words (webster’s only) are.  That is your Best Defense.  They Pervert the Definitions and “We” Set them Right.

    Did you know that “Racism/Supremacy/Nationalism” are nothing but feelings and that those feelings can be ascribed to anyone of any ethnicity?  No one is immune.

  • ed91

     they are pushing blacks into our small town as fast as they can………..  sec 8
     I suppose……
    everyday I see more new ones……..  and this is a small rural town

  • ed91

     here’s a quarter, go call someone who gives a sh*t.

  • ed91

     too many white traitors that sell us out

  • ed91

    Once again, a large part of the problem are the whites that cover for blacks and tell us it’s our fault…………  blacks arent’ the problem……..

    that’s the crime against nature— see steny hoyer

  • B

    They may hate us but they know they are far safer living amongst us than amongst their fellow blacks.

  • Hirene

    I knew a white woman who became ill and social services  placed her children in foster families in Camden, NJ.  Her daughter was pushed down a flight of stairs at the public school by some sheboon.  By God’s grace she wasn’t hurt and the family reunited.    Where are poor whites suppose to live?  Among blacks so they can be traumatized?

  • whiteuncleruckus

    that is a great point herman. im so sick of minoirities wanting to live with white people then calling us racist if they dont get to. if their lawsuit wins, its just another step toward the destruction of our race and country.

  • whiteuncleruckus

    theres no doubt about it. the words “racism/racist” strike fear into any and all white people everywhere. its a weapon, more powerful than any guns or bombs. that word has the power to destory the greatest race in the history of mankind. we have to take the power away from that word in order to survive.

  • 1gravity

     Luke’s unnecessary foray into Theology – God is asleep at the switch – hurts the otherwise valid points he makes.  A careful reading of the Old Testament reveals that God is repeatedly criticized for allowing evil to prosper; Luke’s point is hardly new.  That some may consider God in charge in good times and bad does not make such persons weak, effeminate or passive. 

    What Luke may be addressing is the fact that the professional Christian clergy, adept at theological arguments, will usually counsel whites, privately and from the pulpit, to exercise love and compassion in response to non-white aggression and disrespect.  Churches specialize in praising diversity and practicing inclusion; Am-Rem types, in that universe, are pathetic troglodytes and unreformed haters. 

    The average white churchgoer, unsophisticated in Theological matters, and counseled by religious leaders to abandon what he holds dear to support diversity, must, in his own mind, become an apostate before he can act.  Apostasy is an uncomfortable step to take.   That, I think, is what Luke is complaining about, and I agree with him. 

    Now, for all you budding apostates out there, I have some fun reading.  We all know that the black community supports its crooks through a ‘No Snitching’ rule.  Read how the no snitching rule worked out for the Tribe of Benjamin, at the Book of Judges 19-20. 

  • anarchyst

    A number of years ago, “60 Minutes” had a show that compared upscale white and upscale black neighborhoods in Atlanta.  Ater all the fawning about how wonderful the upscale black neighborhoods were, a short aside was stated that the equivalent houses in the black neighborhoods were considerably less expensive and that whites were welcome. . .

  • “Winchester, a rural town with a population of just 11,000, is 94.4
    per cent white, and official statistics show that it contains no
    African-American families.”

    In 10 year’s time that’ll be a felony. Oh wait, it’s already a felony now. Whatever happened to FREEDOM OF ASSOCIATION? Time to revolt before the situation is truly hopeless.