See No Evil: Racial Violence Underreported

Colin Flaherty, World Net Daily, August 12, 2012

Racial violence might be up. It might be down. Either way we may never know: A new study from the Department of Justice says victims of violent crime often do not call the police.

And if they do, police often do not file crime reports, say local newspapers around the country.

“More than half of the nation’s violent crimes, or nearly 3.4 million violent victimizations per year, went unreported to the police between 2006 and 2010,” said a Justice Department analysis.

That’s 17 million violent crimes off the books in five years.

Some say it is even worse. They point to the experience that cities around America are having with ShotSpotter: An anti-crime technology that features an array of wireless microphones that can pinpoint the location of a gun shot to within 40 feet.

The system is 96 percent accurate.

Using ShotSpotter, the New York Times reports that neighbors called police only 10 percent of the time guns were fired in a high-crime area of San Francisco. In Oakland, 22 percent of gunshots prompted 9-1-1 calls.


And often when people “call it in,” the police do not file a report, further skewing the statistics in places like Baltimore, New York, Chicago, Seattle, Atlanta, Minneapolis and Milwaukee.

In Queens, a New York Times headline reports, “A new police tactic: Keeping crime off the books.”

New York police refused to take a report when a man groped Jill Korber several days in a row.

“He told me it would be a waste of time, because I didn’t know who the guy was or where he worked or anything,” said Ms. Korber, 34, a schoolteacher. “His words to me were, ‘These things happen.’ He said those words.”


In Milwaukee, 50 black people looted a convenience store in 2011. Then they moved to a nearby park where they assaulted 10 people having a Fourth of July picnic.

The following day, several of the victims went to the police station to learn about the status of their case. “What case?” asked the officer on duty. There was no report. Eventually, after pressure from talk radio and television reporters, police launched an investigation.

Less than one year later, a headline in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel said it all:

“Hundreds of assault cases misreported by Milwaukee police department. City’s violent crime rate lowered based on faulty data.”


In Wilmington, Del., store owners say police do not respond to frequent calls to report shoplifting. “It happens all the time,” said one store owner. “We have it on video. But the police won’t do anything about it or even file a report.”

Also in Wilmington in August 2012, a group of 10 black people attacked a minister, knocking him unconscious. He waited for police for more than an hour before going to the hospital without filing a police report.

At a community meeting several days later, neighbors talked about the violence in that neighborhood, and how they did not report it because they feared retaliation—one of the main reasons for not reporting crime cited in the Department of Justice study.

Twenty percent of the victims also lack confidence in the ability of police to do anything about the lawlessness, says the study.

In schools, 75 percent of the 450,000 violent crimes that happen every year were not reported during this five year period.


The Second City Cop is a blog for and by Chicago police officers. After a recent violent weekend featuring three attacks of black mobs in the 018 beat, the downtown area, the blog reported:

“And for the record, the ‘three’ ‘muggings’ that are being ‘investigated?’ Add a zero to that for incidents occurring last night in 018. Crime is down and if no one reports it or the media doesn’t get a hold of it? It never happened.’”


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  • This reminds me of a book I read, “white girl bleeds a lot” and will this ever stop? Will anyone ever do anything? Sad truth is, probably not. Need more to join us in our fight, We Are White on groups on facebook, join us today.

  • Historically, this type of behavior is a prelude to civil war or widespread vigilantism.

    •  There’s a reason Batman is so popular and the Batman franchise made so much bloody money.

    • Rocky Bass,

      These “flash robbs” are really straining belief that there are not more like me, ready to stack these turds like cord wood.

      Guess they aren’t real popular down here in Texas anyways.

      • I noticed there haven’t been many ‘flash mobs’ recently. Either they’re subsiding or no longer being reported.

        • LaSantaHermandad

          Wait until election night there will be either celebratory looting (they interpret this as a pass to do anything they want), assaulting, arson and raping or anger fueled same as above. 
          Aim small, miss small.
          We need a candidate who’s got the guts to refer to US as “my people”.

  • Detroit_WASP

    The words “new police tatic” in the title is wrong.  This is an OLD tatic. This has been going on for several years….even decades.

    Ironically, two white men are bing relased from prison this week fo a murder a black man commited 25 years ago.

    It happened in Detroit so….when new witnesses came forward and said a black man had murdered the dead man, no Detroit black judges wanted to listen.

    Here is the link

  • 14AdolfHitler88

    See, this is why you need me.

  • schmenz

    Amazingly, this was news in Milwaukee lately.  Even the liberal newspaper was asking why the crime books were being cooked.

    • The__Bobster

      Will this story make our resident Sinophile stop posting his link to the fake data?

      Ten e-bucks says it won’t.

      • Second City Cop admitted it. That should be enough for anyone as it is written by a regular Chicago beat cop.

  • Vil

    What do you need the police for when they don´t do anything?
    I say it´s time for militia groups to take care of things. Let´s see how blacks will act when people will actually do something when they commit a crime.

    • Rocky Bass,

      Lynchings were not random acts committed to scare or hurt anyone, they were responses to CRIMINAL ACTS!
      Does anyone really believe that white men went out to DO EVIL to blacks just for fun? A lynching required a HUGE effort and was taken on by the more civic minded townspeople, who refused to allow their neighbors and families to be preyed upon.

      Question is, Whom among us now would take up the task and be strong when required, it was never for the timid.

      • MrGJG

         That is absolutely correct. Blacks were being strung-up for acting like blacks. This re-writing of history to make blacks look like innocent victims has become part of our accepted narrative and it needs to be corrected. Blacks have always had a penchant for uncivilized behavior and that’s why they were kept under control.

  • Widespread police corruption… It’s like everyday you check off another box on the “Are you living in a 3rd world country?” questionnaire.

    Who’d have ever thought that as the population of non-whites rises, the overall level of third world-ness of the country would also rise.

  • I had a white friend who had her throat slit by two blacks, in Nashville, needing 20 stitches, and the Nashville police never answered her repeated calls to come and take a police report.

    • ed91

       it’s hard to click ‘like’ on your story.
      but I believe you and it’s part of the pattern. 

      Beside obviously blaming
      black violence and ignorance, I blame the media and their social engineering.

      • Easyrhino1

        Gee, and what group controls the media?

        • ed91

           ain’t you?

        • I always like time chime in when it comes to the tribe.

      • To add a measure of credibility to my story, I should add that I was the
        one who made many of the calls on her behalf.  Most victims are not
        feeling well enough to play 20 questions with the donut patrol.  So,
        unless the victim is the persistent type, who’s unafraid to bug the crap
        out of the police after theyre feeling better, the crime will never get

  • IKantunderstand

    This is so simple! Don’t report the crimes, voila, they never happened. Tally arabs as White, (and God knows who else), voila, Whites are still a majority in these United States. Say that diversity is our strength,  a miracle the Founding Fathers ever found ANYTHING without wise latinas and transgendered males, black  nationalists, hindus, sikhs, chinese,moslems, gays,lesbians, and PETA members.Voila! The Founding Fathers sucked, and their Constitution as well.See how simple it is…just relax, it will soon be over. 

  • IstvanIN

    Does this mean there is more white-on-black then is being reported?  Lands!

  • No rocket scientist needed to figure out the “why” of this. Black agitators and race-baiters have the politicians and the police so intimidated with their cries of “racism” and “racial profiling” that the police have just given up. And now they’re lying to try to cover up the fact that they’ve given up.

    Lock and load, folks. Another mass shooting today, this one in Texas. Another tragedy. Gun and ammo sales are through the roof. The black mobs are strutting arrogantly now, sure that no one dares stop them. But a tipping point always comes. Nature hates a vacuum. The police always say, “Don’t take the law into your own hands.” But when the police refuse to do anything, what choice have we?

  • JohnEngelman

    The one violent crime that is most likely to come to the attention of the police is murder. The evidence is a body that shows trauma. The murder rate is a good way to evaluate the over all rate of violent crime. 
    According to the FBI, Uniform Crime Reports in the United States the murder rate per 100,000 inhabitants peaked at 10.2 in 1980. In 2010 it was 4.8. That was even lower than in 1960 when it was 5.1.

    I see no reason to believe that the compilation of crime statistics is less honest or accurate now than it was in 1980 or 1960.  

    • Wow. If you just poke out your eyeballs it would make everything a lot easier for you. 

      Also, a lot of people that survive shooting today would have died from their wounds in 1960 or 1980. Modern medical techniques reduce the murder rate.

      • JohnEngelman

        Only 28 percent of those who retired between 1995 and 2001 had observed these activities.

        However, in the Kelly/Bloomberg era (2002 and after) over half the officers — 51 percent — had observed the intentional misclassification of serious crimes as petty offenses and other unethical practices, typically multiple times. Officers also reported that since 2002 they had experienced unusually strong pressures from supervisors to downgrade crimes and keep crime numbers low. 
        The Huffington Report story is limited to New York City, and to efforts to underestimate the crime rate since 2002.

        • alex

          Don’t forget about Milwaukee.

    • John, you have been selling this same dishonest message for quite some time now (perhaps you were once an FBI agent and think they can do no wrong). Even in the face of hard evidence, you won’t let go. Why can’t you just admit for once that you have been wrong? 

      • JohnEngelman

        What hard evidence are you talking about? Anecdotal evidence? The FBI is the best authority on the crime rate. 

        • Ernest

           The FBI? The FBI is as susceptible to  political BS as anyone.

          • JohnEngelman

            Those who do not trust credible sources of facts end up believing anything they want to believe. 
            I am unaware of any evidence that the FBI compilation of the crime rate is less honest or less accurate now than in the past. The crime rate, and the rate of violent crime are going down. This is something we should be celebrating.
            This does not mean that we should be putting fewer people in prison. Indeed, the tripling of the prison population since 1980 is a major reason for the decline in crime. 
            Nevertheless, the crime rate is declining. Evidence to the contrary is anecdotal evidence. 

          • To Mr. Engelman:
            Although i disagree with alot of the views you have; however, i have to give you credit for having intellectual honesty. Unfortunately, this is a trait that many of your co-horts on this website lack bigtime. Next to everybody else, you talk about crimes by race etc. Well, with all the crimes you people committed this summer time, i would recommend to clean up your own backyard before condemning others. Thanks!!

        • John,  I worked in corrections for 30 years as a parole officer. I have witnessed countless similar incidents, as reported in the above article,with my own eyes. The FBI obtains its crime statistics from local and state law enforcement agencies. These agencies are under financial  pressure (through federal & state grant incentives)  to show they are reducing crime. So if you are the chief of police or the head of a parole agency, crime stats are going down (weather they are or not) in order to keep those monies flowing. And it is from those dishonest statistics that the FBI gets their data. Trust me, the crime data the FBI is obtaining from these agencies  is deeply flawed. The truth is that crime in white neighborhoods, far from the inner city, likely has gone down, but crime in and around our urban centers is getting much worse. Continue to believe your fantasy if you wish, but as the article above indicates, more and more  Americans are waking up to the truth.

          • JohnEngelman

            From 1960 to 1980 the crime rate in the United States tripled, according to FBI reports. I doubt that police agencies were under less pressure back then to underestimate the crime rate. 
            The crime rate doubled from 1960 to 1970. At least until the election of Richard Nixon in 1968 liberal Democrats controlled the country. They would have wanted to show that the civil rights legislation and the war on poverty were reducing crime. 

          • Political correctness is now exponentially greater than what it is was in the 1980s and earlier. Police were under far less pressure to come up with “the right” crime statistics in previous decades. If you really do believe that crime has gone down so very dramatically, then take a stroll in downtown Detroit at around 2:00am and prove your thesis.

    • curri

      Decreased homicide rates due to better trauma care is now an old story. This is from 2002: 

      “…Harris stumbled upon this simple idea after years of trying to figure out why the aggravated-assault rate skyrocketed by several hundred percent over the past four decades, while the murder rate has remained flat, never increasing or decreasing by more than 50 percent. He had his breakthrough a couple of years ago, while watching an emergency-room reality TV show that featured the story of a man stabbed in the head with a huge knife. Despite horrendous injuries, E.R. doctors saved the man’s life. Instead of a homicide, the patient became an aggravated-assault victim, and Harris realized he had the explanation he had been looking for. ”It was an epiphany,” he says.
      In ”Murder and Medicine,” a paper published in May in the journal Homicide Studies, Harris and three other researchers determined that the murder rate is being artificially suppressed because thousands of potential homicide victims each year are now receiving swift medical attention and surviving. Americans, in other words, aren’t any less murderous — it’s just getting harder for us to kill one another. Our modern 911 dispatchers, E.M.S. technicians, trauma-care units and emergency-room surgeons have been saving patients who were on the cusp of becoming murder statistics and moving them into the aggravated-assault column.Between 1960 and 1999, the proportion of criminal assaults ending in death — what Harris calls ”the lethality rate” — dropped by 70 percent. (The steepest decline came in the aftermath of the Vietnam War, when advances in battlefield surgery led to innovations in civilian emergency care.) In fact, Harris estimates that there would be 30,000 to 50,000 additional murders in the U.S. each year — doubling or tripling the current rate — without our current levels of emergency-care technology.”

      • curri

        The more  wars launched by the Empire the better the prospects for domestic gunshot victims: 
        “…“It’s just never ending what good combat experience will bring to the table,” said Dr. Omar Bholat, 47, who did two tours of duty as a US Army surgeon in Iraq and is an assistant professor of surgery at NYU Langone Medical Center.

        Dr. Sheldon Teperman, 51, director of trauma and critical care at Jacobi Medical Center in The Bronx, said, “Those improvements brought back from the battlefield are being brought into trauma centers in the US, and we’re seeing incredibly improved outcomes.”

        Read more:

      • JohnEngelman

        That is an interesting theory that explains part of the decline in the murder rate since 1980. It does not explain why the rate of aggravated assault per 100,000 inhabitants has declined from 
        441.8 in 1992 to 
        252.3 in 2010.

        • curri

          Do you recall when you wrote this 17 hours ago?:
          “The one violent crime that is most likely to come to the attention of the police is murder. The evidence is a body that shows trauma. The murder rate is a good way to evaluate the over all rate of violent crime. ”

          Also see this from the original article:
          “The Second City Cop is a blog for and by Chicago police officers. After a recent violent weekend featuring three attacks of black mobs in the 018 beat, the downtown area, the blog reported:

          “And for the record, the ‘three’ ‘muggings’ that are being ‘investigated?’ Add a zero to that for incidents occurring last night in 018. Crime is down and if no one reports it or the media doesn’t get a hold of it? It never happened.’”

  • Sheila Dinehart

    The American Constitution urges its citizens  to defend themselves and carry out laws and justice when government breaks downs and its citizens are no longer protected.

    The Constitution makes that not only a right for America’s citizens, but a DUTY!

    • The Verdict of History

      Declaration of Independence, you mean, haha…

      • Sherman_McCoy

        Whatever.  Anyone who voluntarily lives in a city where one may not carry concealed needs one’s head examined. 

  • The Verdict of History

    The White reaction against such will become tremendously intense if such were the case…

    Expect a white resistance to intensify. 

    • IstvanIN

       These  stories never become widely known.

  • Free Crime Avoidance & Self-Defense Advice online here: 

  • 1Forced_Registration

     I had the same sobering experience; only my fiance was home at the time of one of the robberies, and they tried to rape her.

  • From the original article:
    “South Philadelphia High School could be the poster child. For several
    years ending in 2010, Asian students reported daily violence at the
    hands of black students in this predominantly black school. Teachers,
    school security guards and the principal ignored the complaints.

    The principal even blamed the violence on the Asian students,
    saying they antagonized the black students. After the initial
    complaints started to appear in the media, the principal gave the Asian
    students a pamphlet telling them how to act and speak in such a way as
    to avoid violence in the future.”

    I wonder why the principal gave the Asian, but not the black students “a pamphlet telling them how to act and speak in such a way as
    to avoid violence in the future.” The black kids were the aggressors (until, IIRC, the Asians got fed up an went on the offensive once, and then the schools took it seriously).

    As I’ve said many times before, Asians can be valuable allies *in some* of the political fights whites need to win in order not to be preyed upon by violent NAMs (non-Asian minorities).

    • LaSantaHermandad

      Blacks are the only group I know of that requires a special lexicon when speaking to them so as not to provoke them to horrendous violence. Maybe school districts should hire César Millán who could double as the Afro Whisperer. Perhaps his techniques would work on them as well as it does with dogs. I wouldn’t suggest Victoria Stilwell because she’s pretty and she sometimes finds it necessary to admonish the dog owners. That might get her gang raped .

    •  “…the principal gave the Asian students a pamphlet telling them how to act and speak in such a way as to avoid violence in the future.”

      There was no need for such a pamphlet.  I’m sure the Asian kids did everything possible to completely avoid the blacks.  The blacks simply preyed upon hunted the Asian students.

  • I once read a post by a woman who was on vacation in Rome. She had been robbed.

    She went to the police station and they handed her a form to fill out. That was it. It’s likely the paper made its way to the memory hole.

    “Progressives” love to point out that America has a high incarceration rate. That’s because we expect and demand that law enforcement do their best to keep us safe and we demand accountability.

    Now the police in the US are following the European model of crime reporting. Crime will remain the same or go up and we’ll never know it.

    • >>Crime will remain the same or go up and we’ll never know it.

      It’s not as crucial that the crime rate is shown to increase.  It’s to show the true level of crime in order to prove the rationality of the acts of the law-abiding citizens (white and black) who avoid contact with blacks.  If statistics can show that a white person is victimized say 1 out of 2 times they enter a black neighborhood on foot, that justifies the complete  avoidance of blacks.

  • The police are culpable but they are likely being told to ‘keep their numbers down’. It’s also self serving. The police can claim credit for ‘reducing’ crime (if only on paper).

    • The Worlds Scapegoat

       A lot of the reduction in real crime comes from technology, and not from the police. Most cars nowadays have some sort of tracking device imbedded in the on-board computer. OnStar is the GM version.

  • rightrightright

    The only “crimes” that activate the Police immediately are the crimes against PC, the so-called “hate” crimes.  If you get stabbed, call the Law but say you are black or brown and your assailant was white.  The police will be there before you can say “knife – sticking out of my gut”.

    •  “If you get stabbed, call the Law but say you are black or brown and your assailant was white.”

      Never happens.  The White assailant on black victim is like the Unicorn.

  • ed91

     yes,  an illusion made with smoke and mirrors and lots of lies and deception.

    plus wall to wall black glorification in our public schools………..   you do not want to know the pictures and images in today’s textbooks………
    social engineering……….  the sad part is that it works on so many unwitting white children…….. and grownups………
    they don’t seem to understand until violence and racism are right in their face…

  • JohnEngelman

    Why do so many American Renaissance Posters believe that the rate of violent crime is increasing in the United States when the FBI, Uniform Crime Reports clearly indicate otherwise? Some posters seem to want to believe that the crime rate is increasing. I can think of two reasons.
    First, many posters here have probably been recent victims of black criminals. Indeed it was my experience with several muggings that brought me to this website two years ago. Personal experience with crime skews one’s view of the crime rate. 
    The rate of violent crime was at its highest in 1992. Back then I lived in a city with a very low crime rate (and coincidentally, a virtually non existent black population). For me back then crime was of intellectual interest. It was not something I feared.
    Unfortunately, the decline in the crime rate happened along a decline in my economic fortunes. Now I live in a predominantly black city (and coincidentally a dangerous city). Nevertheless, I try to look at the big picture. 
    Second, some posters may be using the misconception of a rising rate of black crime in order to justify their hatred of blacks. The fact that support for interracial marriage has increased from four percent in 1958 to 86 percent in 2011 indicates that this hatred is declining nationally.
    In a May 19, 2003 interview John Derbyshire said: “The kind of thoughtful and intelligent young people that [National Review] would like to have as readers…are, however, determined to make the multiracial society work, they believe it can be made to work…and they are unwilling to read, say, or think anything that could be construed as unkind towards people of other races.”
    That seems to be the emerging consensus on race in the United States. No political movement can succeed by appealing to declining sentiments. One does not get places in politics by changing people’s minds. One gets places by articulating and channeling sentiments that already exist.

    • alex

      I live in Milwaukee. Don’t tell me that black crime rate is down. And who cares if it’s down? They are still more likely to kill, rob, rape and assault than whites.
      In any case, blacks, 12% of the population, commit 50% of all murders.
      What support for interracial marriage has to do with anything? People lie to pollsters. How many of the alleged white supporters of interracial marriage will actually marry a black? How many of them live in black neighborhoods?
      Chimpanzees are much more aggressive than gorillas. It’s not a hate speech, it’s a fact. And I don’t hate chimpanzees.

  • Chimp Master Rules

    Just another sign of the coming collapse.  One hundred years from now, the white children of a new white state will ask their history teacher:  Couldn’t they see it coming and so take action to avert it?

    The teacher will sadly shake her head and sigh . . .

    Even those of us living it find it hard to explain how we got here. 

    • alex

      The teacher will sadly shake her head and say, “We listened to JohnEngelman.”

  • The Worlds Scapegoat


    I have heard from several police officers that they will deliberately show up late to a crime scene, so they perps will be gone by the time they get there. The only thing they like to respond to is naked women, nazis skin-heads, and a-man-with-a-gun calls.

    The local police here is filled with overweight whites and minorities who have the emotional maturity and IQ of a 4th grader. If you have an electronics device stolen that is more than 5 years old, they will not put it in a report. They claim that it has outlasted it’s usefulness.

    I reported a break-in burglary. It took them8 days to show up. They wanted to see where the item was taken from. I showed them and empty spot on the shelf. The police officer said “there isn’t anything there.” I said “I know – it got stolen. if it was still there, I wouldn’t have called you.” The police said “maybe you misplaced it somewhere.” The police tried anything they could to get out of writing a report.  They finally asked how old the item was, and I said about 8 years old. The said they don’t take reports of stolen electronic items if they are over 5 years old. The police then left. No report of any kind. To them, there was no theft.

  • curri

    More from Second City Cop on this matter: 
    CompStat again under fire in New York.
    For decades, CPD has stolen every single New York idea/strategy and attempted to pass it off as CPD’s own. Now we’re stealing the CompStat fiction and everyone forgets exactly how and where we got it? And who was an integral part of it in New York?

  • LaSantaHermandad

    We must remember that there is a total of some 700,000 police in this country. That’s a small number to supervise 300 million.

  •  Most cops are not your friend.  Avoid them like you do NAMs.


    I have had the same experience reporting crimes that I have been a victim of:  indifference or outright hostility.  The worst experience was in NYC.  They do everything possible to discourage you from filling a report.