Report: Obama Needs Better than 2004 Black Turnout

SRN News, July 17, 2012

One of the country’s oldest civil rights groups says President Barack Obama may have a tougher time winning at least three battleground states in November should black voter turnout fall at least 5 percentage points below the record levels that helped to put him in the White House.

Black voter turnout of 64.7 percent was a significant factor in Obama’s victory in 2008, and African Americans are considered solidly behind Obama now. But having achieved the milestone of electing Obama as the nation’s first black president, black voters may be less motivated to return to the polls in droves again, the National Urban League said in a report to be released Tuesday.

Assuming no change in 2008 voting patterns, Urban League researchers said, black turnout at about 60 percent or below could cost Obama North Carolina and make it difficult for him to win Ohio and Virginia. In addition to diminished voter enthusiasm, the still-ailing economy, persistent high unemployment among blacks, new state voting laws and limited growth in the African American population could help discourage turnout.

“We achieved a high-water mark in America in 2008. For the first time, African Americans were at the table with white America” because the turnout of black voters was just 1.4 points below white voters, said Chanelle Hardy, senior vice president and executive director of the National Urban League Policy Institute. {snip}


The league said African-American voters had their biggest impact in North Carolina four years ago. An additional 127,000 black North Carolinians who had not voted in 2004 cast ballots in 2008, and Obama won North Carolina by about 14,200 votes. {snip}


African-American voter turnout has been on a steady climb since 1996, when turnout was just 53 percent, down from the 1992 turnout of 59.2 percent.


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  • I think black turnout will be just as high, because there’s always the notion of wanting to keep “the first black President” in office.

    • I think it will be just as high because the only thing the matters is “who” counts the votes.  

    • Neanderthaldna

      Oh kind and wise Moderator…

      Yer probably right, but as a former penny ante liblefty political hack myself I gotta say…

      Never underestimate the trifling sloth and stupidity of the general mass of the sons and daughters of the accursed subcontinent… 

      • kind and wise…

        I can think of at least two inaccuracies in that statement.

        What I do find interesting is that the Obama people are having to burn through a fair amount of dough to appeal to the black vote.  Now it would ordinarily make as much sense for a black politician to pander to the black vote as it does for a fried chicken stand to advertise heavily in the hood.  But they are, and that might mean there is some not-for-public-eye polling data that’s leading them to do so.

        • Neanderthaldna

          Yeah, and as a former “educator”, I see some hope in this regard.  Arrogant sloth and ignorance ever ready to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory.  I, unfortunately, know those people well…

          Of course, sometimes cruelty is the sweetest kindness there is, and the opposite as well…

  • Global Minority

    I do think black turn out will be higher than the first one. If he does not win office, there will be riots until Romney steps down and gives BO the presidency. And I am not kidding here. Blacks no when they don’t get their way all they have to do is start burning down cities, beat Whitey, rob, rape and loot and they will get their way by force. They grow bloder by the day becasue nobody has the balls to stand up to them in government or otherwise.

    •  I think we have the balls to stand up the black hordes.  What we don’t have are the balls to stand up to the multi-racial UN troops, Abrams tanks, F-22 Raptors, Predator drones, laser guided munitions, kinetic space weapons, microwave beam emitters, and everything else the USSR has in store for those who would stand up for “White Nationalism.”

      • Ironically, the current Russian regime might help us if it gets that bad.

        • bubo

          White Nationalism is alive and well in Russia.    Russia didn’t elect a silly black neo-Marxist and they certainly wouldn’t take orders from one.  

  • MekongDelta69

    Not to worry. There will be so much voter fraud going on, it will make your head spin.

    Do you HONESTLY THINK they’re going to allow this black muslim marxist dictator to be deposed?

    He’ll declare martial law or come up with some kind of executive order to stay in office.

    [I know, I know – sounds far-fetched, right? Now think back four years when someone (or yourself) said, “He wouldn’t/couldn’t possibly do (insert some insanity he’s done, here). This is America.”]

    He’s done every one of those ‘insert some insanity here’ things…

  • Dr Al

    When you consider, that with ACORN,  Obama won’t need more of a turn out of Africans since each one who does show up will be voting about 5 times, anyway.

  • “We achieved a high-water mark in America in 2008. For the first time,
    African Americans were at the table with white America” because the
    turnout of black voters was just 1.4 points below white voters, said
    Chanelle Hardy”

    A high water mark?  More like a  sewage deluge.

  • Hirschibold

    No matter what the average IQ of a black voter is, I think a lot of them sense they’ve been had. After they voted for Obama in 2008, they expected, as one rapper put it, “every prisoner in every cell in Attica to be sent back to Africa.” But black unemployment increased, black incarceration held strong, and Obama had no magical negro pixie dust to scatter over the ghettos of Chicago to stop the nightly gunfire.

    So no, this does not mean that black people will be voting for Romney instead, but many of them will be staying home, I believe. Obama will be getting close to 100% of the black vote, but it will be a smaller turnout.

    The black comedian Patrice O’Neal joked that after Obama was elected he thought that it was time for revenge, and that white people would be enslaved to blacks. In truth, and all joking aside, if Obama had done anything short of enslaving white people and allotting each black family a Cadillac Escalade, he was bound to be labelled a disappointment.

    • Shawn_thefemale

       Valid points, and I hope you’re right. But the overwhelming behavior of Africans standing by Africans no matter what they do, how bad or wrong it is, is a hard hill to climb. They will defend and join with the lowest form of black ghetto punk behavior  for no other reason than making a stand against whites. Between all the black efforts to beg people to go to the polls and rally the  ‘hood to the free transportation pick-up zones and the gullibility of blacks, we can only hope that they do stay home or don’t have help getting a voter ID.

    • I_loathe_disqus

       “The black comedian Patrice O’Neal joked that after Obama was elected he
      thought that it was time for revenge, and that white people would be
      enslaved to blacks. In truth, and all joking aside, if Obama had done
      anything short of enslaving white people and allotting each black family
      a Cadillac Escalade, he was bound to be labelled a disappointment.”

      While that comedian may have been  joking, I heard from various informants (all teachers in major metropolitan areas) that their JR High and HS age  black students really and honestly thought that Obama was going to send “all white people to the fields”.  The students made a point of going to class in paramilitary garb-ie camo-swearing they would riot and kill white people if Obama weren’t elected . Soon after the 2008 election , I remember reading about a riot(apparently a very minor one) in a prison because the black inmates really and truly thought Obama’s election meant that all black prison inmates were automatically going to be released. Here in my small town in MO, two black women employees approached grand dad’s business owner friend, and asked him when they would get raises because  of Obama being elected.  He just laughed in their faces.

      Grand dad and friends, all elderly white men, meet in a local doughnut  shop for coffee a few times a week. In early 2009 , they were discussing yet another obamatrocity, can’t recall which one. A black female biped heard them and threatened the store owner with the NAACP if he didn’t make them stop criticizing BHO. Now, I know all these men: They are gentlemen, and while they may have expressed themselves forcefully, they did not do so obscenely or profanely, and they would no more use a racial slur in public than they would use the C word for women’s genitalia  aloud. That biped was just angry at BHO being criticized! 

      Flash robberies were unknown (or at  least I don’t recall reading about them before late 2008) ; now it seems at least once a week I read about mob attacks on whites and non blacks (a few  fatal) , and flash robberies of stores . I blame Eric Holder’s refusal to prosecute the NBPP , which has been interpreted by those like the aforementioned “students” as a sign they are free to run wild.

      I am not sure the USA has not been mortally wounded already, and possibly long before BHO , but I do know we will NOT see the USA survive a second term of BHO.  And I am still seeing way to much “white liberal” support of what should be obviously a patent failure that I am not sanguine about BHO being defeated for re election. (Never mind the various and expected conspiracy theories about  Reichstagg fires, Martial law, suspended elections, etc.)

      • Hirschibold

         There is a video available on Youtube of an African-American teacher telling a young white high-school student that if he criticizes Obama he can be sent to prison:

        • The teacher was only suspended, not fired.  And the other teachers and staff at that school threatened the student continuously after that.

  • bubo

    I wonder whatever became of the “Obama effect”, you know that unknown force that was going to elevate black students above their natural semi retarded state into the stratosphere of achievement.   Haven’t heard anything about it for years now.  

  • radical7

    We have seen the massive , underhanded attempts by many conservatives and radical right wingers to supress Black and Hispanic turnout throughout the nation. Hopefully, the justice deprtment will rectify this travesty of justice.

    • El_Magyar

      You mean by being required to show a photo ID? Great googley moogley.

  • ncpride

    I don’t think Obama will take NC this election. He barely did last election. Our Democratic governor is so unpopular, she will not seek re-election, and a Republican candidate is leading in the polls..(Go Pat!) and one of NC’s Representatives is one of the growing number of Democrats that will not attend the DNC, because they don’t want to be seen with their own party. What does that tell you?

    • haroldcrews

      Also the Democratic Convention freak show will be in Charlotte.

  • Shawn_thefemale

    Even America’s First African has been made aware of the extra effort needed to keep pushing and prodding that lazy minority to act; to actually get up and do ANYTHING.
    ► 1:43► 1:43

  •  I don’t know about the blacks and hispanics, but for young white people, we had our fun voting for Jackie Robinson, and it’s not shiny anymore.