Tories Fail to Solve Immigration Crisis that Blights Britain

Leo McKinstry, Express (London), July 16, 2012

No greater bunch of treacherous charlatans ever held office than the last Labour Government.

Without any consent from the British people, this gang of traitors enacted an unparalleled social revolution in our country by promoting by mass immigration on an epic scale.

Our national identity was shattered, our mutual sense of belonging obliterated and our civic infrastructure put under intolerable strain.

Tragically, the Tory-led Coalition has dismally failed to reverse this disastrous trend.

From Ministers, we have had nothing but hollow words. The colonisation of Britain by foreigners continues to accelerate.

A limited insight into the impact of Labour’s open door policy will be provided today by the release of the first results from the 2011 Census, which was conducted last March at a cost to the taxpayer of £480 million.

The findings are expected to show that during the last decade the British population increased by more than 3 million people, up from 58.8 million in 2001 to over 62 million last year, with at least 7 million of them foreign nationals.

Yet, for all the shock that these figures might generate, they are likely to be a gross underestimate of the real effect

of mass immigration.

The true size of British population may actually be much bigger than today’s survey indicates, for there are a number of serious flaws with the current Census.

One is the simple fact that the information has already become hopelessly out of date, thanks to the unprecedented and growing waves of immigration.

In 2011, an incredible 593,000 foreigners, mostly from Asia and Africa, came to settle in Britain, an increase on 2010

when 582,000 immigrants arrived here.

Moreover, migrant families tend to have far more children than the indigenous population, further speeding up the rate of change. Indeed more than a quarter of babies now born in Britain have foreign mothers, while in London the figure rises to almost 60 per cent.

At that level of demographic upheaval, a single snapshot taken once a decade is almost useless.

Furthermore, the methodology used by the Census is dangerously unreliable in an age of flux.

Dating back to pre-Victorian times, it relies on householders filling in the longwinded forms, backed up by threats of fines for those who refuse. But it is not difficult to evade, given the serial incompetence of the state’s bureaucracy.

Nor does the threat of prosecution carry much weight in a justice system that refuses to jail serious offenders or

deport foreign criminals.

The 2001 Census was a byword for inaccuracy, with huge gaps that had to be filled in by guesswork.

Slough Council, for instance, said that no fewer 30,000 people in the borough were missed.

It is unlikely that the 2011 version will be any better.

Crucially, the Government machine has a vested interest in downplaying the number of immigrants living here.

For if the true picture were presented, most of the British public would be outraged. Yet through the fog of official

manipulation and propaganda, the alarming reality can sometimes be glimpsed.

According to the Conservative MP Greg Hands, a leading figure at the TESCO supermarket chain said in 2008 that “they estimate the population of the UK to be closer to 80 million, based on the volume of certain staples that they sell.”

This is backed up a major, non-commercial agricultural institution which reckoned that there are 77 million people currently in the UK, this figure again based on how much we eat.

Such estimates make sense.

Our border controls are notoriously inadequate, while the Home Office admits that it “hasn’t a clue” how many illegal

immigrants are living in this country.

Moreover, the total of National Insurance numbers dished out by the Government is far higher than the official

level of immigration. Between 2004 and 2007, 270,000 work permits were issued by the Government to non-European nationals, yet over 900,000 National Insurance numbers were issued.

As a graphic illustration of this farce, just 1455 Nigerians were given leave to enter Britain in this period, yet 35,900 Nigerians got NI numbers.

We can see with our own eyes how immigration is transforming Britain far more radically than officialdom ever admits.

All around us are over-stretched public services and overcrowded roads. Vast swathes of our urban landscape, dominated by the babble of foreign tongues, squalid markets or ethnic gangs, no longer resemble Britain any more.

The great lie perpetrated by the Labour Government was that the mass immigration was a means of improving our country. The tidal wave of foreigners would not only raise our prosperity but also enrich our culture, claimed the Labour politicians.

But the opposite has been true. Immigration has been a vehicle for economic destruction and social disintegration.

With 90 per cent of new jobs going to foreigners, millions of Britons have been thrown on the economic scrapheap, while the taxpayer has had to cope with the mammoth costs of providing healthcare, schooling, welfare and social housing to much of the migrant population.

And far from enriching Britain, mass immigration has led to the import of crime, terrorism, misogyny, superstition, and

barbarity from the developing world.

We were once one of the most gentle, well-ordered places on earth.

Now we are plagued by female circumcision and honour killings, forced marriages and Sharia law. Similarly our democratic system, which relied on trust, is now awash with mass voter fraud, most of it arising in Asian.

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  • “Fail?”

    They spelled “Refuse” wrong.

  • Pat

    This hideous snapshot does not just apply to us.  The most common name for boys in the Belgian capital, Brussels,   is Mohammed.  Brussels is the headquarters of the European Union which has threatened the British Government with heavy fines if we contravene the free movement directive and do not allow in even more immigrants.  The problem is widespread throughout the continent.   Getting out of ‘Europe’ is the only way.  All parties   promise us a referendum  when they want votes and then never deliver. 

    On a personal note I will not be watching the opening ceremony of the Olympics on T.V. as I will be liable to throw something at the set.

  • David Ashton

      McKinstry is almost the only mainstream writer in “England” who tells it like it is and like it was with regard to multicultural mass-immigration.
       At intervals, including recently, the establishment says we should have a “public debate”, i.e. how many permanent settlers do we “need” and how many “asylum seekers” can we deny.  The leftwing press like “The Guardian” and “Independent” demand more and more immigrants in harness with the capitalist interests that want cheap labour while pushing social costs onto others.
        The history of post-war immigration is being rewritten, as if there were no educated opponents of Afro-Asian immigration (apart from Powell), when in fact lucid arguments can be found five or so decades ago with anthropologist Laura L0ngmore’s “Immigration Limited: Britain’s Case” and Lord Elton’s “Unarmed Invasion”.
         The first big problem has been suppression of opinion and information, recently more formally with “equality and diversity” being legally and compulsorily imposed on the people.

    • ”McKinstry is almost the only mainstream writer in “England” who tells it like it is and like it was with regard to multicultural mass-immigration.”

      Here are the guidelines for the media on reporting racial matters by the NUJ ( National Union of Journalists )

      1. ” The NUJ believes that the development of racist attitudes and the growth of fascist parties pose a threat to democracy, the rights of trade union organisations, a free press and the development of social harmony and well-being.

      2. The NUJ believes that its members cannot avoid a measure of responsibility in fighting the evil of racism as expressed through the mass media.

      3. The NUJ believes the methods and lies of the racists should be publicly and vigorously exposed.Only mention someone’s race if it is strictly relevant. 

      Do not sensationalise race relations issues; it harms black people and it could harm you.Investigate the treatment of black people in education, health, employment and housing.

      Do not forget travellers and gypsies. Cover their lives and concerns.

      Seek the views of their representatives.Press for equal opportunities for employment for black staff.Remember that black communities are culturally diverse. Get a full and correct view from representative organisations.

      Seek to publish or broadcast material exposing the myths and lies of racist organisations and their anti-social behaviour.

      Do not allow the letters column or ‘phone-in’ programmes to be used to spread racial hatred in whatever guise.”

      Living in Britain is like living in the old Soviet Union.You can read the rest here

      • I’ve heard it said that journalism is the second oldest profession.  (Think it through.)

        When they act like this, they’re acting like the first oldest.

        •  No way, at least the prostitutes provide a service that was/is mutually agreed upon and beneficial.

  • loyalwhitebriton

    I like Leo McKinstry. He’s a patriotic British Ulsterman (born in Belfast, 1962) who writes, mainly, for the centre-right media – Daily Mail, Daily Express, Telgraph.  And he writes mainly on immigration issues.
    Funny thing is, though, Leo’s politics is actually centre-left. During the 90’s, he served as a Labour councillor in London, and was a political aide to Labour politician Harriet Harman. McKinstry ended up leaving Harmans’ service after 2 years, describing her politics as the “The dangerous gospel of feminist fascism”. And he’s not wrong.

    Anyway, McKinstrys article is probably the best synopsis on the immigration policies of the previous Labour government, and it’s impact on British society today, that I’ve read for quite some time.

  • sgmpalm

    The reason is simple. The elites wish to create a single plural borderless society with a single world government. Basic research shows time and time again that the Jews are the single common denominator for the cause of non-White massive immigration. Simply follow the money and the ideology. Here in the US and internationally, Jews work in unison by pooling their money and resources to garner control of the media, banking, and politics to control public protocol and legislation. There’s no great mystery about this fact. It’s plain to see.

  • Hirene

    These immigrants are clustered in older white working class neighborhoods.   Public housing should be built in Tory sections of the country and immigrant families relocated there.  Anything other than that is “apartheid.”

  • IstvanIN

    Prince Charles handing Hong Kong over the to Red Chinese:

    I wonder what King William’s speech will be like when he hands Great Britain over to the Caliphate.

  • “The great lie perpetrated by the Labour Government was that the mass immigration was a means of improving our country. The tidal wave of foreigners would not only raise our prosperity but also enrich our culture, claimed the Labour politicians.”

    What a coincidence! Our “leaders” tell us the same lies on this side of this side of the Atlantic regarding the “joys and benefits” of massive third-world immigration from Latin America and Asia.

  • KenelmDigby

    The British Conservative Party is just like the American Republican Party regrading third world immigration. They TALK a good game whilst in opposition, but once in power can be relied upon to do absolutely damn all.

  • This is a great piece by Leo McKinstry.  He is often on target with his opinion pieces, and this one encapsulates the situation very nicely. It is one of those kinds of articles I tend to keep a copy of.

    The only quibble, and it is a small quibble, is the title and the underlying assumption posed behind it.

    For the Tories to have “failed” – it is self evident that they must have therefore “tried” in the first place and genuinely wanted to “win”.

    Immigration (net) actually increased under this “coalition”, which after the dizzying heights of Labours tsunami crashing ashore, is quite something.

    The immigration issue to an Island landmass could surely be dealt with within the space of 6 months if they were serious about it. A ‘nationalist’ government would no doubt sort it out within a week, then deal with the resulting problems and squabbles later.

    Some of the statistics that Leo cites are truly insane. The kind of differences between recorded immigration and the issuing of national insurance is extremely worrying:

    “Between 2004 and 2007, 270,000 work permits were issued by the
    Government to non-European nationals, yet over 900,000 National
    Insurance numbers were issued. As a graphic illustration of this farce, just 1455 Nigerians were
    given leave to enter Britain in this period, yet 35,900 Nigerians got NI

    I knew the figures on the census were not to be trusted, but if this is even remotely the real situation, then it is at least five or six times worse than I had ever imagined.

  • JustaWhiteMom

    That is exactly the problem with the Jews.  They identify with International Jewry, so they promote globalism, which they can do only by tearing down and demonizing other peoples’ identity.  Hence the hypocrisy for which they are so hated.

    Having said that, I do agree with you that it is yet possible that the Jews might have a change of heart and ally themselves with us.

  • ” I was recently in Edinburgh, Scotland.” 

    That’s a strange coincidence, I live there.

    ”As a white caucasian immigrant with British roots who speaks English with a colonial accent I have had a few encounters with indigenous white caucasian Celtic Britons who have made it very clear that they do not consider me one of them and resent my presence here.”

    I’m very ambivalent towards my fellow Scots (  in other words I don’t like them ) They’re all atheists, marxists, socialists, liberals, ” let’s all hold hands round the campfire and sing Kumbaya my Lord, let’s all love the blacks ”.

    I don’t identify with them, it’s a very strange feeling to be an outsider in your own country.

    The days of Robert the Bruce, James Watt, Adam Smith, David Hume ,  James Clerk Maxwell, Alexander Graham Bell, Robert Louis Stevenson etc etc  are over, the Scots are a very different people now. Just like the Ancient Romans and Greeks are not like the Romans and Greeks of today.

    If you’re white with a a South African accent, in the liberal world that’s a cardinal sin, that means you’re a racist, it’s a bit like a German, he must be a nazi.

    The psychology behind my fellow Scots and other self loathing whites is this

    ” Not all those who undermine Western civilization through support of Multiculturalism and mass immigration do so out of a hidden political agenda. Some do it out of plain stupidity and vanity. .

    “ Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the most open-minded of them all ? ”

    It’s a beauty contest for bored,middle class liberals who use immigrants as a mirror to reflect their own inflated egos, a sport where they can nurse their vanity in the mistaken belief that denigrating your own cultural heritage is a sign of goodness and lack of prejudice.

    The Multiculturalism on display by liberals now stems from feelings of guilt because of affluence. I hear so many of these open border activists talk about “ solidarity,” but in reality it’s all about ME, ME, ME. 

    They don’t show much solidarity with their own children and grandchildren who are going to inherit the Multicultural nightmare they leave behind.It’s all about making them feel good about themselves right now, without regard for future consequences of their actions.

    So their “ SOLIDARITY ” is really an extreme form of egotism and holier-than-thou self-exaltation. Besides, many of them have lived sheltered lives for so long that they honestly don’t understand that something bad can ever happen to them.

    They’ve never had to fight for their freedom or their prosperity, which had been ensured by others.