Poll: Obama Widens Lead Among Hispanic Voters

Jonathan Easley, The Hill, July 18, 2012

President Obama has widened his already substantial lead over Mitt Romney among Hispanics, according to a Latino Decisions poll released on Wednesday.

Obama takes 70 percent of the Hispanic vote, compared to Romney at 22. It’s the first time Obama has hit 70 percent in the poll, and the 48-point margin is the widest for the president so far, up from his June lead of 66 percent to 23.

Last month, Obama announced that his administration would stop deporting illegal immigrants who come to the country at a young age and meet certain requirements. The directive is particularly popular among Hispanics, with more than 90 percent of those surveyed saying they’re in favor of the policy change.


On Wednesday, the Romney campaign released its ninth Spanish-language ad of the cycle, a 30-second spot called, “País de Inmigrantes,” or “Country of Immigrants,” that features Romney’s son Craig touting his father’s understanding of immigrant issues.


After Obama’s announcement, Romney offered support for easing deportations, but said he believed the decision could make it more difficult to achieve comprehensive immigration reform.



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  • JackKrak

    Something tells me that a good chunk of that 22% for Romney didn’t understand the question.

  • bluffcreek1967

    Is this really a surprise to any of us? Hispanics in large numbers will always vote for the candidate who offers them the most government goodies. They will also vote for the guy who makes the pathway to citizenship the most easiest. Obama knew that by reducing the amount of Hispanics who get deported he would, in turn, get their vote. It’s about as simple as that.

  • The__Bobster

    Let’s hope he doesn’t listen to his “professional advisors” and picks Reconquista Rubino for VP.

    • In this case, we might be better off if he listens to his “professional advisers.”  From what I’m reading, it’s the Tea Party people pushing Rubio.  If left to his proclivities and to that of his advisers, they’d pick a boring stiff like Romney himself.

      • The__Bobster

        No, it’s mainly the neocons who are pushing Reconquista Rubino, who is both a traitor and unqualified for the job.

        Besides, Mestizos hate the cane-cutters because they get admitted as “refugees”. So they definitely won’t be voting for one, no matter how much he Hispanders.


        First and most importantly, Marco Rubio is not constitutionally eligible to serve as either President or Vice-President of the United States.  Rubio is not a “natural born Citizen” of the United States, as the Constitution requires both the President and Vice-President to be.  Should Republicans also be thinking about Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal for the office John Nance Garner so valued, neither is Jindal a natural born citizen, and for the same reasons as Rubio.


        The  question of his eligibility is not the only reason for American patriots to be very wary of Marco Rubio.

        Rubio gives me the very strong impression that the GOP’s latest Hispanic heartthrob ultimately is just as much a Hispanic special-pleader as almost every other Hispanic politician in the United States, and an active foe of American patriots who take our National Question seriously.

        Recent Marco Rubio actions demonstrate that he is not someone conservative Americans can trust.

  • It’s not so much that the ‘spanics like Obama, it’s that Obama is NOT WHITE.  ‘Spanics are like every other non-Black people, they DESPISE BLACKS.  So voting for Obama is not really an endorsement of a “Black president” but rather a shot at Whitey, making sure to dispossess and alienate Whitey at every opportunity.  

  • Obama knows all too well that illegal invading Hispanics will have no fear whatsoever in casting their vote for him. Why do you think he continues to dangle the amnesty carrot before them every chance he gets. Illegal invaders crash our borders without a care in the world as to our laws regarding immigration.  They steal social security numbers in order to usurp jobs in this country with not a care in the world. They drive without a license or insurance. No problema!  
    What makes anyone believe Hispanic illegal invaders are suddenly going to become law-abiding citizens when it comes to laws regarding voting in this country? Obama knows they could not care less about the law (especially when they think they are going to get amnesty out of the deal if they vote) and so does every other leader who supports amnesty on behalf of these criminals

  • IstvanIN

     Not post 1979 Cuban refugees.  Also, keep this in mind, the Cubans are not grateful for being allowed sanctuary in the US, they want to take power and resources away from the “gringo”, they do not want a melting pot, they want Batista Cuba here.

  • JohnEngelman

    June 19, 2012   
    President Barack Obama’s high-profile shift on immigration last week — announcing plans to grant temporary legal status to as many as 800,000 undocumented people brought to American soil as children — has the overwhelming support of likely voters in a new Bloomberg poll released Tuesday.        

    Sixty-four percent of them — and 66% of independents, the frequently up-for-grabs voters thought to decide elections — support the president’s decision…               

    The Bloomberg survey found that just 30 percent of likely voters disagreed with the president’s plan…               

    The poll, which had an error margin of plus or minus 3.6 percentage points, also showed that immigration was the top issue of just four percent of voters.