Posted on July 18, 2012

Poll: Obama Widens Lead Among Hispanic Voters

Jonathan Easley, The Hill, July 18, 2012

President Obama has widened his already substantial lead over Mitt Romney among Hispanics, according to a Latino Decisions poll released on Wednesday.

Obama takes 70 percent of the Hispanic vote, compared to Romney at 22. It’s the first time Obama has hit 70 percent in the poll, and the 48-point margin is the widest for the president so far, up from his June lead of 66 percent to 23.

Last month, Obama announced that his administration would stop deporting illegal immigrants who come to the country at a young age and meet certain requirements. The directive is particularly popular among Hispanics, with more than 90 percent of those surveyed saying they’re in favor of the policy change.


On Wednesday, the Romney campaign released its ninth Spanish-language ad of the cycle, a 30-second spot called, “País de Inmigrantes,” or “Country of Immigrants,” that features Romney’s son Craig touting his father’s understanding of immigrant issues.


After Obama’s announcement, Romney offered support for easing deportations, but said he believed the decision could make it more difficult to achieve comprehensive immigration reform.