Holder Says Civil Rights ‘Under Renewed Threat’

Meghashyam Mali, The Hill, July 7, 2012

In an address to the National Council of La Raza convention in Las Vegas on Saturday, Attorney General Eric Holder told the Hispanic advocacy group that the gains of the Civil Rights era were coming “under renewed threat,” and touted the administration’s efforts in protecting the rights of minority groups and immigrants.

“Many of you know this firsthand—and have felt the impact of division, and even discrimination, in your own lives,” said Holder in his address, according to prepared remarks released by the Justice Department.”

The attorney general pledged that the civil rights advocacy group would “never have a more committed partner than the United States Department of Justice” and touted the administration’s record on those issues.

In particular, Holder highlighted the Supreme Court’s ruling last week striking down much of Arizona’s law targeting illegal immigration.


But Holder, expressed concerns over the provision left standing. ”We’ll work to ensure—as the Court affirmed—that such laws cannot be seen as a license to engage in racial profiling.  And we’ll continue to enforce federal prohibitions against racial and ethnic discrimination, in order—as President Obama has promised—to “uphold our tradition as a nation of laws and a nation of immigrants,” he said.

The attorney general also touted the administration’s decision to halt the deportation of some young illegal immigrants, a move popular within the Hispanic community, calling it “a significant—and long-overdue—improvement to our nation’s immigration policy.”

Holder said the next step was for lawmakers to push through more comprehensive immigration reform and he said the administration would “keep working with Congressional leaders—from both parties—to advance the passage of critical legislation like the DREAM Act.”


“Over the past three years, our Civil Rights Division has filed more criminal civil rights cases than during any other period in its history—including record numbers of human trafficking, hate crimes, and police misconduct cases,” said Holder, pledging that such efforts would remain a “top priority” for the department.

The Obama administration is also sending Vice President Biden to the convention. He is scheduled to speak on Tuesday.


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  • Eric “My People” Holder funnies:


    The odd thing about all the human trafficking cases the US Attorneys have filed is that ICE is the lead law enforcement agency in a lot of them.  Why not the FBI?  Doesn’t the FBI have a section which deals with these sorts of things?  Or are the Obamaites redirecting ICE away from immigration enforcement into “safe” missions which offend nobody?

    • alastairabbacle

      These “safe” missions don’t offend the ruling class.     It is offensive to big business to remove cheap, undocumented labor.  it is offensive to those who view America as a “nation of immigrants” to say that national cohesion and unity is important too.  

    • The__Bobster

      ICE has been doing everything but their job recently, even going after child pornographers, all to avoid deporting future democrats.


  • AlaskanShadow62
  • Detroit_WASP

    Sounds like election year propoganda to me.  He wants to rally the troops against whitey.  Racial politics.

  • Church_of_Jed

    Everyone knows that the Klan wrote the U.S. Constitution and invented the racist concept of “legal voter”.

  • libertarian1234

    Like Big Brother’s utopia in Orwell’s 1984 it is necessary to have a threat existing at all times in order to justify oppressive measures by the government and to provide a somewhat unifying force among the wretched citizens of the perverted system.

    Holder…and black/Hispanic leaders….seek to place all non-whites under the same umbrella in all matters in order to increase their clout, their numbers and their overall leverage against the white power base.

    Actually, they hate each other’s guts, especially the rank and file, but until whites are neutralized I guess they don’t mind pretending they’re all victims of whitey’s crimes.

    They’re fighting and shooting each other right now in Calif. in what LA County Sheriff Lee Baca calls a race war.

    Wouldn’t it be a shame if the fighting between them throughout the country  erupted into full-scale armed conflict.


  • Of course when this idiot is talking about “civil rights” he isn’t talking about white peoples right to walk down a street without being attacked by a black flash mob.

    • Church_of_Jed

      White privilege cancels their civil right to not being beaten, robbed, raped, and murdered by blacks.  Whites don’t have civil rights, because privilege must be eliminated.

      • alastairabbacle

        The Jews before WWII in Germany had “Jewish privilege”.  

        • Maybe thats what gave them the idea to create “white privilege” they are certainly doing a good job running a holocaust on us!!!

  • Athling

    “Over the past three years, our Civil Rights Division has filed more criminal civil rights cases than during any other period in its history—including record numbers of human trafficking, hate crimes, and police misconduct cases,” said Holder.

    We can be quite certain of that with a negro such as Holder in charge. He is constantly trying to stay “tight with the homies,” as if he needed to prove his blackness to them. Yes, he’s “down with the struggle.”

    I imagine he has never given a passing thought as to how he is coming across to the white majority. The messages he is sending them is being heard loud and clear.

    The most incompetent A.G. in U.S. history appointed by the most incompetent President in U.S. history.

    How fitting for this to have taken place at a La Raza meeting. La Raza is the official mouthpiece for illegal aliens, er, I mean undocumented Democrats.

    • HenryHolliday

      He knows exactly how he’s coming across to us. He has had his middle digit extended to us and all we stand for from the moment he took office.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Comrade Eric the Red is a black racist addressing Mexican racists. He protects illegal voters and those too lazy, stupid and incompetent to obtain a voter I.D.

    Holder complains about people’s civil rights being violated yet he had no problem with black panthers physically intimidating White voters in 2008.

    Romney SHOULD speak to La Raza and tell them about the hundreds of Mexican citizens that have been killed as a result of Holder’s “Fast and Furious” program. 

    • Sherman_McCoy

      Romney should STOP talking to Mexicans altogether and START talking to whites about how he is going to rid the country of the illegals.

      As that will not happen, perhaps he should just stop TALKING.

  • Uncle Ruckus

    Actually, Holder has a point.  He and his boss have so angered and frustrated the American people and have so emboldened blacks and mexicans to be even more obnoxious than they were . . . that even the few white holdouts are starting to see that we whites are getting a bad deal.

    It’s like being drunk in Vegas and eventually sobering up enough to figure out that the “girl” you picked up at the bar a couple of hours ago isn’t really a “girl” . . . YIPES!

    That horrible, disgusted, sick-in-the-stomach feeling is what we need to encourage in our fellow whites.

    Sorry white man. You got played. Now it’s time to get back into the game. Oh . . . and thank you Holder & Obama for being the bunglers that you are . . . we couldn’t have taken our country back without you.

    • HenryHolliday

      Does anyone on this site actually believe we’ll go 20 more years without some kind of reckoning? Serious question. It seems impossible to me.  I won’t  attempt to predict the outcome, but it seems to me a reckoning in the near future is a virtual certainty.

      • Shawn_thefemale

         In this crazy, upside down, right-is-wrong and wrong-is-right world we live in now, it’s impossible to figure the outcome. However, I tend to think as you do – SOME kind of  social catastrophe seems imminent.

        • Vil

           There are some theories that Obama intends to start the 3rd World War.
          Due to EBT-Cards, Obama-Care, etc. the USA will go into banktrupcy soon, so he needs to start a war with Iran and maybe other countries in order to get some money in. How else could you explain his behaviour towards Iran?
          Those, more or less, are the kind of things that are being discussed in some chatrooms, I think. I didn´t really bother reading them and that´s (still) not my personal opinion.

  • La Raza ia a hispanic supremacy group that defends mexican illegal invaders. The fact that the AG would even associate with these thugs says much about the mindset of this derelict. Holder and La Raza make a perfect match, as both are toxic to this country.

    • Joe whatever

       Yes agreed,  it’s just too bad there are so many white zombies willing to follow the herd..
      There must be a way to wake them up, course some are just too far gone..

      • alastairabbacle

        The Zombies think they are the good guys.  That is why they come for more brains. 

  • NM156

    Why isn’t this a**hole in jail for running thousands of guns across the border to Mexican cartels during an ATF operation that continued on long after the Dept. of Justice knew that agents were not intercepting the weapons on the other end? Holder is a creep and a criminal. Shame on the House for not punishing him to the fullest extent of the law.

  • SirKevin1231

    The only violations are the ones that SOB breaks every day. He wants the white race destroyed and has the president backing him 100%.
    I hope Obama gets elected again just so the world can see exactly what those black racists have in store for whites. And those whites who vote for that negro are just as guilty of destroying the white race as holder and burack ohbamy are.
    Obama is already giving away billions upon billions of natural resources by giving Russia 7 Alaskan islands.

    • LaSantaHermandad

      SIr Kevin,
      I agree with the spirit of what you say about Obama getting reelected however I have an abiding fear that if he does, we will have seen the last Presidential Election in the US,

      • Obama or Romeny, either way this will be the last real Presidential Election. In 4 more years the demographics will change Red states into Blue states. The government has been distributing immigrants to water down the white vote in key areas.

  • jackryanvb

    Straight out of George Orwell’s 1984 where PC Newspeak is the language of the day.

    Attorney General Eric “My People” Holder goes before a Latino Racial Advocacy Group called LaRaza – translates as “The Race” to speak about confronting RACISM.

  • Agreed, white people are getting scared. Things are increasingly looking like the Nazi takeover of Germany, with white people as the Jews. 

    We are responsible for all the country’s problems, governmental, financial, and social. 

    Open, unchecked violence against us without meaningful recognition or prosecution

    Socially acceptable ridicule from the media

    Wealth confiscation through government programs

    Efforts to disarm us (fast and the furious, UN small arms treaty)

    Showing utter contempt for all aspects of our culture and history

    Glorifying non-whites for every tiny little accomplishment (Obama got the presidency and a Nobel Prize for being non-white)

  • MissBonnie123

    “Many of you know this firsthand—and have felt the impact of division, and even discrimination, in your own lives,” said Holder in his address, according to prepared remarks released by the Justice Department.”

    We Whites in the U.S. better wake up. What this anti-White is saying is that we White people are vicious racists, constant violators of nonwhites’ civil rights.  He is purposely trying to create a race war.

    I guarantee you that most White people in America have experienced racism directed at them by nonwhites. But this anti-white will never mention this.

    I truly believe that we need to start a campaign to counteract the vicious anti-White lies that this man is saying. We also need to contact our legislators and demand that they hold Eric Holder accountable for his statements and the resulting consequences.

    Commenting on this website is great but I feel we need to take relentless action against our enemies who neve stop lying.

  • MissBonnie123

    Isn’t is ironic that he was talking to a Hispanic supremacist group named La Raza and he was actually inferring by his statements that it is White people in America who are the racists.

  • MissBonnie123

    As you can tell, this article got to me. It brought up another thought.

    If this country is filled with racist White people who are plotting civil rights violations against nonwhites 24/7, why do nonwhites keep immigrating, both legally and illegally, to this country?  Somebody needs to ask Eric Holder this question.

    If I believed that a country was filled with racists who wanted to hurt me and oppress me, I would NEVER immigrate to that country.

    The fact that our country is being bombarded with nonwhites tells me nonwhites do not have the fears of being discriminated against that the anti-White Eric Holder is alluding to.

    If anything, it is our people who have the right to fear.

  • Sheila Dinehart

    A bit of perspective here from a marxist site: 

    “But the Fourth International, whose business is revolution, has not to prove that Negroes were or are as revolutionary as any group of oppressed people. That has its place in agitation. What we as Marxists have to see is the tremendous role played by Negroes in the transformation of Western civilization from feudalism to capitalism. It is only from this vantage-ground that we shall be able to appreciate (and prepare for) the still greater role they must of necessity play in the transition from capitalism to socialism.”

    Source: “The Revolution and the Negro,” New International, Volume V, December 1939, pp. 339-343. Published under the name J.R Johnson;Transcribed: by Ted Crawford.

    That there are so many radical America haters surrounding President Obama is just the inevitable realization of marxist long-term planning.  

  • Up to my neck in CA

    Another AA hire biting the hand that feeds him.

  • WhitesRdumb

    The solution for failure is more failure.


  • WhitesRdumb

     It is a war against all whites on the planet.

  •  Rush kinda gleaned onto a clever point:  Rahm wants the gang bangers of  his city to quit killing “kids.”  First off, what does Rahm mean by “kids?”  Second, how can these “kids” prove they’re “kids” but for that racist photo ID?