Rahm Emanuel’s Cabinet Comes up Short in Diversity

Dan Mihalopoulos et al., Chicago Sun-Times, July 8, 2012

When Mayor Rahm Emanuel convenes meetings of his cabinet, the racial breakdown of those top aides hardly reflects the diversity of the city they serve.

In a city in which no single racial group makes up more than a third of the population, almost two of every three City Hall department heads is white. Of 30 Emanuel appointees to the highest-ranking city government positions, only five are black, and three Hispanic, a Chicago Sun-Times analysis shows.

“It’s abysmal,” Ald. Leslie Hairston (5th) says of blacks’ under-representation in the upper ranks at City Hall. “We have talked about it with the mayor, but apparently it has fallen on deaf ears.”

In contrast, Gov. Pat Quinn has tapped African Americans and whites to serve in top state posts at a rate that roughly mirrors the size of their communities in Illinois, though Hispanics are relatively scarce in Quinn’s cabinet despite their growing population.


Although an exact comparison is impossible because Emanuel has merged some departments, predecessor Richard M. Daley’s cabinet was similarly skewed toward whites. At the time Daley retired, his 36 department heads included 24 whites, 7 blacks, 4 Hispanics and 1 Arab. Twelve from Daley’s last cabinet continue to work for the new mayor in the same roles.

Jennifer Hoyle, a spokeswoman for Emanuel, says the mayor “recognizes the importance of a diverse work force that mirrors the diversity of Chicago” and that he chose aides with a range of backgrounds who are committed to serving the city.


Though the city’s financial problems have limited the first-term mayor’s ability to hire in many departments, Emanuel’s own office—staffed entirely by his political appointees—is about 57 percent white. Only the Fire Department, the inspector general’s office and the city’s Law Department have a higher percentage of white workers, according to city records.

And the seven mayor’s office employees with the top salaries all are white.

Hoyle notes that Emanuel has tapped African Americans to lead three “sister agencies” of city government—the Chicago Public Schools, the Chicago Housing Authority and the City Colleges. The three “are large agencies that are all run by highly qualified African-American mayoral appointees,” she says.

Whites head the city’s two other major sister agencies—the Chicago Park District and the Chicago Transit Authority.

The chairman of the City Council’s Black Caucus, Ald. Howard Brookins (21st), says African-American aldermen have lobbied Emanuel to appoint more blacks to top-level posts since soon after he was inaugurated 14 months ago.

“We brought it up to him within the first month of his administration,” Brookins says. “That was when we started noticing a trend.”


County government’s roughly 22,000 employees include 8,842 blacks, 8,535 whites, 2,265 Hispanics, 1,883 Asians or Pacific Islanders, 62 of unknown race and 50 American Indians or Alaska natives, records show.

Of City Hall’s nearly 33,000 employees, more than 46 percent were white as of April 9, according to data provided by city officials. About 32.7 percent were black, 16.8 percent Hispanic and 2.7 percent Asian.

The Fire Department remained the most heavily white department even after the city was forced by the courts to hire some black applicants.

The largest city department—the 13,703-member police force—was about 49 percent white.


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  • Rahm kinda owes the black in his city, too — He got a majority of the black vote, mainly because he could parade the fact that he was the first black President’s first chief of staff.

    The reason Rahm’s inner circle is decidedly non-vibrant is for an observation the Chicago media made when he won election as Mayor, that his winning meant that Chicago was transitioning away from a system of blue collar patronage and corruption to what it called “pinstripe patronage,” that is, the city’s and region’s biggest corporations playing the same game that the mob and the gangs used to.

    • alastairabbacle

      This is a good thing.  Bravo Chicago.

    • curri

      “…transitioning away from a system of blue collar patronage and corruption to what it called “pinstripe patronage,”…”
      I first heard that during the early days of the Richie Daley administration-over 20 years ago.  Of course it should be obvious that they always grab the money by any feasible means. 

      • 14POLK88

        He did not play up the fact He and Obama were queer lovers, the sick bastards!!


    I don’t understand why Rahm Emanuel continues to bar Basque-Americans from city government and city programs.   His racist, anit-Basque agenda must end NOW!

    I’m Basque.  The Basque-American community has faithfully served America, paid taxes and contributed to our multicultural society.  Yet, we are totally ignorred by the pandering, cynical, racists politicians, like Rahm (I served in the Israli Army) Emanuel. 

    There is not a single Chicago City program directed toward the Basque!
    There are no Basque-outreach programs!
    There are no Basque set-asides!
    There are no grants or scholarships for Basque students!
    There is not a single Basque holiday in Chicago!
    There are no City-supported Basque festivals or concerts, in spite of the rich Basque cultural heritage!
    Did you know that Chicago refuses to offer Drivers License tests in the Basque language?
    Did you know that Chicago courts refuse to provide Basque interpreters
    It’s as if the Basque do not even exist!

    When will the Basque be allowed to have their civil rights?

    Rahm Emanuel — Stop the Hate! 

    •  Basque?

      There was a talk radio host in St. Louis who was a Basque-American, Ray Ytizana.  I liked to listen, and called a few times.  But unfortunately, he was a big time Lincoln lover.

    • Oil Can Harry

      ILoveMyRace, I sincerely hope Mayor Emanuel fills his cabinet with members of your ethnic group and they become famous throughout Chicago.

      That way, they can Basque in the spotlight. 

    • alex dihes

       Basque?  Go to your country or become an American. You cannot – go to your people. It is enough hyphenated-cosmopolitans here. Since I’ve come here I’m neither Russian nor Jewish. I’m an American. A WHITE American. And mighty proud of that. There is no other country in the world which means more to me than the USA. If it comes to shed blood it will be for the USA against ANY! ANY!! ANY!!! country.

      All hyphenated go where your heart and loyalty belongs to.  

      • Sherman_McCoy

        Er, alex, I think he’s writing tongue firmly in cheek.

      • Bon, From the Land of Babble

        The major war for us Whites will be against the US government.

        It is the USG, not a foreign government, that is promoting genocide against Whites through the funding and empowerment  of non-Whites specifically to assault, attack and murder us — while keeping its boot on our White throats.

        It is the USG that actively legislates against Whites and White interests and makes sure that we Whites are kept individualized and atomized, unable to form pro-advocacy political groups for our own people, which it allows for ALL other ethnic/religious/racial groups.

        It is the USG that is importing hoards of depraved, diseased, high-fertility third world immigrants, illegals and refugees into the US to flood into WHITE areas  rendering them unlivable.

        THIS is your enemy, the US government and its controlled media, THEY are the ones who will make us a minority in our own homeland to be lorded over by hostile non-Whites who have been taught to despise and loathe Whites.

        An invasion from a foreign government will only happen after the US government has first destroyed what was once the freest, most prosperous country EVER on the face of the earth.

        We are facing genocide, people, there is no other way to put it.   What’s happening in South Africa to its White population will be our fate.  How soon before blacks in America are screaming “One White Infant, One Bullet!!” — as blacks are screaming in SA.


      • shmo123

         Uhm, Alex I think that one flew right over your head.

    • Detroit_WASP

      The Basque are evil!  They control the banks and are shape shifters.  The can change from a human to a bat with magic words.  Down with the Basque!  lol

    • I like Basques- Zurbaran, Loyola, Pio Baroja,…except La Passionaria.

  • mikejones91

    Whats great is “they” are trying to “promote” diversity all while forgetting about the 15 murders that probably happened over the weekend. I don’t live in the midwest so I really don’t know but I think its safe to say at LEAST 10 young black men lost their lives. R.I.P. 

  • Church_of_Jed

    “Reflecting Diversity” is now the required competency quotient.

    Even as everything turns into a turdworld cesspool, Diversity must not be blamed.

    Just blame slavery, Jim Crow segregation, the Klan, the Tea Party, and FoxNews.  Anyone who disputes you is a racist and will be arrested and charged with Hate Crimes against Diversity.

    Good words: Diversity, Multicultural, Interfaith, Fairness, Equality, Africa, Barak Hussein Obama, Antiracist

    Bad words: Achievement, Excellence, Merit, Service, Integrity, Colorblind, Character, Europe, George Washington, Genetics

  • libertarian1234

    Maybe old Rahm isn’t as silly as he looks and doesn’t want to appoint too many blacks, because he doesn’t want Chicago to turn into another Detroit or New Orleans…..or Zimbabwe.

  • Well, Democrats always “talk the talk”, but rarely “walk the walk,” but in all fairness to this guy, I am sure he doesn’t want his city run into the ground like Detroit.

  • The thing that just pisses me off to no end is  WHY (I know why) is it necessary to have “equal” representation?  What happened to the best man for the job?  I just get so angry when I hear blacks and latinos whine about not having blacks and latinos in government offices.  They want to live in a first world successful nation but they want their own third world people to run the show like a third world nation.  You cannot have it BOTH ways.  Either you let the best qualified people run the show or you allow your racial animosity to destroy the very thing you desire the most. 

    • The__Bobster


      Never Too Busy to Hate: Affirmative Action Criminal Justice in Atlanta
      By Nicholas Stix on June 29, 2012 at 11:28pm

      During the sixties, white civic leaders liked to call Atlanta “The city too busy to hate.” But it turns out that the real Atlanta always has time to hate.

      During the 1960s and early 1970s, blacks flocked to Atlanta. The attendant violent crime drove out tens of thousands of whites, resulting in a black majority and the election of the city’s first black mayor, Maynard Jackson, in 1973. Atlanta has now been under black rule for almost 40 years.

      This period has seen the racial corruption of every level of law enforcement and criminal justice—from 911 dispatchers who don’t know where major landmarks are, to cops who don’t understand police “10 codes” (e.g., a “10-13”), to jailers and prosecutors who identify with black felons, to judges who repeatedly grant a persistent felon “first-time offender status,” until he murders someone.

  • alltoohuman

    How many members of his cabinet are israeli duel citizens?

    • no one cares.  Israel actually managed to kick out their illegal alien infiltrators.

  • Uncle Ruckus

    I think more blacks in very key governmental positions is precisely what Chicago needs.  And right now, darn it! 

    Finance people?  All black.  People in charge of city records?  Black.  Emergency planning?  All black.  Human resource management?  All black.  Analysis of criminal justice trends?  All black.  Emergency services management and response?  All black.  Health services?  All black.

    C’mon Rahm.  Get with the program.  We whites have some time to kill between now and the Olympics.  Let’s see just how fast we can screw Chicago up. 

    Personally, I’m betting Chicago slides into Lake Michigan before Los Angeles slides into the Pacific . . .

    • Sherman_McCoy

      Don’t forget the US IRS!

    • Shawn_thefemale

      All he needs to do is follow Atlanta’s lead. Rham The Vile doesn’t even have to figure it out for himself. And the sooner the better.

  • NM156
  • Sloppo

    Rham’s ethnic group represents 33 percent of the US supreme court justice population, but only 2 percent of the US population.  Perhaps that deserves a bit of our attention too.

  • Shawn_thefemale

     Those hypocritical elites never even come in contact with us lowly peons in the real world. They live in secluded white areas in white towns with their limos, their maids, and none of them have ever had to step foot in a WalMart.

  • The__Bobster

    The obese black woman on the Today Show said Rich was a personal friend and had a right to duck U.S. taxes because she was Austrian and had no roots here.