White Trash Reception Hits the Hill

Chris Frates, The Hill, July 9, 2012

Yeah, you read that headline right. The lobbying and policy shop Strategic Health Care is hosting a “White Trash Reception on the Hill” next week. {snip} It reads:

Hey y’all—get gussied up in your Sunday jorts, mullets, and fullets and come on down to the White Trash Reception.

White Trash Reception

July 19, 2012

5:30—9:30 pm

[address clipped]

Grab some suds and grub with Strategic Health Care! Please RSVP (rite so vittles pre-pared) to [email clipped].

Peggy Tighe, Beth Swickard, Jason Gromley, and Kyah Flickinger

Just to make sure we weren’t getting punked, we phoned Swickard, the firm’s director of government relations, to ask if the invitation is legit. It is.

She said the party at the firm’s Capitol Hill townhouse gathers lobbyists, Hill staffers and health industry types for some happy hour fun. {snip}


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  • Up to my neck in CA

    In the NWO only straight White people, their beliefs, religions and traditions can be made fun of. All other races, religions and sexual orientations are sacred and must be respected.

    • I really Respect You and Wish for you nothing but the Best but please, stop writing stuff like this.  It’s like a Mantra that we don’t need to be reading.  Although it’s very well intended, it’s a bad subliminal message.  I know you will understand because you’re like me and you can see how it can be perceived.  You know Psychology Counts.

      • AmRem

        “New World Order” is a phrase that existed for awhile. It has been used by many politicians to mean many different things.  Using the term doesn’t necessarily imply the conspiracies built around it.

        (Though I would say that the United States seems intimate with the idea of dominating a large part of the globe) 

        • New World Order is something that’s been around for as long as its name has been alive.  No.  Long before that only, under different names.  I call it the Shell Game.

          Too many people don’t understand what Integration actually means.  Take-Over and that’s it.

          • anarchyst

            Henty Ford was right . . . and was vilified for it.  Fortunately, his writings are still available despite the “tribe’s” attempts to censor them . . .

        • Excuse Me, The United States of America you say?

          “We” don’t “dominate” anyone.  You mind yours and “We” mind ours.  You want to Live Let Live?, well there ya go.  Let us be and we’ll let you be.  It’s just so very easy…

          You cannot, can not Speak for Americans who have No Choice in the Matter.  That’s not fair.  “We” have NO Rights.  NONE.  NONE.  Take your pick, Domestic or Foreign, show me ONE place, just one, where The People Counted outside of June 28th, 1836.

          • Sheila Dinehart

            but what are you doing personally to take back the rights you think you don’t have?  Don’t be a cry baby…I mean actively doing?  What right do you think you cannot exercise?…choose one and simple DO IT…it’s that easy…

          • I call and write Congress/Local Politicians and walk neighborhoods putting pamphlets in doors.  I get disheartened though ’cause I never see any change so I quit for awhile and then go back and do it again and then quit for awhile and then go back again…  It’s hard to just keep going when all ya see is things getting worse.

            Rights – I am not Free to Associate with whomever/whatever I want (I can but only if I’m willing to be shunned and ostracized from Society), I am not Free from Illegal Search and Seizure and my America and American Citizenship is made meaningless with each and every Illegal Alien (anchor) born here and Illegal Aliens being allowed to stay here to commit daily crime and my Right to not be Taxed without Representation is Violated with each and every penny given to Welfare Leaches and Foreign Countries and do you really need a list?  It’s never-ending.

            I can’t just “DO” anything.  They don’t allow me to pick and choose where my tax money goes and I’m not allowed to choose whether or not I want some Affirmative Action Flunkie to rummage through my belongings at the Airport and I’m not allowed to round up Illegal Aliens and I’m not allowed to refuse service to non-whites and I’m not allowed to open a Country Club for White People.  There’s plenty of stuff we’re supposed to be allowed to do that we can’t do and it’s all illegal.

            Please understand, My America and her Laws are those of my Founding Fathers’ and not this illegal garbage they’ve been shoving down our throats since after their deaths.

        • WhitesRdumb

          New World Odour

          Smells like a third world dung hole.

      • HenryHolliday

        Stephanie I’m confused. What in his post did you find objectionable?

        • Please see above post.  I was wrong.  I wrote without thinking, sometimes I do that.  I’m sorry.

  • Francis Galton

    And yet, whenever a White college fraternity dares to host some sort of ghetto, “gangsta” type event with watermelon, fried chicken, “bling,” and sometimes even (horror of horrors!) black face, they are raked on the coals and made to grovel at the feet of the Uncivil Wrongs Industry.
    Here’s the truth: Whites have enough confidence and strength to withstand being made fun of, while blacks just throw temper tantrums like the spoiled children-in-adult-bodies that many of them are.  

    • Not when it’s one way.  I don’t find this funny at all.  How’s ’bout some parties making fun of ANY non-white?

      White People need to raise Holy Hell over this.  What’s Good for the Goose is Good for the Gander.

      By the way, my post (on original article) was held for “review” simply because I dared to give it back. As long as Double Standard Rules, “We” shall ALWAYS raise Holy Hell over any and all ill-intended remarks, comments, jokes, etc. that are directed at us.

      Look, they keep doing it because we do nothing. This has got to stop.

      • ncpride

        I don’t think it’s the least bit funny either. They are clearly taking aim at White Southerners, and I find it very offensive. You’re right, we should raise hell about this. After all, turning the other cheek has gotten us exactly NO WHERE. If others can’t take a joke, why are WE expected to? Never mind, I know the answer to that question. We are the only group left to be mocked and ridiculed without any consequence, and that has to change.

        • Double Standard is why I lost my sense of humor.

          Hey, did ya hear about the new car the Jews just came out with?  The brakes are so good on this thing, it’s stops on a dime, even picks it up! – guess who told me that joke?

          • Know how a Jew and a canoe are different? A canoe will tip!

          • I worked with a Black Fella, Reynolds and my goodness, could he make me laugh!  There’s nothing like people who can make light of things and themselves.

          • Isn’t Leon a black name?

        • bubo

          To the money changers that run our government, white and southern is synonymous with white trash.   You can throw in the flyover states whites, too.   That’s what they think of us.  

          • HenryHolliday

            You’re right about the money changers, but you’re definitely over generalizing about the flyover states.   We need to get away from the north vs. south thing. None of  us living now were ever slaveholders, north or south. None of us in the north or the west had anything to do with reconstruction. It’s counterproductive for southerners to treat someone from the north poorly unless we show we deserve it.  No patriot should use the terms hillbilly/redneck/white trash unless they know the individual is deserving of the pejorative. I don’t tell jokes deprecating southerners, blondes, or any members of the white race except socialists.  We need each other. We already have plenty of enemies without losing people to friendly fire,  of any kind.

      • I’ll bet I know why your first post was “held for review.” I’ll bet you used a word I had to use the “approved euphemism” for. 

        • I used all of them.  Slang for chinese, hispanics, blacks, muslims and india(ns).  What’s Fair is Fair.

  • Global Minority

    When White people start to raise holy he!! over this like the other non-whites do than nothing will occur. White people just shrug their shoulders and so what. Appeasement never works. It only grows worse by the day.

  • RebelliousTreecko

    It’s not the words themselves that offend me, but rather the hypocrisy regarding these kinds of words.

  • Jamal Wilkerson

    I wonder whether they have a “Silly Negro Night” scheduled.  I want to go as Step ‘n’ Fetchit, or perhaps Eric Holder.

    • Sherman_McCoy

      Or South of the Border night?  I want to go as the Frito Bandito, or Speedy Gonzales.  (Or maybe even Slowpoke Rodrigeuz, the Slowest Mouse in all Mehico.  He slow, but he pack a gun).

      • The__Bobster

        Speedy cartoons are still shown in Mexico and the natives love them.

  • Hey at least they BOTHERED to include us white folk in ANY form! But seriously what do you expect from this administration? IF I lived in D.C. I would go decked out in a wife beater and ratty jeans with a paper bag and an empty bottle. In fact I plan on making an R.S.V.P. I suggest everyone here do it! Imagine if they had like A MILLION RSVPs!

    • If you want to show up in Victorian Dress or as Doctors, Engineers, Military, Scientists, Founding Fathers, Architects, anything dressed as an American who took part in the Great White Building of America, then Yes but not as anything that as meant to poke fun at, no.

      It’s Time to Say No.  No More.

  • Bo_Sears

    It’s not enough to complain to one another, here’s the text of the letter we sent to Strategic Health Care.  Any reader can send an email to the flak catcher as we did.


    Link to hate article:  http://influencealley.nationaljournal.com/2012/07/white-trash-reception-hits-the.php
    From: Bo Sears
    To: [email protected]

    Cc: [email protected]


    Good evening,


    We are deeply concerned about the vicious theme for
    your July 19 party, “White Trash Reception On The Hill.”  As the oldest
    anti-defamation organization (since 1989) in behalf of the diverse white
    American peoples, we have to say on the evidence that your organization is
    bigoted and supremacist to pick on the least educated and least wealthy among
    our nation’s citizens.


    We don’t use words like “offended” or “double
    standard,” we just interpret your state of mind, Paul Lee, toward us, and it is
    an evil, hateful mind.


    You should be ashamed of yourself in picking on the
    least powerful people in the nation with an explicit racial bias to boot. 
    It appears that Big Medicine has blown though all
    standards of taste and sense in its arrogance.


    We looked up your branch offices on your web site, and you have
    three in San Jose where our HQ are.  One on Alum Rock, one on North 14th, and
    one on Almaden Expressway.  We will be lawfully picketing your branch offices (as
    soon as we get permits) to let people know what horrible, hateful people you are,
    and encouraging honest, decent white Americans to speak out against your
    company’s financial interests and in every other way we can manage.


    We will be complaining about your bigotry to the
    city council (yes, we know city council members here…we’re not marginalized)
    as well as to the various county agencies that license and regulate your
    business.  We’ll start with filing a serious complaint with the Santa Clara
    County Human Relations Commission where we have been successful with other
    companies, and we’ll work against every endeavor you seek to undertake in the


    Bo Sears




    Link to staff & officers:  http://strategichealthcare.net/bios/



    • Excellent!  My letters tend to focus on Double Standard and I reckon it’s ’cause it’s all I see.

    • AvidReaderSometimePoster

       My email to them:

      Peggy, Beth, Jason and Kyah –

      I will not be able to attend the White Trash Party on the 19th; I will be out of town.

      But could you let me know when you hold the Ghetto Trash Party that is sure to follow on from this one? 

      Best regards
      Avid Reader

      • Screamin_Ruffed_Grouse

        Absolutely, Avid! In fact the Ghetto Trash Party also takes place  in SE D.C., mostly in the Anacostia neighborhood, every night of the week. Please feel free to come out anytime (don’t forget to lock your car doors!)

    • The__Bobster

      True White trash Heidi Klum held a White trash wedding with her ghetto trash Bantu. The usual types thought it was funny.


  • While I’m fully aware of the double standard, there’s another issue here.

    Notice how white people can laugh at themselves and even play along with the joke. We can do this because we know this isn’t how we are.

    Non-whites can’t take a joke because they know the stereotypes are true.

    • True but still, speaking only for me, I’m still offended to no end.  I reckon all I want is just some fairness.  Make fun of everyone and we got a deal.

  • This is so typical of the Eastern establishment, elitist mindset toward working-class White people: “They are put among us to be targets of ridicule and derision, to provide ‘comic relief’ in the serious project of turning the U.S. into a Whites-free country.”

    It reminds me of the occasional segment Jay Leno does about “White Trash Repairs” on the Tonight Show. I’d like to send him an e-mail asking him when he’s going to start a similar segment called “N-Word Rigging.”

    • Spartan24708

      There is also a website called “white trash repairs”. The level of ingenuity on she of these pics is higher than the collective IQ of the moderators.

  • I support The Klan.  In my mind’s eye, The Klan is something that speaks of Country Rights.  The North has No Right to force their ways upon us.  This is not about “race”, it’s about Country.

    It’s about Ethnicity Today because that’s the only real live threat alive today.  Yesteryear, it was Country and Today, it’s non-whites taking over but please know, neither is the fault of The Ku Klux Klan.

    • Sherman_McCoy

      Are there any Klan members left?  I thought it was a totally government owned and operated fifth-column organization staffed by undercover FBI agents.

      • Probably but that’s not The Klan, that’s just a bunch of cops wasting American Tax Payers’ Money.

      • The K exists today mainly as a means to help Morris Dees hustle money.  A Ph.D. thesis being written some time back by a George Mason grad student (I don’t know the outcome of it, if he ever received his Ph.D.) demonstrated that the Paranoia-Industrial Complex (ADL, SPLC mainly) and the Federal alphabet gang  have a symbiotic relationship.  Latter uses the former for spying that it can’t do, and latter pays back the former by having its assets and stool pidgeons run around in funny uniforms.

    • HenryHolliday

      I don’t think the Klan exists anymore in any real sense of the word. In fact, I don’t think it has for a long time. It’s just something the SPLC and their ilk like to trot out and use for a propaganda device.

      • I hear ya but I hold onto my own memory of what I know to be The Klan and that’s what I defend.  I just can’t take what a few people did and have that as the only definition of them.  They were good and they had well over a million members and it wasn’t because they were full of F.B.I. or because they were running around committing crime.  That’s The Klan I defend.

  • AmRem

    I am glad people like those in AmRen and William Shockley exist. I can show Race-Realism to my friends while still looking brave and smart.

  • 14POLK88

    It is not hip or cool to be white in the US  but i say phuck em end feed em fish heads!!

  • Not any more.

    “We” are Speaking Now and Now, Everyone’s gonna Listen.  Best part, Everyone’s gonna Abide by.  “We” have had it now and By God, “We” Rule.  No Fuss, No Muss.

  • KenelmDigby

    The only ‘white trash’ that I know of are the people in congress and their fellow elitists and lobbyists within the beltway.

  • They can make fun of “poor white trash” if they like, but the odds are that the REAL white trash looks more like they do.

  • ncpride

    The problem with your argument is that there is no freedom of expression, speech and association anymore in this country. Not for us anyway. No other group would stand for this and neither should we. If we want to stop being marginalized, there is no more playing Mr. nice guy and playing by the rules, because as I said, it has gotten us no where and makes us look weak. It’s past time to fight fire with fire.

  • White people aren’t outraged by these stereotypes because they know they don’t apply. We should point out the double standard but fighting them as minorities do only makes us look as thin-skinned as they are.

    Our enemies try to smear us with them but they never stick because they largely aren’t true. Does any white person seriously consider the Fighting Irish or the Vikings demeaning?

    “They don’t want to be anywhere near it while it’s still in the early stages…”

    After the white man has done all the work and taken all of the risks, blacks will sift through the white mans’ achievement trying to find a black man who, regardless of how tangential or superficial his connection to the project was, is elevated by blacks to the level of co-creator or even the prime creator.

    Just look at black inventor myths.

    • Marc B.

      ” We should point out the double standard but fighting them as minorities do only makes us look as thin-skinned as they are.”

      +1 I’d rather everybody make fun of whomever they choose to instead of getting so easily offended. All the standard racial and ethnic groups sound like big babies whenever they make a big stink about getting their feelings hurt and call for the head of the responsible party.

      • ncpride

        In a perfect world, I would agree we should all be able to make fun of whomever we choose and have people be able to take a silly joke, but it’s not like that anymore. Why are we the only group expected to take one on the chin and take the high road when nobody else will? We can’t win if we are the only ones playing by the rules. I don’t think complaining about this makes us look thin-skinned, but by NOT complaining, it makes us look weak, and like easy targets.  After all that’s been happening in this country the past 3 years, I’m done playing nice.

    • Kurt Plummer


      We should point out the double standard but fighting them as minorities do only makes us look as thin-skinned as they are.

      I appreciate your perspective but I am closer to Ms. Galonski in this for the simple reason that stereotypes aren’t made for -us- to believe in and so the thickness of our skin doesn’t matter in comparison with the thickness of the skulls of those who are spoon fed such nonsense as ‘you’re all white trash wanting to be more.’
      And those kinds of people are the ones who are never likely to crack a history book, nor think of the consequences of hating the risk taker race unto extinction if they did.

      Defeating stereotypes has a risk. And that is that the libiots are looking for a situation whereby they can ‘offer a trade’, our bigotry for their turn-about.

      This is where we must redraw the line. Because the right to be safe from unwarranted criticism must never come at the cost of the right to freely critique the real flaws of the other races (crime, achievement, cultural habits, aesthetics) as a means of protecting our own ego from abuse.

      Enforcing a single standard, in todays climate is about enforcing a code of silence similar to that which resides in an abusive household.

      For this reason alone, we must learn to -defend- who we are, challenge all lies about us, and NEVER request that ours be the one which is ‘specially protected’ as an ethny.

      Anymore than we will allow blacks or hispanics to be.

      How successful this is, in the face of social agendas and outright muting of the truth by (not) our owned media is another question.

  • Sheila Dinehart

    The reason I like this is because it depicts so called white trash as stupid drunks…these kinds of people don’t have a clue what white trash is capable of…like it reminds me of the old image of Uncle Tom…give him a hachet and the soul of Nat Turner might appear.

  • Sheila Dinehart

    Also what a clever way for AR to remind its readers how the Pathalogical Altruistic personality (love that term)disorder of the self hating white liberal elites hold the white man/white race in contempt…what if a bunch of male and female white trash crashed their little ho-down? No RSVP needed for that…ha!  These people would run for cover quicker than they would if the locals from the black housing project showed up…trust me.

    In a way it is to a certain advantage the whiteskinprivilege haters remain clueless…in the end, it will hurt less.

  • Sheila Dinehart

    oh yeah…get the *ya’ll* in the copy of the invitation superimposed upon the American Flag…personally I have never heard a yankee white trash say ya’ll…these people would have loved to use the Confederate Battle Flag, but they are showing their contempt for north, south, east, and west whites by choosing this particular combination…oh yeah…they will be the first to go.

  • Marc B.

    Some would consider that term redundant, but blacks usually use the term ghetto, trifling, or the N-word to describe the most uncouth among them. 

  • Sheila Dinehart

    Doesn’t an army need all its soldiers?  White trash are among the most important elements of all …

  • The__Bobster

    Sandra Bullock? Now there’s some real White trash.


    • Yea, the latest rage in Hollywood, everyone has a pet black. Its the most racist and demeaning thing I can think of, but black people don’t seem to mind because its “soft” racism.

      • Screamin_Ruffed_Grouse

         I’m reminded of the scene in Bruno where Sacha Baron Cohen Reveals his adopted African child, which he carries around in a duffel bag. He even gave it an authentic African name: OJ.

  • Up to my neck in CA

    You just made me coin the term “White Collar Trash”. IMHO The term “Blue Collar” was made up by some Wall St snob who thought he was better than others, but in reality felt inferior over a hard working honest (blue collar) worker. After all he could not rebuild a transmission, plumb a bathroom or pour concrete, so he had to make up a some what of a derogatory term to make themselves feel better.

  • Can’t do it.  Double Standard must be destroyed and the best way to do that is to make everything equal.  They don’t want to be mocked, made fun of or teased, well, they can’t that to us neither then.  They want everything to be fair?  Fine, we’ll be fair and it begins with them treating others how they themselves wish to be treated.

  • Nope.  Blacks are “perfect” don’t ya know…  You have to stop thinking White for a minute and believe that things like graffiti and trash is art and crime is working for living…

  • Screamin_Ruffed_Grouse

     Yes, I realize Cohen does a lot of anti-White material. But given the context I thought the particular scene was apropos.

  • I hear ya’ll always talk about messaging (media & advertising) and I see your point so I thought it could be beneficial, for awhile at least, for us not to read/see things that repeats the message that comes from them.

    Up to my neck in CA is not wrong, he always means well and he’s always right, it’s not that, it’s just, maybe it’s just me.  I’m still so sensitive from all the constant bashing and constant images of miscegenation everywhere, it hurts my eyes to read even an innocent joke.

    Allow me to retract what I wrote to him.  It’s me and it’s my personal problem.  If I can’t handle a joke from my own fellow people, I need to crawl back in my mommy’s tummy and allow my spine to finish forming.

  • HenryHolliday

    I have to wonder if it was yanked because it had the net effect of challenging the stereotype.

  • razorrare

    Just shows the contempt which a powerful segment of our society continues to feel toward White working and poor people…gleefully reciting the hateful terms of abuse of White people such as “redneck” and “cracker” in newspapers & television…

    If one were to attempt public articulation of such negative epithets against Black people as “……”(avoiding censor), it would be regarded as a sacriligious incitement to “hate crimes.”

    A 1679 colonial census of Whites who fled slavery to scratch out an existence as subsistence and tenant farmers shows they had to flee to the worst land where they existed in extreme poverty,forming yeoman peasant communities in the hills.This White yeomanry was mocked and scorned by both the wealthy White planter elite as well as the negroes.Rich White plantation owners joined with the negroes in insulting White slaves and poor White people,referring to them as “poor-white earthscratching scum,” “crackers,” “redshanks,” “redlegs”(forerunner of the “redneck” racial insult current nowadays), “hillbillys” and “Scotland Johnnies.”

    The servants were regarded by the planters as ‘white trash'(Eric Williams,Capitalism & Slavery,p.17).

    Its important to know that White slavery existed in early America before black slavery and the reasons why the rich elite began to replace White slavery in early America with black slavery…

    White Slave Rebellions…

    Fear of rebellion by White slaves…indivvidual acts of rebellin by White slaves were constant and many slavemasters were killed.(Bridenbaugh, p.108).

    “During the third quarter of the seventeenth century,impoverished Whitee laborers had kept the (Virginia) province on the brink of civil war.” (Ekirch, p.133).In the Caribbean colonies White slaves revolted by burning thee sugar cane of the slavemasters “to the utter ruin and undoing of their masters.”

    Lured to colonial America with the promise of a teaching job,Thomas Hellier was instead enslaved as a field worker.That betrayal combined with the viciousness of his slavemaster’s wife led him to kill the slavemasters entire family with an axe in 1678.Hellier was believed to have been inspired by Bacon’s Rebellion two years before.

    In 1676 Nathaniel Bacon led an uprising in Virginia.A small army of former White slaves and fugitive White slaves joined with the 30 year old Indian fighter Bacon against the house of Burgesses and the Governor,sparked by anger ay their own pernurious condition after having been cheated out of the head” acreage they were promised and enraged by the Royal governments apathy in the ffacee of murderous indian raids.There was great fear among the circle of the governor,William Berkeley,that the White slaves of the entire region would rise with Bacon and “carry all beyond remedy to destruction.”

    Bacon’s rebels burned down the city of Jamestown,plundered the plantations and expelled Berkeley.Bacon died suddenly from dysentery,om Oct. 26,at the height of the insurrection. “…an incredible number of the meanest(poorest) of people were everywhere armed to assist him and his cause,”and these fought on through the winter,until the last of them were captured or killed by January of 1677.

    Such combinations of White slaves and landless White freemen were referred to as a “giddy multitude” with the potential for overthrowing the dominance of the planter grandees.”Governor Berkeley despaired of ever subduing a White underclass of “people where six parts of seven are poor,indebted,discontented and armed.” (Ekirch, p.134).

    Other White slave rebellions included the risings of 1634 which took 800 troops to put down,and 1647 in which 18 leaders of the White revolt were tortured and hung.

    More White slave “plots” and revolts occurred in 1686 and 1692 including a rebellion by the “Independants,” an insurgent group of White protestant slaves and freedmen who revolted against Maryland’s Catholic theocracy.

    Revolts on board ships carrying White slaves to America were particularly fiercesome…

    Perhaps the most perversely eloquent testimony to the sort of rage and madness that was engendered by treating White men like beasts,was offered by a White slave in Maryland.Worked half to death,he stopped his labor,grabbed an axe and in the familiar pattern,headed for his master’s plantation house,where he confronted the man’s wife.His intent was not homicide, however.Laying his own hand on his mistress’ kitchen cutting block,he brought his axe down full force upon it.”Now make me work if you can!” he screamed,as he threw his severed hand at her.(Maryland Gazette, April 17,May 1, 1751).

    The British colonial government was not adverse to calling on unlikely policemen to suppress White slave revolts: Blacks. Blacks were admitted to the colonial militia responsible ffor policing White slaves.The aristocratic planters had felt the necessity to “arm part of their blackmen” to assist in suppressing White slave revolts.(Beckles, “Rebels and Reactionaries,” p. 17).

    Armed black militias patrolled the Carolinas from the end of the 17th century to at least 1710 when Thomas Nairne reported that blacks continued to be members of British colonial militias organizzed by local governments.

    White rebellions foreshaowed the later switch from reliance on masses of White slaves to greater and greater importation of Blacks because of their pliability and passivity.But throughout the 17th and much of the 18th century,the tobacco,sugar and cotton colonies maintained a sizzable White slave plantation.Negro slaves simply cost too much to import and purchase.Whites were cheaper and more exxpendable–UNTIL THEY BEGAN TO FIGHT. “…planters,especially in the South,eventually elected to replace the restive White servants with the more identifiable and presumably less criminal black slaves.” (Van der Zee, p. 266).

  • Sure, this sort of thing is in poor tastes. White Trash, Redneck, Hillbilly and even blonde jokes are anti-white. Young white women already have some serious self esteem issues when compared to other racial groups and so we make jokes about how the fairest amongst them are all stupid. good for us, right? for not telling ethnic jokes anymore.

  • Hirene

    Even the “trashiest” whites are better to live with than non-whites.  At least you won’t get killed.