FBI Report: No Evidence George Zimmerman Is Racist

Patrik Jonsson, Christian Science Monitor, July 12, 2012

After interviewing 30 people familiar with George Zimmerman, the neighborhood watch captain charged with killing African-American teenager Trayvon MartinFBI agents found no evidence that the shooting was driven by racial bias or animus.

Before Thursday’s release of a Department of Justice report, both sides have argued over whether smatterings of racially charged testimony should be released to the public before the trial—in particular, the testimony of “Witness 9,” whom state prosecutors say has described an “act” by Mr. Zimmerman that suggests “he had a bias toward black people.”

The report released Thursday made clear that the FBI found no one willing to go on the record as saying Zimmerman is racist. Even one of the most skeptical local investigators with the Sanford, Fla., police department, Chris Serino, suggested to the FBI that Zimmerman followed Trayvon “based on his attire,” not “skin color,” and added that he thought Zimmerman had a “little hero complex,” but is not racist, according to the Orlando Sentinel, which obtained copies of the document.


The report outlines how FBI agents asked each person interviewed whether Zimmerman “displayed any bias, prejudice or irrational attitude against any class of citizen, religious, racial, gender or ethnic groups.” No one said he had.

Despite the FBI’s findings, questions about Zimmerman’s mind-set and possible biases could continue to play a part in his upcoming trial. Three weeks ago, Circuit Court Judge Kenneth Lester ruled that the “Witness 9” statements should be released, but both the defense and the prosecution pleaded with him to reconsider. In a previously released statement, Witness 9 is quoted as saying, “I know George, and I know that he does not like black people.”


Other evidence released Thursday included:

Details of an old MySpace account featuring a 21-year-old Zimmerman’s writing voice (he’s now 28). At one point, he disparaged Mexicans and gloated over having two felony allegations for accosting a police officer reduced to one misdemeanor. “Workin 96 hours to get a decent pay check, getting knifes pulled on you by every Mexican you run into!” Zimmerman wrote in 2005.


Zimmerman is half-white and half-Hispanic. His family has testified that he was a mentor to two poor black kids in the Orlando, Fla., area, and rallied the community to help a homeless black man who had been sucker-punched by a police officer.



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  • All the king’s horses and all the king’s men couldn’t find a way to turn a Hispanic into Hitler II.

    The “worst” they could find is that GZ had a hero complex, which is ironic, considering that every Federal law enforcement agent has as his or her ultimate boss a man who has a messiah complex.

    • Mentious

      Lol. Yeah, “hero complex.” A man who defends his neighborhood, at obvious risk to himself, is indeed heroic. Why demean heroism by calling it a “complex.” (Do all cops just have “hero complexes”?) What’s the message? “If you’re heroic and take risks to protect your community it’s crazy.” I won’t call the comment anti-male at this point, though it would be, if coming from some quarters. I think it’s just some cop talking stupid. “Let us do everything.” Doesn’t work.

  • “Biases”, “Racism” … theyre all Kafkaesque charges anyway.  How one can even “investigate” them, is beyond me.

  • Note the phrase that the FBI found “no one willing to go on the record” in alleging that Zimmerman is “racist.” That’s a reporter’s trick; the wording is intended to create the suspicion in the reader’s mind that there ARE people who think he is racist, but that they are afraid — for some unknown reason — to say so publicly.

     The media and the civil rights poobahs are determined to hang George Zimmerman, by hook or by crook. And there is no organized group on the other side which is as determined that he did nothing wrong. Sad. Zimmerman may be only half-White, but he still doesn’t deserve to be thrown to the wolves like this.

  • Sylvie

    He should say he has a cuople of ‘gay’ friends just for good measure.

  • FedUp

    They will keep fishing until they can find something.  Their goal is to present a case that shows Zimmerman was looking for a black to kill, or a chance to use his gun (that will be their next thrust – that he’s a gun nut just aching to use that gun of his – thereby tarring all gun owners – after all this whole blowup WAS originally just a way to overturn the stand your ground laws).  Continuing, they know if they can in any way show racial bias, then it’s a slam dunk the guy gets convicted.  That didn’t work.  On to the next ploy.  The gun itself.  If that fails, then they will try using the “hero” complex that he is so around the bend thinking himself spider man that he shot without reason.  NEVER will they admit that Zimmerman was the victim, that he had the right to shoot his assailant, nor that blacks are capable of just wilding out like Sir Skittles did.

  • MekongDelta69

    ALL “Hate Crimes”, “Hate Speech” and “Hate Thought” are completely Orwellian.

    It’s absolute insanity what the left has turned this country into.

    “Well Latavious, that wasn’t a very nice thing you did by killing Heather O’Brien, but thank God you didn’t do it because she was white even though the audio said you were calling her a ‘white b*tch.’ You’re acquitted. I know it’s very tempting to kill all these racist white girls, but please try not to do that again Mr. Latavious, if you would be so kind, sir.”

    Same Judge:
    “Well Brad, I’m awfully glad you did the right thing by calling 911 after Mr. Latavious killed your girlfriend Heather, and that you didn’t do anything to defend her in any way whatsoever. However, I *know* you were *thinking* the most vile, racist things about the saintly Mr. Latavious while cowering in the closet as you called 911. This court finds you guilty and you are hereby remanded to maximum security for the rest of your natural life. This will give you plenty of time to try to wash away your sins against humanity, if that’s even possible for a low-life white boy like you. And I hope you die a miserable death.”

    Court is adjourned.

    • Mike Harrigan

      It’s absolute insanity what the left has turned this country into.”

      I agree Mekong. Almost. I’d word it this way: It is absolute insanity what WE have allowed the left to turn this country into. 

      • MekongDelta69

        Almost M.H.

        “We” (people like us) didn’t allow this. Our spineless ‘faux morally superiors’ in power allowed this.

  • Larssonenar

     Exactly right. It is encouraging on the one hand that nothing was found and that (presumably) they’ll drop the hate crime charges if they were filed and the judge won’t allow any speculation about racism. But on the other hand, it is positively frightening that the feds were interviewing all his acquaintances and poring through his online activity. If any of us are ever in a similar position, they will just click on our disqus profiles and we’ll be goners. In fact, that is why it has taken me so long to start posting here.

  • Sloppo

    Obviously, this means if it can be successfully imagined that Zimmerman’s head did contain racist thoughts, he would have been obligated to willfully receive a potentially fatal beating instead of defend himself from the black fellow who was on top of him.  The prosecution should try to determine if Zimmerman had access to the USDOJ’s published crime statistics which prove that blacks have violent crime rates which exceed those of whites by a factor of 7 to 1000 depending on the category.  If Zimmerman had access to that information, the USDOJ should be able to accuse him of considering blacks to be disproportionately violent so that would obviously make him a racist.  Then they could throw the book at him.  Zimmerman, on the other hand needs to argue that he watches lots of TV and believes that blacks are almost always the good guys because that’s the way it is in all TV dramas.  He must also be ready to carefully claim to have never seen shows like “America’s Most Wanted” or “Cops” if anyone asks.  

    • Major

      You left out the “First 48” which blacks totally own. I really appreciate that show…cause it damn sure is reality and they do a good job of exposing and warning us of the inherent, mindless black rage and how un redeemable and unrepentant they are when they murder.

      • ncpride

        I like to watch that show, but the most incredulous thing to me is how they get confession after confession out of them. They are completely ignorant of our justice system, and they don’t seem to understand what the right to remain silent means. I’ve only seen maybe 3 or 4 episodes where they actually ask for a lawyer before being questioned, or brought in for questioning. Not that I’m complaining mind you, it just goes to show how stupid they are.

        •  It’s not that police work in the most vibrant part of town is desirable, but it is rather easy, because blacks are that stupid, and their crimes are never that complicated or intricate.  Blacks murder other blacks almost always for one of the following reasons:  Diss, Girl, Drugs.

  • disqus2222

    So getting a knife pulled on you by every Mexican you run into is fine…but saying it is “racist”.

    Mind = blown

  • He’s guilty of SOMETHING. They just have to find out what they can make stick in court.

  • Rocky Bass,

    Zimmerman is guilty of nothing more than being born with at least half of a vastly superior genome to Saint Trayvon©, even this half IS TOTALLY INEXCUSABLE! 

  • Rocky Bass,

    Friedrich Nietzsche wrote of the “Ubermensch” and of humanity being something to be overcame. What now a lofty goal this would be in our time, when so many of our countrymen have yet to even find their humanity, let alone aspire to surpass it.

  • Mentious

    “whether Zimmerman “displayed any bias, prejudice or irrational attitude against any class of citizen,”

    That’s interesting. They invoke rationality in their Orwellian deracination campaign?

    Actually, based on crime statistics and crime facts, it would be irrational NOT to suspect Martin based on race.

    And of course we know that race is far more than “skin color.”

  • Major

    “the FBI is involved, and that the FBI is  investigating  Zimmerman’s political and social attitudes.”…

    There’s the writing on the wall….no…the CIA cannot legally investigate an American citizen….but the FBI can pore over your political leanings and associations? Now folks….that is scary that the Feds obviously can bring the whole weight of the corrupt Feds down upon you…me ….US.

    How much more do we have to take?

    If they had investigated Obama, Ayers and Wright just like GW…..Obama wouldn’t be where he is now…saving us from having to repudiate the first POTUS as a liar and a thug.

    Think about this friends…one can be investigated and profiled, harassed and even jailed if we’re deemed..”Raciss”. Can I be jailed if I don’t like Italians….? French?…Irish or Russians too?

  • The FBI was called in to investigate this as a ‘hate’ crime. So they are looking for bias. So, I guess that means if you are known to have a less than positive opinion on other races, you have NO RIGHT TO SELF DEFENSE AGAINST A NON-WHITE.

  • I love it.  In order to convict him falsely of one crime, they must first convict poor Zimmerman of the one unforgivable crime in liberal moonbat America:  racism.
    I feel like I’m taking crazy pills.

  • AmRem

    The horrible, but legal, ad hominem

  • frmore

    Why not rename the Federal Bureau of Investigation? I recommend Thought Police. The FBI is apparently invaluable in locating and punishing thoughtcrime and thought-criminals and all others who come into conflict with the “smelly little orthodoxies” of our neo-marxist state.

  • Major

    We’ll first have to get over the guilt…and the apathy that it can’t happen to us. Whites need to learn that they are 60 times more likely to be attacked by an AA then a doberman.

    Then they have to accept that nature has given us a natural order. And in the animal kingdom…there’s always that pecking order. Some animals  being  much more clever and intelligent than their prey.

  • The Worlds Scapegoat

    FBI = Fraternal Brotherhood of Ignoramuses.

    So a group of people who got their jobs through affirmative action are going to determine if someone else is a racist.

  • ageofknowledge

    Not guilty. Have a nice day Mr. Zimmerman.

  • frmore

    You may or may not go to jail. It’s tricky. You will forfeit a generational legacy under most circumstances. You are fined, ongoing, for not providing reparations. There are additional taxes and levies for influencing any daughters you may have who are found guilty resisting congoloid sex-on-demand or denying horde anal sex by negro packs. One gets a tax break if any female member of your immediate family agrees to an impromptu mouth-rape by a negro. The government may step in if she is seven years old or younger. But that’s rare. Eric Holder’s DOJ knows a 27 year old black felon is a perfect mate match for a Caucasian girl in the 1st grade. Especially if her name is Jenny or Anne and her eyes are blue. Pay your taxes.

  • Mentious

     That’s the insanity ‘they’ want for us.

  • HenryHolliday

    How about this: it was driven by Zimmerman’s unenlightened reluctance to let a lurking thug beat his brains out on the concrete for having had the audacity to follow him and report his supicious behaviour to the police.

  • HenryHolliday

    Let’s just take back and keep what is rightfully ours-all of it.

  • So now whenever a minority is killed by a white, they are going to go on a fishing expedition through the person’s past looking for evidence of racism? This essentially makes it not only very politically incorrect to hold certain views on race, but downright dangerous. I’m sure that if any of us who comment on this site were involved in a high profile self-defense incident with a “youth,” our participation here could be used to upgrade our case to potentially a capital case? That’s pretty scary. Unless he was shouting the n-word as he pulled the trigger, the fact that he may have been avowed racist his entire life doesn’t prove a single thing. Is it now effectively against the law for anyone with a “history of racism” to act in self-defense?

  • William_JD

    They just continue to deliberately omit the fact that Zimmerman is Black himself.  He’s an octoroon, but that’s still Black by North American standards. 

  • brew730

    Here’s what makes me sick about the whole Zimmerman story.  Imagine this story if it was turned around and with all the liberal news agency tripping over themselves saying look at this poor victim:

    Scenario #2 – No gun on Zimmerman – A local Hispanic man was viciously assaulted last evening
    while volunteering as a neighborhood watch captain.  Neighbors are applauding the victim, George
    Zimmerman, in his heroic efforts to patrol the neighborhood due to a rash of
    crimes.  Witnesses say that a tall, dark
    haired man in his 20’s approached Zimmerman and launched an unprovoked attack.  Zimmerman was knocked unconscious when the
    man, who appeared to be much stronger, easily overpowered him and banged his
    head against the hard pavement several times. 
    Zimmerman, who according to a hospital spokesman is recovering in
    serious condition, will remain hospitalized until the swelling on his brain is
    reduced.  He also suffered a broken nose and several cuts and bruises.  A neighbor is quoted as saying,
    “Things are starting to get out of control. 
    People need to be on the lookout for this kind of thing and need to be
    able to protect themselves.  It’s a shame
    someone didn’t have a gun in order to stop this.”

    The assailant is still at large. 

    Now, by simply taking the gun out of the equation, you can see in hindsight how much BS this story is being made up by the victim-hoood industry.  Makes me sick!

  • LudwigvonDrake

    More evidence that white Americans are deemed guilty until proven innocent, especially under the Obama/Holder executive branch system of justice. 

    Contrast that to the Black Panther thugs on video tape intimidating voters at the polling place on election day November 2008.  A clear violation of the Voting Rights Act, the Federal investigation had been completed and all that was necessary was to bring these two thugs to trial until Holder himself ordered all charges dropped. 

    These Black Panthers thugs are essentially proclaimed innocent by our tyrannical dictator, even when their own department had compiled enough evidence to PROVE them guilty short of going to trial.  On the other hand, George Zimmerman is deemed guilty, and this FBI report is being handled by the media as so much circumstantial evidence to the contrary.

  • JustaWhiteMom

    Hey folks.  Any other lawyers out there wondering why the hell GZ’s attorneys have not filed a lawsuit for invasion of privacy under “false light” theory?  If that doctored 911 tape does not make out a case for the false light tort then I don’t know what would.  GZ should never have to work another day in his life after this fiasco.  No one would hire him anyway. 

    People we need to use this for recruitment.  There is simply no reason why we should be afraid to argue this issue to friends, relatives, and even coworkers.  There are some things that we obviously cannot go into in mixed company, but this is not one of them.  Also, check out the video by David Duke.  We can’t really send the video to anyone because they wouldn’t watch it anyway, but it will give you some talking points to use with our  comatose kinsmen.

  • HenryHolliday

    I see they’ve  trotted out  a  Tawana Brawley clone to accuse Zimmerman of sexual abuse and race hatred from ten years ago.  This is turning into the biggest judicial lynching of the last 50 years.

  • Sloppo

    I wonder if Obama will propose a tax (not a penalty) on people who like their own racial/cultural group better than other ones.