Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly demanded Tuesday to know why the community leaders who rail against stop-and-frisk policies haven’t led demonstrations against the gun violence exploding this summer.

“There doesn’t seem to be any major community response,” Kelly said.

“Many of them will speak out about stop-and-frisk” but are “shockingly silent when it comes to the level of violence right in their own communities,” he said.

Seventy-seven people were shot in New York last week during the heat wave, including a 3-year-old winged by crossfire as he played under a sprinkler in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn.

“We have not had a demonstration about this 3-year-old child,” Kelly told reporters at an event in Harlem. “We’ve had demonstrations about virtually every other issue in this city, except the level of violence.”

Kelly asked why leaders who complain that anti-gun stop-and-frisk policies disproportionately target young black men are mum when the same young black men get shot.

“Ninety-six percent of our shooting victims are people of color, yet these community leaders are not speaking out about that,” he said. “I’d like to see some political outcry. . . . I want them to be outraged that a 3-year-old child is shot on the streets.”

About 87% of the 684,330 people stopped and frisked last year were black or Latino. Of those, about 90% were neither arrested nor issued a summons.

Kelly’s comments stirred fury in several community leaders and elected officials. {snip}

“I am outraged at the presumptuous and patently false comments of Commissioner Kelly, which directly insult communities like mine, which are grieving for our lost and trying to save our young people every day,” said City Councilman Jumaane Williams (D-Brooklyn).


The Rev. Al Sharpton was just as incensed, saying he has worked to bring down violence for years.

“Clearly, we stand with him against violence, but we disagree with him on stop-and-frisk,” Sharpton said.


The city’s stop-and-frisk policy is being undermined by the courts. Last month, a federal judge approved a class-action lawsuit over the practice, and Manhattan appeals courts have twice tossed out the convictions of teenagers caught with guns.


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  • Duh, Kelly.  Unless your question is rhetorical, that’s because the “community leaders,” i.e. the big chief black preachers, are as black as the thugs committing the mis-titled “gun violence.”

  • Blacks are glad when whites are gunned down in NYC streets.  I am glad when blacks get Zimmerman-ized.    Can we buy ammo for those shooters if they agree to keep the shooting in the ghettos.

  • I do not like Romney because he is a RINO but I am voting for Romney because he is White.   Skin color is the only reason I vote now.

    • Rocky Bass,

       Oh no, now your just as bad as the Obongo voters! (just kidding)

    • He needs an albino VP

  • MekongDelta69

    Jumaane ‘yo mama’ Williams (and all the rest of the race hustlers) couldn’t care less about his ‘bruthas’ and ‘sistas’.

    He’s got his and that’s ALL that counts.

  • “Kelly asked why leaders who complain that anti-gun stop-and-frisk policies disproportionately target young black men are mum when the same young black men get shot.”

    I can answer that for you. Because 100%  of the shooters are also black or hispanic!

  • If stop and frisk violates blacks civil rights, and they don’t want it, just stop doing it. As long as the police keep them corralled in the hood, who cares if they shoot each other. Apparently black leaders don’t even care until a white police commissioner makes a statement. 

  • APaige

    I must admit that my math skills are limited. But if 96% of the shooting victims are people of color (I am sure the % is equal to the actual shooters%) and 87% are stopped and frisked, does that mean that the program actually discriminates against whites? ( 4% of shooting victims, but 13% of those stopped). Also 684,330 stopped and frisked produced about 60,843 arrests/summons? That is not too bad.

    • I agree.  NYPD probably stops a few more whites than it should in order to placate the civil rights preachers.

      •  This has in fact been shown to be the case, by Heather MacDonald in this City Journal article:

        ‘The actual crime rates reveal that blacks are being significantly understopped, compared with their representation in the city’s criminal population, another reason for omitting them from the [New York Times’] reporting.’

        Scroll down to the middle of the piece for a helpful chart.  Based on violent crime rates, both Whites and Hispanics in NYC are over-stopped, while Blacks are under-stopped.

        •  If you’re white, especially young and white, and live in a city with any appreciable percentage of blacks and/or Hispanics, (and inevitably, they will be the majority if not the overwhelming majority of arrests and convictions), make it your business to be more pure than the wind driven snow and Caesar’s wife combined.  Because the cops are looking for any excuse to nail a white to throw bones to the barking civil rights preacher dogs.  Hell, as we all have seen over the last few months, they’ll stretch the point on the definition of white.

  • Rocky Bass,

    Only 77? Da brothas be slippin. I ask you how many non-white births took place in the same time period? I am going to go out on a limb and guess that non-whites are not anywhere near endangered species category yet. Their flood the field with genetic material, in hopes some survive, reproductive strategy is DEATH to western welfare states, even save the work of  M. Sanger in her efforts to remove some of the weeds from the proverbial “garden of life”.

  • We’re talking about a race of people who are Race first, everything else second.  What happens within the race, stays within the race; they will excuse each others’ degeneracy to the end of days.  What they need, and what they will wait for, is a white face upon which to reflect all their violence and depravity.  Left alone, without bright influence, they will slide back to their African roots, with no one to blame but themselves.

  • “Teenagers” caught with guns had their convictions tossed out, huh? 

    • joewest666

       Now hang on.. you’re apply sense to the equation.

      Stop that.

  • Violence only becomes a matter of urgency, in the black community, if a white is accused of causing harm to a black (even if the white’s use of violence is demonstrably justifiable). Nothing demonstrates how wide spread black racism is towards whites better than this code that permeates throughout the black community. If violence occurs and there is no way to blame “whitey,” it’s not an issue.  About 10 years ago, in Miami, two police officers shot and killed a black rapist with a butcher knife. The black rapist had dragged a woman down an alley and refused to give up when the two officers confronted him. Within a few hours of the incident, the usual community activist types began organizing a rally near the scene of the shooting. The crowd was being whipped into a frenzy and it looked like it could soon turn into a riot. Then a funny thing happened; the crowd was informed that the two officers who actually did the shooting were black. Within 20 minutes the crowd broke up. There was nothing to get worked up about now; no whites to blame, time to  go home. 

  • joewest666

    Jummane and the rest of the pavement apes need to buy a clue.

  • El_Magyar

    The race hustling dirtbags don’t want to bring attention to the realities of urban violence and how it relates to Blacks. If people knew the truth about all this crap the ,majority would say, “to hell with them, they are crazy”. God knows the race hustlers/excuse makers don’t want that.

  • El_Magyar

    First thing that NEEDS to happen is Romney 2012. If anyone on this site sits home and pouts instead of getting out and voting for for Romney, they are complicit in the downturn. Four more years of Obama and the cementing of more “diversity”and “entitlements” will be disastrous. No more Black presidents! Get yourselves and everyone you know out to vote for Romney.

    • LaSantaHermandad

      EL Magyar,
      I would like to see Romney address the race question with special attention to the growing number of attacks against Whites. It would be encouraging to Whites to know that we’ll finally have a President who’ll stand up for us.

  • brew730

    The amount of time and energy that whites put into trying to solve the problems of black (while blacks themselves sit back and watch) probably exceeds the amount of money and taxes that whites pay to support blacks (again, while blacks sit back and watch).  Insanity.

    • LaSantaHermandad

      Fabulous. The true definition of “insanity” – to do the same thing over and over again and expect different results.

  • The__Bobster

    The comments in the Daily Snooze are worthless, but they do show you what their demographic is. They ban any Conservative posters while allowing cop- and YT-hating zulus to spam the board.

  • Sheila Dinehart

    The reason I like this article posting is because sadly it reminds us that blacks in America do not really see the kinds of killings and shootings in their community as an outrage as long as they do the killing and shooting of each other.  It has always been this way and cannot change due to the essential nature of the “Negro in America”. 

    The article posting also reminds Authentic White Americans that there is no need for this to be of any real concern.  The fact that blacks are killing blacks in black neighborhoods is a non-issue for the Authentic White.

    The only issue that Authentic Whites should be concerned with regarding this topic is when whites become the target of blacks. Whenever possible the system should be kept out of it because the system is no longer interested in protecting white victims of black aggression.  This should always be a personal task because the white man or woman has no protector in the law.

    This Commisioner Kelly’s (or any white man or woman)true burden should not be fretting over how black community leaders don’t express outrage over violence in the black community…what foolishness…he already knows why there is no outrage!

    The only reason for the Authentic White man or woman in today’s world to exist is for the purpose of unification for survival.

    This is the true White Mans’s Burden.  It is wonderful that he and she are released from all other concerns.


  • It is the same tired argument these minority agitators drag out, whether it be stop and frisk, voter id laws, immigration enforcement, etc. They masquerade behind the race card because these laws do not discriminate, but are in fact quite effective against those who commit such crimes. Illegal invaders, thugs with guns, people committing voter fraud. Just because the vast majority of those who commit such crimes are in fact minorities, does not make the laws discriminatory.  

  • “Seventy-seven people were shot in New York last week during the heat wave, including a 3-year-old winged by crossfire as he played under a sprinkler in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn.”

    What the heck does the heat have to do with it? Are they trying to impy that blacks are more apt to kill someone when it’s hot outside? Another reason to keep them out of my neighborhood!

    • LaSantaHermandad

      We’re been hearing that for years especially during the height of the Black riots so much of which were attributed to the heat waves. Blacks are the only people who react to heat waves by rioting, arson and sniping and the incidents are usually sparked by a police encounter that doesn’t even have to occur in the neighborhood where they rioting takes place.  A hurricane strikes and the Whites who live in the target area help each other clean up  while Blacks riot, loot stores, snipe from rooftops and rape.. 
      Most humans stay in the house with a fan or AC or go to the local rec. center to cool off in the pool or even open a fire hydrant equipped with a sprinkler to conserve water pressure.  
      It’s amazing how reasons are converted to excuses for all Black sociopathy.
      It’s hot where I am today but I’m not even the least bit inclined to want to shoot, rape , loot or burn down my own neighborhood.

  • I agree. The code has been revealed by blacks themselves. The evidence that vast numbers of whites now understand this, is in the comments sections of internet news sites across the country. More and more of those commenting on stories of black crime and violence sound like Amren readers. This change, to a more race realist view, has transpired over the past few years. This change in attitude has given me hope for the future. It seems that people are finally waking up to what is really going on.

  • New York used to have the nation’s strictest death penalty law – the death sentence was mandatory in cases of first-degree murder (including “felony murder,” i.e., murder committed in the course of committing another crime). The electric chair at Sing-Sing was one of the country’s busiest.

    Something like a restoration of that law will be just one of the necessary steps to restore peace and order to the city. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have a chance of happening. The systemic problem of places like Chicago and New York City is that the local criminal justice apparatus – policing, courts, and prisons – is under local political domination, and accordingly the pressure to treat black and Hispanic criminals leniently. 

    While I’m generally in favor of keeping government as local as possible, such cities are special cases in which local government might well be placed into a sort of receivership, under the control of an appointed trustee given plenary powers and insulated from local pressures. Maybe we could “outsource” law enforcement and corrections in these places to the Singaporeans. They still know how to deal with criminals in the way we once did.