Chicago Teachers Union President Blames Woes on Class, Race

Warner Todd Huston, Breitbart, July 24, 2012

The Chicago School system is rapidly collapsing. Its graduation rate is a horrid 56 percent, its finances are in tatters, and even though the Chicago Teachers Union was offered a 10 to 15 percent raise, CTU officials still want to strike claiming it isn’t enough. So, what went wrong? CTU President says it’s all because of Chicago’s “lower class students” and “students of color.”

CTU President Karen Lewis recently took part in a strategy conference call with community organizer Jitu Brown, and retired professor and Bill Ayers associate Mike Klonsky. In the released audio of the conference call, CTU President Lewis tries to address the reason for the Chicago Public School System’s woes.


I have seen the profession of teaching go from one in which it was considered, um, very prestigious to one that is constantly ridiculed, and, um, basically, uh, discarded and we feel, by and large, it’s due to the fact that we serve, um, a predominantly, uh, working, and uh, and quite frankly lower class students, uh, and students of color.


Karen Lewis

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  • IstvanIN

    They know it, we know it, and occasionally someone blurts out the truth.  But nothing can be done.

  • mikejones91

    So WE discriminate against blacks, but forget the Indians and Asian students? What about the white girls you see with black men. They are trashy/broke/drug addicted (sometimes) criminal types. So society singled her out for her mate choice and unleashed the fiery hell that is white supremacism? 

  • ”and quite frankly lower class students, uh, and students of color. ”

    Uh oh, expect a witch hunt, her reputation destroyed and fired from her job.

    • BernieGoetzFan

       No – she has proper pigmentation so she can get away with that. She can even elaborate that it is white racism making these valuable and priceless cherubs fail.

  • mikejones91

    Most of these “intellectual” black types really don’t look that black. They all looked mixed with White/Hispanic.

    • mikejones91

      This White/or Hispanic mix is also most likely the reason for their intellect. 

      • splitsing

         And their non-acceptance as whites is also most likely the reason for their bitterness.

  • “I have seen the profession of teaching go from one in which it was
    considered, um, very prestigious to one that is constantly ridiculed,
    and, um, basically, uh, discarded and we feel, by and large, it’s due to
    the fact that we serve, um, a predominantly, uh, working, and uh, and
    quite frankly lower class students, uh, and students of color.”

    Wait just one minute! What’s with this “students of color” jazz. Last time I checked, Asians, esp Far East Asians, highly value and respect teachers and make the most of the FREE educational opportunities this country has to offer.

    So, CTU President Moore, let’s be honest — you’re talking about NAMs (non-Asian minorities), and most likely talking about blacks who “ridiculed” and “discarded” their school teachers.

    • MekongDelta69

      Anyone here old enough to remember when Crayola had a “flesh” colored crayon in their ‘million’ crayon mega-box (with built-in sharpener I might add – which NONE of us could afford!)?

      I haven’t looked in a Crayola box since about the time Columbus discovered America, but I was wondering… Did that “flesh” colored crayon turn into a “People Of Color” crayon?

        • MekongDelta69

          I clicked “Like”, but in reality, I’m shaking my head.

          I was kidding, but Dick Blick wasn’t.

        • Et tu Crayola?

        • robinbishop34

           Good grief.

        • Shawn_thefemale

           The kicker with the multiculti crayons is, and not by mistake, naming each color  separately, until coming to the white. Then, quote, “the white crayon, for blending”. This was no accident.

    • libertarian1234

      “Don’t try to hide this fact by lumping them all together as “students of color” (aka People of Color (POCs)).”

      Blacks like to include themselves in the term, “people of color.”  They can hide their inabilities and pathologies much better that way if they speak in terms of “whites and people of color,” because their miserable stats are included with all non-whites.

      For example using the term helps deflect criticism that focuses on their high crime rates and it offers them the cover necessary to avoid being embarassed by tests scores lower than any other group and an inability to achieve academically on a par with other races.  By hiding within a larger group,  they draw less attention to their pitiful short comings.

      Too, including themselves in a”people of color” category gives what they perceive to be greater clout through greater numbers.  But, even more importantly,  it separates whites from everybody else.

      But the simple fact is that blacks are as different from other “people of color”….and have less in common with them…. than they do of whites.

      They’ve been going downhill so rapidly the last ten years the entire race is on the verge of becoming completely dysfunctional as a people.   In other words, it could be that the only thing the vast majority are suited for is primitive life in a remote setting,  living a rudimentary existence fighting each other in tribal warfare…….as they do in Chicago and most all urban areas………just the kind of environment their ancestors used to live in.


  • WmarkW

    Congratulations, Jared.
    After twenty years, they’re at least saying it with “uhms.”

    By 2015, debates about education funding will be liberally quoting Professor Weissberg.

    •  Well-played, WmarkW, well-played.  That is indeed the hallmark of 20 years of Amren chipping away at the truth.

  • MekongDelta69

    CTU President Karen Lewis recently took part in a strategy conference call with community organizer Jitu Brown, and retired professor and Bill Ayers associate Mike Klonsky.

    Ahh yes – of course. What would a conference call be without someone who was the leader of the Weather Underground and took part in the bombings of the NYC Police HQ, the Capitol and the Pentagon (Billy Boy):

    and a former member of the SDS and founder of the Marxist-Leninist Communist Party (Klonsky):

    Just a VERY tiny sample of who’s been teaching (and destroying) your kids since the ’60s.

  • The main problems is not the students but the parents. It does not take much money to make sure that their children excel in school.  It does take time, time to help the child with their homework or to go to PTA meetings or to parent teacher conferences.

  • It’s an elementary formula: Liberals+ minorities+ teachers unions = horribly dysfunctional schools. And of course their solution is: Mo’ money, Mo’ money, mo’ money.

    You will never find a solution if you can’t identify the problem, but then again they don’t want a solution, they want: Mo’ money, Mo’ money, mo’ money.

    • Liberals and minorities have endless theories to explain black failure which have to be constantly updated because the last theory didn’t pan out; and most of the theories require mo’ money, mo’ money, mo’ money.

      • most of the theories require mo’ money, mo’ money, mo’ money

        ALL of their theories require more money (mo’ money)

    • The__Bobster

      After you gibs dem mo money, here’s what happens:

      PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — A well-known Philadelphia charter school founder and four other people have been charged in a scheme to defraud the federal government of millions of dollars over a four-year period.

      Dorothy June Brown, the founder of three charter schools in the Philadelphia area, is named along with four school executives in a 62-count federal indictment alleging they defrauded the government of funds meant for the charter schools between 2007 and April 2011.

      “The fraud scheme resulted in a loss of about $6.5 million in terms of funds that were to be utilized to educate the students,” says US attorney Zane Memeger, “but rather Brown decided to use that money to line her own pocket for her own personal benefit.”

  • TheCogitator

    Am I correct in believing it is okay to say, “students of color,” but it is not okay to say “colored students?” Damned if I can figure it out, it just doesn’t make sense.

  • Those of us who attended predominantly black high schools understand the challenge faced by educators. Sadly, too many are steeped in denial and, consequently, will never provide black students with educational opportunities that fit their abilities. 

    • The worst was when I wanted to genuinely develop my intellectual abilities, but the teachers couldn’t help me because they had their hands full with “students of color.”

  • Shawn_thefemale

    There are only two reasons why blacks attend school – at least until age 16. Babysitting and feeding.  Get the kid outta my way for most of the day, and feed him so I don’t have to, even though we gots EBT.

    The only learning they do is on the streets.

    • Blacks go to school to sell drugs and “hook-up”

      • Mike Kordic

        With the BS they teach in school now, even if kids apply themselves they still come out knowing nothing………

  • AmRem

    I was browsing one of my favorite, but racially lopsided, hobby forums and one of the topics was about the Detroit school district that had a 10% literacy rate. 

    The comments gave all the usual excuses, many to the point of parody, but I browsed the thread anyway hoping to find something that didn’t incur Poe’s law. 

    What I found was in the sea of gullible posts, was a couple of honest colored posts which rang a funny truth. This Black had thought all the white people were crazy or were lying when they “couldn’t think of why it was possible to have a first world’s literacy rate sink so low.”  Of course the Black called everyone racist for thinking thoughts that he couldn’t prove were there, but his post shined a light on something humorous:

    When all the modern excuses to the denial of race and racial differences fail, even the minorities find it absurd, and want the truth. 

  • Kurt Plummer

    Bluntly, Chicago Public Schools is going under and this is a pleamand to be let go before the bow of the S.S. Hypocrisy slips beneath the waves.
    Admissions of this type are a last-resort admission that there is nothing to be done and no amount of money will save the problem.
    Get out your maps and start planning how many black students are coming to a suburb near your child.
    That said, this is the point where you -could- (if you were absolutely fearless and had a bevy of the top doctors like Watson ready to back you up) get to these people with a simple argument-
    “It’s genetic.  No better or worse than diabetes or sickle cell anemia, we can fix this, but you have to own up to _wanting_ the change.”
    Blacks (as evidenced by Jeremight Wright’s obsession with white DNA slithering through his brain) don’t want to lose their distinct identity because it is what keeps them on the gravy train.
    As soon as the genetic therapy solution basically involves overlaying a white allele or thirty so that -only- the black physical morphology remains, the notion that blacks deserve special treatment ends.
    It’s not going to be an easy sell but if there are smart black people out there, willing to shout down the ‘acting white racist’ nonsense with a simple truth (we are running out of money, learn to fish or look forward to your last handout) it can be done.
    My question then comes down to whether whites will want to give away their legacy just to raise up a new generation of blacks who will compete with them on a level playing field.  The obvious solution being an equivalent 1-2MSD raise in our own IQ.
    Africa awaits.  The 110IQ mouse could swallow the 70IQ elephant .  But blacks won’t go so long as there is a single iota of incentive to remain.
    And why should they take the risk?  Being hated, here, is nothing new.

    • From what I’ve seen, Blacks would be more than happy to dump “blackness” & become White (if possible by genetic engineering). They’re trying it all the time- hair, various bleaching chemicals, plastic surgery etc.
      They don’t like their physical looks (nose, lips, skin,..) & would, if possible, try to retain only lesser bodily fat & a few other “athletic” features.

    • NM156

      I’ll say that the good ship Chicago Public Schools is going down-after booting 5000 teachers in 2010, CPS still faces a $750,000,000 budget shortfall in 2012. Let’s spell that out: seven hundred and fifty million dollars. Everything that could be taxed or taxed more has been, including property taxes on homes that have half their assessed 2008 value. Bizarre the way IL, Cook County, and Chicago politicians pretend that all the budget holes have been plugged with cash from more borrowing. The end is coming, and I am all but certain that Europe’s collapse in 2013 will blast the US and bring a grim conclusion to the drag through the mud going on since 2008. This end will include assassinations of political and financial leaders and martial law in Chicago and other big US cities living on the financial edge. Doom awaits.

  • El_Magyar

    She was playing the race card. Guaranteed. Does anyone really think, um, that, uh, the CTU President would, um, tell the, uh, truth about the, um, matter?

  • El_Magyar

    I live in a very nice, stable community with well-funded schools with excellent teachers. Absolutely zero want on anyone’s part. The school system has about 1% blacks in it (~55 students). Well, recently the state assessment tests were given and the results were published on the school website. Something like 88% of the kids passed all the sections (literacy, math, science). The school then broke the pass rate down by ethnicity. Low and behold, the Asian kids did the best, the White kids did next best and bringing up the rear were the Black kids.

    These are by no means “ghetto” Blacks. These are good kids from solid middle class families. Frankly, this just pretty much says it all to me. All these kids are being raised in the same stable community and go to the same high performing school. Yet, the difference in performance broke right down the expected “IQ line”.

  • Laager

    The excuses blacks come up with are quite breathtaking.

    This one from South Africa must rate as one of the best.
    In Limpopo province students have not yet received their free state provided text books – 6 months into the academic year. The distribution of said books was outsourced to a private company – no doubt good pals of the boys in power. No doubt the company had taken the up front money and started to party. The delivery failure was discovered when someone peeked into a warehouse and saw all the books still there. The company sprang into action and attempted to cope with the backlog. In one case the books were delivered on Tuesday ready for the mid years exams next day on Wednesday. In another case it is alleged that the company simply removed the books, took them somewhere and burned them – no doubt to save on delivery costs.

    Now President Zuma has entered the fray and gone on record saying the text book mess is:
    JOHANNESBURG – “What is happening today is what Verwoerd did, where the black majority were historically not given education,” he said in an interview on Talk Radio 702 yesterday.
    “We are dealing with a system which had put black people back for centuries,” Zuma said.
    For those who do not know; Hendrik Frensch Verwoerd was Prime Minister of South Africa from 1958 to 1966. He was assassinated in the Houses of Parliament in September 1966.
    So fully 46 years after his death Verwoerd is held responsible for not delivering the text books in 2012.
    Verwoerd is also villified for introducing [dumbed down] Bantu Education for blacks during his tenure as minister of education.  Previously the Minister for Education Senzo Mchunu said in 2011, “One of the points that we found was a problem with math and science. There has just been a 50% pass for science and 47% for math. In these two subjects we are aiming to pull everyone out of the mindset that they are difficult subjects. It was Verwoerd who made these subjects difficult because he thought that blacks would be a threat to him.”

    Could someone please explain how 2+2=4 is made difficult whether it is taught in Zulu or American English?
    You can read the whole sorry sage here;
    Jacob Zuma says: Textbook mess ‘Verwoerd’s fault’
    The article contains a number of articles which clearly debunk these political lies.

    • Up to my neck in CA

      The tired old excuse…”The Legacy of (insert name here)

      1. Apartheid
      2. Slavery
      3. Institutional racism
      etc and etc…….

  • At least back in the day White kids got something out of school. Now it’s so dumbed down the White kids get nothing useful and the blacks still fail and flunk out.

  • Remember, in recycling bins you can’t say “colored paper” either.  It’s “paper of color”.

    The President of the Board Of Trustees of my alma mater recently bragged that they had upped the new freshman class to include 18% ‘people of color’.  But I asked some college officials what that meant, and nobody seemed to know or fess up.  I know it can’t mean 18% black.  They’re throwing in “Hispanic” although the college is not in a high Hispanic area, plus, Asians, and who knows … Maybe gay ( you know, as in there ubiquitous LGBT rainbow). 
    I know for this Chicago deal, teachers are not held in low repute because of any Asian ‘students of color’ that they have to educate.

  • Eurobeing

    A mind is a terrible thing to waste on… a hood rat black

  • Herman

    Frankly I thought AMREN got the story wrong.

    The woman wasn’t blaming “students of color” for the poor school system.

    Rather she was blaming the lack of respect for teachers from outsiders because they taught “students of color”.

    A big difference. The woman was actually blaming white people.

    •  Yeah, I sort of read it that way too.  A 400 lb. black woman making $150k/year is not going to screw that up by blurting out something like the truth.   Her very job description is to keep the nostrums going, but creatively. 

      Yet the article is at least significant for the fact that she’s admitting that “Public Education” in this country today is pretty much all about educating people of color. Any white students in the system are a footnote, an aberration. All assumptions, planning and prognostications of the system are based on that central fact.

  • Guest

    400 pound black woman earning about $150,000 a year.  Typical affirmative action goverment employee.  I can just imagine her credentials.  SAT scores of 500.  Got through college only because she was given Bs for showing up in class.  Flunked the state teacher’s exam several times.  Became part of an NAACP Ford Foundation SPLC ad nauseum lawsuit that the teacher’s exam was discriminatory in that it required potential teachers to read at 8th grade level and do math at 4th grade level.   Totally discriminatory to require black teachers to understand those elitist White male invented fractions.

    Once she served the obligatory one year in a classroom she was affirmative actioned to the top position she now holds.  I believe the marxist feminazi organization known as the NEA advocates total elimination of all teacher’s exams on the grounds that Whites pass them and blacks usually fail.  Bon probably knows more about that than I do.

  • splitsing

    Truer words have never been spoken.

  • If these little kids were white, it would not have made it on T.V.   Otherwise, the TV station would be charged with releasing a “racially charged”
    video and it would soon be taken down by an outcry. 
    When black kids get hurt, it is a
    federal case immediately.  But the mayhem perpetrated against our kids
    has to remain hidden and secret, according to the dictates of the Regime.

  • Chicago Detours

    This might be interesting. A history of Chicago teachers and strikes:

  • Detroit_WASP

    Last time I was in Chicago, I noticed the huge number of private schools. I have heard almost no white kids go to public schools there.

  • LaSantaHermandad

    SHe’s right. Chicago has too many “youths” of the Black “RACE” who have absolutely no “CLASS”.