Voter ID Law Support Linked to Attitudes About African Americans, Study Finds

Gene Demby, Huffington Post, July 19, 2012

A new study has found that support for voter ID laws, especially among those who lean Democratic, is linked to one’s feelings toward African Americans.

In the study, conducted by the University of Delaware’s Center for Political Communication, respondents were asked several questions, and their answers were used to create a spectrum of “racial resentment.” The more resentment a person conveyed, the more likely they were to support voter ID laws.

Voter ID laws require people to show some form of government identification before they can cast a ballot. {snip}

Black, Latino, low-income and younger voters are all less likely to have official government identification—and are all also more likely to vote for Democrats.


Those who identified as Republicans or conservatives have the highest score on the measure of racial resentment. But self-identified Republicans and conservatives favor the laws regardless of where they fell on resentment matrix. It was those respondents who identified as Democrats and liberals whose stances were most likely to be informed by racial resentment.


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  • RebelliousTreecko

    There was an article back around april-may that stated that Black leaders said voter I.D laws would “stop African-American voter empowerment” or something like that.
    Could someone post the link if they find it?

    If Blacks really AREN’T disproportionally involved with voter fraud, then WHY are they worried that the law would have a negative effect on their voting?

    Maybe it’s like Mestizos and their disapproval toward laws against illegal immigration.  They know that most illegals to the U.S. consist of Mexicans and the like, but they don’t want people acknowledging it.

    • The__Bobster

      HARRISBURG, Pa. (CBS) — Hundreds of people rallied on the steps of the state capitol this afternoon against Pennsylvania’s new voter photo ID law.

      Near a huge replica of the Liberty Bell festooned with a banner saying, “Overturn Act 18,” Pennsylvania NAACP president Jerome Mondesire fired up the crowd:

      “I say to you, and I want you to quote me directly: Tom Corbett is liar! Tom Corbett is a liar! There is no voter ID fraud!”

      Mondesire then introduced NAACP senior vice president Hilary Shelton, who told demonstrators that voter photo ID laws are targeted efforts to disenfranchise the most zealous of those who voted in the 2008 presidential election, including minorities and women.

  • mikejones91

    Why do blacks get the majority of flack? What about Asians/ect? Blacks get flack because of the way they act. Rhyme.

    • The__Bobster

      And the fact that they get 113% turnout in some districts and yet no one goes to prison.

    • Kurt Plummer


      Sorry to be a pain but as a military history enthusiast, ‘Flack’ always gets me.

      Flak = Flugabwehrkanone.  Literally ‘Flying Defense Gun’ or what Americans would call AAA as ‘Anti Aircraft Artillery’.

  • Biff_Maliboo

    Jesus, what isn’t linked to attitudes about “African-Americans” anymore?


    • Kurt Plummer

      As times get harder, history shows a common theme of polarization against minorities and undesirables.

      It is true that blacks make themselves few friends because of who they are and how they act but we do need to be careful and focussed so that our wants carry the weight of reason, not hysteria.

      We don’t need to be put in a situation akin to that which the French are facing with the Gypsies or the Germans with the Jews.

      Where we need to go bak to is putting weight in the elements of constitutional law that most apply to the notion of _only_ those members of the designated privilege group having the right to vote.

      Not felons.  Not the dead.  Not people trying to become felons by using alias’.

      One of the biggest opportunities we missed with the Black Panthers issue (and I think it was deliberate) was a chance to regulate voting centers with federal oversight so that fear of cheating became fear of a major federal charge involving interference with the electoral process at some level which involved treason or racketeering.

  • mikejones91

    Level on exposure to blacks correlates directly to resentment..

  • This just shows how utterly worthless large sections of the minority population are.  They cannot even be bothered to get an ID card!  I mean it’s not like they have jobs and busy schedules holding them back.  How pathetic and worthless do you have to be to complain about not being able to vote without an ID?  If you are too lazy to get an ID, you do not deserve to vote.  

  • I personally cannot see how anyone can live without a photo id. You need a photo id to cash a check, buy alcohol, and tobacco and you need to have a drivers license, which can be used as a photo id, to drive a car. I have no problems with blacks voting. My main concern is without voter id laws, illegal immigrants and others who are not able to legally vote will vote since most illegals do not have any government issued photo id.

    • The argument blacks ‘don’t have identification’ is simply nonsense and likely a red herring. They say that because they do not want blacks to have to show that identification to vote so they can continue to vote early and often. If a black truly does not have identification and does not care to get one in order to participate and protect the integrity of the political process; they probably shouldn’t be voting anyway.  Of course, illegal aliens are the real losers when it comes to voter id because they are…well illegal!

      • “…does not care to get one in order to participate and protect the integrity of the political process; they probably shouldn’t be voting anyway.”

        Good point.

        ID is needed everywhere for everything. We should be asking why these people refuse to uphold the integrity of the voting franchise. 

      • The__Bobster
        • I know the invaders vote and they vote in massive numbers, hence the objections to voter id. It is not that blacks they are worried about, it’s the illegal invaders who could not vote of asked to produce identification. That’s the vote they want to protect.

    • Kurt Plummer

      There are three churches and two charity organizations here (that I know of) which will pay for new IDs, including birth certificates and the trip to get your picture taken.

      The lines are so huge at the day shelter that, when they open the list (for transport to a DMV point) on Wednesdays, it usually takes less than a day for them to fill up and still have a line of 6-8 people waiting for the -next- weeks run, the day after.

      Two big churches on Broadway with significant charity budgets routinely run out of money by mid month or earlier, paying for the paperwork that makes this process go smoothly.

      Since this is the number one thing to get the ball rolling for felons looking to pick up food stamps and get themselves registered in one or another of the shelters that also serve as halfway houses (as one of the two things you MUST have, along with a current TB card, to get into said shelters, which is where you charge your anklets and make your nightly parole officer call), I don’t really see how people put much stock in the security of photo ID as proof of right to vote.

      The real vulnerability of course is the Social Security racket.  Back when I last had a bank account, I could not get the guy to take a number I have had memorized since I was 14.  And when he finally pulled up a list, my name was at the bottom, below _3_ others.

      Given that 94% of our Senate votes are by silent consent (sans debate, sans presence on the floor), what exactly does voting do to help us choose between Republicans who subsequently rip off the middle class in favor of the wealthy and Democrats who rip us off for the benefit of demographic change?

      Yes, I’ve read the Sailer Strategy but a delaying action is still a defense only and thus doomed to fail.

  • Jesse_from_Sweden

    So, lemme see here.
    What they have concluded is that republicans have the highest levels of “racial resentment” and that republicans also have the highest support for voter ID laws?

    Could the first be due to there being less african-americans among republican voters? And the second because the voter ID lows will most heavily affect those that vote democrat?

    So all this little survey or whatever says is that demoracts are the ones who benefit from voter fraud and there are more blacks amongst democratic voters.
    Nothing new.

  • The__Bobster

    The Founding Fathers got it right.