Woeful Trenton Sees Mayor Add Insult to Injury

Kate Zernike, New York Times, July 20, 2012

To measure the decay here in New Jersey’s capital, residents could have counted the unfilled public pools, the shuttered libraries and police stations, the block after block of boarded-up stores and homes.

But they did not need to go that far. The city was falling apart from the top.

It started just a month after Mayor Tony F. Mack took office in 2010, when his housing director quit after it was revealed that the official had being indicted on charges of forgery and theft. Two months later, one of his judicial appointees quit over bad checks and unpaid debt, and his business administrator—the second of seven, during just nine months—resigned, having stolen from a Congressional campaign.

Then the mayor’s half brother was indicted on a charge of using city resources to do private work. And the chief of staff who Mr. Mack promised would finally bring order resigned after the police said they found him near City Hall with heroin.

So it was momentous but not surprising when the Federal Bureau of Investigation raided City Hall on Thursday morning after descending with search warrants the morning before on the homes of the mayor, his brother and one of the mayor’s chief donors.


Mr. Mack, 46, said on Thursday in a statement that he had not violated the public trust and that he would not comment further. No one answered the door at his home on Friday.

Like other manufacturing cities that have stopped thriving, Trenton has been bedeviled by decades of poverty and a low property tax base. But if other mayors merely find themselves unable to reverse those currents, Mr. Mack has been exceptional for the amount of disruption he has brought to an already broken city, all in just two years.


The city is about 52 percent black and 34 percent Hispanic; Mr. Mack, a Democrat who is black, won against a Hispanic candidate in a nonpartisan runoff in June 2010.




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  • Church_of_Jed

    Can anybody find the stats on what % of blacks voted for the black vs % Hispanics voted for their Raza?

    If the results are expected, AmRen should start a massive campaign asking “What message does it send to the White community when blacks and Hispanics overwhelmingly vote alone lines of racial loyalty?  Can Diversity be really considered American when it is shamefully stuck in the ugly past where racial loyalty was the dominant trait of the Klu Klux? What would happen if Whites did the same thing, or are we ‘too evolved’ to vote for our own interests?”

    Imagine how the wording of this article would be different if the mayor was White and could be spun as representing “continued troubling aspects of racism”.

    • AmRem

      I would like a lot more AmRen Youtube videos. I found AmRen through Jared’s “Is Race Real?” video.

      I find 10 minute videos are the easiest way to go about convincing people. Gathering links is troublesome, takes too long, and people call you a conspiracy theorist if you try to point a different interpretation than what the article tries to hint at. 

      I would be willing to donate, too, if it meant more YT videos. Videos that are actually effective in arguments too, nothing about stupid topics like Jorge Zimmerman. 

      • JackKrak

        Agreed. AmRen should be regularly putting up even 3 to 5 minute videos highlighting various aspects of what is discussed here daily. It doesn’t even have to feature Mr. Taylor or anyone else from AmRen – it would be enough to compile easily available news footage from around the country & around the world with perhaps a voiceover for commentary.

        If someone from AmRen is reading this & thinking “easier said than done”, then I urge you to consider the great benefits & low costs of doing this. You have a lot of people who would glady help out in such a project.

  • And he had the stones to ask for a $28k/yr.  raise? Unf’nbelievable. Anyone who believes that any black has the intellect and the integrity to run any level of government in any country is deranged.

  • Shawn_thefemale

    A low tax base is going to be the malignancy that destroys what is left of the U.S.,  courtesy of our generous immigration and welfare policy. Cities are, and will become more numerously literal skeletons of  their former selves, along with its [former] citizens.

  • Oil Can Harry

    Sad to see a group of honest black public servants brought down by the forces of institutional racism and white privilege.

  • Major

    Jeez…..a little Haiti smack in the center of New Jersey Capitol? How come? They got elected…they got what they wanted…and they decided to be the crooks and scum who decided that screw the law…they had to loot, rob and rape…all for those…ahhhh….reparations.

    Meanwhile….Christie….a former prosecutor….jailed every italian in New Jersey he looked at….not for demolishing a city….but for running some numbers.

    Meanwhile the blacks running Newark, Trenton and Camden…have transformed these “cities” into slums equal to the finest slums in Detroit.

    Shhhhhh….let’s not upset the “order”…right?

  • The city is about 52 percent black and 34 percent Hispanic; Mr. Mack, a Democrat who is black, won against a Hispanic candidate in a nonpartisan runoff in June 2010.

    When blacks elect blacks they lay claim to the city as their own. Let them wallow in the cesspool they created.

    You have to wonder about New York Times reporters. They have been reporting these same stories of black run cities for decades but they never seem to make the connection.

    If these people can’t see (or have the courage to report) the obvious, why are they still considered relevant?

  • The problem is negroism.

  • bubo

    As tax base, ie white taxpayers shrink, this is what will happen to countless cities in this country.  

    It’s unbelievable.   The communist/leftist plans have worked perfectly.   Diversity has brought ruin to the USA in ways that wars never could.  

  • “Like other manufacturing cities that have stopped thriving, Trenton has
    been bedeviled by decades of poverty and a low property tax base.”

    Trenton, New Jersey, 100 years ago, almost entirely White.

    5 minutes ago? Only 13 percent non-Hispanic.

    Blacks and browns can’t govern themselves in a modern society. Thanks Jews and Christians for bringing them in. Thanks a real bunch.