Blogger: Why Don’t Blacks Behave?

Colin Flaherty, World Net Daily, July 14, 2012

Mike Hagler does not want to hear any more excuses for race riots at the Wisconsin State Fair. Or gunfire at the Juneteenth celebration in downtown Milwaukee.

“Big Mike” has a simple solution for the hundreds of black people who terrorized the Mayfair Mall and the Independence Day fireworks celebrations: Knock it off.

“Every time there is an event going on, people want to pull out guns and go crazy,” said Hagler, the teenage video blogger from Milwaukee. “Everything is getting cancelled: State fairs. Summerfest. All people want to do is fight. Y’all acting like animals. And it is crazy to say it is our own people acting that way.”

He continued, “It’s crazy when you go to an event and there be a majority white people there. As soon as black people come around that get to moving out of the way. They already know what is going to happen.

“It’s like when you want to go to Juneteenth. I ain’t going to go to Juneteenth because people already know what is going to happen. People are going to be shooting and fighting.”

It cannot be as bad as Big Mike thinks, right?


This year it [blacks misbehaving] happened again at Juneteenth when another massive disturbance resulted in the arrests of 54 people.

The newspaper never really said what all those people were doing to get arrested. The paper did, however, carry 17 pictures of black people cooking ribs, eating corn, dancing and playing basketball. There were no pictures of any of the 54 people breaking the law, or the two caught with guns.


[Journal-Sentinel columnist] Kane and the Journal-Sentinel were probably too busy to cover another race riot earlier this year as well. This one on Memorial Day at a lakefront beach.

Police closed the beach after violent disturbances involving hundreds of black people. Afterwards, the same group descended on a nearby shopping district, where they wrecked and looted a Whole Foods grocery store and a McDonald’s. WTMJ at least tried to report it:

“There were cars stopping, yelling at the kids, telling them to stop; one man said stop fighting stop fighting they kept on fighting,” said eyewitness Allen Miller. “Other kids were trying to pull them apart. They just would not stop.”

“I seen like, eight motorcycle cops, two horse cops, about five cop cars, seven cops across the street. They were right here on the sidewalk right in front of McDonalds, and they were climbing over the rail bottoms, standing here yelling to go, stop, or keep fighting,” Alan Miller, who witnessed the ordeal, said.


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  • cecilhenry

    That’s why white people MUST get their own countries back.  IT is for their freedom and right to an independent life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.


    • ed91

       good luck with that

    • JackKrak

      “Why don’t blacks behave?”

      For the same reason that fish don’t play chess.

      • alastairabbacle

        Why aren’t the Blacks to do behave allowed to escape the pack?
        For the same reason that fish were not to evolve legs to crawl on land with.

        Anti-racist is code action for anti-Black.

        Supporting the lowest common denominators of the Black pack slows down the cultural progress of Blacks.    Racism at its most clever, in action, if not intent.

        By a Negro blogger, Jayman.  “Dysgenic Fertility Among Blacks? Apparently, Yes”

  • chuck_2011

    blacks lack impulse control so their behavior it to be expected. bring back segregation and whites only events. Only thru strict control can they be managed.

    • dukem1

       Like most AmRen regulars, I have heard enough of these reports, and seen enough of these videos to last more than a lifetime…Still, I can understand that if you get a bunch of young men together in a party mood, drunk and stoned and whacked out on whatever, it’s not surprising that there’s gonna be a fight or two…granted, the lack of impulse control ups the ante by an order of magnitude….but….
      What is the most disheartening is to see the females in these videos..shrieking and fighting and getting involved…wasn’t there a time, say, throughout the recorded history of human civilization, when women were considered to provide a “civilized’ influence?
      Modern-day BRA is, perhaps by default, a matriarchal society, so what hope can there ever be?
      I would not be surprised if one day I turned on the news and and saw a news conference with say, Michelle Obama and Valerie Jarret just stop talking, turn around and put their hands on the podium and start doing that rump-shakin’ thing!
      Good God Almighty!!

      • The__Bobster

        Here’s another one:

        Police Shoot Gunman Outside Baby Shower
        Posted: Jul 15, 2012 11:13 AM EDT

        An argument outside a baby shower in Philadelphia’s Olney section leads to a shoot-out.

        Philadelphia police say around 1 o’clock Sunday morning, two officers driving near 2nd and Nedro Street saw a man shooting at an SUV, whose driver was shooting back. When officers got out of their cruiser, the man, identified as 25-year-old Vanna Sok, turned around and pointed his gun at police. That’s when one of the officers shot Sok in the head. He was taken to Einstein Medical Center where he is listed in extremely critical condition.

        After the shooting, people started pouring from the home. Police say the situation quickly grew into an all out melee. Officers called for back-up, and one person in the crowd was tasered by police.


        Ooops, my mistake. This one involved a model minority acting like a non-model one.

    • JohnEngelman

      A political movement should choose issues where it can win. The civil rights legislation will not be repealed. 

  • I thought this was post-racial America where blacks can be blacks.  White people need to let their hair down or in dreadlocks as need be. Riots, mayhem, backwardation, all part of the new world order, if you no like then you are old farts, no health care for you.

  • <  this one is actually a St. Patrick's Day video!  There's a black girl with a green leotard and a green Afro wig coming in to clean up from the fight.  not Juneteenth or Fourth of July … Flippin St. Patrick's Day!?

    And look at the police, riding in on their high horses after the damage is done. To preserve and protect, really?? 

    And how does a black guy get the last name Hagler?  Only in heavy- German country like Wisconsin,  I guess.

    • dukem1

       “And look at the police, riding in on their high horses after the damage is done. To preserve and protect, really??”

      I’m no cop groupie, but it must be just miserable to be one in any urban area these days…not much left around worth preserving, and no one can protect these mutts from one another…

      They are the last responders.

    • alastairabbacle

      Blacks in Wisconsin, the good ones, do develop a healthy innoculation of German culture.  This is a good thing, which can only bring positive developments for the Blacks community. 

      Germans, when times get tough, tend to  just start speaking their minds.   Bravo Big Mike, he is a true supporter of his people. 

  • bluffcreek1967

    Blacks are like little children who must be constantly supervised lest they get wild and out of control. This explains, in part, why a strong police presence must turn out whenever any public event involving large crowds of Blacks occurs. Even then, the event frequently results in a shooting or some kind of riot or mayhem. And when it does happen, most people are not surprised by it once they learn it involved a large group of Blacks. In contrast, such scenarios rarely occurs when groups of Whites or Asians gather. This is because Whites and Asians have a higher order of culture, less impulsive, more disciplined and obviously more intelligent.

    To think that people today still maintain all the races are equal and that there is no significant differences between them, reveals how deeply they have been duped by multi-culturalism. There is an entire mass of Whites who will ignore common sense and what is so obvious before their own eyes in order to maintain the lie that ‘We’re all equal; we’re all the same.’

    • alastairabbacle

      Just think of what really caused the crash of 2008.  Ingnorance to Human Diversity.
      We need to both celebrate, and  cerebrate diversity .

      Like so many policy domains, international economic policy in the West
      has fallen victim to the Late Twentieth Century Delusion: ‘People are


  • anarchyst

    It’s the defective black pathology that fuels the violence that is endemic and part of black culture.
    Being “disrespected” calls for immediate action, by fists, knife or gun.  Everywhere blacks congregate, there is violence.
    In Florida, “young master trayvon” felt that he was disrespected by neighborhood watchman Mr. Zimmerman for asking about his “business” being in that neighborhood.  Any ordinary (non-black) person would have explained that he had relatives in the neighborhood and would have been on his way, but not “young master trayvon”.  In order to regain his “respect” “young master trayvon” was “forced” (by his defective black pathology) to jump Mr. Zimmerman and attempt to murder him.
    In a related note, it is no surprise that many towns and cities “close up shop” when black college students “celebrate” their “spring break” week.  It is just not worth it to cater to this naturally violent segment of American “society”.  It is far better to “go on vacation” than to deal with the unruly and violent black hordes.

    • gemjunior

      Soon after young master trayvon was shot, a young white guy was beaten nearly to death in the same area, Sanford FL, and the two blacks who did it said they did it in response to the trayvon shooting.  These 2 savage boons smashed this young man’s head in with a hammer 13 times.  His parents say that their son is still unrecognizable and hanging on by life support on a thread.  His name is (was?) Matthew Owens, and I’ll bet nobody has ever heard of him.  The whole country knows about trayvon martin though.  And this can be laid directly at the door of the media which stirred a race baiting anti-white frenzy. 

      Nothing will EVER change until people begin to start telling the truth about these homo erecti and develop some sort of classification for the home-grown Africans, half-breeds, White DNA infused ones, Octoroons, etc. and laws applying to them in direct proportion to expected behaviors.  And since that will NEVER happen in PC Amerika, BRA, the only hope lies in Whites Waking Up.  I feel that is happening on a small to medium scale.  I want to be optimistic about it – I wonder what others think about the actual amount of Whites becoming aware of TNB as related to all the lies about diversity etc.  Is there any cause for hope at all or am I looking at the glass half full scenario with rose colored glasses on I wonder.

      • El_Magyar

        You are not kidding. Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, etc. should be hung from their toes and beat like pinatas.

    • El_Magyar

      I can not imagine a “Black spring break”. I have watched all Black college basketaball games (e.g. Alabama A&M v. Tuskegee) on TV and am amazed. The all-Black crowd (mostly) students is jumping up and down and carrying on like, literally, monkeys in a zoo. Granted, students at proper universities go crazy during basketball games as well. However, the Black students had a vulgarity and primalness to them that is not observed in a proper crowd. I can not imagine them congregated together for Spring Break.

      • Have you heard of Freaknik? In the 90’s, everyone in Atlanta dreaded the weekend third week of May when hundreds of college students desecended upon Atlanta and caused havoc for local residents. My husband worked in midtown Atlanta then and the friday of Freaknik, they were sent home at noon so they could make it home before the deluge began. Many restaurants actually closed that weekend to avoid the rowdy crowds.

  • IstvanIN

    This kid has been brain-washed by a media that exaggerates African-American shenanigans but is mum about white hooliganism.

    • Dan

       IstvanIN, Why don’t you move to Detroit for a year and then come back and tell us all about the media exaggeration of Black crime.

    • The__Bobster

      Shenanigans?  Hooligans? We must be talking about Irish lads here, right?  😉

  • Church_of_Jed

    “Every time there is an event going on, people want to pull out guns and go crazy,” said Hagler, the teenage video blogger from Milwaukee. “Everything is getting cancelled: State fairs. Summerfest. All people want to do is fight. Y’all acting like animals. And it is crazy to say it is our own people acting that way.”

    I find those comments extremely offensive, divisive, hateful, and dangerous.

    As someone who is certifiably crazy, I am deeply troubled that he compared me to the TDB (Typical Diversity Behaviour).  Crazy people are not blacks. Blacks are a category unto themselves, and they don’t share my characteristics.  I’m just crazy, but blacks are voodoo.  Reducing me down to their level hurts my feelings and makes me want to sue.  I demand an apology and justice.

    And his comparing animals to blacks is almost as bad.   Even the worst animal has dignity. Blacks have nothing but their native voodoo.  I’d join PETA if I thought they’d put a stop to this hate speech.

  • Q : Why don’t blacks behave?   Q : Why don’t pit bulls run as fast as greyhounds?  

    A: It’s GENETIC!

  • kjh64

    “Why don’t Blacks behave”?

    Why do dogs bark? Why do cats go meow? Why do birds fly? That’s what they do.

  • Mika12375

    As you watch these riots on TV news you will note there are fewer and fewer whites. Actually people really are learning to avoid blacks and there is not a damn thing the liberal weeni class can do about it.  With you tube, twitter, Skype and Facebook whites are very quickly learning where blacks are going to show up and are avoiding those places, leaving it up to the latinos  and tougher whites to take blacks on.   Blacks just hate having to actually fight rather than just knock people down. Blacks  can also be avoided by choosing expensive entertainment and upscale restaurants where only the better class blacks can afford to go.  In time we will see the blacks and latinos kicking each others butts at fairs, parks and cheap events while the rest of us laugh during the late night news.  In fact in time without white support these type events will be cancelled for lack of financial support once again allowing blacks to continue to screw themselves.

  • IstvanIN

    We all know the white controlled media covers up all but the most egregious white criminality.  But let an African-American defend him or herself and all heck breaks loose.

    • dukem1

       Whatchoo mean “we”?

      • IstvanIN


        • Rocky Bass,

           Take off the darn “Troll Hat”.

    • Djinn42

       Maybe you can explain what would qualify as “the most egregious White criminality” so that we might have a point of reference from which to draw comparisons.
      I imagine that the negro mind would immediately gravitate to something that a White has done to them rather than to any other race since they love to dwell upon their own existentialism when they’re not waving a gun out in front of it, so what would be so egregious?
      Getting dragged behind a truck in Texas? No, that was reported…
      Getting mowed down by a White teen in a 4×4 truck outside of a motel? No, once again that was reported….
      It must be how those dastardly White gang members in Knoxville raped and killed those two innocent black teenagers, burning ones body by the railroad tracks and pouring bleach down the throat of the female and stuffing her in trashbags and a trashcan to slowly die, what was that called? Oh yeah, “The Knoxville Horror.”
      Wait a minute, the perps were black and the victims were White and it never made the national headlines, gotta throw that one out.
      I’m at a loss, just how egregious is egregious?

      • LaSantaHermandad

        Every time I think about them I have this fantasy about capturing and having complete control over Lemaricus & Latalvus. I could make Josef Mengele look like a pansy. I’d have a picture of Channon & Chris right in front of them so they could think it over while I worked my magic.
        I like to hope that the Christians and the Newsoms entertain those same thoughts. No. They’re probably better people than I am.
        I know that two wrongs don’t make a right but neither does one wrong.

    • alastairabbacle

      Lol nice hat.

      We all know “gangsta n*****s” support gun rights and self-defense action. That’s why the lib reaction to the Trayvon shooting is so funny. How can you support Black rap full of lyrics about self-defense, yet condemn the same behavior in a Hispanic (White) man? THAT is racist.

  • gemjunior

    Poor Mike, just listening to him is enough to annoy me – “nome sayin'” “dog” and all the other negro-isms coming from him.  These people are speaking a different language, and that is only a tiny example of the differences between us and why they need to be segregated, IMO.

    • It’s just babble, I  find the black accent quite intolerable to my soul.

      I felt my IQ going down just listening to it.

      • zimriel

         That’s because he wasn’t tailoring his message for AmRen.

        • El_Magyar

          No, he wasn’t tailoring his message to proper society. That type of “speech” is unacceptable. Period.

  • MekongDelta69

    Let me make this easy for you “Big Mike” yo.

    In addition to every pathological behavior mentioned below on this page (which are all true), let’s take another scenario.

    Some people (leftist weenies, etc. – the ‘usual’ crowd) always deny the IQ differences, in addition to what’s mentioned below, b/c they just can’t wrap their heads around the fact that human beings could be this way.

    So imagine this “Big Mike” (and Tim Wiseguy and, and, and…). Instead of human beings, pretend you’re in Africa and you run across a pack of simians (any kind will do – monkeys, gorillas, apes, orangutans, whatever). You’re throwing them bananas (i.e. ‘welfare’) and everything seems to be going all right. They’re doing back flips and you and your ‘peace and love’ gf are all giddy that you’re ‘communing with nature.’

    Then, for no reason whatsoever, one of the monkeys starts throwing feces at you. You sort of laugh it off, but internally you wonder why they did that, since you didn’t do anything to provoke it (except for giving them bananas). So, you chuck another banana at them and again, for no reason whatsoever, one of them bares their (very large) fangs at you. You become a little more nervous and start to back off a little. They sense your fear and they all bare their fangs and you start to run.

    Suddenly, they’re all running after you, and since they’re faster than you, they catch up to you. Now (because they’re much stronger than you), suddenly they’re ripping your left wing fantasies to shreds (figuratively and literally) and your ‘peace and love’ gf is screaming at the top of her lungs because she’s being ‘assaulted.’

    When they’re all done, you’re torn pieces and she’s been sexually mauled and ripped apart and you’re both dead. Maybe they’ll eat you for dinner and maybe they won’t.

    See the analogy “Big Mike” yo?

    It’s called “evolution.” Your people have not evolved far enough out of the jungle. Apes do what they do because they’re apes.
    Blacks do what they do because they’re blacks.
    This is not rocket science. Nahmeen? Nahmsayin?

    Get back to me in about 10, 25, or 50,000 years. Make another video and we’ll discuss this further.

    • zimriel

       ‘rangs is Borneo, dawg

      • No sense beating up on Big Mike, folks.  We need black leaders to spell it out to their own people.  Even if only to stop the acceleration to self-debasement and criminality.  Do you want the crime to be *worse*?

  • I read somewhere that blacks have 20% more testosterone than whites, coupled with the fact they have an average IQ of 67, then you have a lethal combination.

  • zimriel

    The “talented 10th” – those high-IQ blacks who troll sites like this – are no doubt already concocting their own youtube videos to out him as an Uncle Tom…

    But I have to say, Big Mike took a risk to post a video like this. He’s going to get it from all sides, especially now. I can’t find it in me to attack him.

    • alastairabbacle

      Attacking the excess and faults of your own kind is precisely what Blacks need to do.   

      The liberal hippie campaign of being “nice” and “not racist” to Blacks has been the most oppressive campaign of racial oppression ever devised.

      The Blacks in the USA are here to stay.  We need to enable the best of the pack to break away, and shun “The Noble Savage”. 

      • Anonymous

        Liberals are passive agressive pansies.  They are “nice” (or pretend or say they are) to blacks, mexicans, muslims but use them to further their own liberal agenda and against the average white person.  They say they are nice and tolerant, but will destroy your career and call for violence against you if you don’t share their views. 

  • razorrare

    gemjunior… I believe the White victim you are referring to is named Mark Slavin…

  • I could barely even understand what he was saying. Sounded like he’s got a problem with other blacks acting like animals. Well, alright then. No matter; he’ll probably be president some day and nobody will be able to debate him because they won’t understand what he’s saying.

  • bluffcreek1967

    ‘Big Mike’ wants to tell us all how disgusted he is with how Blacks behave at public events, and that Whites have enough sense to leave once a large group of Blacks arrive. While some of the things he says is true, he’s got way too much of the ghetto still stuck in his mind. He still looks like a thug to me (semi-dreadlocks and all), and he can barely complete a sentence without asking, ‘Nomesaying?’ or ‘Dawg,’ etc. He would fit in easily with all the thugs at the start of the video who were kicking the snot out of each other. Hearing ‘Big Mike’ lecture to us is like to listening to an alcoholic complain about all the people who abuse alcohol!

    On a side note, it’s amazing how politically conservative Whites will frequently hold Blacks who say truthful things about other Blacks or the Welfare State in high esteem, virtually making them an authority on the issues because of their skin color. Because it’s so rare to hear Blacks say the same things Whites have been saying, we tend to make these ‘Black conservatives’ our heroes and place them on a pedestal. But this shouldn’t be, in my opinion. I enjoy reading Black authors Thomas Sowell and Walter Williams as much as any other conservative, but that’s because of the intellectual content and insight they bring and not because I wish to show others how colorblind to race I am. We need to be very careful in who we esteem and bring forth to represent our cause. Remember all the conservatives in the past who swooned over Colin Powell? That really worked out good, didn’t it?   

  • Rocky Bass,

    1- Freedom
    2- Civilization
    3- Blacks

    Choose any two, as these items are binarily  exclusive.

  • The main reason for all of the violence is the lack of  positive role models to teach these young people how to deal with anger and to work out conflicts without the use of violence.

    • bluffcreek1967

      Yes, Crystal, these young Blacks do lack positive role models and, yes, they do indeed need to learn how to deal with others without resorting to violence. But it’s important to understand that even though Blacks talk about the need for positive role models for their youth, it’s only talk. It’s apparent for all to see that Blacks care very little about such matters. How can they when their rate of children born out of wedlock exceeds every other racial group? Everything from their rampant immorality, drug usage and illiteracy rate far exceeds everyone else!

      When well-meaning people as yourself refer to ‘positive role models,’ this is the kind of thing educated Whites say (or in your case, Asian). This is the way a superior and wiser people think, but such concepts are foreign to Blacks. It’s only when such ideas are introduced to Blacks by Whites that they begin to speak in these terms. Left to themselves, they never have and never will. Look at the history of Blacks in Africa and ask yourself, ‘Are they the way they are because of a lack of role models – or – is it because of who they are (i.e., their nature)? In truth, Blacks are a race of people whose most consistent ‘role models’ (if one wishes to use such a term) have been tribal lords, drug dealers, violent criminals, gangsters, including a host of charlatan race baiters.

      • Vil

         You are right about that. I also read a while ago that young black men act the way they do because they have no father who can teach them to act like a “man”.
        They learn everything from their mothers and mimic their behaviour.
        They get their need to shout all the time, get aggressive and violent for no apparent reason and their need to be dressed like a gay peacock with dozens of gold chains.
        I think I saved that article somewhere. I will try to find it later.

      • LaSantaHermandad

        I would a hazard a guess that with all this unchecked fornication going on in different Black “comoonities” the family lines have been blurred to the point that inbreeding is very possible.
        Jokes about that were very popular in regard to Appalachia true or not but no one dares to bring up the likelyhood of the same thing or worse occurring among the denizens of the Hood.

      • In fact, I read once where sugar plantation bosses considered bringing in Blacks to work the sugar cane fields but decided against that because blacks were considered unruly. They instead brought in Filipinos, Japanese, Chinese to work in their fields.

    • blight14

       AKA primitive DNA…..

    • The__Bobster

      Would you like to volunteer?

      We’ll be back later to claim the body.

    • LudwigvonDrake

      I read an article in this months Esquire magazine where the writer spent a day with Academy Award winning actor Morgan Freeman (soon to appear in the latest Batman movie).

      Multi-millionaire Morgan Freeman has fathered two sons in during his life with two separate women, neither of whom was his wife.  He abandoned both of these children almost immediately after conception, but eventually met one of his two sons when the boy was nineteen years of age.  This is the variety of role model that blacks have to look up to. 

      The reason for all the fighting and antisocial behavior may have many explanations many of which have been addressed in these comments, but chief among them is the rage that smolders in the soul of a man who’s father never cared enough to raise him into a son, but rather chose to abandon him. 

      We can thank The Great Society (1964 – 65) leftist-social engineering legislation which has had the not so unintended consequence of raising black illegitimacy from around 25 percent in 1960 to fully 70 percent today.

      I believe that there is not a more pernicious factor in destroying the fabric of civilization than the illegitimate fathering of young men.  We’ve become so accustomed to it that we see it as normal.  It is not.  We need to recognize it for what it is, and recognize the consequences for what they are.  They are on display in this video.   

  • Rocky Bass,

     Well said.

  • El_Magyar

    Near (25 miles) where I live, there is a Black Expo every year and every year preachers come out before hand and ask all the savages to not shoot eachother and fornicate in the streets. Invariably, violence and mayhem erupt. Its utterly ridiculous. I had a technician who worked for me who was Black, he told me to not go anywhere near Black Expo. There are decent Black people. The problem is the savage pieces of crap have been allowed to run amok instead of being summarily executed.

  • El_Magyar

    The solution is sterilization and euthanization. Good Lord, I weed my garden. We should also “weed” or society.

    • Speaking of “plants”, … are you one?  If I were an enemy of Amren I’d certainly want to be able to say that “There over there talking about forced sterilization”.  Cui bono, etc.

      • El_Magyar

        Pffft. If you are trying to make me feel “extreme” or something else equally comical for thinking that a welfare “mom” with a drug problem should be sterilized, you are barking up the wrong tree, John.

    • From what I hear, the Blacks are doing it themselves by women getting abortions at a higher rate than any other ethnic group.

      • The__Bobster

        And they are getting knocked up at an even higher rate. Birf control beez fo’ YT’s, nome sane?

  • brew730

    Or they can just be savages…..

  • razorrare

    I put Slavvin’s name in amren search and found this…Wave of Black Mobs Brutalizing Whites…Chelsea Shilling,World Net Daily,May 3,2012…what little tidbit they give on Slavin is buried in a hodgepodge of other like-minded Black on White attacks…however,within that which is written concerning Slavin they do give the original link to the local story which can be read here…… The Ziomedia has a lot of innocent White blood on its hands…hope Mr.Slavin will do all that he can to hold the media accountable for what happened to his son… Would like to see a follow-up story on this but doubt that will happen…

  • ELN

    TORONTO is the “Chicago North” for Black shooting, except Canada had to foolishly import Black foreigners from the Caribbean Islands some 35 years ago so we could keep up with U.S. Black violence. 

    Multiple shooting left two dead and over 20 wounded at one “BBQ” gathering over the weekend. Note the usual contrasting photos always showing the clean-up crew consisting of White cops/paramedics and Black victims.

    Toronto’s Black population amounted to a tiny .3% (point three percent) in 1971 to now over 8.3%.

    • The__Bobster

      You can thank Pierre Trudeau and his s kanky wife for that.

      • benvad

        The lefty communist Castro lover never lives with Bantus. But inflicted us with all the non whites who are destroying our society.

  • JohnEngelman

    It is a good thing Colin Flaherty did not write for National Review. He would be unemployed now if he did. Liberals would be gloating about how another racist had been fired for condemning diversity and inclusion.

  • A little over-stated, slimcat1, but there is a grain of truth there.  But the white race brought them here to fulfill the role of laboring in subtropical heat that the white man could not tolerate.  Don’t we owe them some kind of occupation, if clearing the fields of the South is now all done by machine?

    • Ingsoc

      NO, “we” did not bring them here.  You need to look closer at history.

       No black alive today was a slave and only a very small number of whites owned slaves, none of whom are living.  Whites built and created this country, including working long, hard hours in subtropical and subfreezing temperatures.  If I could, I’d go back and b-slap those that brought this blight into the North American continent.

      I owe blacks NOTHING except scorn and contempt for the violence they’ve committed against whites who have giving them everything, along with tolerating their slovenly ways. We have poured trillions of dollars into their community for “uplift” at the expense of our own children and what has been the blowback?  Insolence, resentment and impudence, the destruction of our cities along with screams that we whites are racists and bigots.   They are worse than spoiled children.

      Whites have an average IQ of 100. For blacks, it’s 70. That’s due to breeding, genetics and heritability (80% of a person’s IQ is genetically determined). There is no white racist conspiracy to keep nonwhites down. 

      I am sick and tired of being blamed for black dysfunction and violence.

    • The__Bobster

      We did not bring them here; we were just stupid to purchase them.

    • wjp

      The majority of slaves transported to the New World were sold by Africans from central and western parts of Africa to European slave traders, who transported them to North and South America.

  • JohnEngelman

    The civil rights legislation was forced on whites with much experience with blacks by whites with little experience.  
    After the Second World War a weakening of Jim Crow laws was probably inevitable. American blacks had done their part during the War. Nazi racial theories discredited the opinion that racial differences were significant.   

    Segregationists hurt their cause by their violent response to peaceful civil rights demonstrators. In addition, the segregationist movement did not produce leaders comparable to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. 
    Dr. King’s “I have a Dream” speech continues to bring tears to my eyes. They become tears of regret that things have not worked out as planed. 
    Many blacks have taken advantage of the opportunities opened to them by the civil rights legislation. Other blacks have substantiated arguments that were presented against this legislation.

    • The__Bobster

      The civil rights legislation was forced on whites with much experience with blacks by whites with little experience. 

      The people who forced it upon us weren’t White in my eyes.

      And they knew exactly what they were doing. Hell, they founded the NAACP, even the Harlem Globetrotters.

      • anarchyst

        Please be careful. . .any negative mention of the “tribe” (NOT blacks) will get you censored . . .on this site as well as many others.
        Best regards . . .

        • JohnEngelman

          I approve of the fact that the moderators here remove antisemitic comments. 

          • anarchyst

            IF it is “anti-semitic” to point out the nefarious actions of those of the “tribe”, I wear that badge proudly . . .
            Best regards . . .

        • alastairabbacle

          Oh, those are just the fallen angels.

          Those with the propensity for greatness can have large downsides, that is all people need to understand.

  • JohnEngelman

    I hope nothing bad happens to Mike Hagler. With his video he exposes himself to violence by the same criminals he condemns.

  • LaSantaHermandad

    Question. Does anyone know anything about Charlestown, Missouri?. I think it’s a suburb of St. Louis. A family member may be moving there. Any information with which you could provide me would be greatly appreciated.

    • Charleston is in So. Missouri, right on the border with Illinois. Charleston has more affinity for the Cairo/Paducah area or “Little Egypt”, than it does St. Louis.  The Ku Klux Klan fought a pro-prohibition battle there (even installing themselves as the new elected officials and ruling the area without the State intervening on behalf of the defenestrated politicians).  The KKK’s main nemesis were Jewish gangsters led by Charlie Birger. 

      Today, it is largely-white, but about as depressed and Main Street-less an area as you’ll find anywhere in America.
      Charleston produced a fairly conservative Democratic governor of Missouri in the 60s and 70s: Warren Hearnes.

    •  Is your family member is or going to be a prison guard?  If you’re referring to Charleston, then that’s the only “industry” of note in town.  If so, and if your relative can tolerate a bit of commute, have him or her look into living in almost all white East Prairie or a white part of Sikeston.

      Charleston itself seems to be somewhat more black than white.

  • LaSantaHermandad

    A family member of mine may be moving to Charlestown, MO. It’s a suburb of St.Louis. Any info. (you know what kind) that you could share would be greatly appreciated.

  • robinbishop34

    You’re probably thinking of St. Charles which is a bedroom community of St. Louis separated from the county by the Missouri river. I think population is about 350,000 and 97% white. It used to be a little French town settled on the river but has expanded greatly since the mid eighties because of urban flight.,_Missouri

  • bluffcreek1967

    A good majority of it is Black ghetto thug culture, and its been increasing ever since the 60s. Most of it is tolerated by Black themselves who have no connection to the thug lifestyle, but feel they are powerless to do anything because the problem is so widespread. Many Blacks simply don’t care. This has been the result, in part, of the Welfare State, promiscuity and fatherless homes, drugs and every other immoral poison that’s permeated Black communities.

    But there’s also one more element we often leave out: This has been the history of the Black man wherever he lives. It’s his brutal and uncivilized nature. They are a race of people always dependent upon others to help ‘rescue’ them – and any objective review of human history will confirm it. Left to themselves, they will remain in the Stone Age. Thus, the thug lifestyle among Blacks is merely a reflection of who they truly are!  

  • ImTellinYa

    Blacks misbehave because they are low-IQ savages with the social skills and impulse control of enraged badgers. I admire the plucky badger who fights well above his weight, but Blacks are supposedly people. They should know better.

  • How long before this kid gets his ass beat for saying this?  Hopefully he learns to speak proper English and makes something of himself.  Unlikely, but one can hope.

    As an aside, a story on a flash mob targeting an Albertson’s store had some AMAZING comments.  People were not holding back about race issues and black behavior in general.  The trolls who usually pop up in those threads to denounce everybody as rayciss got dealt with swiftly.  It could be just me, but it seems that more and more people are starting to wake up. 

    Lo and behold,  unless there’s a problem with the site, it looks like commenting for that article has since been disabled.  Don’t want the poor white trash to figure out there’s more like minded people out there.


  • alastairabbacle

    The ranks of “Those Who Can See” are swelling.  As you said, the truth is just a click away.  The ramifications for social and economic policy, or non-policy are enormous.  in the future, unless big-government liberals wish to go the route racial classification by government, Conservatism is the only answer to simply let individuals be judged on their own merit within their community.

  • alastairabbacle

    I think if everyone read “The Bell Curve” and “Race, Evolution, and Behavior” so many foolhardy social programs would simply be ended.

    People would realize that “people are people” is a deluded idea. Different races of people learn differently, and are best educating themselves. This means that the Government needs to get out of education, and enable people to learn and thrive within their own communities, at their own standards.

    Racial Realism can either lead to a reduction in Federal Government programs, or an increase in meddling in racial affairs.
    Judging from the track record of the Government in the past, I suggest Conservatism and Liberty.

  • Most of you commenting I’m sure are over the age of 21 which is an unfair debate and assessment of him and his oppinion

    So 20-year olds are exempt from criticism?  They can vote, their opinions are fair game in the arena of ideas.

     I was in Columbus several months ago to see teenage & slightly over 21 year old white males & females erupt in fighting and behaving like animals. 


    Yes, they were foolish, and maybe a bit scary.  But if this was a black crowd in the same circumstance, all other things being equal, the end result would have been a lot worse.

    Most of you clearly have few if any “black” friends or acquaintances…

    How can you say that?  Some of my very best friends are….oh hell, who am I kidding?

    Black Enterprise magazine sometime and read about the CEO’s, Presidents and Entrepreneurs

    You’re welcome.  I had to say that because I know you just thanked us for decades on end of affirmative action in both the private and public sectors.

    BTW, I took the liberty of editing out your implied cursing and swear words.  That kind of language is beneath an intellectual like you.

  • Globemogul

    You say thank “us” meaning whom? I seriously doubt you would have spearheaded that initiative when AA was passed. The thing about AA is that it would have never needed to be so if Employers weren’t discriminating in hiring. Funny thing huh, criticize and condemn people of color for not working and living off the system yet we that earned countless amounts of money through unfair business practices, discrimination and slavery wont hire you either. It was meant to help “even” the field some. Perhaps it needs to be revisited but judging from this blog its still needed today in 2012. Odd equally is how white effort is just that, however in your eyes black personal effort is discredited by affirmative action. I seriously doubt the new black CEO of MCDonalds (as of July 1) was “given” his position any more than his white predecessors.

    • I seriously doubt you would have spearheaded that initiative when AA was passed.

      That’s the second correct thing you’ve said so far, the first being that I have no black friends.

      The thing about AA is that it would have never needed to be so if Employers weren’t discriminating in hiring. 

      You say “discriminating,” I say “hiring based on qualification and ability.”  Tomayto, tomahtoe…

      Perhaps it needs to be revisited but judging from this blog its still needed today in 2012.

      And 2022, and 2032, and 2042, and 2052.

      I seriously doubt the new black CEO of MCDonalds (as of July 1) was “given” his position any more than his white predecessors.

      Seriously.  You’re trying to win us over with McDonalds? Sorry, game over. Insert another quarter and play again…on second thought, don’t.  As it has been said here numerous times on AR re McDs, once you go 365Black, you can never go 365Back.

    • benvad

      We’re not interested in Bantu diatribe, can you understand that? We’re looking for the best way, to stay away from your kind. To avoid force and unnecessary violence, if it can be helped. Now kindly leave our space.

  • No,  abortion is the killing of human life, no matter who commits it.  Forced sterilization is objectively immoral. 

    That’s how a white person thinks.  Logical, categorical.

  • Greg West

    They for the most part are untamed. They seem to be very primitive form of early man. Pre-stone age.

    A white person can simulate their behavior by drinking booze as it shuts down the higher brain functions that limited amoral behavior.

    Have you ever made a fool of yourself dancing at a wedding?

    Well, that was you behaving like a black.

  • Greg West

    No sane man will dance.
    Marcus Tullius Cicero

  •  Exactly.  Your half-sister is from your generation of cowards and anti-whites.  Your nephew is from my generation that grew up on the Internet without a filter.  We understand that “niggers gotta nig”.

  • A vaccine.  A relatively harmless black/leftist that we can use to generate our own white blood cells.  A tree for us to sharpen our claws.  It’s how we refine our arguments.

  • miteywitey

    they really are proud of their thug mentality. they cant be civilized. they cant be trained. chimpin out on white folk is worth jail time in their minds. bring back forced sterilization, they are killing this country. btw, ‘they’ does not refer to white ppl.

  • benvad

    In your imagination is the only place that has occurred. You probably believe that Sigfried & Roy are straight also?

    Once again move off and join back in a riveting conversation with Jesse Jackson and the rainbow coalition.

  • DEE P

    This is what happens when your forefathers sinned by having slaves.

  • DEE P

    Why most BP can’t speak well.

  • Chris Harper

    Luckily I fear no man. And I’m not a “tough guy” or a “thug”. I am peaceful. But I will defend my family, property and life. I only have ONE and you may not take it. I’ll pray for you people.