One lifeguard at Brooklyn’s McCarren Park Pool is wishing he had self-defence training after his workplace has become a brawling hot-spot for violent teenagers.

Lifeguards at New York City’s largest public pool, which re-opened last month after 28 years and a $50 million revamp, struggle to keep order over gangs of aggressive teenagers.

In an interview with the New York Post, one of the pool’s 30 lifeguards has admitted to running off ‘pure adrenaline’ when a gang of teenagers attacked him and his colleagues just a day after the pool’s opening.

The lifeguard, who remained anonymous, admitted to praying for rain each day to keep the ‘drunk and high’ hordes at bay.
On June 29 kids were doing back-flips into the water, the employee recalled, and when one lifeguard tried to stop them he was shoved into the pool and set upon.

The incident quickly spiralled into a brawl with three lifeguards fighting off about 15 high-school students, he said.

‘We train for rescuing people from drowning or breaking their necks – we don’t train for being jumped by a group of teenagers, or how to defend ourselves in an attack. I was running on pure adrenaline,’ he told the Post.

Police turned up, arrested the alleged perpetrators and closed the pool down for the rest of the day.

Now, on a typical day, 40 police officers surround the pool, offering the lifeguards much needed re-enforcements.

‘It makes me feel safer because, in the end, we’re just people with whistles. Nobody has to listen to us,’ the guard said.

Turning down the offer to be transferred to another pool, the lifeguard reveals that the employees are ‘like a family’ and back each other up as soon as trouble breaks out.

And it often does resulting in at least three people getting kicked out of the pool every day, he says.

It is a matter of sticking together to survive the brawls and abuse, especially as many of the lifeguards are short and only high-school students themselves.

When the weather is good lifeguards can look over more than 75 people cooling off in the 37,950 sq ft pool, which has a 1,500 people capacity.

According to the lifeguard, afternoons are the toughest with desperate-to-impress teenagers turning up ‘looking for a fight’.

And blowing a whistle to get people to stop what they are doing typically ends up with swimmers flipping a finger at you, he testified.

Paid $13.55 an hour, plus overtime, doesn’t only involve the danger of violent brawls, the lifeguard revealed.

If there is any faeces or vomit in the pool the guards must evacuate all swimmers and clean it up.

The pool must be empty for five minutes for faeces and 25 minutes for sick, he said.

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  • This is why there were Jim Crow laws: To protect white people from black crime and violence.

    • alastairabbacle

      Not having Jim Crow is a luxury of a civilization in a state of decadence and richness. 

      When there was no time or money to be wasted, building a wholly joint civilization with unequal partners was the last thing that was on the list of priorities. 

  • Up to my neck in CA

    “The incident quickly spiralled into a brawl with three lifeguards fighting off about 15 high-school students, he said.”

    15 vs 3 unprovoked attack in liberal speak has come to mean brawl. As if the lifeguards started it.

    • The lifeguard likely did start it by asking these urban youth to act like civilized people.

  • mikejones91

    @skywalker..well while at the beach just a week ago I had to ask a group of white teens to refrain from roughhousing and using extremely vulgar language within mere feet of my 2year old daughter and elderly mother. So in answer to your question, I guess disrespectful and ill mannered teenagers can come from all walks of life. – passingby, New York, N.Y., 15/7/2012 16:50**** And when you asked them, did they stop? Because if you had asked a different demographic group to stop you would either be in the hospital or not be alive today to write your comment. THAT is the big difference.
    – Baron Von Orlok, New York State, 16/7/2012 17:51
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    Read more:

    Look at this top comment. Very high rating. Great response. 

  • JackKrak

    Anyone given the task of enforcing rules of civilized behavior on blacks is going to fail.

    The only question is whether or not they will be assualted in the process of their failure.

  • “Now, on a typical day, 40 police officers surround the pool, offering the lifeguards much needed re-enforcements.”

    Is that a typo?  FORTY! police officers are needed to surround the pool to ensure the safety of the lifeguards?  How much is that costing the city?  IF you need FORTY! police officers for a swimming pool then I think it’s time to close down the pool.  I know, the screams of racism and white privilege would be enough to drown out the cries of Al Sharpton.  I mean seriously there is LESS security at the weight room in San Quentin.  

    • Dont close it down. Simply refuse entry to any black male over 10 years old. Then people can be happy.

      • nBmnp

        Being happy is White privilege, didn’t you know that?

  • Attacking a health care worker is a crime of its own.

  • When there is a large percentage of NAMs (non-Asian minorities), “public pools” and “public schools” become like “public housing” — something only fit for ghetto thugs. Decent people have to be wealthy enough so that they won’t have to expose their families these dregs of society.

    Money is just like a gun — “It is better to have money (or a gun), and not need it, than to need it and not have it.”

  • IstvanIN

    The African-American swimmers no doubt feel like they are in an occupied nation during a war by being watched over by the white lifeguards.  Perhaps the patrons would feel more comfortable if the lifeguards looked like them.

    •  Yeah they could use YT tax payer money to start the inner city “Rockfish Lifeguard Academy.”  That ALWAYS kills me, when inner city schools are called “Academies,”  like putting lipstick on a pig!

      • alastairabbacle

        Synchronicity So CAL!!!

        I spent all last night thinking about how modern culture is all about “putting lipstick on a pig”.   This was all night, I could barely sleep.

        Modern society is lipstick on a pig.  

        Our country is lipstick on a pig right now.  Barack Obama is lipstick on a pig.  Many young women are pigs with lipstick, Black culture is a pig with lipstick, modern art is a pig with lipstick. Because of our cultural decadence, there is no urgency to SKIP THE BULLSHIT.   When money and time were tighter, nobody had time to pretend Blacks had massive violence and drug problem.  Nobody had time to pretend that their daughter needed to understand how to become a good mother candidate. 

        Little Lebowski Urban Achievers keep on tryin’, while Rome burns. 

    • Rocky Bass,

       To “life guard” there I would only need a spear gun with a reel on it.

  • This is happening in Buffalo, New York too (btw, Mayor Brown is black):

    Pool closed after lifeguard threatenedf

         BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) – On a hot summer evening, many try to beat the heat at local public pools. But this week, the fun came to an abrupt end at a pool in Buffalo.
         Masten Pool’s open water was a welcome sight for swimmers on Friday. Pool supervisor Sam Wichlacz tells News 4 the pool had to be closed because of an incident earlier this week when one of the guards was threatened and nearly attacked.
         “It’s very scary. [Those] aren’t typical things. You expect to go to a job and you don’t expect that to happen,” Wichlacz said.
         Lifeguards quickly calmed the situation, blowing their whistles and clearing everyone out of the area.
        “We’re here for their safety,” said Wichlacz. “We have to keep the pool under control, we have to keep them safe, it’s our job. And if anyone drowns, it’s on us.”
         Flora Walton says she’s seen it before: dangerous out of control behavior at the pool.
         “I think it teaches kids a lesson,” she said. “Definitely, this is a privilege, they should act accordingly. And if they can’t, they should go home.”
         The lifeguard involved with the incident didn’t want to go on camera. He told News 4 he’s since filed a report with Buffalo Police.
         But this pool has a history of misbehavior. It’s the same pool where in 2010, a 16-year-old lifeguard was pulled in by her ankles, hitting her head on a pool drain.
         As a result, each pool is now staffed with armed security guards, making them safer, says Mayor Byron Brown.
         “That pool was shut down for a period of time; I think that was the right action to take,” he said.
         While lifeguards say it’s not their goal, they sometimes have no choice.
         Wichlacz said, “We come here to protect the kids. We come here to make sure nobody drowns, enforce the rules. We’re lifeguards: we’re not here for babysitting kids.”
         News 4 spoke to Buffalo Police spokesman Mike DeGeorge, who said no police report had been filed for this incident.

  • newscomments70

    Have a look at the comments on the original article; many are race realist. One liberal screamed that “white kids do this too!!”, but she was promptly replied to with offers to name even one incident. 

    •  Yes white kids fight and use bad language, but when you ask them to stop they don’t threaten to beat you, rape your daughter, and drown you in the pool.  THAT is the big difference!

  • Sloppo

    Maybe they wouldn’t need 40 police officers if they had guard towers with snipers with rifles on each side of the pool.  

  • blindsticks

    Teenagers”, “teens”, “youths” are all code-words for a
    certain demographic the politically correct media refuses to name.
    – Pam, SC,USA, 16/7/2012 1:31
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    Rating 239

    Let’s play a game of guess the race of the perpetrators.
    Oh wait, that would be too easy.
    – Action Bob, The Universe, 15/7/2012 21:46
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    Rating 205

    Shut it down, these lowlife welfare teens are good for
    nothing but ruining things and robbing people. And they wonder why whites have
    issues with them still.
    – jules, USA, 15/7/2012 20:55
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    Rating 189

    Which minority group do the culprits belong to??
    – SKYWALKER, SEATTLE WA USA, 15/7/2012 21:05
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    Top rated comments.

    Maybe they could hire George Zimmerman as supervisor.

    – canuck, Fort Myers, FL, 16/7/2012 18:06

    Funniest comment.

  • Did you SEE the picture of that pool? Now I know why it cost so much! My GOD!!! What we give to these lame-brains! A maginificent pool that should thrill and bring joy to any DECENT NORMAL people–but to the afrikin-amerikin,its another ghetto to defecate in. Damn this country for giving them so MUCH!!!!

  • Unfortunately white folks are forced to spend money to buy in a gated neighborhood, then forced to install their own pool to avoid such crap as this.  Then white folks have to pay the taxes so that the nonproductive have their own pool.  When whites are bled dry, what will the nonproductive ones do then?  Eat s— and die I hope. 

    • The__Bobster

      Then some do-gooders invite in some ghetto yoofs…..yadda, yadda, yadda… lose the pool in a lawsuit.

      The Creative Steps day camp had arranged for the youngsters to swim each Monday during last summer. But during the first visit on June 29 by 56 children — 46 black and 10 Hispanic — two youngsters reported hearing racial comments, and the day camp’s payment was later refunded, according to the Pennsylvania Human Relations Commission.

      The commission said in a 33-page decision in September that it had found probable cause to conclude that the campers were asked not to return because of the “racial animus” expressed by one member and “racially coded comments” by other members.

      The Valley Club had maintained that there were too many African rockfish for the number of lifeguards on duty and that only a few of the children could swim. A club attorney also said it had offered to reinstate the campers for the rest of the summer or guarantee them free memberships next year.

  • Wasn’t there an article on here a few months ago about that pool owner who posted a ‘Whites Only’ sign at his pool? It was for the exact same reason. No police needed. But you know the police came for him instead. That owner must have balls of steel.

    Forty police officers – that is unthinkable. Add up the costs and send the bill to all the black families in the city. About a year ago I had a fascinating conversation with a cop who works at a middle school in South Salt Lake. Yes, a middle school. South Salt Lake is where all the immigrants and refugees show up in Salt Lake City. Millions of tax dollars go down the toilet in that area because of the nonwhite menace. This cop kept saying they was good keeeids they need direction, mentoring, blah blah blah. He said they had gang fights at the school – I still can’t believe he couldn’t make the connection between race and the problems happening there.

  • gemjunior

    I was extremely uplifted to read the comments on the original article, and the ratings of the comments – fantastic.  Very heartening.

  • gemjunior

    The only thing I have noticed with the Hispanics is loud Spanish-style music, plenty of litter, and if you are a girl over the age of a toddler to the point of walking just before you need a cane or walker – lewd stares, comments in their language, smootching noises, etc.  So while they are an affront in some ways, they are mostly nonviolent around here.  But the above behavior can be destructive to quality of life too — just because gunshots and beatings aren’t involved doesn’t mean it’s not annoying.  Just not as lethal as black behavior, but not as good as totally all-White.

    • Diamond_Lil

      To call their behavior annoying is to minimize the sexual harassment and intimidation that actually occurs.  These people are disgusting and should be deported immediately – all of them.

  • The__Bobster
  • gemjunior

    Totally agree.  If the Whites who are paying for it, have paid for it, cannot enjoy it why should these savage ingrates.  Close it down.  Let them attend an all black city pool – oh, that’s right there are none.  And if there were, they wouldn’t go near it.  I think your solution is the only one that will work, also love your  avatar.

    The local town pool where I live now is all-White.   I brought my kids here all the time when they were little – just spread our stuff out and let them loose.  I could lie down and close my eyes and never had to worry about them – they ran all over the place and had a great time and were completely safe.  The pool was more modest than the above and many people knew each other but many didn’t – the point is that the pool was all-White, with the accompanying behaviors.  When my children look back at their lives, they will say at least they were kept safe from blacks to the extent that we could other than living in Iceland or Ukraine .

  • The__Bobster

    Romney doesn’t have the guts to do it. His daddy was an anti-White sellout.

  • bubo

    No one under 18 without a parent.   Malls have had to resort to this, pools should also.  Too bad for the ones that can maintain some sort of civility.   Teenagers probably would rather do something else if they have to drag a parent along with them.   Honestly though, I don’t even know if these thugs have any parents.  

    • HenryHolliday

      I doubt that the parents would make any difference.

      • newscomments70

        Most come from a household lead by the grandmother. Middle-aged, biological married parents do not exist in that society.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Rodoldo Torres, 20, one of three men arrested for allegedly punching a cop in the face, was arraigned in night court on two counts of assault. Torres, who was still wearing his black and white swim trunks and a tank top, was released without bail.

    Punch a cop, show up in court looking like a slob and there’s no punishment??  NO wonder there’s anarchy at this pool.

    From the McCarren Pool’s website:  PRICE: Free

    On a typical day, there are about 40 cops around the pool.

    Why on earth would you need 40 cops?  I’m sure the local citizens that use this wonderful $50 million dollar entitlement funded by hard working taxpayers are grateful and humble and would not cause any problems at all. /sarc off

    One of the lifeguards called me over while I was watching the baby pool the other day. ‘There’s poop in the pool,’ he said. ‘It’s scattered everywhere.’ I saw one kid step on a piece. I tried to tell the parents to get out, but no one listened to me. I had to yell at them that there was feces in the pool.

    We cleared out the pool and made everyone stand on the sides. The rule is five minutes for poop and 25 minutes for throw-up.

    Five minutes for poop?  Really?  Pools used to be closed for a couple of days, drained and cleaned out. 

    is not a normal public pool, it is a toxic cesspool!!


    1.  McCarren Pool in 1937

    2.  Before the $50 million renovation

    • newscomments70

      Brooklyn at that time was white suburbia…they had working class values and morality. The parents of those children actually paid for the pool, and they appreciated it. The liberals forced white taxpayers to rebuild the pool for non-whites. Maybe they believed that such an act would bring back suburban values to Brooklyn. It only wasted 50 million dollars. We could have used such funds for medical and technology research, NASA, and other programs that are being shut down due to lack of funds. A recent example of this: 

      “The world’s last underwater research laboratory could be shut down for good, lacking a few million dollars in federal funding.”

      Read more:

      This lab only needs 3 million dollars per year to keep going. Like space exploration, It has to be shut down because welfare and affirmative action programs are bankrupting us. It’s more important to build a pool for teenage thugs to defecate in than support a thriving underwater research lab. We are shutting down programs that enrich us in order to support programs that are destroying us. That is insane.

  • Djinn42

    $13.55 an hour to swim around in a volatile ghetto sewer, no thank you.

  • Diamond_Lil

    Living in a vastly majority hispanic area, – LA(ish), I would respectfully disagree.  On numerous occasions, (and I take my kids early to avoid the undesireables) I have been told how well behaved my children are and how rude the mexican kids were with splashing the sunbathers and cussing and screaming at our neighborhood free pool.  Granted it is not violence, but that’s just a matter of time.  On a few occasions some mexican kids started getting rough with my young son and daughter and we had to leave.  Another time a mexican gangbanger brought his toddler sister and his Ipod blaring techno-banger-rap, that I had to leave for my sanity.  My daughter asked why I just didn’t ask him to turn it down.  I replied, “Because your daddy isn’t here with us.” We do have another community pool that is cleaner, larger and charges a nomimal fee.  This fee keeps the dredges out and is totally worth it.  These gangbangers and illegals would never pay  one dollar per child – it could get costly for them.

    • alastairabbacle


  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Don’t take your grandkids to the new $11 million dollar fountain that was just opened in New London!!

    Connecticut fountain shut down after it becomes $11 million public toilet

    Created as a showpiece and point of pride in the ‘Whaling City,’ residents and political figures are sickened and dismayed that so many people have been urinating, defecating and washing themselves in the water.

    What a waste of $$ only to be turned into another toxic dump like the McCarren Pool.  I can only imagine what deadly organisms lurk in the water, and it’s only a matter of time before McCarren too is closed by the NY health department.


  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    I have a video that was distributed by the school district about Margaret Sanger’s life and all the “good” she did by founding Planned Parenthood — the video, of course, leaves out the critical information about Margaret Sanger and what her REAL goals were…


  • razorrare

    Paid $13.55 an hour, plus overtime, doesn’t only involve the danger of violent brawls, the lifeguard revealed.
    If there is any faeces or vomit in the pool the guards must evacuate all swimmers and clean it up…

    I was pondering if there were any other disgusting job detail a life-guard would have to perform  that is worse than having to clean up feces and vomit…didnt have to ponder long…giving mouth to mouth resusication to one of these uncivilized beasts…life guards such as these are truly underpaid.Then again,one would have to be a liberal to perform such an act…therefore i dont have much sympathy for these life-guards. 

    • newscomments70

      EMTs and lifeguards actually use mouth guards now for cpr. I don’t think anyone is stupid enough to go “bare” anymore, even liberals. 

      The lifeguards appear to be naive teenagers trying to prove something. I admire their courage, but if they’re white, they should be helping their own kind. They should be working with other whites and learning how to defend themselves in this anti-white country. Let blacks guard lives in mostly black pools…let them sort it out amongst themselves. Also, let them deal with the grotesque bodily fluids. Whites need to simply abandon these people…no more 50 million dollar pools to defecate in, no more schools to destroy…It’s over!

  • The Original, Full Article was about fighting in New York City. 96+ percent of all stabbings and shooting involves a black or a brown. Mexican, Dominican, Puerto Rican and African-American are all absent. This pool is in BROOKLYN and all the photos have Whites being the most prominent, except for one black person getting arrested.

    Look at all the euphemisms in this article…

    “Brawling teenagers” in the headline
    Followed by…
    Violent teenagers
    Aggressive teenagers
    Gang of teenagers
    “Drunk and high” hordes
    15 high school students
    Group of teenagers
    Alleged perpetrators
    Desperate-to-impress teenagers

    Every single descriptor and adjective in the word for this teenager euphemism EXCEPT “black.”
    And you know it was black people in Brooklyn acting like jungle savages. You absolutely know it.

    • newscomments70

      That does look obvious to most. I saw one tattooed white woman, and some lighter toned skins in the pool. I imagine the lighter toned people are hispanic. The lens was deliberately blurred to obscure that fact. No, the handful of whites left in Brooklyn are not causing this trouble, but it is implied that they are. The deception is pathetically obvious. The liberal media really needs to hire some models and actors to perpetuate their fantasy. They could dress up some white actors in 1950’s biker costumes, re-enact scenes from “The Lords of Flatbush” and “The Wild One”. Maybe they can get Henry Winkler to play the “Fonz” again…just trying to help. 

  • Please offer one example so that I might educate myself.

  • When it comes to blacks, you’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t.

  • newscomments70

    A freshwater lake in Florida?? I would worry most about the alligators. They worry me even more than black teenagers. 

  • newscomments70

    In small numbers, other races are often civilized and polite. They are probably drawn to white areas because they prefer peace in quiet. When their numbers start increasing, the violence increases as well. That is always the case. I wish I were wrong. 

    • alastairabbacle

      It is against the interests of the selected minorities,
      who escaped the pack,
      to not discriminate against the pack they just escaped from. 

      Why can people not understand this?
      The most racist thing you can do to Blacks who escape is not discriminate against the very thing they escaped.

      Anti-Racist is code action for Anti-Black.

  • alastairabbacle

    People just cannot keep two ideas in their head at once.

    “Yes, the White race is on average superior at civilization.”

    “No, that does not mean I hate Black people.”

  • alastairabbacle

    A civilization on the model of John Locke requires civil behavior of the citizenry to function.  The state of nature must have been escaped, with men regulating their own affairs well, enabling a government based on personal liberty to form.

    A civilization on the model of Thomas Hobbes assumes savage behavior the citizenry to function.  The state of nature, the noble savage, would run amok, necessitating the intervention of an authoritarian, all-powerful Government.  This is the Leviathan.

    In order to form a Leviathan, the citizenry must be returned to the state of nature.  Thus, encouraging savagery serves the interest of an authoritarian state.

    More Blacks and Mexicans will lead to a more Hobbessian USA.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    She was a Marxist and eugenicsist

    From Discover the Networks:

    In 1939, Margaret Sanger turned her attention specifically to the reproductive practices of black Americans. She selected former ABCL director Clarence J. Gamble (of the Procter and Gamble company) to become BCFA’s southern regional director. That November, Gamble drew up a memorandum titled “Suggestion for Negro Project,” whose ultimate aim was to decrease the black birth rate significantly.

    ‘The mass of significant Negroes,’ read the project’s report, ‘still breed carelessly and disastrously, with the result that the increase among Negroes…is [in] that portion of the population least intelligent and fit.’


  • Edward

    If you are talking about the pool I think you are (and yes it is fantastic , they have recently done some renovations on it), I used to live in Fairfield. I live in Westport now.  As you know, Fairfield like Westport, is one of the wealthiest towns in America. The average per capita income according to the 2010 census is $145,000. Average!  I would say a third of the people livng there are writers, investment bankers, businesspeople etc… Moroever, as a meber of the club you are aware of the fact that there is a $1,500.00  per month membership fee. At least that was the rate at the time I was a member. Therefore the Blacks you are talking about are most likely professional, upscale types. The Sidney Poitier, Condoleeza Rice types.  Therefore, it would make sense that the parents and kids are well behaved.


    In NYC trouble makers are often a mix of American blacks, Caribbean blacks, South and Central American blacks and various sorts of Hispanic mulattoes and triracials.  All of them will have flat noses, brown to black skin and kinky hair and would be considered black by most Americans.