What’s Really Behind Europe’s Decline? It’s the Birth Rates, Stupid

Joel Kotkin, Forbes, May 30, 2012

The labor demonstrators, now an almost-daily occurrence in Madrid and other economically-devastated southern European cities lambast austerity and budget cuts as the primary cause for their current national crisis. But longer-term, the biggest threat to the European Union has less to do with government policy than what is—or is not—happening in the bedroom.

In particular, southern Europe’s economic disaster is both reflected—and is largely caused by—a demographic decline that, if not soon reversed, all but guarantees the continent’s continued slide. For decades, the wealthier countries of the northern countries—notably Germany—have offset very low fertility rates and declining domestic demand by attracting migrants from other countries, notably from eastern and southern Europe, and building highly productive export oriented economies.

In contrast, the so-called Club Med Countries—Greece, Italy, Portugal and Spain—have not developed strong economies to compensate for their fading demographics outside pockets of relative prosperity such as Milan. {snip}


Economists tend to explain this decline in terms of budget deficits and failed competitiveness, but some Spaniards believe the main cause lies elsewhere. Alejandro MacarrónLarumbe, a Madrid-based management consultant and author of the 2011 book, Elsuicidiodemográfico de España, says today’s decline is “almost all about a change in values.”

A generation ago Spain was just coming out of its Francoist era,  a strongly Catholic country with among the highest birth rates in Europe, with the average woman producing almost four children in 1960 and nearly three as late as 1975-1976. There was, he notes, “no divorce, no contraception allowed.” By the 1980s many things changed much for the better, as young Spaniards became educated, economic opportunities opened for women expanded and political liberty became entrenched.

Yet modernization exacted its social cost. The institution of the family, once dominant in Spain, lost its primacy. “Priorities for most young and middle-aged women (and men) are career, building wealth, buying a house, having fun, travelling, not incurring in the burden of many children,” observes Macarron. Many, like their northern European counterparts, dismissed marriage altogether; although the population is higher than it was in 1975, the number of marriages has declined from 270,000 to 170,000 annually.


Now Spain, like much of the EU, faces the demographic consequences. The results have been transformative. In a half century Spain’s fertility rate has fallen more than 50% to 1.4 children per female, one of the lowest not only in Europe, but also the world and well below the 2.1 rate necessary simply to replace the current population. More recently the rate has dropped further at least 5 percent.

Essentially, Spain and other Mediterranean countries bought into northern Europe’s liberal values, and low birthrates, but did so without the economic wherewithal to pay for it. You can afford a Nordic welfare state, albeit increasingly precariously, if your companies and labor force are highly skilled or productive. But Spain, Italy, Greece and Portugal lack that kind of productive industry; much of the growth stemmed from real estate and tourism. Infrastructure development was underwritten by the EU, and the country has become increasingly dependent on foreign investors.

Unlike Sweden or Germany, Spain cannot count now on immigrants to stem their demographic decline and generate new economic energy. Although 450,000 people, largely from Muslim countries, still arrive annually, over 580,000 Spaniards are heading elsewhere—many of them to northern Europe and some to traditional places of immigration such as Latin America. Germany, which needs 200,000 immigrants a year to keep its factories humming, has emerged as a preferred destination.


As a result Spain could prove among the first of the major EU countries to see an actual drop in population. {snip}


If Spain, and other Mediterranean countries, cannot pay their bills now, these trends suggest that in the future they will become increasingly unable or even unwilling to do so.  As Macarron notes, an aging electorate is likely to make it increasingly difficult for Spanish politicians to tamper with pensions, cut taxes and otherwise drive private sector growth. Voters over 60 are already thirty percent of the electorate up from 22 percent in 1977; in 2050, they will constitute close to a majority.

Without a major shift in policies that favor families in housing or tax policies, and an unexpected resurgence of interest in marriage and children, Spain and the rest of Mediterranean face prospects of a immediate decline every bit as profound as that experienced in the 17th and 18th Century when these great nations lost their status as global powers and instead devolved into quaint locales for vacationers, romantic poets and history buffs.



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  • WmarkW

    If the problem in unemployment, the root is not low births (Spain’s is 24%).

    The developed world has a simple problem — their economies don’t need their population.
    Remember 50 years ago, futurists were predicting that by now the average work week would be 25 hours?  We avoided this fate by creating jobs that aren’t necessary, like making trouble about diversity and phony environmental issues.

    If we threw out that people that don’t contribute, the rest of us could raise a lot more kids in our spare time.

  • It’s not money. It’s not “biological exhaustion”. Pure & simple- it’s empty hedonism, consumerism, a compound of aggressive secularism, feminism, materialism & leftist indoctrination.

    Loss of national/ethnic pride, of religion & ME-ME-ME-ism.

    •  Well said. You’re exactly right, Bardon.

    •  Agreed, they forsake family for luxury and pleasure because they think a child will get in the way of their selfish pursuits.  They seem to be unable to realize that they can have luxury and pleasure and have a family.

  • Death of White People. Joel Kotkin and his people crushed Europe with their Banks, Socialist ideologies, flooded them with 3rd world.

    Kotkin and his ethnic brethren conquered Europe. Whites are extinct.

    • alastairabbacle

      Joel Kotkin?
      Are White people really so weak as to have been defeated by .01 percent of the population?
      I don’t wish this to be true.

      Though it must be pointed out, that Goldman Sachs was involved in the Greek crash….

      I believe it better to be wary of “that” portion of the population, jwary, rather than jscaredy.
      But tell me more, every ethnic group needs to be healthily wary of the other….

    • There are still alot of extant Whites.

      There are also growing Populist-Nativist Parties in many European countries.

      Eastern Europe still has little of the dreaded ‘diversity’.

      Whites are not down for the count yet.

      • Anonymous

        Whites have always overcome struggles even with the odds well against us.  Europeans are a strong resourceful people.  Don’t let our enemies fool you.

  • 1stworlders are too busy working to pay for Ladasha’s 14 illegitimate kids  to have time to make babies of their own.

  • Fewer people require LESS government not more government.  As we all know, government today is ridiculously ineffective and criminally inefficient.  With a smaller government and the decline in population, government welfare spending also declines and the quality of life will improve.  Fewer prospective employees mean HIGHER SALARIES via competition for talent.   The Plague that wiped out 1/3 of Europe’s population lead to the highest standards of living in generations.  It is NOT A COINCIDENCE that the Renaissance occurred directly AFTER the Plague had increased the standard of living for almost all Europeans.  The notion that ADDING MILLIONS of people to already beleaguered economies and giving them access to SOCIAL BENEFITS is beyond stupid.  More people eating from the same trough guarantees a smaller share for all.  I know the IMF, World Bank, and EU leaders KNOW this, they are not that stupid.

  • Robert11110

    Argentina has long been a destination for Spaniards and Italians and these people make up the majority of the population there.  However, the fertility rate is above replacement level at 2.3 children.  Could the fact that Argentina is a more religious and patriarchal society compared to secular and militant feminist countries in Europe have anything to do with it?

    • You posed a question & answered it, too. I’d just add that Argentina has higher fertility rate than Iran.

      •  I’ll go further than that. Argentina has the highest fertility rate of any nation in the world with a sizeable majority of people of unmixed European descent.

      • Anonymous

        Are those high births coming from mostly the whites there, or the nonwhites?  That’s what I want to know.

  • loyalwhitebriton

    Once we have rid the White Western World of our ‘Enrichers’, we should pass a law requiring every white couple to have a minimum of three kids! (If three replace two, then, generally speaking, there will be a real population increase).

    Authoritarian? Probably. But it’s necessary.

    In the meantine, white folks need to have as many children as they can afford.

    • newscomments70

      I make a six figure salary, but most of it goes to taxes and expenses. If I had even one child, I could not afford to send him or her to a private school (which ironically would be just as marxist and anti-white as a public school). I’m too busy paying for the hordes of children that people have irresponsibly. 

      • loyalwhitebriton

        Granted. There needs to be other changes too; perhaps a law preventing people having children out of wed-lock, substantial reduction in personal taxes, and a re-vamp of the Education system (knowing full well that leftist teachers would fight you every inch of the way!).

        • mikejones91

          See that is a great idea. I am an atheist so it has nothing to do with religion but making people wait to have a kids is a good idea. 

    • mikejones91

      I learned this from my anti white Nigerian sociology teacher. The worst kind of anti.

  • ricpic

    Men collapse when life gets too easy. The fact is that real hardship will force the abandonment of the nihilist condition in which millions of “dependents” now exist. Spain’s hope, Europe’s hope, America’s hope lies paradoxically in the very hard times up ahead. Let the roof over our head, the shirt on our back, the food in our mouth, let none of it be a given, let none of it be taken for granted, let all of it be dear. Then life will be dear. Again.

  • Mahound

    Looks like Gramsci et al succeeded then.

  • Of course the problem is demographic, although you seldom see that pointed out in the mainstream media, unless it’s so it can be airily dismissed as “right-wing paranoia” or some such.

    Some European countries, north, western and eastern, have instituted policies of financially rewarding couples for having more than just one or two children. But the problem there is, if you offer the incentives to, say, only native-born Germans, Russians or Dutch, the liberals will come screaming that you are “discriminating” against non-White, mostly Muslim immigrants — who don’t need any incentives to raise large families they mostly can’t support, anyway.

  • I noticed in the first YT URL, this was the title of a related video.  It’s in French, but it will be obvious to everyone what it says:

    territoire bloods et crips montréal 2011 + liste des gangs


  • sbuffalonative

    Europe has suffered demographic declines in the past due to war and disease. Europe survived and re-bounded.

    This natural ebb and flow is only now seen as a threat.

    Left alone, Europe would eventually rebuild its’ population. Only, this isn’t being allowed to happen this time. Modern economists refuse to let nature take its’ course. (I have come to detest modern economists. One can only wonder if economists had been in charge during the 14th century. They would have imported any number of different races to ‘rebuild’ the European economy).

    As someone once said, ‘The love of money is the root of all all kinds of evil’.

    • alastairabbacle

      Throw the money-changers out of the temple.

  • sbuffalonative

     One of the worst decisions Quebecers ever made. They were foolish to place language before race. In trying to preserve their linguistic legacy, they will eventually lose their culture and history. Haitians have no interest in preserving Montreal. They will ensure it will look like their Haitian homeland.

  • alastairabbacle

    In contrast, the so-called Club Med Countries—Greece, Italy, Portugal and Spain—have not developed strong economies to compensate for their fading demographics outside pockets of relative prosperity such as Milan. {snip}

    Northern Italians are also the best at civilization of all of these groups.
    The Germanic Invasions into Northern Italy have to this day provided the economic backbone. It is well known that South Italians are of a different race and character, more related to Greeks and Africans, thus less civilized.
    If you want a powerful economy, you need to have enough descendents of the Ancient Latins, the Ancient Germanics, and

    • That would explain why German troops in WW2 hated fighting alongside the Italian cowards.

  • alastairabbacle

    Was it any coincdence that Pablo Casals, world-promoted cellist ( by whom?), hated Franco, and sook to raise the world and artistic opinion against him?

  • The problem as pointed out by Thilo Sarrazin in “Germany Does Away with Itself” is that the least educated people tend to have the highest birth rates, while the most educated have the lowest birth rates. Yet economic growth is achieved through higher education attainment – college graduates add far more value to the economic growth of cities. A significant amount of research has proven this. So Joel Kotkin, whose book The Next 100 Million is a good laugh session, doesn’t notice that the economic success of nations depend not on their population or size, but rather the quality of their human capital. Countries such as Iceland, Sweden, Lichtenstein, Finland, Canada, and Australia all demonstrate this axiom. This contrasts with Kotkin’s belief that “Nothing better illustrates the basic vitality of the United States than…the addition of another hundred million Americans by 2050.” For example, with only a population of 35,000, the standard of living and quality of life in Lichtenstein surpass the United States. Clearly Lichtenstein does not need an additional 100 million to experience ‘vitality’ and neither does the U.S. Another obvious flaw with Kotkin’s reasoning is the case of Africa, which has exploded in population in the last several decades, yet has seen very limited economic growth despite receiving over $1 trillion in aid.

    • sbuffalonative

       Yes, quality not quantity.

      However, the money changers don’t care about the long-term future. They only selfishly want to keep they money flowing for themselves. What happens after they die isn’t a concern for them.

      Short-term profits with long-term consequences. 

  • KenelmDigby

    In actual fact, the nations of southern Europe struggle to employ the diminished ranks of young people they actually have (unemployment amongst the young is over 50% in Spain), so the ‘argument’ that southern Europe nations are ‘suffering’ from low birth-rates is pure nonsense.
    No, the real reason for the economic malaise is the EU – and its elitist driven, dictatorial drive to a single currency – a policy that obviously does not work and cannot work, yet out of vanity the elitists keep pursuing (remind you of another elitist driven policy?), destructive policies that have stagnated European economies for a good 30 years now.
     Utter madness – just how right Enoch Powell was in his hostility to the EU.

  • KenelmDigby

    ‘450,000’ people largely from muslim countries continue to arrive annually’.

    And yet we continue to hear day in, day out that Spanish unemployment levels are catastrophic (around 25% – a level seen in industrialised nations only in the aftermath of being devastated and economically wrecked following a prolonged total war – where was Spain’s total war?).
      After reading about that annual muslim immigration influx, I’m afraid sympathy soon runs out and contempt and schadefreude soon sets in.

  • JohnEngelman

    If a country has a high unemployment rate, why should we assume that a higher population would reduce that unemployment rate? More people mean less of everything good to go around, including good jobs.
    The relationship between population and standard of living can be described with an equation:
    (natural resources x level of technology) / population = standard of living
    More people mean more consumers and more job applicants. By the law of supply and demand this means higher prices and lower wages. 

  • Robert11110

    I don’t know if I really believe that or not.  Demographic statistics on the country seem to swing wildly anywhere from 75-90 percent European depending on the source.   Another Argentine told me it was 70 percent.  Anyhow, Uruguay is also another European Spanish majority country with an 88 percent white population and a fertility rate of 1.92.  Not exactly replacement level but it’s much greater than Spain’s or even white Americans for that matter.

  • PortugueseMarine

    The cause of Europes decline is the men and women in the boardrooms who create policy.
    The question is why do they seek to destroy Europe?
    One answer could be because whites stand between national soverignty and global law.

  • Johnny Reb

    Good thought.

  • Johnny Reb

    We just welcomed our first grandson into the world and I am truly afraid for his future.  My solution has been to buy a house with a little land where I can gather all my children and their families.  I know other whites doing the same.  Like someone said elsewhere, I welcome the hard times that are coming.  I think they will make deserving whites stronger while bringing justice down on the heads of those whites who enabled our enemies.

    • It must be a Southern thing to do that…

      I’m a southerner, born and bred, and I did the exact same thing.  My Pa told me that if I could, invest in land “’cause God ain’t makin’ any more land.”

      We have a son (only one, unfortunately), but our land will enable more than one generation to live here.  I think the slide in demographics will force whites, especially southern whites, to rediscover their roots:  Landowners, large families, tight knit, close to the land and the Almighty.

      Far as I’m concerned, it was the best thing that we ever did.  Not only did we get away from the Diversities and the Uruk Hai, but we became more spiritual, we spend more time outdoors and less time in front of the idiot box and have really learned about each other.  Got closer to our neighbors, too.  They and we frequently meet at the fence to talk about things, do favors for each other, help each other out, let each others animals graze on each other’s land, etc..

      Our farm is on top of a hill… you can see for miles.  Nothing but the wind in the trees most days… a million stars, the smell of the earth and the animals, vegetables growing in the garden…

      The greatest gift I can give to my boy, is to leave him this place for him and his family.  Our refuge, our rock…

  • mikejones91

    What are the racial relations like down their?

  • Robert11110

    Unlike Sweden or Germany, Spain cannot count now on immigrants to stem their demographic decline and generate new economic energy. Although 450,000 people, largely from Muslim countries, still arrive annually, over 580,000 Spaniards are heading elsewhere—many of them to northern Europe and some to traditional places of immigration such as Latin America. Germany, which needs 200,000 immigrants a year to keep its factories humming, has emerged as a preferred destination.

    I came across this article on a Spanish website that says those half a million “Spaniards” leaving the country for greener pastures are mostly foreigners leaving  because of the harsh economic downturn there.  The article is in Spanish but you can read it in English by using the online translator.  It doesn’t mention the ethnic composition of the exodus and I suppose some of these people could be other Europeans but something tells me these  “Spaniards” are about as Spanish as Haitian boat people are American.  I am not able to discern the truth of the matter but obviously someone is telling half truths about the matter.


  •  It took 7 centuries to drive the Moors out of Spain.  Now the Spaniards open the doors for them.

    Those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it I guess.

  • Maybe the collapse of the economy is a blessing in disguise. Governments wont have the money to spend on blacks and other immigrants.

    What we really need though is a Great Flood like in the Old Testament to wash all the self loathing whites, liberals / Cultural Marxists, blacks, muslims away.

    I know it’s fantasy but it’s a nice dream. 

  • anarchyst

    There are a few factors that will assure the demise of the white race. 
    Number one is abortion–used as “whoops” birth control while the other races multiply with impunity seem to assure our own destruction. 
    Another factor is the amount and type of taxation that almost requires that BOTH parents work to maintain a decent standard of living.    50 years ago, it was possible for one breadwinner to support his family.  Now, both parents (need to) work.
    The destructive pro-welfare and pro-immigration programs of the 1960s were the seeds of our own destruction . . . Lyndon Johnson remarked that if his “Great Society” welfae programs were passed, he would “have the n###ers voting Democrat for the next hundred years”.  It looks like he was right.
    It would be nice to see pro-white organizations band together to offer financial help for those whites that wish to have large families on the basis of the “quiverfull” program.

  • anarchyst

    There is only one “group” that is permitted ethnic and cultural cohesion .. . I’ll leave it to the readers to figure out who . . .

  •  Balderdash!  Birth rates decline when people stop having sex pure and simple. My female friends in their 20’s who want to be married and start families (all of European descent) wait and wonder when their white American “men” will walk away from play station, online porn,  Iphones, brewers droop and sports and actually be romantic and commit.  White American men are simply not into sex anymore- not like their boomer Dad’s were/are at least. In the states it is not just not happening and it has nothing to do with people of colour.  In Europe (England especially) woman of European descent are having children-certainly more children than in the states.  And please,  no fancy fancy faux stats,  I live here and visit there and have two eyes.  People of colour can’t elevate white birth rates only white people can by having sex and then not leaving their wife for a younger model when multiple child birth brings on physical and social changes. All the breakdown issues of the white American family is down to white American male sex drive and urges-not the Pill, not hip hop and not non whites.  That’s been on my mind to post here for awhile.  Ok, gotta get back to Jubilee and celebrating empire and royalty like a good hypocritical Communist! 60 years on the throne!

    • Robert11110

      Much of what your saying doesn’t make any sense and is not backed up by any facts whatsoever.  The sex drive of males is the same as it’s always been.  What has changed is access to birth control,  legalized abortion, widespread acceptance of homosexuality and militant feminism’s push for  women to shun pregnancy in favor of a career.   Are you seriously going to tell me that those 53 million children that have been aborted since Roe vs Wade have absolutely nothing to do with what’s going on now?  Birth rates are low across the European continent with the average European having 1.5 children per family while European-American women are averaging about 1.80.  Only France and muslim Albania have replacement fertility rates and much of the birth rate in France can be attributed to their non-European diaspora.

      • IstvanIN

        The biggest problem is the idea that women should compete with men career wise. This causes them to put off marriage and child bearing until much too late. 

        Feminism and birth control have allowed women sexual freedom pre-1960s women could never have known, which seems to allow them more freedom to shop around for a man.

        Abortion is a huge problem in Russia, but in the US and western Europe, where access to birth control is easy I would say not.  And how many of those 53 million abortions were blacks.  No doubt the majority.

        Homosexuality has always existed.  No doubt, in the past, a small number of gay men would marry if they could function with a woman, but I doubt that gays are the cause of our low birth rate to any significant extent.  And besides who wants a gay man to marry their daughter?

        All these things would work themselves out over time if we hadn’t imported millions of hostile 3rd worlders.  That is our real doom.

        • eunometic

           In most western countries population growth and rampant credit has driven up the cost of a house to the point it requires TWO incomes.

          In the 1960’s a city-subruban house may have cost 40 weeks of average male weekly earnings, it’s more like 5 years now (pre Financial Crisis).

          Women have no choice but to work.

          Of course houses are being built, credit extended, profits made by real estate moguls and are being filled with non Whites. 

          Immigraion plays a big part in driving up housing prices, its also a cause of White flight and the enormous costs that causes us.  Most of the profits of White flight go to the usurers and financial acrobats who see immigration as profitable (for them). 

    • eunometic

       I think White males are compelled to read Harper Lees propagandistic  “To Kill a Mockingbird” at a young and impressionable age.  They are thereby hoodwinked into being liberals by such means.

      They then sublimate their sexual desire into the endless pornography now available as opposed to developing a relationship.

      The long time now required to develop a career and income for both men and women means that few feel ready to commit to marriage.

      Instead of having fun at a square dance, a fun and delightfull way to meet the opposit sex they twist in incomprehensible appings in nightclubs filled with music so loud conversation is impossible.

  • newscomments70

    My comment is nonsense? You have obviously never lived in a densely populated coastal area. In a rural area in the midwest, six figures goes a long way. In these areas, six figure salaries are rare. In costal, urban areas, you struggle with six figures. If a starter house cost $600K+, and the government takes more than half of your pay…very little is left over. Most private schools in my area cost between $20K-40K per year. These schools also let in several “urban” students for free, as charity or AA. There is only one parochial school and it is Episcopalian, which is extremely liberal.  Your parents were very brave and hard-working, but their struggle was unimaginable. Yes, there is always a way, but many would not want that struggle. 

  • Population has little to do with it.  As other commentors have noted, if population and large fertility rates were everything then nations like China, India, and Nigeria would be King.  They are not.

    Lack of national, racial and even ethnic pride are far more damning factors.

    • eunometic

      They are referring to the dependency ratio and the age of the population not the population size as such I believe.

      Whites should be having at least 2.1 children per woman on average, preferably 3.  Instead Europeans are having less than 1.4.

      If you consider that a “generation” covers a the practical fertile period of an average woman’s life from say 17 to 37 years of age and is only 20 years we can see a decline of each generation as compared to the previous of:

      1-1.4/2 = 30%. 

      After each 20 years only 70% is left to give birth to the next generation.

      The decline progresses geometrically:
      At 0   years 100%
      At 20 years 70%
      At 40 years 49%
      At 60 years 35%.

      That is the way our race ends, not with a bang but a whimper.

  •  That’s certainly a factor. Look at TV commercials in America; the clueless, lazy, wimpy White male has become a stock character in a high percentage of them. Whereas if they want to show a “warm, loving family” with a father who is in the mold we used to think fathers ALL should be in, they invariably show blacks. Look at the “Judge So-And-So” reality shows on TV in which people come up before this judge with silly personal issues (as opposed to real crimes). The judge nowadays is always — ALWAYS — either black, female, or both. No White males need apply.

  • eunometic

    Gender-ethno-marxists, who are profoundly motivated by an anti-white bias aggressively fight pro-natal policies.  Anything which could increase the White birth rate and put the focus on the nuclear family which is seen as a breeding round of racism (IE resistance to White genocide). and is opposed and vilified by them.

    Moreover an sustainable White birth rate removes their excuse for genocidal levels of immigration.

    Moreover high housing prices and the resultant mortgages are themselves driven by the demand fueled by immigration.  These high costs significantly compel White women to spend more of their fertile years in the workforce rather than taking up the option of having an extra child.

    Furthermore the high welfare costs of Europe’s immigrants force a net transfer of wealth from Whites to non White immigrants via the social welfare system thus burdening Whites and reducing their fertility.

  • chickensandkittens

    We did our part.
    We have 9 children and 16 grandchildren.
    We never had any luxuries and we worked very hard.
    That’s the problem now, rarely does anyone want to postpone or sacrifice the accumulation of wealth,
    and rarely does anyone live their life for others.

  • Sheila Dinehart

    The uber rich in any society must find cheap labor and plenty of it especially since African slavery was abolished…the only reason for hauling in people from all over the world…did the Robber Barons hang out in the hood?  No, if the cheap labor got uppity they shot and killed them in the textile and steel mills, white coal miners, and the rail roads untill  they could bring in enough Chinese for that…then wonder what to do with the Chinese Problem…industrial conglomerates have always done this …now it’s just on a global scale…I imagine the future might have po white folk in America and Europe  making up the slave worker category for the rest of the world…that is what our military does…get shipped all over the world to die for the freedoms of others…for democracy…who around the world dies for America?  

  • Talltrees

    Absolutely.  It’s a great idea and should have been done.  Why don’t all of us pass this on to our legislators.  HAH!

  • newscomments70

    At this time, I need to live near elderly parents…and they don’t want to move unfortunately. 

  • newscomments70

    My area is  inflated, but quite average. My school was $5000 per year in the 80s; it is now $35,000.  I am self-employed and have high expenses.

    I would like to move, but I cannot at this time because of family obligations. When I was younger, I moved to a “white city” to be in a safer environment. That year, about two blocks from me, there was a race riot and two people were killed. So much for white cities…

    Parts of Florida do look appealing, I have been browsing real estate there. There is some nice areas and dangerous areas. It’s hard to tell unless you visit or know people who live in the various communities. 

  • loyalwhitebriton

    You don’t need fines or higher taxes, the state simply confiscates the child at birth and puts it up for adoption.
    Also, I agree; liberalism has, indeed, destroyed the white family.