A former associate professor at Sweden’s prestigious Karolinska medical institute is being held in police custody for cutting off his wife’s lips with a knife and then eating them in Stockholm.

According to Sweden’s Aftonbladet newspaper, the man flew into a jealous rage over suspicions that his much younger wife had been having an affair.

The man, who is 52, admitted to cutting off his wife’s lips in a closed court hearing, the paper reported, saying it was retaliation.

‘It was honour related. He doesn’t seem to regret a thing. He believes she insulted him,’ a source with knowledge of the matter told the paper.

The assault was so brutal that the prosecutor tried to have him charged for attempted murder. But the court sought to downgrade the charge to aggravated assault.

Ingela Hessius Ekman, who represents the victim, said her client may have suffered irreparable damage.

‘She has very serious injuries, doctors can not yet determine whether she can be healed or not,’ she told Aftonbladet.

‘She’s in a lot of pain.’

Miss Ekman added that the trial is due to start at the beginning of July.

The man, who is from Iran, was doing post-Doctoral research at the institute in 2010.

He is now employed by a university in Tehran, but still lived partly and Stockholm, where he collaborated with his old research group at the university, and used its email services and library through a ‘declaration of association.’

‘It is, of course, a very tragic story,’ says Bengt Norrving, the institute’s director.

‘But since the researcher in question is not an employee of Karolinska Institutet we are unable to consider legal action.’

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  • WmarkW

    I’m waiting to see if he pleads that under Sharia, this is legal in Iran.

    • Sheila Dinehart

      I hope it is legal in Sweden

    • Sheila Dinehart

      yeah…exactly that, no doubt that country is so liberal they will accept Sharia Law as superior to their own..white western europen guilt which is why England has totally fallen as a world power…they forgot who they were, their history, their race, their needs and let in all those people whom they used to buy from Africa as well as China and other places to  populate a labor force on those islands and around the world to work the plantations so they could sell sugar to europeans long ago only to have to have to take it out on their white population in England much later in order to feel good about themselves and rid themselves of white guilt at the mercy of white English only to have the need to irradicate themselves by the need to set the foundation of their own house on fire…self-flaguation is so very over rated…I never hurt myself if I can help it. 

  • To hell with swedes.
    THEY WILLINGLY IMPORT this brown filth.

    LET them suffer with it.
    In fact, EXPORT ALL our surplus browns to them.
    Problem solved.

  • Its whiteys fault for talking about eating out with women and not actually explaining how to do it.
    Just like the signs in internatinal airports telling 3rdworlders how to use a toilet instead of just squatting on the floor.

  • Oh come on Firepower “to hell with swedes, They Willingly Import this brown filth”

    You could say that about England, France, Spain, the United States, etc.  Wishing suffering on our White brethren (imo) makes one no better than our enemies.  I love Sweden, it is a beautiful country with beautiful people.  Their history and culture are invaluable to the future of the white race.  They did not ask to be infiltrated with Muslims and Africans just as we did not ask for it.  They are no more capable of stopping it than you are.  Take your righteous zealotry and save it for OUR ENEMIES!

    • loyalwhitebriton

      I agree SCS. Firepower once removed a rather disrespectful comment to which I had replied to.
      Most of his comments take a “You brought this on yourselves” tone, which I’m not sure is entirely justifiable or correct.

  • Xanthippe2

    Let’s bomb Iran now!  But first we must let all the women immigrate to White countries so they won’t be brutalized.  This is the only way to stop this madness.

    Oh I forgot: gay, bi, and transexual men should be allowed to immigrate too.


    • Sheila Dinehart

      why can’t the arab women rise up and slit the throats of all those mutherfuckers like that?  American women organized…finally…and got the vote for themselves after spending eons making sure the oppressed of the world got theirs first…i don’t have much hope for those women…guess the men of their own race should kill em all and be done with it.

  • Sheila Dinehart

    I wonder why she didn’t simply kill him…I would, why hire a lawyer? kant nobody figger out how to deal wif they on problems…jesus

  • Mahound

    It’s just economical and educational factors behind this. Had he not been a disadvantaged medical professor at one of the world’s foremost institutions this would never have happened. It’s not about race or religion, it’s all about class and education levels!

    • Anna Tree

      I am not sure if you are sarcastic or not…
      It IS about religion:
      See Sahih International, koran verse 4:34:

      “Men are in charge of women by [right of] what Allah has given one over the other and what they spend [for maintenance] from their wealth. So righteous women are devoutly obedient, guarding in [the husband’s] absence what Allah would have them guard. But those [wives] from whom you fear arrogance – [first] advise them; [then if they persist], forsake them in bed; and [finally], strike them. But if they obey you [once more], seek no means against them. Indeed, Allah is ever Exalted and Grand.”

      See how the translation tried to make the beating of the woman sounds more acceptable by adding “first”, “then”, “and last” and “lightly” and “once more”, it does even change the meaning…

  • ed91

    heck, he’d fit right in with the other cannibals coming out of the closet around the us.

  • Johnny Reb

    “A former associate professor at Sweden’s prestigious Karolinska medical institute”

    Nope.  Just another negro masquerading as an intellectual.

  • Remember helen Reddy and her execrable song,”I Am Woman”? One line goes,”…no one’s ever gonna  keep me down again!” Well helen,seeing as you are so  “strong” and “invincible” and can,as you say,”face anything” I think you’d best get on the case. Get over to Iran and fix this!

    • Sheila Dinehart

      ha ha ha…I always knew you were my badydaddy…I just said what you said only I do not think American women (unless they are pathological white skin privilege attention seeking white liberal women…know what i mean jellyrolebeann?)… Helen Ready you said…yeah we should all send a copy of that song to  each and every woman who suffers at the hands of the men of their own kind within that particular groupof psychotic religion of those radical islamic sects and cults in the middle east…let the women rise up over there and put a stop to it…I don’t want to die for them…they never died for me.

  • Sheila Dinehart

    Thanks for watching my back, moderator.  I really do have an image to keep up…I must have been in a *mood* when I wrcaote that yesterday…I was really taking about the radical islamic world and how it is not compatible with being and existing in the world as humans…much less in civilized western society (like Sweden)I really wish Israel would take it all out…so many of our beautiful children have been slaughtered over *there*…Israel could clean it up in a few seconds, so much of America would cheer…I got a perfect plan, but I can’t tell cause it ain’t my place.  I meant if the islamic women over there would wake at 6 am in the morning with a long sharp knife in their hands before they got out of bedtheir troubles would be over… they would not have to continue to die by stoning because they forgot to cover up their feet and inadvertantly temped some radical islamic to rape her because she was the cause of his sinful behavior toward Allah…the radical islamic male is the victim in that world…those laws have no business trumping the American Constitution in the name of some civil rights violation of church and state used to manipulate our own justice system out of existence.  I am always assuming any one who might read my posts has  certain knowledge about the world…I mean I really try to keep it short cause I just don’t have the time to *explain*…it is taxing for everyone.  I am already bored with myself.

    • Sheila Dinehart

      ha…let’s not be so coy (smiling)

      Now when my other little post was removed (which one? The JT video about Travon Martin) because I said something funny about JT saying “pussy” while sitting below the bust of Joan of Arc (ha ha ha)…I only *wrote* what he said aloud!  Now wait sugar…image? Can you imagine how I howled with laughter at that one…tisk tisk, really now…actually imagine this… JT gets to the part where he says the p world (how the blacks are using it to describe Zimmerman like people) when he utters PUSSY-FACED CRACKERS!!!, he rips off his shirt and stands defiantly before the camera with prison gang white supremist tattoos covering his neck and torso…now that is the kind of man who says PUSSY out loud!

      Seriously…edit that out of his video…trust me, I have been trained, I know what I am talking about…lawd gawd that man doesn’t have to prove he is man enough to say PUSSY…a real man knows when to use it and to whom…I don’t have a thing against someone uttering sweet nothings in my ear (smile)…I still can’t say it aloud due to my 11th generation deep southern lady indoctrination…but I can ride a horse and shoot a gun at the same time, and yet I have a great sense of humor, don’t cha think?

      • 20670

        well…there goes your *image*…ha ha ha  dat moderator be one cru-elll dude! 

  • IstvanIN

    They are still not us.

  • ageofknowledge

    After awhile it all becomes so commonplace.

  • The__Bobster

    They are also not Arabs.

  • Sheila Dinehart

    ha ha ha…food stamp review…that is funny…I wish I had me some food stamps and a check from the gov ment…I wish the blacks would take over and work awhile…give the po white man a rest…let de white folk  live in projects and get free food, money, jobs and college…I WANT MY MONEY AND I WANT IT NOW

  • Sheila Dinehart

    uhhhh…in a UNIFORM?  No kidding, I love some blacks…the only people I think I can safely say I might hate are self-hating lilly-white liberals who claim they are ashamed and desire to rid themselves, and the world, of their white skin privilege…there should be a final solution aimed at them…not blacks…and maybe there is…  la la 

    • 20670

      you won’t even let me like myself…ha!

  • Anna Tree

    Ali Sina, an ex-muslim wrote:

    “The Western culture, is guilt based. The Eastern culture is shame based.

    For us Easterners, everything is about image and how others see us. The opposite of guilt is innocence. If your ethos is guilt based, you have an inner police that stops you from doing wrong because doing wrong makes you feel guilty. If your ethos is shame based, all you care is to preserve your image. The opposite of shame is honor. You can do wrong but as long as no one sees it, your image is not tarnished and you can still be seen as an honorable person. In a shame based culture, wrong and right have no meaning. It is all about shame and honor. If the stain of shame is removed, even if it means the murder of your own daughter, honor is restored.

    These are two very different worldviews. Unless we understand them we will not be able to make sense of Muslims and their minds.”