Posted on June 1, 2012

‘Not One Euro to Corrupt ANC-Regime’ Says Euro-MP

On the same day when a group of peaceful Afrikaner protestors burned the South African flag outside the Delmas magistrate’s court, declaring they have no faith in the Zuma-government to protect their small minority-nation — in Brussels a Dutch MP also said it was “absurd to give even one Euro to the corrupt and discriminatory ANC-regime in South Africa, seeing its present attitude towards the Afrikaner ‘volk’.”

“European Parliament must provide in the next budget for the protection of the Afrikaners’ identity, security and independence.”

This was said by Dutch Euro-MP Lucas Hartong of the Party for Freedom (PVV) faction in the European Parliament Budget Commission today. He has  also asked for an overview of all the current subsidies now granted to South Africa, slammed the commission’s view that 980-million Euros was ‘too little money’- and importantly, has asked that the EP ‘pay specific attention to the protection of the Afrikaners’ own identity, their security and their independence’ when granting the next subsidies for South Africa in the 2012-2020 budget.