On the same day when a group of peaceful Afrikaner protestors burned the South African flag outside the Delmas magistrate’s court, declaring they have no faith in the Zuma-government to protect their small minority-nation—in Brussels a Dutch MP also said it was “absurd to give even one Euro to the corrupt and discriminatory ANC-regime in South Africa, seeing its present attitude towards the Afrikaner ‘volk’.”

“European Parliament must provide in the next budget for the protection of the Afrikaners’ identity, security and independence.”

This was said by Dutch Euro-MP Lucas Hartong of the Party for Freedom (PVV) faction in the European Parliament Budget Commission today. He has  also asked for an overview of all the current subsidies now granted to South Africa, slammed the commission’s view that 980-million Euros was ‘too little money’- and importantly, has asked that the EP ‘pay specific attention to the protection of the Afrikaners’ own identity, their security and their independence’ when granting the next subsidies for South Africa in the 2012-2020 budget.


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  • Lucas Hartong, may God bless his soul and I congratulate him for having a spine.

  • loyalwhitebriton

    Good luck to Lucas Hartong MP!
    However, trying to persuade the EU to show any sympathy whatsoever towards SA whites is like trying to persuade the UN to do the same thing; it’s pointless, basically.
    The EU and UN hate SA whites! That’s a given!
    In fact, as we all know, the whole non-white world hates white people!

    • Sheila Dinehart

      It is true…I have a book written my an older woman in my former writers group…She was born in SA…her grandfather migrated there from eastern Europe in the 1800s…the book is a real eye=opener because she talks openly about her life in SA and when all the black natives were forbidden to come into the city of Johannasberg  unless they were workers for the whites in some capacity…how the Afrikaners were looked down up as low class uncouths by *her* particular society (Jewish)…they hid behind the Afrikaner segregationist policy so long as money (gold and diamond mines especially) could be made off the native blacks…they despised them…nothing in the deep south under Jim Crow showed such contempt for the black native population, and the white trash populations (in this case the Afrikaner)…these groups were the first to turn PC when they saw the *writing on the wall*…so they  took their money and ran (in this case to America)…with superiority and smugness still intact…isn’t that funny?

  • njguy83

    What a positive story Lucas Hartong sounds like a pretty great guy,

  • KingKenton

    Perhaps Mr. Hartong might be so kinda as to put in a word for us Whites hear in America whose
    identity, security, and independence are also on the verge of being lost.

  • We must demand that all Western nations at least offer asylum for white Afrikaners. The absurdity, an entire peoples targeted for genocide, cannot be considered asylum seekers while black Africans are given automatic entry to all Western nations. It’s as if the communist governments of Canada, United States, and others desire the deaths of all South African whites.

    • IstvanIN

      Hmm… they do.

  • IstvanIN

    The Dutch need stronger hate speech laws to prevent this sort of hate speech against black Africans and African empowerment.

  • Major

    Maybe they can recruit that Hollywood maven and success story as well as an African…Charlize Theron to speak of the atrocities that have been visited on WHITE AFRICANS?

    Maybe she might want to remember where she’s from…who raised her and who made SA such an enormous success before the scummy black vine swingers ruined that once prosperous country?

    While the silly ignorant world was killing SA over “apartheid” I knew that once this shining  jewel of a proud , successful, independent white minority was turned over to ignorant savages…who hadn’t the ability or brains to run a successful lemonade stand…that they were doomed.

    Yet the degenerate, ignorant foolish white elitists insisted that Mandela ( a criminal ) should be let loose to loot, rape, pillage and ruin a proud country for “social justice”. The black scum that took over…have only done to SA what they’ve done everywhere in Africa. Bankrupted and murdered any success.

    I knew it was only a matter of time that a once rich country in gold and diamonds…would be looted by the savages…and then these poor blacks would have to appeal to the IMF  ( whites ) to bail them out…just as we’ve had to do in response to any black “rule”.

    Blacks the world over..are a disgrace to civilized humanity. Of which they’ve proven time and time again…they are not apart of.

    They were put here by God, I assume, to keep us PO’d and humble. 

    • The__Bobster

      Ahem, you DO know that crazy Charlize hates SA Whites and just adopted an ugly tootsie roll, doncha?

      Theron Overcome With Emotion While Meeting Mandela

      Theron, who became the first African to win the Best Actress Award last month for her portrayal of a prostitute in the movie “Monster”, held hands with Mandela, 85, during a photo-call at his offices in Johannesburg.

      “You are an inspiration for everyone,” Theron told the 1993 Nobel Peace Prize winner.

      “Oh … I love you too,” the elderly statesman replied as he put his arm around the 28-year-old actress, who wore a plain white dress and had her hair tied back into a ponytail.


      • Major

        Yes I know….it seems she’s trying to keep up with the other sycophants that surround her. Namely Madonna and Angleina Jolieolie 

  • El_Magyar

    I think as the enonomies around the world get worse or not that much better, people are going to get very tired very quickly to giving handouts to ignorant savages instead of helping those who can help themselves.

  • IstvanIN

    Number one my comment was sarcastic.
    Number two, ALL Europeans are white, otherwise they are not Europeans.  They may live there, but they are not European.  An Arab in Madrid is not a Spanaird.  A Paki in London is not an Englishman.

  • Time for a country-sized version of Orania?  One can only hope.

  •  I understand that it takes a lot of self-sacrifice and self-discipline, especially on the personal-ecological front, to be a successful denizen of Orania.  The next best thing to saying, “no blacks allowed.”