Romney to Speak at NAACP Next Month

Breitbart, June 19, 2012

Republican White House hopeful Mitt Romney will address the largest black civil rights group in the United States next month, the NAACP said Tuesday.

Romney, who squares off against President Barack Obama in November’s election, will attend the annual convention of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, set for July 7-12 in Houston, Texas.

Romney was invited to address the convention shortly after he clinched his party’s presidential nomination last month, NAACP spokesman Derek Turner said.

The organization is also hoping Obama, the country’s first African-American president, will attend the event. Both he and Senator John McCain addressed the NAACP when they were candidates for the presidency in 2008.


Turner told AFP he expects Romney to “address civil rights” during his speech, “as they are in line with our mission.”


Blacks also disproportionately fill the ranks of the poor and the uninsured, two groups which critics say would be severely impacted by Republican efforts to slash federal programs like food stamps in order to curb runaway government spending.

African-Americans are seen as benefiting more from Obama’s landmark health care reform law, which aims to provide health insurance to 32 million Americans—and which Romney has vowed to repeal if he is elected.


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  • The__Bobster

    No good can come of this, but a lot of bad can.

  • NOTHING he says, NOTHING he does is going to make blacks like him. EVERYTHING he says, EVERYTHING he does will be twisted and spun into charges of racism and hate.

    He likely believes he can reach these people with appeals to reason. He’s mistaken.

    When this is over, the NAACP will have every word of his address to condemn him and the GOP as racists and out-of-touch with the needs, hopes, and desires of the blacks.

    It’s like watching a train wreck in slow motion. 

    • Anonymous

      If white conservatives haven’t take a hint by now, I don’t think anything will.  Maybe having a second term of Obama will give them a big wake up call.  Then again, maybe I’m giving the GOP too much credit.

  • How/WHY in the name of God are blacks still yammering on about “Civil Rights” in this day and age?

    “Turner told AFP he expects Romney to “address civil rights” during his speech, “as they are in line with our mission.”

    What does the above quote even mean?  It means NOTHING!  Civil Rights has become yet another meaningless, hollow platitude for the blacks to trot out because they still have not and will never achieve the level of success and civility of Whites.  I mean what “Civil Rights” are the blacks being denied?  Bueller?  Anyone?

    • Djinn42

       You took the words right outta my mouth.
      What by God can we do for them any more than what we already have?
       NOTHING !!
      All we have left is the  blood in our veins that they endeavor to spill at every chance they can.
      Reparations?? 40 acres and a mule??
      Jeez, we give them free housing, free food, free money, free medical, free education and the best of all…FREE SPEECH !
      Whites are no longer “privileged” enough to be allowed free speech, we may say something that violates the “civil rights” of some affirmative action stooge whose job is to tell Whitey what else we need to give them and whose salary is maintained by our taxes.
      Where does it end? How can it?
      Even if an ingenious solution were to be found to that question and implemented immediately my Great grandchildren would be old men and women before anything good came to fruition.
      We have definitely dug ourselves a very deep hole and at the top and bottom is boogeyman by the name of Civil Rights.

  •  Of course the NAACP invited Romney in the hopes that he would decline, so they could accuse him of being “racist” for not wanting to address their angry black crowd. Helps to gin up the black vote for Obama, you know, if they can heap the coals of “bigotry” onto the heads of the GOP.

    My initial reaction is that Romney may have made the smart move by accepting the invitation. But he should not allow the NAACP to dictate what his address should be about. They invited him, so as far as what he says is concerned, they can take it and like it, or walk out in protest.

    I would laugh if he went in there and lectured them about how they need to “get over it” with all the eternal huffing and puffing about their cherished “wrongs,” most of which were corrected years ago, and start working instead toward building a viable, healthy, law-abiding  black community. What would he have to lose? Black votes? Ha! Does anyone think he’ll get more than a handful anyway?

    The only drawback might be that some self-hating White liberals would refuse to vote for him, out of “solidarity” with their “black brethren.” But come to think about it, how many White liberals would vote for Romney, anyway?

    Go for it, Mitt! Give ’em hell!

    • Anonymous

      If I were him, I’d say, “I expect a check up front for showing up.  Any rudeness, accusations of racism or uncivilized behavior and I am walking about and not giving the check back to you.” 

  • What could he possibly say to them that they would want to hear? If he promises them jobs they will hate him more than the do now.

  • Bannister Steven

    Even  if Romney gave the perfect speech and said everything the NAACP wanted him to say….they would still not give him one vote. 

  • JackKrak

    “Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. I’d like to thank the NCAAP for giving me this chance to speak before you today. Can I go now?”

  • JohnEngelman

    “I have come here to congratulate you for your victory during the Civil Rights Movement. Racial discrimination was outlawed. You won. Now it is time for you to celebrate, disband, and go home. Your continuing struggle, and ours, is not with white racists, but the black criminals who threaten all of us.”        

  • What about White civil rights?