Here’s more hard evidence that Barack Obama’s newly announced amnesty for “kids” under age 30 is creating long-term damage to America. And it’s a policy, by the way, which Mitt Romney wouldn’t say he’d reverse . . . because he won’t. We’ve long known that anchor babies—not just their illegal alien parents—are a huge drain on American society and our dying economy. They cost the State of California—just that state—billions of dollars. But now even a liberal children’s foundation is sounding the clarion call through a study that says America’s future will be undermined by the children of immigrants, that they will destroy an economy which is already pretty sick and wounded.

The education, health and socioeconomic lot of the children of immigrants, the fastest-growing population group in the U.S., has raised concerns about how those children will perform when they enter the workforce.

Many of the parents are Hispanic and speak little or no English. And though the story of the U.S. is one of immigrants whose children assimilate, some researchers worry about the prospects for this generation. Their performance, they say, could undermine the U.S. economy as the children grow up, affecting everything from medical services for baby boomers to home prices.

“The baby-boom generation … will increasingly depend on children of immigrants to ensure the economy is productive,” said Donald Hernandez, a sociology professor at Hunter College who wrote a report on the children of immigrants.

The report, released Wednesday, was funded by the Foundation for Child Development, a New York-based philanthropy that sponsors research on children’s well-being. The report analyzed official demographic, education and health data collected between 1994 and 2010. . . . Now, a quarter of all children in the U.S. have at least one foreign-born parent. Ninety percent of those 18 million children are U.S. citizens who will begin to reach adulthood next year. . . . A quarter drop out of high school, as opposed to 18% for the children of native-born parents, the report said. . . . Children with origins in Mexico and Central America are least likely of any group to finish school, followed by those whose parents are from the Dominican Republic, Haiti and Africa.

More than a third of Hispanic fourth graders were identified by their schools as English language learners, according to a 2011 report by the U.S. Department of Education. By the time they are in middle school, English language learners tend to show the poorest performance in math and reading of all groups.



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  • JohnEngelman

    I have never noticed harmful social effects from immigrant groups. I watched the influx of Vietnamese immigrants improve downtown San Jose, California. Even Hispanics have a lower crime rate than blacks. I like Mexican restaurants, Mexican music, Cinco de Mayo festivals, and the Hispanics I have known. 
    Nevertheless, the large influx of immigrants since the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965 was passed has certainly contributed to the growing income gap. More immigrants mean more consumers and more job applicants. By the law of supply and demand this means higher prices, lower wages, and higher profits. 

    • “I have never noticed harmful social effects from immigrant groups.”

      And you say this with a STRAIGHT FACE!  What is up with you John Engleman?  I have only been a race realist and active poster since last October and even I know that an American Renaissance does not include Mexicans, Vietnamese, etc.  Why do you continue to post here with your pro-immigrant, pro-asian non sense?  Like I said, I’m pretty new around here, but your schtick is running quite thin in my opinion. 

      Yeah L.A. is a REAL PARADISE!  I love not being able to tell if I’m in Mexico or the USA. 

      • JohnEngelman

        So CAL Snowman,
        I am sorry that you have had different experiences with immigrants than I have had. 
        I have always admired Orientals. They are high on the good statistics, low on the bad statistics, and the women are gorgeous. 

        • IstvanIN

          So please exterminate your own family but leave mine alone.  Who gave the right to say it was OK to take my country away?

        • The__Bobster

           I hope some Hmong move in next to you.

          • redfeathers

            I was thinking the same thing.

        • MissBonnie123

          You’re lucky you have such good experiences with them.

          I remember in the 1990’s I frequently shopped at a store that was owned and operated by a Chinese man and his wife. Wow, how disrespectful they were to me! At one point this Chinese man actually called my brother ignorant even though he never met him! After that I never shopped there again. (His business wasn’t too good. I think White people didn’t want to be racially abused by him).

          Even now when I take public transportation I notice that the Oriental students want to associate with their kind only.  They do not seem to embrace diversity like White people are forced to. But, of course, the Orientals will never be forced to embrace diversity.

      • ViktorNN

        Some people like “JohnEngelman” substitute their own little experiences in their own little sphere of life for an educated, wider view beyond what they can see with their own eyes. Whatever “JohnEngelman” likes about San Jose and Mexican restaurants (lol), he is surely missing by not studying up on easy to find facts about the effect of Mexican immigrants on California. 

        You can’t force people to educate themselves. What you can do is calmly and cooly lay out the truth of the matter. Not for their benefit (like I said, some don’t want to learn), but for the wider reading audience watching on the sidelines.

        Trust me, very few folks are buying what “JohnEngelman” is selling. I know very few white California natives – liberal ones even – who aren’t horrified, or at least very saddened by what Mexican immigration has done to their state in the course of less than a generation.

    • NM156

      Come to Chicago. You’ll love the Latin Kings and the Spanish Cobras. You’ll also love the vast numbers of high school drop outs, unwed mothers on one form of welfare or another, and crime of all sorts. Leaving an authentic Mexican restaurant in Pilsen or another immigrant neighborhood after dinner, you’ll be treated to the sounds of sirens and the pop-pop of gunfire in the distance. It’s wonderfully vibrant! Come visit us!

    • ViktorNN

      On the whole, Mexican immigrants have completely ruined much of California. They’ve done it in a myriad of ways. They’ve done it by swarming in in unsustainable numbers, overwhelming the state’s infrastructure. Los Angeles, for example, teeters on the edge of a functioning city. Roads are trashed. Mass transit is overwhelmed. In the parts of town with the most immigrants, garbage is strewn about everywhere (go to the mid-town area, especially MacArthur Park – the scenes you’ll see are third world). 

      In SoCal they’ve displaced the previous inhabitants – the white middle class. As the majority, SoCal is dominated by a Mexican underclass that is barely functionally literate and very dependent on govt services, taking out more than they pay in.Mexican immigrants contribute greatly to the overwhelming of the state’s budget. Again, in LA Country, the US-born children of Mexican immigrants are getting food stamps to the tune of hundreds of millions per year. Even LA’s notoriously liberal Democratic city council members have complained.Read Victor Davis Hanson’s articles about life in the Central Valley. How Mexican immigrants have taken to stealing copper wire. How they dump raw garbage on the side of rural roads. How they even steal public historical artifacts if there’s any money to be made off them.I could go on and on. They’ve ruined this state.

      • JohnEngelman

        Several AR posters have difficulty understanding the nuances of my thinking and feeling about immigrants. I like ethnic diversity. I particularly admire Orientals. Nevertheless, I acknowledge that the high rate of immigration has expensive economic and environmental costs. 
        I would like to restrict third world immigration while continuing to allow white immigrants from Europe and the British Commonwealth, as well as Orientals and inhabitants from India. Those people tend to perform and behave well. Their cultures fascinate me.

        • kjh64

          One can like other cultures, love them for that matter, but that doesn’t mean that one should be replaced by them. In most cultures, there are good things that can be found in them such as food, art and other things. Yes, I too like Mexican food, Chinese food and Indian food. I like forms of Japanese art as well as aspects of Mexican culture. However, that does not mean that I want huge numbers of people from different cultures swarming into my country because multiculturalism doesn’t work and it dilutes my culture. You see, I love MY culture and race too and having mass immigration destroys my culture. We can have different ethnic foods and arts without importing the populace of those countries into mine.

        • MissBonnie123

          I want America to continue to be (or go back, depending on who is correct) a White country. I do NOT want Orientals and Indians flooding into the U.S. They can be very racist and they too have different ideas regarding what our economic system should be like, what our politcal system should be like, what our heritage should be like in this country, etc. and as such would eventually change our country just like Mexicans would.

          There are a minority of Orientals and Indians who DO espouse Western values and this is good. But if you bring in too many, they tend to create enclaves within this country and this leads to divisiveness.

        • The__Bobster
        • ViktorNN

          Your differentiation between “economic and environmental costs” on the one hand and “social costs” on the other is facile.

          When a school district is overwhelmed with illegal Mexican immigrants there is both an “economic cost” and a “social cost.” The economic cost is that illegal Mexican immigrants don’t pay enough into the system to cover the cost of educating their Spanish-speaking kids, and the social cost is that the remaining white children in such a school district are now foreigners in their own schools. Many will end up going to charter schools that are outside of their neighborhoods. Some will end up being one of only a handful of kids at the neighborhood school, and will end up being bullied physically and otherwise, or extremely alienated at best. The alternative for white families is to leave. The “social cost” of having to tear up family roots that might go back generations is high indeed. This has been a very common problem for white families in Los Angeles over the past 30 years. I’m surprised that you aren’t aware of such “social costs.”

          And going further, what are the “social costs” of the massive displacement of whites by illegal Mexican immigrants in SoCal? I’d like to hear your calculation. We know that it is one of the largest displacements of one population by another in modern history. We know it’s a story that’s been downplayed and suppressed. Perhaps that explains why you aren’t aware of it.

          And then there’s the illegal nature of this wave of Mexican immigration. What are the “social costs” to the legitimacy of our political system when something like 20 million people have entered the country and set up here illegally, squatting, and intent on staying come hell or high water? How does this affect the rest of the country seeing their nation’s laws flouted so openly? Do you think this reinforces or damages faith in our political system? 

          Like my previous comment, I could go on citing more examples of the “social costs” of illegal immigration, according to your simplistic criteria. I  will just add that your formulation is strangely stunted and myopic. Citing Mexican food restaurants and holidays like Cinco de Mayo as examples of the best calculation of “social costs” you can come up with are laughably un-serious, like something a child would come up with.

    • JackKrak


      Have you ever considered that maybe we could enjoy “Mexican restaurants, music, festivals” etc. without importing half of Mexico?

      • The__Bobster

        A century ago, we established French restaurants by sending American chefs overseas to study French cooking, not by importing 50 million Frenchmen.

    • curri

      “I have never noticed harmful social effects from immigrant groups.”

      Maybe you need to travel into the interior of California:
      California coastal elites may worry about the oxygen content of water available to a three-inch smelt in the Sacramento–San Joaquin River Delta, but they seem to have no interest in the epidemic dumping of trash, furniture, and often toxic substances throughout California’s rural hinterland. Yesterday, for example, I rode my bike by a stopped van just as the occupants tossed seven plastic bags of raw refuse onto the side of the road. I rode up near their bumper and said in my broken Spanish not to throw garbage onto the public road. But there were three of them, and one of me. So I was lucky to be sworn at only. I note in passing that I would not drive into Mexico and, as a guest, dare to pull over and throw seven bags of trash into the environment of my host.

      In fact, trash piles are commonplace out here — composed of everything from half-empty paint cans and children’s plastic toys to diapers and moldy food. I have never seen a rural sheriff cite a litterer, or witnessed state EPA workers cleaning up these unauthorized wastelands. So I would suggest to Bay Area scientists that the environment is taking a much harder beating down here in central California than it is in the Delta. Perhaps before we cut off more irrigation water to the west side of the valley, we might invest some green dollars into cleaning up the unsightly and sometimes dangerous garbage that now litters the outskirts of our rural communities.

      We hear about the tough small-business regulations that have driven residents out of the state, at the rate of 2,000 to 3,000 a week. But from my unscientific observations these past weeks, it seems rather easy to open a small business in California without any oversight at all, or at least what I might call a “counter business.” I counted eleven mobile hot-kitchen trucks that simply park by the side of the road, spread about some plastic chairs, pull down a tarp canopy, and, presto, become mini-restaurants. There are no “facilities” such as toilets or washrooms. But I do frequently see lard trails on the isolated roads I bike on, where trucks apparently have simply opened their draining tanks and sped on, leaving a slick of cooking fats and oils. Crows and ground squirrels love them; they can be seen from a distance mysteriously occupied in the middle of the road.(…)

      Do diversity concerns, as in lack of diversity, work both ways? Over a hundred-mile stretch, when I stopped in San Joaquin for a bottled water, or drove through Orange Cove, or got gas in Parlier, or went to a corner market in southwestern Selma, my home town, I was the only non-Hispanic — there were no Asians, no blacks, no other whites. We may speak of the richness of “diversity,” but those who cherish that ideal simply have no idea that there are now countless inland communities that have become near-apartheid societies, where Spanish is the first language, the schools are not at all diverse, and the federal and state governments are either the main employers or at least the chief sources of income — whether through emergency rooms, rural health clinics, public schools, or social-service offices. An observer from Mars might conclude that our elites and masses have given up on the ideal of integration and assimilation, perhaps in the wake of the arrival of 11 to 15 million illegal aliens. 


      • JohnEngelman

                                                                 Living in the San Francisco Bay area I never noticed any of that. I am not saying it does not exist. I am saying I never noticed it. What I did notice was a fascinating combination of different cultures.                                                                                                                   Sometimes what you are influences what you see. Those with the need to hate will always find reasons to satisfy their need.  

        • Shawn_thefemale

           And much more of the time what you see influences who you are.

        • curri

          You’re a fool. Victor Davis Hanson is a neocon racial liberal,  lives in a 95% Latino area and several of his children married Mexicans. 

  • Swinging to the rhythm of the New World Order, counting bodies like sheep to the rhythm of the war drums. 

    • The boogie-men are coming, the boogie-men are coming…

  • More 3rdworlders to turn the US into a 3rdworld nation.

    • I thought we were already 3rd world judging by our major cities.

  • alastairabbacle

    Indeed, why can’t the USA be the Princeton of the world?

  • mikejones91

    Not at all. I find women of ALL races attractive. Yes, even black women. But that doesn’t mean I am going to have children/marry one of them. I still prefer white women but I can still appreciate the beauty of ALL women. Like I said before–I will make love to a beautiful woman, regardless of race. But! ONLY a white woman can TRULY satisfy me. Satisfy me sexually/emotionally/and actually connect with me on a level ONLY a white girl can. 

  • None

    I hate all you losers White, Mexican, Black and Asian…. You crush the American ideals with your bitching… It’s simple.. English is American – Sports is American – Religion is American and so on.. It defines America as America .. A invading culture that forces their culture on Americans is criminal.. So this is how you stop these problems.. (1) Flat out kill any Mexican that tries to cross the border. Mexico should be listed as a terrorist nation (Mexico has done more damage to the U.S. than all other terrorist nations combined) .(2) Population reduction (Too many people crowding around each other = ANGER). (3) Get rid of these special interest sponsored Presidents and politicians for some street level middle class Joes that have the same worries and concerns as the majority of Americans.     

  • CP Danish

    They have destroyed the golden quality of Southern California. I came to Los Angeles in 1993, in just two decades they have abused, and solied up what used to be a very beautiful place. It’s grotesque. One could fill pages and pages of reasons why the insanity of allowing people who are born on American soil to be a US citizen is basically a recipe for the destruction of any country. Well, they did it …and sadly, in a few more decades Southern California might as well just be Mexico. Mexico basically exported all their lower class people to us and soon they will be everywhere. Don’t forget they repopulate at a much higher rate than most and all of our tax dollars are going to pay for it along with the loss of American culture.