Romney Targets Hispanics in Latest Web Ad

Daniel Halper, Weekly Standard, June 5, 2012

The latest web ad from Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney targets Hispanic voters, and argues that President Obama’s policies are hurting these voters:


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  • “More Hispanics have fallen into poverty under President Obama”

    Proof?  Like I said yesterday, just because something sounds good and tolerant and broad-minded coming out of your mouth, doesn’t mean it’s true.

    I hope that this doesn’t work, that Romney wins but with not one extra Hispanic vote compared to four years ago.  The last thing we need is for the Stupid Party to get the notion that racial pandering to non-whites yields electoral success.

    • mikejones91

      but it does…

    •  I assume you are referring to another poster who stated that Obama has been a disaster for the black middle class financially and the blacks as a whole.  That poster was right.

      • anmpr1

         The black middle class is chimera.  It is based completely on government jobs for mostly women, and mandatory affirmative action for private companies.  To say that the Obama administration has been a disaster for black middle class, or blacks as a whole is really a stretch.

        •  I don’t think so, because the Obama administration has “doubled down” on the Bush Administration’s strategy of bail out and spend as much as possible.  By increasing our economic woes, Obama is forced to slash useless government jobs.  If his administration actually tried to improve the economy he would not be forced to gut the black middle class which as you note is comprised of mainly government “make work.”  Furthermore the Obama admin’s inability to do anything other than sink the economy has DESTROYED property values which hurts blacks more than whites as blacks have seen a WHOPPING 83% decrease in home equity and personal wealth during the Obama years compared to a 30% decrease for whites.

          • anmpr1

             Actually, government jobs have not been “slashed” at all.  There was a big hiring push up to last year, and then a freeze. 

            The destruction of property value does not hurt blacks more than whites, simply because blacks for the most part cannot preserve, much less improve their property.  Where they congregate, the inner cities, show the results of black inability to maintain property, and if it were not for white welfare, most would not have property in the first place.  In fact, blacks mostly prospered when they were property. 

            One wonders whether the figures you cite were generated initially by housing loans that blacks were unqualified for in the first place?  If so, it is an artificial construct that would eventually show itself, no matter what.

            One may also argue that blacks, mostly dependent upon welfare, are the least “hurt” in down times, since welfare has yet to be “slashed” as far as I know.

            In any event, for us to argue that the black “middle class,” whatever it be, is worse off under Obama is to miss the point, in a way.  Race is thicker than water, and no matter what happens, blacks will flock to him.

            Getting back to the article, does the little girl look Hispanic?   And would Romney run an ad for “White” Americans?

        • Anonymous

          Thomas Sowell (a black guy) was saying that the black middle class was actually rising right before the Civil Rights movement, but that you’d never hear about that from the MSM or the liberals.

      •  But the black unemployment rate was already high before the Great Recession.

  • Hispanics will

    NEVER vote for anything intelligent or which stops the gravy train they suck off of.

    • Diamond_Lil

      Some day in the near future, there won’t be enough whites to support them. 

      • Anonymous

        What will whites do then when they have to break off into other nations and these people try to follow us?

  • anmpr1

    For all you “anyone but Obama” supporters, get a good look at your “anyone.”  America is doomed whether its under the Democrats or Republicans.

    •  Agreed but I would rather not go through 4 more years of that Sadistically Racist Bag of Slime known as Eric “Pot” Holder.

    • anmpr1,

      America is doomed one way or the other, no matter who gets into the white house.  At this point, it’s a done deal.  No way we can avoid what’s coming.

      Obama wins, they grease the rails to Hell and we rocket into oblivion.

      Romney wins, we still end up in oblivion, just a bit slower.

      Our current debt is somewhere between 15 and 17 TRILLION dollars.  And that’s just what they’ll cop to- what’s on the books.  And it’s only going to get worse, no matter who is in office.

      The final straw will fall sometime either this year or next.  Expect the worst, even the petro-dollar being replaced as the world’s reserve currency in favor of a gold-backed Ruble.  Once the petro-dollar gets booted, that will put the brakes on our ability to print money out of thin air to pay our debtors.  Zimbabwe-style Hyperinflation, superheated economy, massive increase in fuel costs, the end of entitlements… once the GibsMeDats gets cut off, the Uruk Hai and assorted goblins and parasites will be very unhappy.

      As in “burn stuff down” unhappy.

      Imagine the chaos of NOLA during Katrina.  Now spread that chaos coast to coast, in every major town in America.

      That is our future, no matter who gets voted in.

      • Celestial_Time

        There’s absolutely nothing to back up the claim that White America will slow its death by having Romney in place of Obama. If anything, I would guess that it will slow down some of the simmering angst that has been building.

        Why try and convince people about the depravity and hate that exists in black people(especially those that gain power) when they can see it on the grandest scale?

        • Hi CT..

          So, you’re position is that, no matter who is in the white house, our slide will continue unabated?

          I can see that happening.  However, I was comparing Obongo’s habit of blowing shattering amounts of other people’s money on stupid stuff vs Romney being a businessman.

          Obongo has spent more in the last 4 years than every single administration before him, all the way back to Washington, combined.  THAT has certainly accelerated our journey towards doom, simply from an economic standpoint.

          I’ll admit that for me, Romney is an unknown.  But, I can see the wisdom in your “assume the worst” attitude.

          I was just hoping that Romney would forestall the slide a bit, until I get things squared away here at our little fortress… the longer it takes, the better prepped we are to endure the worst. 

          For me, the Republic is finished.  It’s just a matter of when the other shoe drops at this point…

          • Celestial_Time

            “the longer it takes, the better prepped we are to endure the worst”

            My position would be simplified by using your quote and changing it to show why I believe what I believe:

            The longer it takes, the less White people there are to fight. The less White people there are, the less there is to fight for.

            Obama was simply a black face on the mechanism that continues the tradition of presidents and their administrations trampling on the Republic.

            There are several 100% certainties had McCain been elected, and should Romney be elected:

            – we would still be here talking about the sheer amount of White people being raped, robbed and killed by blacks. Neither party has the balls to tackle the issue.

            – we would still be spending billions/trillions/gazillions of our tax dollars to police the world.

            – we would still have a massive federal government that cares not one iota for the rights of its citizens.

            – we would still have politicians pandering to the minority populations and touting the glorious contributions that diversity has brought us.

            – we would still be losing ground to the growing populations of minorities that have been promoted by BOTH parties.

            Romney offers no reprieve to the things that need to be addressed and changed. He’s like a band-aid on a sucking chest wound.

          • Anonymous

            Having a black president woke more people up to the realities of race.  Blacks are still suffering now.  Neither party will encourage whites to have more children, will condemn the integration agenda, none will challenge the anti-white hustlers, none will strengthen the 2nd amendment, none will say anything about black on white crime.  Neither party will do anything to help us.  It’s all what’s in their best interests.

  • Celestial_Time

    It can’t be stressed enough that this country moves on a dual plane of demise. The downward spiral happens on conflicting, but parallel lines, depending on whether it’s a Republican or Democrat in office. Their contradictions lie in their speech, but not in their actions.

    You play this game, you sign your own death warrant.

  • Unemployment for blacks was nonexistent under the slavery administration.

  • ageofknowledge

    Well it is politics. If I were running for public office, I would want people to vote me. Romney’s just doing what politicians do and that’s trying to get more votes.

  • bluffcreek1967

    The Hispanics/Mexicans will never vote in large numbers for a Republican candidate, especially a White one like Romney. They can’t relate to him or any WASP-like politician for that matter. They are much happier with a party that will give them all the governmental goodies, and they know the GOP is not going to be that kind of party (although that might be somewhat debatable).

    There’s another point to consider: Hispanics/Mexicans are not a particularly educated people, and they rank pretty low in IQ. Thus, these are not kind of people who will think through the finer points of idealogical differences between the Republican and Democratic parties. Some might, but the overwhelming majority simply don’t have the intellectual acumen to do it or just don’t care. The founders of our great country were White Europeans. They established principles of government that helped make our nation the envy of the world. Why would Hispanics/Mexicans, in large, care about our what our White founders taught? They are not accustomed to thinking through such lofty ideals. They are used to living a simple life devoid of intellectual rigor, and having dictators as political leaders. This is why it is so foolish for Romney to waste his time pandering to the Hispanics for votes. They might politely smile and even offer some of their ethnic cuisine as a gesture of kindness, but they will always vote for the Democratic candidate.       

    • Anonymous

      If the GOP doesn’t openly be pro-white and start fighting anti-white discrimination and giving incentives for white couples to have larger families (like lowering taxes and bringing back more jobs, for one thing), they aren’t going to survive.  Maybe the GOP and the neocons need another slap in the face in regards to racial issues since obviously the last four years of a black power administration hasn’t seemed to have awoken them.

      • alastairabbacle

        At least 30% of “Hispanics” are White, and will join for that reason. This is just my guesstimate, in some parts of the country it is different.

  • Anonymous

    Same reason blacks won’t go for Republicans.  That, and they hate white people, especially patriotic white people who want smaller government.  All of blacks goodies for the past 50 years have come from liberalism, so why would they not want to keep voting for that?  The conservatives don’t get that.  They are pandering to people who their base doesn’t care about and pandering to people who will never vote for conservatives anyways.  The only way the GOP will get more nonwhite votes is if they offered them free stuff, more anti-white propoganda, etc. 

  • Romney MUST court Hispanics – they are the least savage of the coloreds. 
    Besides, this ad is BASHING MAOBAMA more than promising more welfare freebies to mexes.

  • JohnEngelman

    The Democrat Party is the party for blacks and Hispanics. The Republican Party is the party for rich people. Neither party advances the interests of white blue collar workers. 

  •  The consensus is that hispanics would never go after the Republican vote.

    A consensus we reach because we can analyze election data.  Subtract Cubans (whose younger generations are starting to trend Democrat as Castro and communism become out of sight out of mind) and Democrats almost always get the heavy majority of Hispanic votes in statewide elections, and most  sub-statewide elections. 

    Hispanics and whites in prison teaming up against blacks is irrelevant to voting habits.  It’s merely teaming up against the lowest common denominator in a confinement of the lowest common denominators of society.  But if you give the analogy validity, then generally in the political arena, blacks and Hispanics team up against whites in politics for the same reason that whites and Hispanic team up against blacks in prison.  Trying to take down the dominant “animal” using a pack attack.

  • What are you doing to save your city?
    Even Zim laid it on the line – and he’s not even white.

  • Hello Hermandad,

    I never claimed to be an optomist.  I claimed to be a realist.

    Recognizing what is wrong with the Republic is one thing.  Fixing it is quite another.

    Perhaps I am jaded by having seen too much in my lifetime… I am not that old, just 44, but I have a great deal of mileage on me.  I have been betrayed by the very Republic that I swore to defend to my last breath.  I have seen a usurper claim the throne in the White House, then proceed to bankrupt the Republic during a time of great distress. 

    That the Republic is doomed is a certainty.  ALL nations and empires rise and fall- it is simply our time.  And the US is an empire, make no mistake.  I refer to it as a Republic to make myself feel better, but I know the truth in my heart. 

    There cannot be a peaceful end to what ails the Republic… it’s impossible.  For a peaceful revolution to occur, the vast majority of whites (fast becoming a minority in their own country) must have a radical, 180 degree shift in their thinking.  And what are the chances of that happening?  For that, we need to control the media- all of it.  And yet our enemy controls almost all aspects of popular culture:  media outlets, magazines, newspapers, textbooks, etc.. (but not the internet, though they are trying).

    Yes, some of us have awoken to the dangers faced by the immigration of millions of non-whites into the US… but that is not the real monster lurking in the shadows…  The illegal and legal immigrants, as well as the Uruk, well they are just tools, aren’t they?  The real monster is the reckless Marxism that has taken over almost every aspect of politics in the US, including the media, Fox NOT excluded. 

    For me, the problems faced by awake whites in the US are unfixable, peacefully.  Not in our lifetime.  I would prefer to focus on triage- A storm is coming, and we have to save what we can, while we can, and forget the rest.  We can’t save everyone and everything… there are not enough of us with the right mindset and not enough time.  Too much damage has been done over the decades for us to reverse what has been done.  We have been betrayed by our own… perhaps if we had another 100 years, maybe.  But certainly not in my lifetime. 

    Peaceful revolution is not open to us.  Which means that the alternative IS open to us.

    For that, I am more than ready.  I am prepared to lay myself down for my brothers and sisters, if it means that we have a homogenous nation where we can live and thrive and advance our race.  REAL freedom has always required the shedding of blood… trust me, I know… I have seen plenty of it shed (my own included).

    Perhaps someday, we will be able to reclaim our birthright.  But for now we must retreat in the face of a determined and more numerous enemy… there is no shame in it, either, since our enemy has the help of our own Government. 

    We have to do what we must to survive as a race and a people.  The sooner we realize that, the sooner we can get to doing what needs to be done…

  • You’re not alone, Anon12..

    I’m tired.  To the bone.  To the soul…

    I thought that by moving to the peace of the country, my soul would be healed and I could just be left alone to raise my family and live in peace.

    But it is not to be. 

    Betrayal weighs heavy on a body…. to find out that everything you did during your lifetime, once a source of great pride, now revealed to be nothing but a fraud perpetrated by our real enemy bent on acquiring more and greater power…

    It will be their downfall.  I swear upon the blood of my fathers and the alter of Almighty God…

    For you, and those willing to follow my path: