Gang Wars at the Root of Chicago’s High Murder Rate

Dean Reynolds, CBS News, June 12, 2012

There are 228 dead: That’s the number of murders this year in Chicago. It’s nearly twice as many as the number of Americans lost on the battlefields of Afghanistan over these last six months. And the number of deaths is up 35 percent over the same period last year.

There was a time it was called “gangland” Chicago and maybe that time has returned.

The cops tell us it’s the gang members who have turned some neighborhoods into free-fire zones. More people were cut down today.

Across Chicago, nine people were killed between Friday and Sunday, and two more were gunned down just hours ago—a murder rate of two a day.

“It’s tragic,” Pastor Robin Hood told CBS News. “This is like Beirut was in the 70s. It’s war.”


Chicago police Superintendent Gary McCarthy believes most of the violent crime in the city is “absolutely” gang-related. He said the problem has a lot to do with drugs, guns and gang wars.

The city’s largest gang is having an internal war. Chicago has the largest gang population in the country, with approximately 100,000 members who commit 75 to 80 percent of the city’s homicides.


With a police force of 12,000 officers, there’s a lot of ground to cover—something McCarthy hopes the public understands.


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  • Francis Galton

    So, Sh*tcongo’s murder rate (I just calculated it) is ALREADY 8.46 per 100,000 for the year, and we’re not even HALF way through!  And, if we are to believe the figure for the gang population, then nearly FIVE PERCENT of Obamatown consists of gang members! 

    The funny thing is that a number of cities in America have MUCH higher homicide rates; it just seems worse in Chicago because there are far more people, and therefore there are multiple murders everyday.  By contrast, in East St. Louis, Illinois, there are less than 25,000 people, but the murder rate is somewhere in the ballpark of 70-100 per 100,000 (it’s hard to find reliable statistics for East St. Liberia).  That works out to around 20-25 murders per year, or one every two weeks or so.

    For context, the US national homicide rate is around 5 per 100,000.  And–particularly with your evil, privileged White skin–YOU, fellow Amrener, are far more likely to get murdered in 98 percent black East St. Liberia than in Sh*tcongo, despite the hype. 

  • These aren’t “wars.”  This isn’t a matter of the French and Germans hunkering down in trenches and firing at each other across the Maginot Line.  What looks like “gang warfare” is a job hazard, the “job” being drug dealing.  Because drug dealing is illegal, criminal and civil law by definition won’t protect that industry.  Therefore, you need illicit gangs to enforce the informal business arrangements of that industry, including territorial division.

    Then, of course, you have all the usual dopey reasons blacks murder each other, including shoes, girl jealousy, and that most dastardly and unforgivable of ghetto offenses, the diss.

    •  so it’s more a matter for OSHA than the CPD

    • MekongDelta69

      that most dastardly and unforgivable of ghetto offenses, the diss.

      “Yo Latavius, watchu lookin’ at brah?”
      “Ahm lookin’ atchu n***a”
      “U feelin’ froggy brah? Jump”
      “Nah lookaheah Shantavious – Ahll butht a cap in yo as*”
      “U ain’t s**t n***a”

      *Both reach into their waistbands, pull out their obligatory Glocks, take the mandatory, idiotic, gangsta, rotate hand 90 degrees to the left in order to look ‘bad’, shooting stance and pull triggers 10x each because neither of them know a damn thing about firearms. One lucky shot from each greases the other.

      Just another day in ‘da hood’ – which now has two fewer ‘contributing’ members…

      Nah mean?

    • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

       Just as the French and Germans never did sit and shoot at each other across the Maginot Line (the Germans just went around it), these gangs also go around the law and so it is difficult to use the law to police their activities.

      Hey, this is not to “diss” you, bro!

      •  No problem.  I figured I was off in terms of historical accuracy, and that someone would come along with the right answer.  As it is, my point was more metaphorical.

        To wit, from this article:

        What McCarthy has blamed is the factionalization of street gangs, which
        now operate more like loose collections of cliques. Over the past 15
        years or so, drug conspiracy prosecutions have sent the entire
        hierarchies of many major gangs to prison with long sentences, leaving
        factions of foot soldiers competing for blocks and corners all over the
        South and West sides, law enforcement sources have said.

        That means as leaders get nailed and sent to prison, this borks the prior territorial arrangements of the drug gangs, and the remaining ‘bangers have to shoot and kill each other in order to draw new lines on the streets.  Black gang-related homicides happen less often if/when a singular unmolested drug gang can control a whole city.

        • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

           I’m glad I needled you a little, because this is an excellent reply with great detailed information.

          Great doing business with you!  😉

  • mikejones91

    I’m sick of hearing people/family members say “what is this world coming to?” or “What is wrong with people”. What is wrong with black people is the correct question. This doesn’t happen in my lower middle class suburb. Sure, we have a drug problem but people aren’t getting shot everyday. Although, I picked up my paper this morning and what did I see? A black teem who shot some other teen. 

  • Church_of_Jed

    228 George Zimmerman Community Service Awards.

  • I can just see the headlines in the Chicago Tribune : “Chicago Civil Rights Group to Commemorate $145 Million Community Center Honoring the VICTIMS of Chicago’s Brutal Gang Wars”

    -This Plaque Commemorates the Battle of Chicago which began when Lil’ Flaco eyeballed Ray Ray Jr.

  • APaige

    Same excuses…gangs…guns…warm weather…’limited economic opportunities’…’failed school system, racism (always has to be included), the media, …etc. (It is blacks and hispanics). If you substract violent crime by blacks and hispanics Chicago (and New York) would be one the safest urban areas in the world.

    • alastairabbacle


  • razorrare

    So,why arent law enforcement authorities going after the gangs? If they say they dont have the manpower then why arent they asking for help from Washington? You cant tell me Chicago Law Enforcement dont know who or where the gang mambers are at.They can use the rico statute for abortion protestors but not murdering gang leaders and members?

    Call in the drones!

  • razorrare

    So,why arent law enforcement authorities going after the gangs? If they say they dont have the manpower then why arent they asking for help from Washington? You cant tell me Chicago Law Enforcement dont know who or where the gang mambers are at.They can use the rico statute for abortion protestors but not murdering gang leaders and members?

    Call in the drones!

  •  I don’t know whether to find it funny or sad that blacks behave even more poorly than arab religious zealots who are even poorer than they are, and can’t rely on free handouts from whitey.

  • Isn’t “tribal wars” a more appropriate label?  you know, like the hutus vs. the tutsi

    • ATBOTL

      That’s exactly what this is.  This is biologically based behavior.

  • Why do they always insist in comparing victims of negroid street combat to our highly trained, heroic, honored dead, foolishly wasted in dumps like Afghanistan?

    That’s an insult . . . and since most of the Americans dying in Afghanistan are white . . . it’s an intolerable insult.

    They should compare the action in Chicago to the Tacugama Chimp Sanctuary in Sierra Leone or even the Umhloti Nature Reserve in South Africa.  There, the chimps run wild with no human interference, no laws, no cops and no restrictions of any kind.

    Chimps in the wild regularly do murder each other . . . ususally for land but sometimes for other reasons.   A University of Michigan anthropology professor first wrote about this.  He personally witnessed or saw evidence for 21 murders in a nature preserve in Uganda.

    Of course . . . that was 21 murders from 1998 to 2009.  Eleven years.

    That’s just two week’s worth of action in Chicago.

    To me, the obvious conclusion is that you’re safer living alongside chimps in the wild than you are living among negroes.


  • alastairabbacle

    Deport and banish the low-class Blacks Why a world-class city like Chicago continues to host these miscreants is beyond me.

    Reverse the Great Migration

  • Villly

    I just found this out:
    There are Serbs in Chicago…?! What are they still doing there?
    Though it´s nice to see no blacks in that video.

  • Let them kill each other!

  • curri

    Street gangs  setting up checkpoints? 
    This city is doomed! 

    According to a Tuesday 3:29 a.m. police newsflash, officers were warned to use extreme caution when patrolling the 6300 block of South Artesian Avenue on Chicago’s South Side. 

    Apparently, the Gangster Disciples have set up security checkpoints in the area and they are stopping random cars at gunpoint. 

    Here’s how it goes down: One or more people approach the cars from the front, armed with rifles. 

    Once the cars are stopped, additional gang members approach the cars from the side and order the occupants out of the vehicles. 

    Then, the occupants are frisked and asked about their gang affiliations. 


    Obama, Jessie
    Jackson, Rev. Wright, and Louis Farrakhan, combined have spent nearly 100 years
    and billions of taxpayer and corporate “bribe” money in
    “community organizing’ to fix Chicago’s Africans.

    The result?
    Complete, total failure.

    Yet millions of
    Americans actually think that Obama (after devoting 20 yrs of his life to
    FAILING to fix Chacago) has the skills to help America?

    Ha, ha!

    What a
    dystopian, perverted time we live in. Fail miserably during 20 yrs as a
    community organizer, and that gives you the credentials to be President of the

    What next? —
    drug-using whore-mongering, corrupt Africans to serve as mayors of our cities?
    Oh wait, been there, done that!

  • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

     All too true.  Portland, Or – 57 gang related killings so far this year, way up from last year.  When this was announced on the local news, they qualified it, pointing out that it fit the national trend (nothing unusual).  But they are forming up anti-gang strategies.  Ironically, they seem to think that persuading normal, nice kids to not join gangs will solve the problem.  They are telling parents to watch their kids closer, however.  So who do you think actually will?