COMMENTARY: Media Missed Horrific, Tragic Crime

George Jones, KSLA, June 10, 2012

It was the sort of case that usually incites a media feeding frenzy, resulting in hour after hour of television coverage, and page after page of newspaper reports.

Early in the morning of Jan. 7, 2007, two young people were kidnapped after leaving a friend’s apartment, tortured for days, murdered and dumped. The couple suffered untold agony, and the families have endured multiple murder trials, still with no resolution five years later.

But you’ve probably never heard the victims’ names.

The murders of Channon Christian and Christian Newsom stand in stark contrast to the killing of 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, who was shot and killed by a neighbor of his father’s fiancee.

Christopher Newsom and Channon Christian


It is probably safe to say most people do not remember the details of their story unless they live in or near Knoxville, TN.

Early that January morning, Christian and Newsom, who had only been dating a few months, left a friend’s apartment after spending most of the night out. They were carjacked, kidnapped, tortured for days, and killed.

Three men and one woman were convicted of raping both Christian and Newsom inside a house just a few miles away from where they were kidnapped, and another man was convicted as an accessory to the crime. The group is accused of burning Newsom’s body and leaving him for dead on the railroad tracks near the house.

They allegedly raped Christian during the course of two days, poured chemicals down her throat and on her body to destroy DNA, wrapped her in garbage bags and stuffed her in a trash can inside the house, where she apparently suffocated.

These crimes were gruesome. But other aspects about the case also raise questions.

First, the couple’s brutal killing barely earned a mention on national news. Second, few media outlets made mention of the racial aspect of the case.

All five of the defendants were black; the victims were white.

Some major networks picked it up, and thanks to YouTube, it’s possible to see some of those stories. But it hardly got the lead story or break-into-a-live-broadcast treatment that the Trayvon Martin shooting and other similar events have received.

“We’ve heard from people all over the country,” said Mary Newsom, Christopher’s mother. “I guess there would have been national coverage if it hadn’t been black on white. We’re constantly reminded about it. We don’t mind talking about it, but people know us wherever we go, so that keeps it fresh.”


Last year, Richard Baumgartner, the judge who oversaw the trials, stepped down and was later found to have been addicted to prescription drugs while on the bench and having sex during courtroom breaks.


Three of the defendants’ convictions were thrown out—including one conviction that resulted in a sentence of death—and a judge ordered new trials for them.

However, the Tennessee Supreme Court recently ruled to vacate the order for retrials and asked Judge Jon Kerry Blackwood to consider requesting retrials on grounds other than Baumgartner’s misconduct.

The state’s highest court acknowledged that the original trial judge violated the Code of Judicial Conduct, but there isn’t enough evidence to support allegations that he was doing so while presiding over the trials.

Both sets of parents have faithfully attended a series of trials during the past 5 1/2 years, and now they will have to wait even longer to receive justice in their children’s deaths.

“Nothing was wrong with the trials that Judge Baumgartner presided over,” Newsom said. “There was no evidence that he did anything wrong. We were hoping to get justice for our kids, and that’s what we thought we had. We wanted the death penalty for all of them, but a jury of people decided what they thought was the best punishment.”


So what was happening in early January 2007 that the Christian-Newsom murders were overlooked?

The Knoxville News Sentinel covered the trials and produced a documentary on the murders.

Reporter Jamie Satterfield said during the 16-minute film there was some national coverage, but it was sparse.

“There has been some coverage,” Satterfield said in the documentary. “CNN did a piece. Fox News did some reporting. Although this case is shocking to us and certainly unfamiliar territory to east Tennessee, it is not necessarily something that hasn’t occurred similarly in other parts of the country.”

For many, the cries of racism that permeated the Trayvon Martin killing further emphasized that a racial motive in the Christian-Newsome case was not given any prominent play in the national media.


Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman will be household names for a long time.

But Christian, Newsom and Chamberlain won’t make it into that circle by a long shot.

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  • Missed?  no, this crime was impossible to miss. ignored? that just implies lack of interest.  Intentionally buried to advance a Liberal agenda? that sounds more like it

    • Church_of_Jed

      Bill O’Reilly scores maybe an 7 out of 10 in our favor, but he Whitey Fails! just as fast as anyone else.

      Have you ever heard him ask Lamont Hill to explain “what message the Knoxville Horror should send to the White community”?

  • MekongDelta69

    If you want the ENTIRE story, read Nick Stix. He’s been following this story from the beginning to the present day trials:

  • razorrare

    The Wichita Horror(2000)was just as brutal and more suppressed by the MSM…in matters of the worst race crime in terms of numbers killed by black thugs on Whites,none compares to the Zebra Killings…

    You can actually read the entire sordid story of the Wichita Horror here…

  • mikejones91

    I am not easily shaken, but this literally brought tears to my eyes. Just looking at that beautiful girl and her handsome boyfriend. Thinking about their last moments on this earth together. TOGETHER, at the hands of sub-saharan savages. I try to be fair. Some days I think to myself–Maybe coming on this fills me with hate–Maybe I am too judgmental of blacks. Maybe it’s wrong to judge a group based on the actions of individuals. But I don’t think I will EVER have these thoughts again. I am realistic. You HAVE TO judge individuals on “group history”. People call US ignorant. After “racist”, being called “ignorant” is the most frequent insult (attempted). In reality, “they” are ignorant. THEY have a lack of knowledge, not us. THEY are ignorant for NOT hearing US out. Bottom line. Usually, I am against the death penalty simply because rotting in jail is much more painful, usually. Unless they perp is black. Blacks don’t mind jail. Lethal Injection was too soft for this case. THEY should have been tortured. 

  • JohnEngelman

    A number of years ago I read an article in The New York Times that said that liberals and conservatives like to have their opinions confirmed, and that both tend to avoid exposure to facts that disturb their preconceived notions. It said that liberals do not want to be told bad things about blacks and homosexuals.
    In 1998 Matthew Shepard was killed by two men he picked up at a bar. This was in the news for months. There was an effort to blame the religious right. It was not very convincing because neither of the murderers attended church.
    While this was happening two adult male homosexuals raped and tortured to death a fourteen year old boy. I only read about that once several years later. I doubt that there was an organized conspiracy to cover the event up. Nevertheless, individual news media decided that to cover it would be divisive, it might provoke anti homosexual violence, and so on. 

    • Xanthippe2

      I doubt that it would have provoked anti-homosexual violence — and if it did this could be used to the libs advantage.  They were concerned it would “provoke” anti-homosexual OPINIONS.

    • Fredrik_H

      There’s definitely a confirmation bias but there’s also the fear that they know deep down – if whites  decide they’ve had enough – it won’t stop at burning garbage, looting sneakers and LED-TVs

      • John, they (the Uruks) declared war on us over 40 years ago..

        It’s just taken till now for a lot of us to have woke up to the fact.

        ALL whites should be armed at ALL TIMES.

        Brothers and sisters, it is time to hoist the Black Flag…

    • The__Bobster

      The true story:

      Meanwhile, poofter groups and the MSM are still spreading the lie about Saint Matthew.

  • Blacks behaving like savages simply isn’t news to most of us.

    Honestly, can any of you say you’re surprised at their behavior?  They act like this everywhere, and have done so for quite some time.  The only difference between the present and the past is that they used to be far less brazen about it, and it didn’t happen nearly as much because of the consequences, and because whites knew to avoid them.

  • razorrare

    it might provoke anti homosexual violence,and so on…

    and so on it goes…covering jewish involvement in the child pornography bussiness might promote anti-semetic violence…

    that reasoning ends when it comes to Whites.

  • razorrare

    it might provoke anti homosexual violence,and so on…

    and so on it goes…covering jewish involvement in the child pornography bussiness might promote anti-semetic violence…

    that reasoning ends when it comes to Whites.

  • razorrare

    it might provoke anti homosexual violence,and so on…

    and so on it goes…covering jewish involvement in the child pornography bussiness might promote anti-semetic violence…

    that reasoning ends when it comes to Whites.

  • razorrare

    it might provoke anti homosexual violence,and so on…

    and so on it goes…covering jewish involvement in the child pornography bussiness might promote anti-semetic violence…

    that reasoning ends when it comes to Whites.

  • Southern__Hoosier

    The Trayvon Martin case was one of those man bites dog stories. It isn’t  everyday that a white person fights back and shoots a Black thug. The Trayvon Martin shooting sent a bolt of lightning though the liberals and the lame stream press. Here was the smoking gun, proof that all whites were illegal gun toting racist rednecks on the prowl for Blacks to kill. Which was true as long as you overlooked a few things, Zimmerman wasn’t white, he wasn’t a racist, he owned the gun legally and acted in self defense. 

    Now the murders of Channon Christian and Christian Newsom are the typical black on white crime. Move along folks, happens everyday, nothing out of ordinary. An overdue library book gets better coverage than the latest black on white crime. I am surprised that stories like this don’t make the front page. They bury so many stories like this on the back page, they must be running out of room.

  • This is why I had no sympathy for those two reporters that were assaulted by a gang of blacks a few weeks ago and their own paper suppressed the story until it started to trickle out and Fox news start covering it. They are part of same corrupt “hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil” system when it comes to black on white crimes. Poetic Justice as far as I am concerned.

  • IanJMacDonald

    “They allegedly raped Christian…”

    “Allegedly”?   Why does the article use the word “allegedly” when it reports in the previous paragraph that “three men and one woman were convicted of raping both Christian and Newsom”?

    Nothing “alleged” about it.

  • I saw the “documentary” they had on this and most of it was about how it wasn’t a race crime and how White People were racists and how afraid they were that White “racists” might start a race war.   It was disgusting.  Barely a mention of the brutal third world style torture the White Children were forced to endure at the hands of third world demon spawn.

  • Athling

    I’m afraid we are just scratching the surface here. Even regular Amren readers would be shocked at what isn’t being covered.

    Take a look at this gentleman’s website for a glimpse at the tip of the iceberg. Even he can’t keep up with them. He does a daily total.

    • Athling

      Throughout the ages the Caucasian people have been the most influential and powerful people on earth when acting collectively as a group. The MSM fears this above all else. This is the primary reason for the cover up. However, they have advanced from that position to what can only be described as evil. They have become complicit.

    • Vildan

      Thanks for the link. It drives me nuts to read how much is simply being ignored, as if the deaths of those people meant nothing. It´s simply disgusting. 

      Let´s see what the libtards will say when they read those stories. Well, they will probably just ignore it like everything else. There´s just no cure for them…

  • Athling

    The nature of the media cover up, a massive cover up, is beyond belief. We appear to have a racially motivated black-on-white crime wave that has been going on for decades. The MSM is especially contemptible, if for no other reason, for not raising awareness in the black community. The MSM has done nothing to help with this situation. In fact, they have done the reverse. By literally keeping this racial crime wave hidden from a national audience the typical white person has little idea that he is being targeted by black criminals and has not prepared himself for self defense or to at least avoid areas where blacks congregate in groups.

    Those controlling the levers of mass communication have become partners in crime with these criminals in my estimation.

  • La Santa Hermandad

    I’ll never forget it nor the horrors suffered by the Wichita five, Lauren Burk,  Aimee Willard, Anne Pressley, Kitty Genovese, Eve Carson etcetera et ad infinitum.  The families of these victims are still waiting for a justice that will never be.  The only “justice” for them and all the other families of victims will be the deaths of those beasts who perpetrated those atrocities. These horror stories haunt me every day and I shudder when I think that it could happen to someone whom I love.  
    There is no justice for honest, hard working, law abiding, productive, tax paying citizens in this country especially for those who are daily being victimized by these ” creatures” who while in custody, are protected on all sides.  The sub- humans who killed, raped, mutilated and God only knows what else to Channon and Christian and Aimee will get a new trial and I wouldn’t be surprised if they were somehow acquitted. Nothing would surprise me in this pathetic example of what was once a great society.

    I try to imagine what the threshold of tolerance must be before there is a reaction on the part of White people. We certainly can start this coming November by sending the Puppet in Chief back to Chicago and the so called Attorney General back to whatever Caribbean Paradise from which he originated. 
    The next step would be for all of us to unite and defend what WE built. 

  • Full Auto

    No other people on the planet would put up with this. We cannot live with these people.

    • libertarian1234

      The real tragedy of incidents like this is that it was whites in the media, the police, prosecutor and politicians, who all worked to keep a tight lid on everything,  playing down the racial aspects and working dilligently to minimize the crimes themselves.

      This disgusting biased reporter, Jamie Satterfield, strongly supports blacks in every way and became indignant a time or two when black crime in general was mentioned to her.

      But it is the management within the newspaper that is worse than she is and who very reluctantly reported only what they had to in the beginning.

      It was something similar to the Pilot newspaper’s owner who refused to report on the black mob attack on his two reporters who were laid up due to being beaten for a week.

      Radical liberal whites are our greatest enemies.

  • ncpride

    Same here. I didn’t know a thing about these murders until I read about it on the net. And you’re right: They are terrified of White racial unity and anger, which is why they try their best to keep black on White crime hidden from the public. It’s falling apart though thanks to the internet.

  • Sheila Dinehart

    Just as president Clinton was kept aware of the potential race rioting by blacks across the country if OJSimpson were to have been found guilty of slaughtering his wife and her preperations were made to attempt to deal with that fallout (it would have been dealt with), so are preperations being made to deal with rioting by blacks targeting white victims in the Zimmerman situation…the case in Knoxville would and could have been much worse than the LA riots of Rodney KIng…the government has been trying to figure out how to effectively deal with all this when it does come down…and it will come down.

    Militant nationalistic black and leftist white skin haters who encourage them, help fund them are pathetically stupid self delusionists…but not always.  They knew to keep things quite on the Knoxville situation…they never forgot that the state of Tenn. was the home state of the KKK…but it is not known as the KKK…it is and has always been among us and getting stronger…it cannot be identified thus cannot be manipulated…it is a force and when it is unleashed it will inspire rocks to grow wings…why do you think nothing happened in Tulsa recently when the two white guys went out to target and kill blacks…because they were pissed and hate blacks?  They said so…where was the FRUIT OF ISLAM? Where was Sharpton?…you know….some things you just don’t really want to know or even need to…cause it is gonna work out, trust me (smile).

  • Pandemonium

    I prefer the ratio of 10/1.

  • Yes and “frequently” means rarely.  I know it will be ugly and extremely difficult but I still look forward to when everything comes crashing down.  I don’t want to see White People have to accept this evil they heap upon us for one more moment.  It’s so evil.  I could never have children, I could never even get pregnant but I can imagine the forever heart ache and how the parents really do die when they lose their children and even more so when it’s like this.  White Children have never gone around and tortured other people like they do to ours and on a constant basis.  I’m betting we only know a small piece of what’s really going on.

  • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

    This story wasn’t missed.  I remember that it did get into the national news.  But very quickely, a Neo Nazi group was there protesting the killing of whites by blacks as a racial crime against white people.  The parents of the victims even said that their dead children would not support these guys.  After that, the story did disappear from the media.  Although there is a cover-up of black on white crime (even brown on white crime), this is more the case that caused the black out in the first place.  There is a general fear that letting the white public know will result in “hate groups” proliferating.  Of course, we are finding out anyway and we are filled with rage.  Now, if we could only figure out how to not shoot ourselves in the foot every time….

  • anarchyst

    It’s time to “go Galt” . . . WE whites are the PRODUCERS . . . REFUSE to use national banks, pull your money out and use credit unions and local state chartered banks instead.
    If you own a business, offer a substantial discount for CASH, preferably in gold and silver. Barter goods for services and vice-versa. . .
    REFUSE to deal with companies that support the “diversity” and “multiculturalism” crowd. . . AND LET THEM KNOW WHY . . . they are insulting their very best customers . . .
    Refuse to deal with minorities . . . and let them know why . . . I am PROUD to be called “racist”. I consider being called “anti-semitic” for putting AMERICA FIRST as a badge of honor . . . I don’t care what the “tribe” thinks . . . our esteemed (racist) “attorney general” eric holder has declared that whites are not covered by “civil rights (for some) laws . . . it appears that “equal justice under law” is a fiction in today’s world . . .
    SCREW THE GOVERNMENT ON TAXES . . . you might lose some “tax breaks” but will be better off in the long run . . . if “turbotax timmy geithner” can cheat on his taxes and get away with it . . . so can we.
    Obtain alternate IDs and a foreign passport . . . you may need it in the near future . . . It seems that with all the pandering to illegal aliens, we are “foreigners” and “third-class citizens” in our own country . . .
    We have to starve the beast . . . 20% of like-minded whites will be enough to bring the system down. . .

  • anarchyst

    “Saint” Trayvon was a thug that got what he deserved . . .
    It is clear that Zimmerman was protecting his neighborhood when he asked Trayvon what business he had in that neighborhood. 
    The “average” person would have replied that he was visiting relatives–that would have been the end of the conversation and he would have been on his way. 
    One must understand the warped psychological pathology that exists in today’s blacks and “gangsta thugs”. 
    You see, Trayvon felt “disrespected” when asked about his presence in that neighborhood.  The only way for him to get his “respect” back was to jump, pummel (and possibly murder) Zimmerman. 
    Zimmerman did the only thing that he could . . .
    The “stand your ground” statute was not applicable because Trayvon was ON TOP of Zimmerman, beating his brains out.  Zimmerman could not have “retreated” in this case.
    This prosecutor that has brought charges on Zimmerman is pandering to racist, black pressure and is illegal on its face.
    If and when Zimmerman is acquitted, I would like to see him go after the prosecutor for “prosecutorial malpractice”.