Spanish Graduation Speech Enrages Community

Todd Starnes, Fox News, June 12, 2012

A California school district is defending its decision to allow a valedictorian to deliver his graduation speech entirely in Spanish even though many people in the audience only spoke English and felt excluded from the ceremony.

Jessie Ceja, the principal at Orestimba High School in Newman, Calif., said the valedictorian had earned the right to deliver the speech any way he saw fit.

“The student earned the right as valedictorian, I feel, and if he felt that way I decided to give him that opportunity,” Ceja told Mattos Newspapers.

The student, Saul Tello, Jr. said he wanted to deliver a Spanish and English language version of his speech—but the district said there was only time to deliver one.

He told the local newspaper he had no intention of making a social statement by delivering his speech in Spanish. He said he did so to honor his parents.

Prior to his speech, Tello apologized in English to the non-Spanish speakers attending the graduation ceremony.

However, that decision resulted in telephone calls to the school—and concern among some school trustees—who believed at least some of the speech should have been delivered in English.

“I think that there has to be some acknowledgement that English is the official language of the state, that you have to be proficient in English to graduate a that a sizable portion of the audience does not speak Spanish,” trustee Tim Bazar told the newspaper.


School superintendent Ed Felt defended the student’s speech and the principal’s decision.

“We are a community with two dominant languages, and both should be recognized,” Felt told the newspaper.


Tello told the newspaper that he was upset by the controversy his speech received, calling critics “close-minded.”


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  • Saul Tello Jr is this school’s 2012 valedictorian.

    Either it’s not much of a school, or they don’t choose the valedictorian using straight GPA.

    • Francis Galton

      Haha, exactly what I was thinking!  I would be very interested to see Señor Tello’s transcripts.  According to, as of 2008-2009 the school was 63 percent Hispanic, 29 percent White, and 3 percent black, so the school can’t possibly be that great.  They also show test score data, and it appears the school is a mixed bag in terms of student achievement.    

    • The__Bobster

      My school’s valedictorian was named Beverly Cohen. I couldn’t figure out who she was, since she wasn’t in any of my college prep classes.

      When I finally met her, I was shocked. This “jewish” girl turned out to be a darkie taking only the easy courses.

    • MekongDelta69

      They choose ‘winners’ in America by melanin content.
      That’s why we’ve gone from first to (almost) worst in every global scientific ratings since the early 1960s.

      But at least all the kiddies have ‘self-esteeeeeeeeeem’ and ‘feeeeeeeeel good’ about themselves.

  • ncpride

    If there was a single White student in this school, they should have walked out during his jabbering speech. I would have.

    • JackKrak

      I would have just shouted “What? What???” the whole time

  • I would like to see the graduation rates as well as the overall school’s G.P.A!  

  • Church_of_Jed

    Remember the porn “star” who read to the kids in school last year?   Those stunts are specifically designed to get an outrage so the czars of “transformation” can call you “bigoted, intolerant, and outdated,” and then you can feel ashamed of yourself for getting left behind by society’s progress.

    Stories about Spanish in school ceremonies are the same thing, and as is cancelling “God Bless America”- softening up the White baby boomer opposition by forcing it to admit its xenophobia and racism against “immigrants, who are our nation’s new life blood”.

    • splitsing

       Yep.  Any chance to call you a homophobe, islamaphobe, bigot, racist etc… they will take it.

      • Church_of_Jed

        They create the chance. It’s all a set up and a scam.

  • Another nail in America’s coffin. This is indeed a sign of the times. A totally unbelievable occurrence. Every day they are gaining ground inch by inch. Next we’ll have a Spanish speaking president.

    •  Bush 43 is conversational in Spanish, and often used it on the campaign trail.  Ironically, Bush 41 bashed Michael Dukakis for campaigning in Spanish to Hispanic audiences.

  • Major

    “He said he did so to honor his parents.”

    And to hell with America that gave this ungrateful, idiot, in an English speaking country…and the sickening diversity crowd that thinks this is so…Ohhhh….gallant…a pox on you and your speec speakers. I’m disgusted that we’ve allowed this nonsense…this bovine excrement…this foul disgrace to this country to continue.

    To “honor” his parents”. What disgusting crap. The “honor” should have been to America…that allowed this dung heap to even get here…to get an “education” that his parents would…and he..never achieved in his parents 3rd world crap hole. I’m sick of this sh**t.

  •  I was neither valedictorian or salutatorian of my class, but I was able to give a speech at graduation anyway.  I dropped a few Latin phrases in it.

  • It’s called Mexifornia for a reason…..

  • A common language and culture defines a nation. We are losing ours to foreign invaders, intent on colonizing this country. Ironically, our own government is complicit in this take over….

    • Clytemnestra

      One poster says that our elite want another Canada bilingual situation by turning the Southwest into a Southwest Quebec.

      Nothing could be further from the truth.  Canada makes sure that all Canadians have proficiency in both English and French.  The Quebecois know how to speak English, but choose not to nor do they allow it in their province.

      The United States started its bilingual programs ONLY for Hispanics to get them proficient in English.  These programs metastasized into teaching Hispanics in Spanish rather than helping them learn English which is why those Hispanics who wanted their children to assimilate refused to put them in these classes.

      Ronald Reagan proposed NAFTA in his 1980 campaign speech.  The USA signed GATT the same year they started the Bracero program during WWII.  GATT was NAFTA’s precursor, so the idea of a pan-American union had to be in the works at the end of WWII. 

      So, one has to wonder why it has never been the policy of our government to get Anglo Americans proficient in Spanish, at least, since most of our trading partners would be in Mexico, Central, and South America? 

      For the same reason why the elite proposed in-state tuition to the children of illegal aliens only rather than creating a one-tier system for everyone. 

      Divide and rule everybody.

  • Wait for the Mexicans to start demanding the US be declared a bilingual nation.  The liberal elite don’t realize they’re creating a Quebec in the Southwest.

    • MekongDelta69

      The liberal elite don’t realize they’re creating a Quebec in the Southwest.

      Oh yes they do. That is part of their leftist, anti-white agenda.

      Obama, Holder, his entire cabinet/czars of radicals, academia, media, entertainment, the ‘elite’, etc., etc. are NOT ‘stupid’ people, or “in over their heads”. (God, I hate that stupid expression.)

      They have had a Saul Alinsky agenda for decade after decade after decade. They know exactly what they want and they know exactly what they’re doing to achieve it.

      It’s all the people with the low double digit IQs who don’t ‘realize’ what’s going on; or care what’s going on; or know what’s going on – as long as they get their ‘repamarashuns’ paid for by… YOU.

      • Gnyaov

        I can tell from your comments, you are listening to a lot of Savage

  • A California school district is defending its decision to allow a valedictorian to deliver his graduation speech entirely in Spanish even though many people in the audience only spoke English and felt excluded from the ceremony.

    That’s all you need to know. They don’t care what we think. They’re going to do what they want regardless.

    Our opinions no longer matter.

    • Moreover, I would bet the majority of administrators in this CA school district are of the La Raza persuasion. This is what happens when foreign invaders take over. They implement policy based upon what is in their best racial interests. In this case, White America and English are thrown off the bus, in favor of spanish and La Raza.

      This is diversity in action….

  • As outrageous as this is to any white American, I think that, with respect, many of you are missing the real problem here.

    The valedictory (from the latin “valediciere” which is a very formal and ornate farewell) is supposed to be a message of hope and inspiration to the  graduating class.  The idea is to convince them to look forward to leaving the warm nest of high school and venturing into their Brave New World. 

    It’s not about honoring parents even though it’s customary to toss a nod in their direction and say thanks for all that hot water, electricity and free food.

    So this little geniuse’s reasons for choosing spanish were improper and the principal should have quashed it based on that alone.  (“Look kid, this isn’t about YOU . . . this is about all of THEM.  You wanna honor pappa & mama, take them to Taco Bell.  You’re not screwing up my graduation.”)

    The superintendent should have quashed it and the trustees should have quashed it.  All failed to do their duty.

    The message sent isn’t really racial . . . it is that ME-ism is once again being rewarded.  From rims to war paint . . . coloreds are all about ME.

    But then, so are white kids.  I bet the white kids in the audience thought the whole thing was pretty cool.


  • JackKrak

    “Jessie Ceja, the principal at Orestimba High School in Newman, Calif., said the valedictorian had earned the right to deliver the speech any way he saw fit.”

    Let’s bear this in mind when a future valedictorian wants to deliver a speech in Klingon using elements of  interpretive dance and Kabuki theater while riding a uncycle on a tightrope.

  • mialexa

    As right wing as I am, I support his right to honor his parents by speaking to them in a language they understand. They made his success possible. As a conservative I believe that your parents are the most important influences and you owe your loyalty to them above all else. Schools are run by the government and you owe no allegience to them.

    • Your premise is all wrong. This isn’t about being loyal to his parents, it’s about being loyal to La Raza!

      • mialexa

        They may not speak english but that does not preclude them from being proud their son has achieved the American dream. Their son speaks english and graduated high school, quite an achievement from an hispanic teen male. Why waste time slamming the good hispanic kids while scum walks our cities. It wastes time and it’s petty.

        What about all the Irish Americans who are still obsessed with Ireland after 4 generations in America. Ireland is about as crappy a country as Mexico ever was and yet Irish and even part Irish Americans wax lyrical about Ireland. Irish/American catholics as good as gave their sons to be raped by Irish priests and still can’t break free of the wearin o’ the green.

        • I have yet to see mobs of Irishmen, marching down our streets, while waving the flag of Ireland; demanding rights and privileges for which they are not entitled. However, I see hordes of Mexicans who do just that.

  • S_Drayton

    Look on the bright side, that fault line can’t hold out forever.

  • I mean a president whose native language is Spanish. Fully bilingual.

  • mialexa

    I disagree with everything you said, except for your points on immigration and the taxpayers who paid for his edication. However, no valedi torian is going to thank the taxpayers in his comencement speech. I pay extra property tax measures to support schools but I never expect to get thanks for it. Think on this though, if our economy was totally bankrupt and you had no way to earn a living and support your family what would you do? Say there were jobs in construction available in Canada or Mexico, but they were illegal jobs. Do you owe more responsibility to your family or to Canadians and Mexicans or the governments of those countries? I’d do what I had to do to feed my kids.

  • Rome has become mexico….