EU Should ‘Undermine National Homogeneity’ Says UN Migration Chief

Brian Wheeler, BBC News, June 21, 2012

The EU should “do its best to undermine” the “homogeneity” of its member states, the UN’s special representative for migration has said.

Peter Sutherland told peers the future prosperity of many EU states depended on them becoming multicultural.

Peter Sutherland

He also suggested the UK government’s immigration policy had no basis in international law.

He was being quizzed by the Lords EU home affairs sub-committee which is investigating global migration.

Mr Sutherland, who is non-executive chairman of Goldman Sachs International and a former chairman of oil giant BP, heads the Global Forum on Migration and Development, which brings together representatives of 160 nations to share policy ideas.

He told the House of Lords committee migration was a “crucial dynamic for economic growth” in some EU nations “however difficult it may be to explain this to the citizens of those states”.

‘More open’

An ageing or declining native population in countries like Germany or southern EU states was the “key argument and, I hesitate to the use word because people have attacked it, for the development of multicultural states”, he added.

“It’s impossible to consider that the degree of homogeneity which is implied by the other argument can survive because states have to become more open states, in terms of the people who inhabit them. Just as the United Kingdom has demonstrated.”

The UN special representative on migration was also quizzed about what the EU should do about evidence from the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) that employment rates among migrants were higher in the US and Australia than EU countries.

He told the committee: “The United States, or Australia and New Zealand, are migrant societies and therefore they accommodate more readily those from other backgrounds than we do ourselves, who still nurse a sense of our homogeneity and difference from others.

“And that’s precisely what the European Union, in my view, should be doing its best to undermine.”

Mr Sutherland recently argued, in a lecture to the London School of Economics, of which he is chairman, that there was a “shift from states selecting migrants to migrants selecting states” and the EU’s ability to compete at a “global level” was at risk.

‘No justification’

In evidence to the Lords committee, he urged EU member states to work together more closely on migration policy and advocated a global approach to the issue – criticising the UK government’s attempt to cut net migration from its current level to “tens of thousands” a year through visa restrictions.

British higher education chiefs want non-EU overseas students to be exempted from migration statistics and say visa restrictions brought in to help the government meet its target will damage Britain’s economic competitiveness.

But immigration minister Damian Green has said exempting foreign students would amount to “fiddling” the figures and the current method of counting was approved by the UN.

Committee chairman Lord Hannay, a crossbench peer and a former British ambassador to the UN, said Mr Green’s claim of UN backing for including students in migration figures “frankly doesn’t hold water – this is not a piece of international law”.

Mr Sutherland, a former Attorney General of Ireland, agreed, saying: “Absolutely not. it provides absolutely no justification at all for the position they are talking about.”

‘UK support’

He said the policy risked Britain’s traditional status as “tolerant, open society” and would be “massively damaging” to its higher education sector both financially and intellectually.

“It’s very important that we should not send a signal from this country, either to potential students of the highest quality, or to academic staff, that this is in some way an unsympathetic environment in which to seek visas or whatever other permissions are required… and I would be fearful that that could be a signal.”

Mr Sutherland, who has attended meetings of The Bilderberg Group, a top level international networking organisation often criticised for its alleged secrecy, called on EU states to stop targeting “highly skilled” migrants, arguing that “at the most basic level individuals should have a freedom of choice” about whether to come and study or work in another country.

Mr Sutherland also briefed the peers on plans for the Global Migration and Development Forum’s next annual conference in Mauritius in November, adding: “The UK has been very constructively engaged in this whole process from the beginning and very supportive of me personally.”

Asked afterwards how much the UK had contributed to the forum’s running costs in the six years it had been in existence, he said it was a relatively small sum in the region of “tens of thousands”.


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  • JackKrak

    Sometimes, the mask slips….

    Yes, Mr. Sutherland, if all of Europe looked like London’s East End or Marseille or Malmo or Rotterdam I’m sure you would be overjoyed. Then you and your kind could minister to a population that would never even question the necessity of a free-spending and unaccountable EU and would line up with their hands cupped every day to gladly receive whatever goodies were being given out.

  • Did a little digging into Peter Sutherland’s ethnic background. Hmm interesting.

  • Matt

    Peter Sutherland is jewish. Saw this interesting article on V Dare by Stephen Steinlight titled ” jews are disproportionately involved in every kind of insanity, immigration and jews.”

    •  I read the other day that the Jews in the U.S. “earn like Episcopalians and vote like Puerto Ricans.” As the Ashkenazic Jews tend to have the world’s highest IQs, how do we explain that? If you’ve got money, you vote to protect it. Unless you’re Jewish, apparently.

      • They’re for mass immigration, safety in numbers is their reasoning, after what happened to them in Nazi Germany.

        • IstvanIN

          And what did they do to create and maintain the USSR?

        • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

           So he and other Jews like him should be understood in that light, patted on the head and sent away in peace, not listened to or given policy making powers.

        •  Mass immigration by non-Whites, as the Jews tend to view Whites as those who have persecuted them throughout history. I think they tend to assume, “The fewer Whites, the less anti-Semitism.”

          • IstvanIN

            And what were the reasons for the “persecution”?  Not allowed to mention that.

      • High IQ does not correspond to wisdom.  The people destroying the West today are the people with the highest IQ.  Any quasi-literate Sicilian grandmother has more wisdom than 90% of the “high IQ” demons deconstructing Western Civ.  Atheists in particular have little wisdom, and once Jews become atheists, well, history speaks for itself…

        • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

           You’re right I believe, but I have always put it in another way;

          I have always noticed that IQ is diminished by emotions or emotionalism, just as a martial artist, or a general in the field must keep a cool head or be defeated by himself.  So if a plan is driven by primal fears of extermination as many Jews understandably are, their ideas will be incompletely thought out.  The typical Jewish plan is obviously driven by historical fears; which is why they should not be making policy or even influencing it.  But such mistakes in thinking are not limited to our enemies, but often defeat us, too.

          • IstvanIN

            fear that they will create another USSR?

          • Kurt Plummer


            …So if a plan is driven by primal fears of extermination as many Jews understandably are, their ideas will be incompletely thought out.

            The Jewish Quest for Universalism predates Nazi Germany, by centuries.

            So too does European expulsion of Jews.


            If everyone says it’s you?  It’s you.

            Note how Dr. Roni Stauber of the Kantor Center cannot seem to hold his eyes on the camera-


            As he does everything in his power to intimate that this is some kind of ‘political conspiracy’ wherein attacks from the extreme left and right are all anti-semitic, implying that only those of the mute center, too afraid of accusations of something as rude as self-interest are trustworthy.

            We would call such ‘centrists’ sheeple.

            And the irony is that this is NOT a white attack on the Jewish community.  But a Muslim one (Toulouse schoolhouse shooting).


            The typical Jewish plan is obviously driven by historical fears; which is why they should not be making policy or even influencing it. But such mistakes in thinking are not limited to our enemies, but often defeat us, too.

            Psychobabble.  This is not something like a paranoid refusing to believe that the whole world is -not- after him.  This is a people creating the policies _deliberately_ displacing other, equally sovereign, peoples by which the world should legitimately does hate them.

            Smart people can be made to see the converse of something.  Stupid people cannot be.  I guess that makes us stupid because we refuse to admit that the converse of being paranoid in defense.  Is being diabolical in deliberate intent.

            Israel is the hoist.  Jewish arrogance of assumption that we don’t SEE what they do at home vs. what they undo here in ours, is the petard by which I sincerely hope they are disenfranchised from any power over us.


          • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

             I can hardly translate your words to make coherent sense.

            I gather that you hate Jews thoroughly and that you consider them solely and absolutely to blame for all afflicting whites and white survival.

            I would like to make these historical points and then a comment;

            Without Jews, Europe would have suffered at the very least hundreds of more years in Christian ignorance and brutal suppression by warlords ordained by the Church.

            Since Christianity in its wisdom forbade Christians to handle money,
            (except the clergy of course), it was left to Jews to create the
            financial network and bring banking and help kings and empires grow.

            Jews supplied all outside news, luxuries such as silks and diamonds, and other precious stones, to such an extent that such stones are called Jew-els in the English language.

            Their trade practices were learned first by the Dutch, who emulated them and still benefit from what they learned from the Jews.   The Jewish merchant made mercantilism in Europe grow (and become largely Christian) and produce the first middle class in world history. 

            The only medical school in Europe in Montpelier, France was run by Jews.

            It is widely believed that Christopher Columbus was a Jew.  Certainly, there were several known Jews on his voyage of 1492 and Queen Isabelle’s banker, who financed the expedition, was a Jew.

            For people like you, if and when there is not one Jew left in the world the problems you blame them for will be seen to remain and Jewish demons will somehow arrive, possess people and provide you with further nourishment for your psychosis.

        •  Yes. A high IQ does not automatically equal wisdom. Often, it’s just the other way around. Or, as the average Midwestern man-on-the-street might say, “Book smart, but no common sense.”

      • Xanthippe2

        The Frog and the Scorpion.

        • Kurt Plummer

          It’s not the Jews money.  They’ve just conned other people into letting them control theirs.

          That’s the nature of the cat’s paw/stalking horse game.  You use other’s gullibility or laziness to put yourself into a position of power as their ‘managers’.  All the while, manipulating events so that fulfilling their needs, either in and of themselves or as a funciton of the guilt they induce as ‘privilege undeserved’ causes you to be able to warp and remission the purpose of the system which you nominally serve.

          But which in fact is simply _your_ vehicle for your own goals.

          If you are a Jew.

          Showing up at the back door of a campaign headquarters with a suitcase full of untraceable money.

          And a promise that, someday, you will come back.  To ask for a very special favor.

      • Orion_Blue

        Diversity, like Sky Diving for those scared of heights, is perhaps best enjoyed from a distance.

        For those with the ability to pull down a talented salary, it can seem large-hearted and eminently ethical to advocate for the rights of the ‘downtrodden’ and the ‘opressed’, without any real personal cost being incured. We are being sold this hokum on the basis of pulling in more talent, thereby defending the status of the affluent against competitive predations from the natives.

        The importation of newcomers implies unnecessary competition for the natives, thereby massively increasing the gap between the non Executive Chairmen of prominent investment bans and others of comparable status, and the rest of the population.

        • Kurt Plummer


          Think about what you just said.  Specifically this-

          …without any real personal cost being incured. We are being sold this hokum on the basis of pulling in more talent, thereby defending the status of the affluent against competitive predations from the natives.

          Why would ‘talent’ be something that defends as opposed to compresses or undermines the wealthy?  More competition adds stress to their lives and I cannot believe in a wealthy person putting another person in the race just to prove they are still the fastest runner.

          OTOH, if ‘talent’ is the same as saying -unskilled labor- then it is NOT talent seeking at all.  Because -talent- is what makes sufficient numbers of industrial goods that you can sell them throughout the world and so gain a reasonable profit from having mercantile control over their exclusive sale and distribution.

          You know, like the British used to do with us before the Revolution: “No early machine tools for you mi’ laddy!  We’re the builders here!”

          If a nation produces nothing, then it hardly matters if it has a wealthy class because the nature of that wealth is relative to what other nations will trade for it in terms of goods and services which -they- provide.

          Not the dirty handed ungrateful blue collar /workers/ who are constantly asking for raises.

          In essence, your argument is one of controlling internal economics by turning America into a giant thirdworld sewer while letting the ROW go on about it’s business in creating 21st century working societies without us.

          These wealthy people are not just adding new runners but cutting their own hamstrings in a race for which they have given up all control over who buys and who sells _abroad_.  Wherein our true resource dependencies as much as market strengths must lie.

          Of course, if by ‘talent’ you mean the Greek definition of the heaviest quantity of gold.  Well, by all means, gnaw away I hope it keeps your Midasian belly full.

          • Orion_Blue


            I was not referring to American economics. Rather, I was pointing up the idiocy of those who are deemed to be of the economic elite, putting further social capital distance between themselves and their less advantaged countrymen by importing foreign talent to drive down wages/salaries and living standards.

            Too many of the economic elite wish to pay 3rd World wages to drive down costs and to destabilise security.

            There are too many upscales looking to cut corners and cement their own position of wealth and power.

    • Oil Can Harry

      Sutherland and his fellow elitists at Goldman Sachs forgot to include Israel in their list of nations that should open their borders.

      I’m sure it was an honest oversight and he’ll correct it any minute now. He’ll also condemn the Israelis very harshly for deporting Africans.

      Yup, that should be happening any minute now…

      • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

         Ummm, better check it out, Israel has a large Arab population and has had non-Jews living in it since the beginning.  In fact, so many non-Jews live there that there is a worry that Jews will soon be outnumbered by Muslims in Israel.

    • I find it shocking that he is Jewish (sarcasm). Do as I say, not as I Jew.

    • eunometic

      I do not believe Peter Sutherland is Jewish though he might be classified as a sabbath goy.

      We do have a problem with “transnational global elites”. Ford foundation, Rockerfeller, council of foreign relations the list goes on. Jo McCarthy started coming up against these organisations as he started to trace what he thought was communist money. It was a billionaire called Lehman (yep the same one) that finished him.

      I suggest a read of Kerry Boltons “The Revolution from Above” will show that Leftists/Liberals that we think are the problem are merely used as usefull idiots. That’s why RINO phoneycons are indistinguishable from Democrats in many instances.

  • MekongDelta69

    Yeah – because, God forbid, we just can’t POSSIBLY find any more white people with IQs over 25 in any civilized white Western nation.

  • “Homogeneity” is liberal shorthand for “too many White people.” I hope Sutherland’s granddaughter has several kids by one of these “highly unskilled” immigrants — preferably from, oh, say, Kenya. The kid might grow up to be prime minister. After all, it worked for Obama!

    • Exactly, every white person that advocates “multiculturalism” and “diversity” should offer his or her daughter to a muslim somali. She will be beaten, gang-raped, have her genitals cut and impregnated with 5 ugly, violent black children. Then ask how “diversity is strength.”

  • This is pure advocacy of genocide against white nations and those calling for it needed to be held accountable for attempted genocide.


  • loyalwhitebriton

    The EU has been undermining the homogeneity of member nations for decades; indeed, it is the EUs’ foremost strategy to destroy national identity to facilitate the eventual take-over of society by their rotten elites. Mr Sutherland is simply stating what we all know, though in a sort of post-mortem fashion to give the impression of “aspiration” instead of (more correctly) “done deal (for decades!)”.

    “Crucial dynamic for economic growth”
    This is, of course, utter fiction. Britain built an empire* when we were an almost completely homogeneous nation, and isn’t it interesting that our empire started to crumble (in earnest) after WWII, just at the exact time that we started to import foreigners?
    Also, Japan is a largely ethnically homogeneous nation, and Japan is hardly a third world nation!

    * About the British Empire, I have two sincerely felt regrets:
    1. It wasn’t big enough.
    2. It didn’t last long enough.

    • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

       I like you and agree with what you say.  However, I would like to add these observations;

      1. The British Empire lost its power due to fighting two world wars and losing too many young men.  This was evident after WW1 alone. 
      2.  Many nations inside and out of the British Empire came to desire independence after WW1 and collapse of so many empires; The Ottoman, The Hapsburg, The Russian, and the clear weakening of the Dutch, French and other empires.  Our President Wilson may have helped spur on this notion through his ideas of a League of Nations and his 14 Points as much as the communist movement had been agitating for the overthrow of empire since the mid 19th century.

      What I mean to say is that history doomed the empire as a system of world order.

      What is coming next is the big question.  To me it looks like chaos, with corporations grabbing what they can through whatever manipulations of whatever government they can manage.  We are the folk and we must find a way to survive in spite of all this.

      • IstvanIN

        Warmonger Wilson caused the world more grief than just about anyone. 

        • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

           Perhaps indirectly, through being idealistic and utopian perhaps, but not as a warmonger.  It was the British and French who wished to gain for their empires and French revenge the really led to the next war.  If you put that title on Wilson, you have to ignore the plain facts of history and well known fact.  Wilson died while pursuing a strenuous and losing campaign for The League of Nations in the U.S.

          • IstvanIN

            He wanted us in WWI, a war which was not our fight. His administration loaded up the Lusitania with munitions, so that the German Imperial navy would sink it to give him a reason to enter the war. He was rabidly ant-monarch which precluded any hope of a Hohenzollern Prince taking the throne of Germany after the war. Wilson’s policies led directly to WWII.

          • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

            These are opinions based on your unique interpretation and obvious bias.  I have several books on WW1  as well as film documentaries and I have read them all and studied the documentaries over and over during the years, plus I lived in Europe and even toured some WW1 battle fields such as the Izonzo (Soca) Front between Slovenia and Italy .  I have also read Churchill’s commentaries and his History of the English Speaking Peoples. You have to ignore a great deal and stretch the flimsiest evidence to make your statements.

          • Pandemonium

            To better understand Wilson, read about Edward M. House. Wilson himself called House his “alter ego”.

            Edward House wrote a book titled PHILIP DREW, ADMINISTRATOR. 

            Read that book and understand the mind of House. Wilson said of House, “he’s the first person I see in the morning, and the last person I confer with at night”. 

            Wilson was a fool. 

          • IstvanIN

            Louis Brandeis’ appointment to the Supreme Court is more proof of Woodrow Wilson’s evil anti-Americanism.

          • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

             No, simply no.

  • On Wikipedia it says he’s Irish, he doesn’t look very Irish to me. Talking of Ireland, the politician who is in charge of immigration Alan  Shatter is jewish, has let in hundreds of thousands of Africans into Ireland over the last 10 years.

    • IstvanIN

      An alien should not be decding which aliens get let in to Ireland.

    • Black Irish? My red-haired, blue-eyed grandfather is spinning in his grave.

  • TonyWestfield

    “shift from states selecting migrants to migrants selecting states”

    Hmmm, the migrants select their destination?  This sounded vaguely familiar, then it dawned on me. I’m living this, in microcosm: In my prosperous region of USA, criminals “select” their targets. Lucky for the criminals, they don’t have to deal with immigration authorities who might inhibit mobility.

    We have no civilization until the migrants arrive. That’s why they are so eager to “select” us — it’s because there is nothing here to attract them. Confusing, but I’m sure the United Nations could clarify my thinking.

  • Least Failed StatesVery High HDI Ranking (1 = Most Developed)Global CompetitivenessNational IQPopulation Growth Since 1960GDP per capita in PPP terms (constant 2005 international $)1.      Finland2249918%42%2.      Norway11610027%45%3.      Sweden1039921%38%4.      Switzerland11110131%20%5.      Denmark168989%37%6.      New Zealand5259946%32%7.      Ireland7299237%67%8.      Luxembourg 252310039%60%9.      Austria191910016%37%10.   Canada6129948%34%11.   Australia2209855%39%12.   Netherlands3710031%37%13.   Iceland143010146%37%14.   Japan12910526%42%15.   Portugal41459517%44%16.   Germany969911%34%17.   France20189828%32%18.   United Kingdom281010016%44%19.   Belgium18159915%35%20.   United States 459840%40%

    What Sutherland says has absolutely no basis in fact as you can see by studying the above chart that I compiled. The most economically competitive and prosperous countries in the world have some of the lowest population growth rates. Likely, their population growth is due to native birth rates and skilled migration. The most failed states in the world, mostly in Africa, have the highest population growth rates and, predictably, the lowest economic growth. Many have seen negative GDP per capita PPP in the last 30 years. The bottom line is that population growth and migration have almost nothing at all to do with economic development and prosperity.

    Could you make your chart a little easier to read? — Moderator

    • I’m trying to delete this comment because the Excel chart won’t display correctly in the comment box. Now there is no option to edit or delete.

  • If 3rd worlders could support a 1st world environment they would do so in their homelands. US blacks on welfare live better than the top 1% of natives in black nations.

    • IstvanIN

      So true.  If they were capable of building or even maintaininga first world society they wouldn’t leave the countries they came from.

  • What Sutherland says has absolutely no basis in fact. The most economically competitive and prosperous countries in the world have some of the lowest population growth rates. Likely, their population growth is due to native birth rates and skilled migration. The most failed states in the world, mostly in Africa, have the highest population growth rates and, predictably, the lowest economic growth. Many have seen negative GDP per capita PPP in the last 30 years. The bottom line is that population growth and migration have almost nothing at all to do with economic development and prosperity.

    If anyone is interested, there is an awesome new study just released by the National Burea of Economic Research called “The European Origins of Economic Development”. It makes a strong case for America’s economic success as a result of European founding stock.  

  • Athling

    Mr. Sutherland, being a vagabond himself, has no loyalties to anything other than mammon. He cares not one whit that the ideas produced by his fevered brain would ultimately destroy Western nations.

    He proposes a temporary medicine that ends up killing the patient.

    Note also that though he be Jewish he is not holding a gun on any of the EU members. He isn’t forcing anyone to do anything. He can only suggest.

    I would love to see an EU member take him to task and call him out on his unbridled greed. To show him the effect racial aliens have on native Europeans in terms of crime and the creation of no-go zones for natives, the replacing of churches with mosques, bit by bit irrevocably destroying the identity of the nation and its people.

    This man is insane and should be treated as such.

  • Achaean

    The nation states of Europe are the envy of the world; when you examine the historical record almost every great cultural achievement has been a white one from literature, art, architecture, painting, philosophy to science. Whites have a well-balanced combination of mental and physical attributes lacking in all other races; it is not simply a high intelligence but a high set of virtues consistent with actual manly accomplishment, not least of which includes the making of nation states themselves. Who created the nation state? White Europeans, after which all the non-white ethnic groups were given their nation states with flags and anthems, courtesy of whites, including the state of Israel. The left and neoconservatives hate whites for this achievement and this is why they seek to destroy Europe’s nation states. 

  • .

    The guy is Irish Catholic not Jewish. There are a number of Jews who read this site and I’d appreciate it if you wouldn’t alienate them with that nonsense. I’d rather have them as friends not enemies.

  • Rocky Bass,

    Oh boy, another genius that’s going to explain why more serpents in my babies bassinet would be a good thing. 

  • I remember Herman van Rompuy, the unelected president of the EUSSR  saying a couple of years ago ”  In the future the monocultural nation will cease to exist.”

  • Tell this to the Russians, Japanese, Greeks, Chinese, Israelis, Saudis,  ….

  • holyflower

    Of course one obvious response to the Sutherlands of this world is what reducing homogeneity does to social capital, trust, civic participation and social cohesion:

     “A bleak picture of the corrosive effects of ethnic diversity has been revealed in research by Harvard University’s Robert Putnam, one of the world’s most influential political scientists. His research shows that the more diverse a community is, the less likely its inhabitants are to trust anyone – from their next-door neighbor to the mayor …” (Financial Times, Oct. 8, 2006)* 

    Putnam: “…in the presence of diversity, we hunker down. We act like turtles. The effect of diversity is worse than had been imagined. And it’s not just that we don’t trust people who are not like us. In diverse communities, we don’t trust people who do look like us.” 

    “Prof. Putnam found trust was lowest in Los Angeles, ‘the most diverse human habitation in human history’ . . . When the data were adjusted for class, income and other factors, they showed that the more people of different races lived in the same community, the greater the loss of trust.” 


    Maybe hunkered-down, helpless (because they can’t organize since trust is non-existent), paranoid (with good reason) populations are ideal, from the perspective of the global financial and political elites.  Such populations will be easier to manage.

    Sutherland call for multicultural states makes plenty of sense.

  • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

    Rather than encourage and support Europeans in producing more babies, idiots like this truly think that turning Europe into a genetic cesspool with Islam fighting to control everyone will lead to peace and prosperity.  This man is declaring an acceptance of the genocide and replacement of the indigenous populations of Europe.  He is a criminal.

    • NM156

      I would have finished the article if not for the intrusive hallucinations of this guy’s head exploding.

      • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

         I usually don’t find criticism of things like personal presentation worthy, but in your case, I understand your aversion was not under your control.

    • Orion_Blue

      Actually, what he has done, is to unilaterally declare war on the indigent Europeans on behalf of the big money, globalising, puppet-master superclass.

      • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

         I wouldn’t disagree with that.

  • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

     What I have read is that Jews in Eastern Europe thought communism was a good idea not because they were poor, everyone was poor except a precious few nobles, and the church; they thought that under a communist system they would be treated better because religion was de-emphysised (not supported by the state) while it also mandated that all be treated equally.  Of course, this did not turn out to be true for many Jews in the USSR.

  • If you’ve ever wondered what the enemy looks like, take a look at Peter Sutherland. A White liberal Jew, advocating for open borders in the name of diversity. As far as I’m concerned, It doesn’t get much worse than that.

  • Peter Sutherland told peers the future prosperity of many EU states depended on them becoming multicultural.

    May I see the peer reviewed studies or is this simply one mans’ opinion?

  • I know I am starting to sound boring about all of this but consult the Comintern protocols of their early twentieth century congresses- it’s all there step by devious step.

  • Xanthippe2

    Iceland a very homogenous, intelligent White nation was about the only nation to say “no” to the international bankers.  Of course  Peter Sutherland and his ilk do not want strong, homogenous White nations; they are afraid that might spell their end.

    Multi-racial countries have more conflict, more corruption, and less stability.  They are certainly not more prosperous.  Mr. Sutherland wants to protect his group.  He is driven by a hatred of Whites, not by a desire for prosperity.

  • NM156

    Please explain to me how this subprime derivative criminal and his gang of globalist oligarchs are not every bit as dedicated to the destruction of the United States as the Left.

  • KenelmDigby

    Another reason why the EU must go.

  • Orion_Blue

    He said the policy risked Britain’s traditional status as “tolerant, open society” and would be “massively damaging” to its higher education sector both financially and intellectually.

    If the UK is to remain a ‘tolerant and open society’s (a claim I consider to be overstated),, then the rationale of importing vast numbers of unassimalables who are innately hostile to those values will have the effect of stripping us of that claim.

  • Orion_Blue

    There is NO proof that any benefit will result.

    On the contrary, benefits will result; the question is, to whom will these benefits accrue?

    Think of the emergence of the Russian Oligarchs and the bid for mass expropriation of land, assets, natural resources, etc.

    Then there is also the increased recognition of the Eastern European states that were under the heel of a previous (and, inevitably failed), social experiment in levelling down the vast bulk of the population, while cementing and rendering unassailable, an immovable elite who’s wealth and power can never again be successfully challenged from the bottom up.

    The populations of those Eastern European states were, paradoxically, largely free of the onslaught of cultural Marxism (they had the materially based one), therefore they still overtly express a natural aversion to the dissolution of their own population. This is something the Third World dominated UN has to extinguish as quicklyas possible.

  • Vildan

    Sooo, what that creature wants is to completely destroy European cultures and their proud history…?
    Well, what do you expect from a creature that had anything to do with Goldman Sachs?

    Here´s a nice video

  • .

    You can’t have a first world country with a third world population.

  • You mean atheists like John Derbyshire who move from Britain to Long Island, NY and marry Chinese women and then spend an entire career complaining about the people in the land he adopted and write little columns arguing that Islam is no different in its theology than Christianity, the religion that forged the West? I’ll take the risk.

    • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

       Christianity did not forge the West, it usurped it and took credit as it always has and does for everything that has been accomplished, often without their help and often in spite of their opposition.

      Ringer was NOT talking about liberal atheists.  Don’t pretend he was.

  • We should listen to the fat scumbag as soon as he starts preaching this to his own tribe in Israel.   Until then he is just a lying hypocrite.

  •  Multiculturalism would not be bad, if those cultures, were civilized cultures.

  • Screamin_Ruffed_Grouse

     He also suggested the UK government’s immigration policy had no basis in international law.

    Well, I’d certainly hope not. UK immigration policy is supposed to be based in UK law.

  •  A Western Civ prof I had once made the case that the Industrial Revolution could have sparked in the Hellenistic Empire, because it and 18th Century England shared a lot of similarities.  I can’t remember his entire spiel, though.

  • IstvanIN

    You are full of baloney.  Even if Spain had invaded England it is unlikely they would have replaced English with Spanish.  The Dutch still speak Dutch.  They wouldn’t have held it forever.  That being said Spanish is now a third world language spoken mostly by people who would be incapable of sustaining a 15th century civilization let alone a modern civilization.  Most Spanish speakers are in no way, shape or form Spanish.

  • Xanthippe2

    They are not mutually exclusive at all, but his hatred of Whites is greater than his love of prosperity.  Doesn’t his desire to multiculturalize White nations show this pretty clearly?

  • Growth can be leveraged. If a $12 trillion society is growing at 3% per year that works out to 34% per decade, or about $4 trillion in growth. Our financial engineers can then take this 34% projected growth and leverage it at a typical Wall Street rate of 35:1, to make big magical money in ways only they could stomach, you know, to get stuff.
    $4 trillion leveraged at 35:1 is $142 trillion, or big happy dollar signs dancing in the Goldman Sachs’ peoples’ eyes. The only problem with this financial magic is if you have leveraged $4 trillion in projected growth, and that growth doesn’t come. In this case (1) you lose your $4 trillion and (2) the people you’ve scammed lose some percentage of the balance of the magical money pie.
    So with their system in trouble, the prospect of 3rd world refuse entering white societies and economically participating to the level of the natives is floated. Mr. ‘Sutherland’ may belief this might work but probably not. I suspect he is primarily motivated by paranoia and a secret envy of whites. I’m sure there is plenty of greed within him as well. The concept of community is, in contrast, foreign to his people.

  •  Jared Taylor has been trying to avoid the White Elephant of  Jewish question for 30 years and he is still marginalized.

    What did he achieve? Nothing.

    Jared Taylor will try to marry his children with Jews and forget about the whole White Project. 

  •  Are you referring to pre or post Alexander Greece?  Thanks to what you said, it’s now kinda coming back to me, that the Alexandrian Empire mated Greece’s scientific and technological advances with a fairly unitary empire overlaying a good chunk of the known world and its access to resources and raw materials and its fairly stable trade.   I do not remember him citing slavery as a reason why it didn’t happen, but it makes sense — How much slower was/is our pace of technological advancements here in America thanks to slave black labor and now cheap Hispanic labor?

  • If Europe goes along w/this, it will be willful, intentional racial suicide.

  • Significantly, Sutherland’s ‘advice’ came during the same week that Labour Leader Ed Miliband gave a well-publicised speech about mass immigration under Blair and Brown, which was dutifully portrayed by the mass media as ‘addressing the concerns’ of British voters. For good measure, a number of commentators and trades unionists chipped in with feigned indignation, accusing him of pandering to ‘racism’. This was nonsense of course. Strip away the headlines and look at the text of the speech, and what you see is Miliband reiterating the case for mass immigration whilst singling out only one group for any degree of criticism: indigenous Europeans from the EU accession states. Miliband and Sutherland are peas in a pod, both vigorously anti-European and in favour of the mass settlement of European countries by African and Asian immigrants:

  • Token Finn

    You seem to have misunderstood him. He is not disagreeing with you…that much at least. Just making a good analogy.

  • Many people on this thread are making the issue more complicated than it is or needs to be.

    The answer is Goldman Sachs, and by that, I don’t mean the ethnic angle, I mean the money making angle.  The more homogenized is the world, the easier it is for certain professions of people and their firms to make money and become more wealthy.


    Dear Auto, 
    For a long time, I believed as you do.  Then I actually began to investigate more (look behind the curtain).  Please do so.  When you get all the information, you too will realize that, in fact, a certain tiny group of people have captured our government and culture — and not for our benefit.

    Start by performing this simple test:  Ask any high school student how many Jews were killed in WWII, who Anne Frank was, and what Auschwitz was.  Instant excited gleam and pridce in their eyes as they give the correct answers.

    Now ask them how many Americans died in WWII, and what happened at Cabanatuan or who Audi Murphy is.  Not a clue!   Why is it that American schools teach Jewish European history instead of American history?  

    Now go find and read: The Israel Lobby and US Foreign Policy, by Mearsheimer and Walt from Harvard & U. of Chicago.  

    • IstvanIN

      Black heroism, Jewish sufferink are not the only things taught.  They also teach that YT is bad to the bone.

  • Kurt Plummer

    Except that, thermodynamically, it’s rotten.  Because the Social Welfare enablement-as-entitlement crowd are not themselves the engine which makes society turn over.  Rather it is all those who work -outside- the welfare community.  For themselves.

    Take away from them the dignity of success and low criminality as a flood of immigrants and lower class entitlement queens and you take away the tax base which refuses to contribute to a system which benefits others who do not work.

    Myself, admitting that there are those who will never be good for much in a modern world environment is pretty much like breathing.

    When 90% of the worlds population growth comes from countries that have sub-90 IQs and _even white Americans_ are struggling to keep up with the constant changes as challenges of life in the modern society; it stands to reason that those who cannot survive in their own countries will not create a population that can do so, on their own, in ours.

    And this is where the hypocrisy comes in.

    For if you want world socialism, fine.  Start in Africa and Central America.  Use robotics to install the basics of modern living: electricity (solar or wind or tide) and clean water (desal plants at the coasts).  And raise us easy-living cities where the people live as they always have but without expectation from or for much more that what they have already in their mud-hut existence.

    Because it is a subsidized living -over there-.  Enabled by robotic service and support systems run indirectly (teleo-operation) from giant global service centers.

    What makes this not just a misunderstanding but a deliberate, sabotage is the fact that these people are NOT being helped where they live.  They are being brought over here, where they quickly reduce what is beautiful down to their own LCD standard of normality.

    And as I said, thermodynamically, that’s just not practical.

    Three basic rules of Thermodynamics:
    1.  You cannot get more WP out than you put E in.
    2.  The more steps between E to WP, the less efficient the system becomes.
    3.  All systems are natively entropic because they all become less efficient when you have start to run out of the resources that make them work.

    This is stuff Rube Goldberg got back in _1949_:

    The Rube Goldberg Machine Contest originated at Purdue University in 1949 as a competition between Theta Tau and Triangle, and it was held annually until 1956. Phi Chapter revived the contest in 1983 as a competition open to all Purdue students. Since 1989, the Theta Tau Rube Machine Contest has been a national competition held at Purdue University in March each year with participation by winning entries from local competitions sponsored by Theta Tau Chapters across the nation. The national contest has gained much coverage by the press and television media. Past winners of the contest have made appearances on the Late Show with David Letterman and Jimmy Kimmel Live. The Machine Contest is the subject of the feature documentary Mousetrap to Mars. 

    And we laugh at his illustrations of absurdity, never realizing the LESSON that they are supposed to teach.

  • loyalwhitebriton

    Far too much is made of the bad weather encountered, by both sides, during the Armada. The sea battle, despite the weather, was between our fleet and their fleet; and our fleet prevailed. Google ‘Defeat of the Spanish Armada’. 

  • Barbara Spectre ” Europe has to be multicultural, jews will be at the centre of it.”

  • Another one, Anetta Kahane ” Europe is in crisis, we need more immigration .” HUH ?  It’s because of mass immigration we are in crisis.

  • Ernest

     And, thirdly, who are these people who believe a nation must constantly “grow” in order to be economically sustainable? 

    Indeed. An economy is a man made concept meant to serve the people not destroy it. The idea that we must destroy ourselves to ‘save the economy’ is absurd.

  • refocus

    Is he declaring war?

  • refocus

    At one time a long time ago way back in the ice ages… money was a function of the state.  Today the state is a function of money.

  • Athling

    I believe Pat Buchanan has effectively addressed some of your points and is in substantial agreement with you.

    Although the founders of our country couldn’t have foreseen the depths to which our nation has sunk and may not have thought it necessary at the time, an addition to the constitution protecting and establishing this country as a Caucasian nation guaranteeing that it remain so forever was a costly oversight. Perhaps they thought that all reasonable people would need no laws or incentives to protect themselves and would naturally do what is required for their own preservation.

    The first and necessary step toward our way out of this turmoil is to racially awaken the White masses.

    This website and others are doing just that. There are obstacles to be sure but we each have a personal sphere of influence that can be used to spread the word.

  • Marc B.

    I see what race replacement of the West was a major topic of the recent Bilderburg meeting. Their minions are also out attacking Nationalism as an inherently dangerous philosophy that must be squashed.

  • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

     I lived and worked in my profession in a country in former Yugoslavia for a few years.  I was able to observe and learn a great deal about how communism there worked and its affects.

    One thing I did learn was that a doctor was paid very little more than a clean up lady.  What made people become doctors was the respect they received for their title and value to the community.  They were often supplemented by gifts from grateful patients and I received many during my time there.

  • Formerly_Known_as_Whiteplight

     Jewamoungyou told me that the Kibbutz system failed some time ago because money to support them ran out.