Boehner Says Obama’s Immigration Policy ‘Puts Everyone in a Difficult Position’

Fox 2 (St. Louis), June 20, 2012

House Speaker John Boehner said Tuesday that President Obama’s new policy temporarily preventing deportation of certain young, illegal immigrants announced last week “puts everyone in a difficult position.”

“I think we all have concerns for those who are caught in this trap through no fault of their own and are here,” Boehner said in his first public reaction to the policy announced Friday.

The Obama administration’s directive will specifically allow people younger than 30 who came to the United States before age 16, pose no criminal or security threat and were successful students or served in the military to apply for a two-year deferral from deportation.

Top GOP leaders were caught off guard by the announcement, and stayed quiet on the issue. {snip}

But many conservative House Republicans immediately blasted the decision last week, and Iowa Republican Rep Steve King announced he planned to sue the Obama Administration.


Boehner blamed the President for not working with Congress, saying he didn’t consult with the GOP before making his announcement. “The President’s actions make it much more difficult for us to work on a bipartisan way to get to a permanent solution.”

Noting that the President himself said previously that he couldn’t act on the matter, Boehner told reporters Tuesday, “the question remains, did he violate the Constitution?”


“We’ve got to do a comprehensive immigration reform plan that secures our borders, enforced our laws and fixes the problems for these 12 million illegals that are here in our country,” Boehner said.

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  • “Boehner told reporters Tuesday, “the question remains, did he violate the Constitution?”

    What Constitution?

    • robinbishop34

      You mean that old document of codified oppression thingy?

  • The__Bobster

    Boehner Says Obama’s Immigration Policy ‘Puts Everyone in a Difficult Position’

    Only spineless weepers like you, Boner. A real statesman would know what the proper position should be. And he would act on it by immediately ordering deportations for all illegals.

  • IstvanIN

    We have immigration laws now that are not enforced.  The only immigartion reform we need is a repeal of the 1965 law.

  • Southern__Hoosier

    Comprehensive immigration reform is Orwellian Newspeak  for amnesty.

  • Dave4088

    Just the kind of weak kneed, half hearted response I expect from the conservative establishment.  You see, Boehner doesn’t necessarily disagree with granting temporary amnesty to children of illegal alien law breakers.  Oh no.  It just doesn’t have a bipartisan stamp and wasn’t passed through Congress.  Other than that, no biggie.  How pathetic.

    Once again the radical left has de-pantsed the GOP and are now forcing them to the left on illegal aliens and immigration in general.   As we get closer to the election expect to see Hispandering on steroids from the so called “white party”, soon to be the defunct party.

  • ageofknowledge

    E-Verify the country and hold employers accountable. End anchor citizenship. Problem solved. Magnet removed.

    • Let’s get real!Another thing that is needed is guest worker visas for seasonal work for agriculture, lawn services and other businesses that are currently dependent upon illegal alien labor. These visas enable farmers and other businesses to hire the workers they need legally. and once the season is over, they are to go home.  There are those aliens that would love to work temporarily in the US for about 6 months a year and then go back home. No matter how we try to fool ourselves, these are jobs that American workers will not do.

      • ageofknowledge

        You’ll get real Crystal when you stop parroting what you hear on MSNBC. 

        American citizens did almost all of the agriculture work right up through WWII and it was about half and half through the 1950s with Americans increasingly leaving the fields dramatically in the 1960s and 1970s as farmers lost their land to… the giant farming conglomerates who kicked them off it and imported migrants to increase profits.

        It wasn’t that long ago that citizens packed their own gear in this country. 

        All that needs to happen is to end illegal immigration and set a national priority to encourage a new generation of young farmers and adjust our system of agriculture to make farms into places where Americans want to work.

        The giant corporate conglomerate owned fields where illegals are imported like something out of a science fiction novel to make shareholders wealthier isn’t that.

        And let me share with you some other information. You can pass all the tax laws you wish and make every one of those illegal under that table workers a citizen tomorrow but they will not pay taxes unless you send in law enforcement to make them and then they will pay only as long as someone with a gun and a badge is standing over them forcing them to.

        The illegals lining the sidewalks in every major city in the SouthWest hawking Chinese, Mexican, and stolen wares under the table aren’t going to start paying the U.S. government taxes just because you tell them they are now citizen instead of illegals.

        They will immediately apply for as many social services; however, as they can possibly get.

        They pay a little something to the streetgang (composed of the anchors of the previous illegal generation) that controls the turf they hawk their wares on because if they don’t they will get beatup or killed. That’s the only tax they pay and the only tax they ever are going to pay.

        Even the illegals that managed to get American jobs (displacing American citizens) using fake SS numbers or TIN and EIC numbers are scamming the tax system by in large numbers to make a profit off it. Just this one illegal scam costs citizens who do pay taxes billions every year: 

        Then their are the social problems. These people that you mistakenly think we need to pick our fruit and vegetables (and their anchors) have a criminal propensity unmatched in this country by any other demographic. The FBI 2011 report clearly shows that Mexicans, all by themselves, account for 36.39% of all organized and gang related crime in this country despite being only 2/3 of a 16.8% population demographic.

        And they suck our welfare system dry. Here’s the CIS chart to give you an idea:

      • The__Bobster

        What a pantload! Less than 4% of the invaders work in agriculture.

        And the program you are proposing already exists, but the farmers don’t want to use it. The H-2A program allows farmers virtually unlimited numbers of foreign workers, but they don’t use it because it requires the farmers to pay the workers a decent wage and provide housing for them, plus it requires that they send the workers home after a certain period. Well, that’s too much of a hassle for them when they can use underpaid illegals as slave labor instead.

        So, do you remember how these jobs used to get done? Teenagers who were off for the summer did them. Well, they’re still off, but very few of them are working. Why is that? Because the squat monsters have taken their jobs!!

        Oh, and once “temporary” workers are here, they don’t go back; they produce anchor babies and stay.

  • Boehner is an idiot, illegal aliens are criminals, end of story, another useless pandering RINO.

  • mobilebay

    I have a very simple solution, Speaker Boehner. Copy a very patriotic Republican President – Dwight Eisenhower  – and demand that those who came here illegally or overstayed their visas leave. My work here is done.

  • SLCain

    “I think we all have concerns for those who are caught in this trap
    through no fault of their own and are here,” Boehner said in his first
    public reaction to the policy announced Friday.

    Just once I would like to hear an american politician express concern for actual american citizens who are tired of having their birthright robbed from them, then for foreigners.

    We all know what “comprehensive immigration reform” means – it means amnesty.  Crying-boy John Boehner and the other members of Congress who support it do not represent us.  They do not represent american citizens.  They represent the the big business interests who are bent on the policy of population replacement.  Boehner is nothing but a cheap whore.

  • I’m going to make a liar out of John Boehner in one fell swoop.

    He claims that Obama has “put everyone in a difficult position.”

    It didn’t put me in a difficult position, because to me, the issue is clear.  See, John?  Not “everyone” is in a “difficult position.” 

    Ever since this executive order amnesty broke Friday before last, and all through my week out of town, almost everyone who is talking about this matter is blowing smoke from their unmentionable places.  The best arguments “our” side (and I’m using “our” loosely) is the bad economy for one, and executive usurpation for the other.  To that, I say good enough, but not good enough.  If that’s the best argument set you can come up, I ask thee:  Would you approve of this policy change if Congress passed it?  Would you approve of it if the unemployment rate was 0%?  The only thing that prevented Congress from passing this a few years ago was about five Senators, and the economy will eventually get better (I hope).  Does that mean the DREAM Act is okey dokey with you?

    It’s as simple as this to me:  I don’t want the Dream Act if the economy is bad, and I don’t want it if the economy is good.  I don’t want the Dream Act by executive order, and I don’t want it via Congressional legislation.  I  don’t want the Dream Act because I don’t want any more non-whites in America to force our racial dispossession in our own country.

    In the original article, you will read that Boehner is trying to make the weasel-claim that Obama’s actions are “difficult” for the Dreamers themselves, in that it does not formally give them citizenship or legal status.  Technically, yes.  But really, no.  They’re nothing but happy about this, because we all know as educated white adults in modern America that the longer they get to stay, the harder it will be to deport them in the future.