George Zimmerman’s Reenactment of Trayvon Martin Shooting

Pierre Thomas, ABC News, June 21, 2012

“He took my head and slammed it against the concrete several times, and each time I thought my head was going to explode and I thought I was going to lose consciousness,” George Zimmerman told police the day after he shot and killed Trayvon Martin.

“I started screaming for help,” but Martin pressed his hands over Zimmerman’s mouth and nose, he said. “He told me to shut the f&#k up, and I was suffocating.”

Zimmerman told police he was lying on the ground, but his head was on the concrete.

“I didn’t want him to keep slamming my head on the concrete so I kind of shifted. But when I shifted my jacket came up…and it exposed my firearm. That’s when he said you are going to die tonight. He took one hand off my mouth, and slid it down my chest. I took my gun aimed it at him and fired.”

The latest and most detailed account yet of what happened in Sanford, Fla., on Feb. 26 comes from a voice stress test that Zimmerman passed, along with a video re-enactment, a handwritten statement and audio interviews conducted in the days after the shooting by investigators.

The material was released by Zimmerman’s attorney today on the website, a website managed by the Zimmerman defense team.

The relatively consistent statements portray a man trying to convince investigators that he was in a life and death struggle that left him with little choice but to kill the unarmed teenager.


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  • xxxtonygunsxxx

    a black woman gives a random smack-down to a whitey on a philadelphia  bus and he goes into the fetal position.  im at a loss for words…….

    • Spartan24708

      Good god in heaven! He should have fought back but she must have been twice his size!

  • You know it might be in Mr. Zimmerman’s best interest to go ahead and ditch the skin head look and grow his hair out.  

  • The__Bobster

    Fake conservative Michael Smerconish, a regular replacement for Chris “Tweety” Matthews, is still leaning towards the position of Treebon being a choirboy and Zimmerman being an evil racist.

  • SintiriNikos

    Wow! I can’t believe I just heard Erin Burnett convincingly, and without irony, say with authority something like ‘honestly, this is the most compelling evidence to date’. Way to go, girl!

  • Rocky Bass,

     They do see them as dangerous, political correctness precludes them from saying so. They consider them dangerous as evidenced by their not living amongst them, and by them sending their kids to non-black private schools. Rubbing elbows with blacks, is a treat reserved for us common whites and our families.

  • Rocky Bass,

     With all the flash mobs, flash robs, interracial beatings, and whites
    set on fire in recent tiny local news stories, it’s obvious what a
    plurality of American blacks think and want and the media is complacent
    is helping them get. That thing is savage revenge for all past and
    present “injustices”, real, or for the most part totally fabricated from
    whole clothe. The media is to blame, constantly re-airing the
    relatively rare instances of whites acting in racist ways to the
    detriment of blacks while totally ignoring whole families tortured and
    slaughtered by blacks.  So much so that blacks don’t even have a
    realistic picture of the havoc they heap on our societies. Of the
    roughly 1,000,000 violent (rape, agg robbery, agg assault, murder)
    interracial crimes committed in the US in any given year, 90% have a
    white victim and a black assailant. Please watch the interview between
    Larry Elders and Tavist Smiley avail on you tube. These numbers are
    appalling and need to be addressed, though this topic isst vorbotten!
    You will have the discussion ending scarlet letter “R” burned into your
    hide the second you mention this ongoing WAR! One side is supposed to
    eternally sleep while the other, well read online, as it’s not being
    televised (or the perpetrators are hidden).  Read more here:

    • Heavenawaits

      This story was a local issue at best.  No reason why most Americans should even be hearing about it.  Then again, if we didn’t hear about this and see the media’s anti-white bias exposed, more whites would be in a trance. 

  • ageofknowledge

    Not guilty. Have a nice day Mr. Zimmerman.

    • Rocky Bass,

       Should be, “Sorry Mr. Zimmerman, I have fired that political witch, and had all charges dropped. Please accept this $5,000,000 settlement in exchange for not suing us into oblivion.”

  • There are three sides to every story. Your side, my side, and the truth.

    The truth is Mr. Zimmerman likely followed Mr. Martin because he was black. There had been a number of break-ins in the community and Mr. Zimmerman was keenly aware that blacks were responsible. He himself had come to the aid of a woman whose home was broken into by black criminals during the day while she was home.

    What the pro-Trayvon crowd wants is to establish beyond any doubt is that Mr. Zimmerman profiled Mr. Martin because he was black.

    The uncomfortable issue for the pro-Zimmerman crowd is that they want to down play the racial profiling angle because it makes them appear to be racists.

    The truth here is that Mr. Zimmerman, based on his own experience and the public record on black crime, was justified in his suspicions concerning a lone, black male, wearing a hooded sweatshirt and walking through his community who fit the profile of a black criminal. 
     The pro-Trayvon want to prove that racial profiling is not only morally wrong and inaccurate but potentially deadly for innocent blacks.

    The truth is a greater percentage of blacks are criminals than any other segment of the population. In the Trayvon Martin case, this may have be wrong but it doesn’t disprove the high level of black crime.

    This case isn’t about whether Mr. Zimmerman is guilty or innocent (though there are those who want bloody vengeance). This case is a proxy for establishing, once and for all,  racial profiling as a criminal offense with no defense.

    If Mr. Zimmerman is found guilty, racial profiling will be firmly established as a prosecutable thought crime.    

  • anarchyst

    “Saint” Trayvon was a thug that got what he deserved . . .
    It is clear that Zimmerman was protecting his neighborhood when he asked Trayvon what business he had in that neighborhood. 
    The “average” person would have replied that he was visiting relatives–that would have been the end of the conversation and he would have been on his way. 
    One must understand the warped psychological pathology that exists in today’s blacks and “gangsta thugs”. 
    You see, Trayvon felt “disrespected” when asked about his presence in that neighborhood.  The only way for him to get his “respect” back was to jump, pummel (and possibly murder) Zimmerman. 
    Zimmerman did the only thing that he could . . .
    The “stand your ground” statute was not applicable because Trayvon was ON TOP of Zimmerman, beating his brains out.  Zimmerman could not have “retreated” in this case.
    This prosecutor that has brought charges on Zimmerman is pandering to racist, black pressure and is illegal on its face.
    If and when Zimmerman is acquitted, I would like to see him go after the prosecutor for “prosecutorial malpractice”. 

    • xxxtonygunsxxx

       zimmermans wife looks trashy.

    • Don johnson

      Would it even be possible to go after that prosecutor, Angela Corey?  Her motivations are obviously political as I have seen no evidence to charge Zimmerman with anything, let alone murder in any degree.  

      My understanding is that prosecutors enjoy a degree of special protection in order for them to do their jobs without fear of retribution.  That said, Nifong was disbarred and in my opinion this situation isn’t much different.  I guess we’ll see.

  • The police chief has been sacrificed. They’re going to have a nation search. Does anyone other than me suspect the next Chief of Police will be a black man?

    • xxxtonygunsxxx

      yes a black man with white features who speaks with a 95 percent white accent with 5 percent ebonics thrown in and 10 percent ebonics when under pressure.

      • LOL.

         Yes, that’s the guy. The one who can slip into black slang so black folk know he’s on their side.

        • Major

          Like ERIC the loser Holder? Our first “black” AG? Our first lying scuzzball, cover your BA jive scooter?

          Newark and Baltimore…have relocated to DC. What did we expect?

          •  Black stereotypes persist because blacks ARE a stereotype even when they’re trying not to be.

          • Heavenawaits

            Hey!  We don’t say “black” anymore.  That’s offensive.  We say “youth” or “teen.”  Eric Holder is our first “youth” AG.  Obama is the first “youth” president.  It is the New “Youth” Panther Party and not the Black Panther Party.  Got it?  Good.

    • Dave4088

      He most likely will be black, but LA tried to go politically correct after “racist” chief Gates was deposed and black violent crime in LA just got worse.  Blacks will behave violently regardless of the the color of the police chief.

  • 2000 Flushes

    Like most reasonable observers, I believe Zimmerman’s killing of Trayvon was justified under the Florida Stand Your Ground law. But he does not seem to be able to resist shooting himself in the gonads at every opportunity.

    Rule #1 of getting arrested: DO NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES TALK TO THE POLICE. When you call 911, you say “I had to shoot him” and then ZIP IT. All this stuff – the written statement, the audio statement, the re-enactment, etc. is all stuff that Zimmoron did NOT have to do and that can only hurt him.

    Rule #2: Don’t go behind your lawyer’s back (with the website etc.).

    Rule #3: Don’t lie to the judge.

    The prosecution is going to FEAST on all the chum Zimmoron has thrown them. He may have sealed his own fate with his ignorance.

    • xxxtonygunsxxx

       it just proves he is a self-hating liberal, they said he voted for ovomit. the real proof was when he explained how he got on top and pinned trayvons arms back. idiot. typical self-hating pigressive liberal idiot.

    • “Anything you say, can and WILL BE USED AGAINST YOU in a court of law”

    • Major

      As a limited IQ wanna get along, wanna be “cop”..he figures they’ll cut him a deal if he “COOPERATES”. He wants to be liked by the cops…and the prosecutors whose goal is to kill him.

  • xxxtonygunsxxx

    zimmerman is stupid the first rule with police is to say nothing. 5th amendment right to remain silent in every case. never EVER  talk to police never even chit chat with them. fool

    • Heavenawaits

      A good friend told me if you are in legal trouble or if the cops want to talk to you, say this, “Contact my lawyer. I have nothing to say to you.  Contact my lawyer.”  Because you don’t ever have to talk to them.  Give them your name, your address, and that’s it.  You are through after that. 

  • Critic_of_Leviathan

    This whole case is beyond belief for me.

    1.  There is an eyewitness that has corroborated Zimmerman’s account.

    2.  Zimmerman would have NEVER called 911 before intending to kill someone.

    3.  Zimmerman’s injuries are consistent with his own account.

    4.  Crayon was shot exactly once, which supports the idea that it was self-defense.

    5.  The lawyer for the Martin family is a blabbering boob, a great example of the most hilarious activity in the history of mankind, a black guy trying to sound like he’s smart.  

    6.  The only thing of which Crayon Martin was a victim was TNP, Typical Negro Parenting.

    7.  Crayon’s Dad initially said that the scream heard on the 911 tape was not his son.

    We could go on and on and on.

    • Major

      Number 5…is PURE Amos & Andy comedy. He can only practice in FlaDuh….of course.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    Attack someone and die?  Sounds fair.

    In a Feb. 29 interrogation, lead investigator Chris Serino openly doubts the story.

    Trayvon Benjamin Martin…He was 17…A kid with a future,’ said Serino.’Had this person been white would you have felt the same way?’

    What the hell is THAT supposed  to mean you racist, political hack??  Is this an investigation or a racial shake-down?
    A kid with a  future?  He had a future all right, would have met the same fate in a few years.

    Serino then questioned the extent of Zimmerman’s injuries telling him that they don’t seem consistent with someone involved in a life or death struggle. 

    How long should someone have to take a beating before defending himself, Serino?

    I would have shot the little bastard twice.

    Zim is being railroaded because the word has come down from oBama to that racist ***** Corey:  A Black Man Shall Not Be Shot Under ANY Circumstances.


    • Heavenawaits

      When they say “if this person were white, would you have done the same?”  Ask them, “If this kid were white, you wouldn’t give a rat’s a– about him.”

  • JohnEngelman

    George Zimmerman is innocent, but he will be sacrificed to prevent black ghetto riots. The mass media are complicit because of the way they covered this. 

    • Heavenawaits

      Either situation won’t be good, whether he wins or loses.  if he loses, there will be riots.  If he wins, there will be more calls for gun control and to do away with Stand Your Ground laws. 

  • xxxtonygunsxxx
  • xxxtonygunsxxx

     Smith said Friend shot Liu in
    the foot and then Haugabook shot him in the face, killing him. The two
    returned to a nearby house and shared the food with the others.
    After eating, the group, “came back to view the body and go through the car,” said Smith.

  • xxxtonygunsxxx

    im listening to sharpton blacks are all mad cause  zimmer is earning 2000 a day in contributions. i think its funny. heres me laughing …. ha ha ha ha ha !!!  i hope he gets a million dollars just to anger the blacks even though hes a hispanic at east they work.

  • The__Bobster

     I was thinking the famous “Moosie”.

  • Z shows a reenactment in the wrong spot the body was found.  The spot where the shooting occurred is 25 to 50 ft south down between the townhouses on the grass.  He’s showing the police right at the “T” area.

    He also totally contradicts the 911 call as to what he and the dispatcher said.  He also says he stretched  out the teenager arms and the body was found with the arms under the body.

    In all he told as many as 10+ lies contradictory to to the FACTS of the 911 call to report the teenager.  To give you one more of these lies he says he had to go through the cut through to another street to get an address to give to the dispatcher.

    When less than 10 or 20 feet in front of him was the front of townhouses with the addresses in plain sight.  I had no idea he had lied this much and this is just the first of 4 or 5 interviews.  

    • ageofknowledge

      Nice picture of a jelly fish as it has about as much to do with the Zimmerman case as your post did.

  • Mentious

    Looks to me that Zimmerman was pretty darned lucky that he got to his own gun first and shot Martin before Martin killed him. 

  • Heavenawaits

    Much like the neocons at National Review who fired Derbyshire for pointing out black neighborhoods were dangersous, yet many of these neocons (and liberals) live far away from the diversity they claim to admire.  I can’t stand smug hypocrites like that.