The Avengers—“A Bunch Of White Guys Saving The World”? Can’t Have That!

Paul Kersey, VDARE, May 3, 2012

The movie The Avengers, the culmination of a number of different Marvel Comics storylines assembling what Marvel calls “earth’s mightiest heroes” will be upon us May 4. Presaged by five different movies (2008’s The Incredible Hulk and Iron Man; 2010’s Iron Man 2; and 2011’s Captain America: The First Avenger and Thor), it will blow out the box-office and pay rich dividends to those shareholders of Disney—which distributes the movie and which now also owns Marvel.

Movie analysts are projecting  potential $500 million gross total weekend. The Avengers already made $178.5 million in its overseas debut last weekend

And yet there is a problem. As I pointed out last year in my book Captain America and Whiteness: The Dilemma of the Superhero, the comic book superheroes who comprise the Avenger team (The Incredible Hulk, played by Mark Ruffalo; Iron Man, played by Robert Downey Jr.; Captain America, played by Chris Evans; the Norse God Thor, played by Chris Hemsworth; not to mention Hawkeye, played by Jeremy Renner) are all white—created at a time when America was an unapologetically a white nation.

Necessarily, all of the above actors are white guys. But they have the opportunity to play action heroes only because the super hero genre, which Hollywood has relied upon since 2000 to garner big returns and develop lucrative franchises, exploits characters like Batman, Superman, Captain America, Spiderman, Iron Man, the Green Lantern that have been long ago established as white.

Now, however, we live in an era when the white majority that made America a land that every individual on the planet wishes to migrate to is under assault—by the very institutions that white people created.

And Hollywood is working diligently to eliminate opportunities for young white males to play super hero roles.

One of the few black actors who will be seen in The Avengers is Samuel L. Jackson (who has a tendency to be cast as the token black character in box office hits, for example Jurassic ParkPulp FictionStar Wars: Attack Of The Clones). He is Colonel Nick Fury, director of the espionage agency S.H.I.E.L.D. He made his debut as Fury in an after-credits scene in the first Iron Man movie.

But in the original comics (set in the 40s and written in the 60sFury was a white guy. And in a made-for-television movie back in the late 1990s, David Hasselhoff—Germany’s favorite pop singer!—was Col. Fury.

The current Avengers film is loosely based on the Ultimate Avengers comic that Mark Millar created in the early 2000s, a rebooting of the Marvel franchise set in a more contemporary world. Here’s Mark Millar explaining, in a Marvel spotlight interview available in the hardcover edition of his mini-series Civil War, why Nick Fury went from being a white guy to a black dude:

Spotlight: Nick Fury’s look appears to resemble the actor Samuel L. Jackson. Assuming this is intentional, why the reference to him in particular?

Mark: Well, he’s the king of cool, isn’t he? This goes back to our idea of stripping these guys right back to basics and just finding what made them work. I love Nick Fury like no other. He’s one of my favorite Marvel characters, but the Steranko cool that he imbued on the character was rat-pack cool and very much of the period. Obviously, that’s still in a classic, retro sense, but it means little to a modern kid. Also, Nick Fury just sounded like one of those great, 70s blaxsplotation names. He sounded like an African-American disco super hero or something and we wanted to play around with that too.

Recall that in 2011 white actor Thomas Jane—who played the Marvel anti-hero The Punisher in 2004—was recently deemed “too white’” and not “ethnic” enough to play opposite Sylvester Stallone inHeadshot by producer Joel Silver. [Headshot Producer Joel Silver Fires Thomas Jane Because He’s White?,, by B. Alan Orange, May 27, 2011]

Remember the words of Roger Ebert when he denounced the filmXXX: State of the Union, but pointed out that it was commendable for sticking to one important criterion:

Did I enjoy this movie? Only in a dumb mindless way. It has whatever made the original XXX entertaining, but a little less of it. Does it make the slightest sense? Of course not. Its significance has nothing to do with current politics and politicians, the threat of terrorism, and the efficiency of bullet trains. It has everything to do with a seismic shift in popular culture.

Once all action heroes were white. Then they got a black chief of police, who had a big scene where he fired them. Then they got a black partner. Then they were black and had a white partner. Now they are the heroes and don’t even need a white guy around, although there is one nerdy white guy in “XXX” who steps in when the plot requires the ineffectual delivery of a wimpy speech. So drastically have things changed that when Ice Cube offers to grab the president and jump off a train and grab a helicopter, all the president can do is look grateful. Oh, and later, in his new State of the Union speech, our nation’s leader quotes Tupac, although he doesn’t know he does. Well, you can’t expect him to know everything. [ Review of XXX: State of the Union,, April 28, 2005]

The Christian Science Monitor’s Gloria Goodale, in a boilerplate piece denouncing superhero movies for being too white, did inadvertently produce this telling vignette illustrating the fact that America was until very recently an actual ethnically-specific nation—as opposed to an ideological “proposition nation”:

The legacy of the comic books themselves is partly to blame, says Jacque Nodell, granddaughter of Marty Nodell, the artist who created the first Green Lantern character in 1940.

“He was the child of a Ukrainian Jewish immigrant who knew well the sting of anti-Semitism,” she says, noting that the first version of the hero was blond. “My father was a little harsh about his own dad, but he summed it up when he said that his dad did what he needed to do to put bread on the table,” she says, adding that if that meant selling a fair-haired ideal of middle-American male power, then “so be it.”

[‘Green Lantern’ is opening. Does it appeal only to white American males?, June 16, 2011]

Of course, that “fair-haired ideal of middle-American male power” existed because America was 90 percent white. It was brimful of “fair haired” a.k.a. white middle-Americans. Even politically-correct Wikipedia reports that 57.5% of Americans born 1899-1905 had blue eyes—whereas now, as a direct consequence of the 1965 immigration act, only one in every six children born in the U.S. does.

“Let’s face it, they are America”—Phillip Roth on white Protestants in American Pastoral, p. 311.

Paradoxically, the so-called Golden Age of Comic Books was replete with Jewish writers like Nodell. They created the beloved characters—all white—that have enabled Marvel and DC Comics to become hot commodities among Hollywood movie companies. Many of their creations had origins in the Jewish experience in foreign lands (Superman being the most obvious). But their creations spoke to a time period and an America that is no more.

Still, white characters like Batman, Superman, Iron Man, the Fantastic Four, the Avengers, Captain America, the Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, the Hulk, etc., do still resonate in our culture. Black characters continue to be exceedingly rare in comics—because those who purchase comic books were and continue to be overwhelmingly white.

As I reported in my earlier article, last year Hollywood went with the original, white Captain America rather than Marvel Comics’s re-engineered 2002 black version (which flopped at the newsstands anyway). And since then George Lucas’ Red Tails, promoting the multicultural myth of the Tuskegee Airman, has, well, bombed catastrophically.

Turning Nick Fury into a black character isn’t the first time that a comic book character has been changed for the sake of political correctness. In 2001’s Justice League cartoon, the Green Lantern character was turned into a black male.

Creator Bruce Timm was quoted in The Atlanta Journal Constitutionstory at the time:

[Fury] becomes the only major black character in the Cartoon Network’s (CN) regular lineup and one of the very few in any animated series.

Executives at CN, which is part of AOL Time Warner’s Atlanta-based Turner Broadcasting System, said they have sought to have more black characters in general but that they never suggested the Green Lantern character to the team making “Justice League.”

Creator and producer Bruce Timm, a sort of star in the confined world of superhero TV animation, said he chose a black superhero “so it wasn’t just a bunch of white guys saving the universe every day.”

It’s an effort that should be undertaken with sensitivity, said Linda Simensky, the network’s senior vice president of original animation. Cartoon characters are by nature extreme personalities, often ripe for mockery. “You don’t want your first lead African-American character on the network to be shown in a negative light,” she said.

The selection has irritated some superhero fans. “On one hand they are mad we aren’t using their favorite version of the character,” Timm said. “On the other hand they are accusing of us of being hopelessly P.C. (politically correct).” ).”[New cartoon series features African-American superheroAtlanta Journal-Constitution, (pay archive), November 9, 2001]

Right on cue, New York Presss black film critic Armond White attacked last year’s comic book movies as being too white.

Inevitably, some film critic—probably Armond White—will soon attack The Avengers for being too white and not offering the approved Crayola Crayon Box lineup of non-white actors.

Just like Bruce Timm said of Justice League, it can’t be white guys saving the world all the time.

That would be too much like real life.

After all, the Obama Administration is going to war with the Navy SEALs—not withstanding their success in taking out Osama Bin Laden—because they are “too white.”

Taking out Osama Bin Laden is a mere detail compared to the holy cause of “diversity”—a.k.a. displacing the historic American nation.

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  • The__Bobster

    Here’s Mark Millar explaining, in a Marvel spotlight interview available in the hardcover edition of his mini-series Civil War, why Nick Fury went from being a white guy to a black dude:

    White kids all over the country will now fall asleep fearing they’ll wake up black in the morning like the Kingpin, Alicia Masters, The Green Lantern, Haimdall, Sue Richards……

  • ageofknowledge

    Samuel Jackson was pretty good in Pulp Fiction… lol.

    • bluffcreek1967

      Yeah, a psychotic murdering Black guy who was fond of quoting biblical passages before killing his victims! Come to think of it, sounds like a lot of Black males in any major inner city of our country! 

      • ageofknowledge

        It was a work of fiction. To my knowledge, Samuel Jackson has never been a psychotic murdering Black guy though he was convicted of unlawful confinement, a second-degree felony, after taking a hostage during an on-campus protest in his youth.

        What did you think about the two serial murderers in the film? Do you think they reflected a White prototype in this country?

        • Dan

           Jackson was a real life crack addict who openly supported Obongo because he was Black.

          • ageofknowledge

            Lol. That might just be true… lol.

    • StivD

      Yeah, but I think that was a role made for a mouthy black man.

      • ageofknowledge

        Without a doubt it was.

  • StivD

    It doesn’t hurt that Nick Fury comes from the WW2 era. He’s also one of the top authority figures of the Marvel Universe…That has to spell b-l-a-c-k somewhere in the story these days. Gotta be at least one brotha in charge whether he fits or not.

    • Yeah, that’s the most ridiculous thing, all the characters can be white. But, the person in charge i.e, the “Boss Man” has to be black.

      • The__Bobster

        Even someone from an era where the military was segregated.

  • These black “superhero” actors are just like black firemen,black farmers and black soldiers. They stick them in among the whites and allow the WHITES to carry them.Had any of them been forced to rely on themselves,i.e., an all-black fire dept. (HA!!),and all-black combat regiment(HA HA!!),blacks living only on food grown by black farmers(HA HA HA!!!) ,disaster would soon follow. I remember AMREN published a fantastic essay about the reasons for creating the “integrated” army.(Mainly to keep the blacks from running wild and just plain  RUNNING!!!!)Lets try a $500 million superhero movie–with an all-black cast. How I would love that!!

  • No

    Well good . . . maybe with all white characters the blacks won’t go to the movie.  It would be nice to see a movie without listening to little blacks jabbering up in the 25th row or having to smell their hair products, cologne and body odor.

    Blacks should invent their own super-hroes.  C’mon all you brilliant black inventors.  Where are you?

    Instead of:

    The Incredible Hulk . . . the Incredible 600-pound Black Supermarket Obstacle . . . denies whites food

    Iron Man . . . Gold Teefes . . . blinds you with a flash of his gold-capped teefes

    Captain America . . . Captain Detroit . . . carries the lid of a garbage can . . .

    Thor . . . Thoromius who along with his fellow gangstas mug whites with baseball bats

    Hawkeye . . . Shuteye . . . blasts away with his Mac 10 while keeping his eyes closed

  • The mistake made  was instead of the super heroes portrayed they should have used Mighty Mouse,Underdog,Crusader Rabbit, Courageous Cat,Speedy Gonzales,Rocky and Bullwinkle.

  • The only objection I have to this otherwise great article is the suggestion that the movie producers are somehow obliged to portray the Avengers as all White because of the comics. I’m not so sure about that. They weren’t too upset about making the new Spiderman a gay mulatto and Superman a ‘citizen of the world’ (by renouncing his US citizenship). I wouldn’t be surprised if the characters from the Avengers, one by one, begin to be portrayed with Black characters. Already Thor had some multiracial mumbo-jumbo in it, with the Gatekeeper being Black, and with Black, Hispanic, and Asian Asgardians.

    The recent I Am Legend movie had Will Smith portray Robert Neville, who in the novel was a Blond-hair, Blue-eye Southerner from Virginia. All the other previous I Am Legend films used Whites.

    I think it’s only just a matter of time. But I did notice – and was stunned – by the all White Avengers.

  • Well, Hollywood just put a movie out called “Redtails” where all the “hero’s” were black. How’d that do at the box office? Personally, I don’t give my money to Hollywood even if the majority of the characters are white.  

    • No

      Just shows how blind, deaf and dumb many Hollywood producers are when it comes to understanding the modern black savage.  Any white racialist could have told them that modern blacks are not interested in seeing a bunch of black guys fighting on behalf of whites (even though they were killing other whites). 

      Blacks prefer to see blacks killing other blacks, abusing women, flashing bling and generally being total civic nuisances and social degenerates.  As long as it’s about drugs, cars, guns, hos, mo guns, bling-bling and violence, modern blacks will be into it.

  • I’ll be voting with my wallet the same way I did with Thor.

  • Detroit_WASP

    Red Tails failed and The Avengers is a hit????   RACISM!!!!

    • Oil Can Harry

      Something tells me Red Tails wasn’t that much more realistic than The Avengers…

  • sbuffalonative

    Jackson also appeared in the animated film, The Incredibles, as Freeze. The white animated lead had to have a black best buddy don’t you know.

    “Well, he’s (Samuel L. Jackson) the king of cool, isn’t he?

    That’s ONE way of putting it. I prefer the term, ‘da sassy black man’.

    Every film today HAS to have the character I call, ‘da sassy black man’. Chris Rock, Chris Tucker, Eddie Murphy, Tyler Perry, and a host of other no-names.

    I’m surprised black people aren’t up in arms and rioting in the streets over ‘da sassy black man’ stereotype. They should be because the character of ‘da sassy black man’ is a stereotype worthy of being black outrage.

  • sbuffalonative

    Turning Nick Fury into a black character isn’t the first time that a comic book character has been changed for the sake of political correctness. In 2001’s Justice League cartoon, the Green Lantern character was turned into a black male.

    As Roger Ebert noted, ancillary black characters have been worming their way into Hollywood movies just like we see black doctors and black judges on TV.

    Aquaman is an ancillary superhero. I’d like to see them turn Aquaman into a black superhero.

    Hollywood tried to give us a black superhero. Does anyone remember the Will Smith film, Hancock?

    Funny how they never expanded that into a franchise.

    • Hand-cock? yeah I saw that. That was the one where that noble misunderstood black hero went to jail and eventually came to his senses and went to get back together with his White girlfriend after she was married to a White man who had no idea….yeah, all good fun. 

    • What I remember the most from that Hancock film, was the inordinate amount of time that they kept up the ‘full face’ promotional poster up, it seemed to inhabit every bus stop light box and every second bill board etc. for months.
      Then it came back again to a slightly lesser extent, when it was released on DVD (sigh).I remember witnessing the same phenomenon(tactic?) with the “get him to the Greek” poster too, which also felt like some sort of subtle psychological conditioning.
      “Look at the face, love the face, be the face, the face is funny, the face is strong”.Hollywood is obviously not a friend of the straight White christian male. 

  • ShoutsAtTV


    It’s a COMICBOOK. I suggest a little maturity and perspective. Maturity is probably beyond any movie/theater critic. So as to perspective, when has a movie critic endorsed a movie making more than a dollar during it’s entire run? And who cares what a critic in NY thinks anyhow? It’s a great popcorn flick and entertainment for a couple of hours that doesn’t include much leftist indoctrination. It’s not war and peace, Shakespeare or Faulkner. It’s Stan Lee and Josh Whedon.

    Hooray for big damn heros! Excelsior!

    • Thats the thing, you can’t blame any single raindrop for the whole flood.
      It’s not the movies.
      It’s not the TV shows.
      It’s not college admissions.
      It’s not internet security laws.
      It’s not affirmative action job promotions.
      It’s not getting felt up at the airport by the TSA.
      It’s not the Holocaust week your kid sits through in high school.
      It’s not music about your White daughter hooking up with a rapper.
      It’s not your son dying childless in some far away land in the service of “our closest ally”.

      None of these things are White genocide; but ALL of these things…  

    • sbuffalonative

      That’s not the point. The point is our stories, written by Shakespeare, Faulkner, Lee, Whedon and others are being expropriated. Whites are being PURGED from their own literature, high-brow or low-brow.

      No one is taking black literary characters and ‘re-imagining’ them as white. If anyone tried such a thing, blacks would be (justifiably?) outraged.

      Also, there have been numerous TV dramas that are advertised as ‘based on a true story’ in which a black criminal becomes a white character in the story.

  • JackKrak

    Slightly OT, but a quick word about token black man Samuel Jackson.

    His services as the noble/smart and sometimes criminal token black presence on screen has been much in demand. He has appeared in a ridiculous 94 films since 1990 – an average of more than 4 films a year. He has a corner on this particular market, just as Whoopi Goldberg once had a monopoly on playing the magical negro/sassy black woman in every Hollywood film for years. Then again, Jackson’s absurd productivity may also be due to the fact that he apparently never turns down a script. Either way, the black star market is settled – Denzel Washington plays the cops and good guys, Jackson gets the edgier roles and Morgan Freeman of course is the noble and wise moral authority for older roles. Done!

    Oh, and by the way, don’t forget Jackson’s memorable contribution to political discourse in this “post racial” era of togetherness –

    “I voted for Barack because he was black. ’Cuz that’s why other folks vote for other people – because they look like them”.

  • No

    I can answer that . . . it’s the NAACP. 

    They either opened an office or re-directed policy at its “Hollywood Bureau” (I’m not sure which) to directly lobby studios and unions with the goal of increasing black representation.  It’s why a few years ago it was like someone had thrown a switch and suddenly, Hollywood productions were infested with blacks.  (Someone did throw a switch.)

    Go to the NAACP web page and check out “media diversity.”  Then, if your stomach can stand more nauseating drivel,  try checking out the “diversity initiatives’ at the major networks.

    Herr Goebbels could not have done a more masterful propaganda job than the socialists at the NAACP.

  • Token Finn

    Every time I’m in the rental and see that the cast has a black face in it,  the disc is going straight back in the shelf. Ruins the experience for me. And yeah if the movie has something to do with WWII (evil german nachos) then that’s going to happen again.

  • La Santa Hermandad

    Actually in Robin Hood with Kevin Costner they had to add a ficticious Moor that Loxley brought back from the Crusades. The character was portrayed by Moorgan oops I’m sorry, Morgan Freeman.

  • The zionist agenda goes a lot farther than that in this movie. The “heros” are only successful after they come together under their black leadership and agree to turn a blind eye to some of the leadership’s underhanded manipulation alluded to in the film.
     More importantly, in the beginning of the film, who are the bad guys? White men who have been touched and “brainwashed” by a Norse god; their eyes turn bright blue and they head off to Germany to put their evil plan in action. Fortunately, the film says these misguided souls can be deprogrammed if you hit them in the head hard enough.
    In short, who are the bad guys? Brainwashed blue-eyed people in Germany. How do you help them? Attack them.
    Now tell me that’s all coicidence.

  • In the interest of “diversity”, jobs where blacks simply can’t perform, like period pieces or in military Special Ops, diversity is served by installing blacks in every available support position. You can probably bet that a period piece about English nobility will have every crew job filled by a minority.

  • Nice great big article, per usual ss.

    Comic Books were CHILDREN’S entertainment during the heights of American White culture circa 1940-60.

     That’s why there be no black folks n’ whatnot.

    End of story.

  • StivD

    But, one thing that’s true is that Archie was also played more sympathetically than the arch liberal Mike Stivic. There were times when Archie had more warmth than anyone else in scenes with Gloria and Edith.  His character wasn’t written to be hated and the liberals also came across as very shrill and unpleasant at times. There were shows much worse than All in the Family.

  • jackellis

    It’s a good thing that these movies with almost all White casts of heroes are big box office winners. And preachy, Leftist movies featuring mostly Black casts (Red Tails) are box office losers.

    It’s OK to be White.

  • xxxtonygunsxxx

    substitute 1938 with 2012 and jews with whites

  • One of my favorite all time movies was made way back in 1964 and had quite a few blacks in it, Zulu.

  • there already is a superhero movie with an all black cast. it’s called menace to society.