Patterson Gets Life for Murder of Eric Forrester

Frank Heinz, NBC (Dallas), May 4, 2012

A Tarrant County jury has sentenced Broderick Patterson to life in prison for the murder of 17-year-old Eric Forrester.

After the sentence was read, Patterson shouted expletives at the jury to the shock of those in the courtroom.  The reaction startled many since Patterson plead guilty to the 2010 crime and said he’d let the jury decide his punishment.

Patterson’s family was also very upset after the sentence was read and an aunt blamed the Texas juvenile justice system for not reaching the troubled teen before the robbery and murder took place.


On Tuesday, jurors heard the 911 call placed by the victim, who then put the phone in his pocket. In the recording, police hear one man yelling at Forrester to get a bag, presumably to carry the items being taken.  A short time later, the men can be heard yelling at Forrester before a gunshot is heard followed by an exclamation of shock by one of the two people.


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  • JukeJointJimmee

    Just like animals from the wild. Hard to believe.

  • It is too often the case in the black community, no matter how egregious their behavior (or crimes), that blame or responsibility for their actions, belongs to whites or “the system” created by whites. Blaming whites for every malady in the black community is so ingrained in black thinking that it has become a cultural thinking error. 

    •  You know, it’s kind of a valid point they make, blaming the system.  These are people ill-suited to behaving acceptably in an advanced civilization, where in their natural environment (in some village of mud huts on an African plain) the behaviors they exhibit would be normal.  Being Black in a structured world of laws and polite society is inappropriate and will always keep them on the wrong side of the law; they’d be more comfortable where Blackness is the norm.
      I wish they would go to there.

    • Up to my neck in CA

      Not to mention the social status they receive in prison for killing a “White boy.” He will be able to brag about snuffin’ out Whitey with free meals, health care, a place to sleep and be able to make new friends on the D/L in the shower all on our tax dollar.

  • ageofknowledge

    Now that another creep’s “gangster party” has come to an end in society (it will resume in prison of course), we get to pay enormous amounts of money to house, feed, and ensure he gets free medical care for many years to come. I can’t find justice in this. Can you?

  • If I was a member of that jury, I would seriously have to bite my tongue in that situation.  “F*** us?  We’re not the ones going to prison.”  That’s why there aren’t or should not be any snarky jurors.

    Patterson’s family was also very upset after the sentence was read and
    an aunt blamed the Texas juvenile justice system for not reaching the
    troubled teen before the robbery and murder took place.

    What did they think they were supposed to do for him that they wouldn’t resist for the accusations of racism?  “You’re only picking on my 15-year old little baby boy because he’s black and you expect him to become a murderer.”  What kind of reality would give them a silly idea like that?

  • Up to my neck in CA

    The mother’s (?) reaction is priceless. As if killing a White boy was a crime.

    • crazy_j

       I like the look on her face when she goes back to the seat, then gets up and leaves.

      That awkward moment when you realize you’ve created a monster.

  • Church_of_Jed

    These are the kind of videos that drive the MSM Diveristy Elites into hysterics. 

     They blame the “saturation of unfavorable images of African American in unfortnate circumstances” for the reason that Whites are resistant to expanded Affirmative Action. We all know was the primary motivation for Jefferson’s Declaration of Independence, Washington’s Crossing the Deleware, and Patton’s Defeating the Nazis was Diversity and Inclusion and the elimination of systemic bias and institutional racism. Everyone knows that, especially Toure.

  • No

    RIP to another white victim of liberal ignorance.

    I find a measure of justice here in that Little Broderick is going to soon be introduced to Big Bubba Alphonso And the Wonderful World Of Prison Gang Rape, Forced Sodomy And Doing Laundry For The Brothers.

    Pack plenty of soap Broderick . . . and have a nice life.

  • BaronBaal

    Um, why wasn’t this thug handcuffed as the verdict was being read?

    • Mutant_Swarm

       Because some brainiac of a black-robed dictator (judge) once ruled that letting the jury see the defendant in handcuffs was “unduly prejudicial,” or some such, er, “fertilyzer.”

  • The system didn’t reach him sooner? Isn’t that mom and dads job? Well in his case probably  mom and auntie.  I’m always disgusted by their mentality even though we have seen it so many times.  I guess that’s a good thing.  

  • Chris

    ” an aunt blamed the Texas juvenile justice system for not reaching the troubled teen…”
    If she was such a concerned aunt, why didn’t she reach out to him? 

  • WhitesRdumb

    I bet he said: “It be because I be black”

  • Djinn42

    ” an aunt blamed the Texas juvenile justice system for not reaching the troubled teen before the robbery and murder took place.”


    The family apparently couldn’t reach him but the juvenile system should be damned for not being able to…..absolutely classic.

  • The reason people plead guilty to the charge of murder in the first place, is that they can’t be sentenced to death. The parents know this, the perp knows this, his attorney has surely told him this, so this is all a put on for the cameras. Is his poor, poor mamma really that shocked? I don’t think so. It’s all just a dramatic scene for the cameras. Only problem for them is, that their poor baby boy pleaded guilty because he was guilty, and he was avoiding the death penalty.
    There’s no Trayvon Traction™ in this case.  I really doubt the blacks in America will flashmob whitey in the Name of Justice for Broderick™.

  • ageofknowledge

    I agree but this modern liberal maternal society seems to think the opposite is true.

  • Sherman_McCoy

    Maybe, but how many worthless thugs = 1 productive white?

  • JackKrak

    What he said on his way out of the courtroom was almost certainly the most intelligent thing he was capable of saying & among the deepest thoughts he has ever expressed.

  • Justice is served. This crime is just one of many black on white crimes that are never reported beyond local media outlets. But just let one white on black crime occur and the phony, lying, hypocrite-leftist media has a collective heart attack. I despise the left almost as much as I despise this worthless criminal

  • GREAT story.
    Guess what: there’s 40 million MORE

  • radical7

    Hopefully George Zimmerman will receive the same punishment for savagely mudering Trayvon Martin.

    • Major

      You mean, defending himself from a savage, don’t you? 

      It’s too bad Zimmerman didn’t meet up with this POS too. 

      He wouldn’t be serving a nice life sentence…nor would he if his victim had been as prepared as Zimmerman was when  meeting up with some of these beasts.

  • radical7

    Major wrote:You mean, defending himself from a savage, don’t you? No.. I meant that he savagely murdered Trayvon Martin.

  • xxxtonygunsxxx

     Although the German public did not complain much when SA activities were directed against Jews, communists, and socialists, by 1934 there was general concern about the level of civic violence for which the “brown shirts” were responsible.[1]

  • slobotnavich

    Sometimes we should stop and remind ourselves that (1) whites brought them here and (2) the big trouble with blacks really began with LBJ’s Great Society programs.  Before that time nearly 90% of black families had two parents, black unemployment was little worse than that of whites, and black crime was almost totally confined to black neighborhoods into which whites could generally go unmolested.

    Having a substantially lower IQ than other groups doesn’t automatically mean that members of that group are useless, violent, or unproductive.  Of course, if the rest of the society encourages them to believe that their station in life is somebody else’s fault, one can hardly blame them for embracing this notion.

    The simple fact is that our white liberal establishment is entirely responsible for this deplorable state of affairs.  The civil rights movement, which began as a legitimate demand for equal rights for all citizens, quickly morphed into a demand for equal outcomes for all citizens, requiring coercive actions to force individuals and companies to comply with this demand. And in so doing we destroyed the black family, polarized the races as they’d never been polarized before, and completely prevented blacks from living up to their potential, whether that lay in being factory workers, skilled tradesmen, car salesmen, or even doctors and lawyers.

    •  Precisely.  Unfortunately good, healthy common sense has no place in public discourse.

  • radical7

    Truth Hammer Stated:”What’s savage about defending yourself?”

    I agree with you. That was what Trayvon Martin was doing when he was murdered by George Zimmerman?