Racism and the PC Inquisition

John Bennett, American Thinker, May 17, 2012

Monday last week, The Chronicle of Higher Education announced that Naomi Schaefer Riley was fired from their blog “Brainstorm” for writing that black studies programs should be “eliminated” because they are “left-wing victimization claptrap.” The next day, the News & Observer of Raleigh reported that a staggering 54 classes were suspected of academic fraud at UNC-Chapel Hill. Every single one of those 54 classes was within UNC’s Department of African and Afro-American studies, according to a UNC investigation. Is it pure coincidence that academic fraud found such a welcoming and statistically unlikely home in the black studies department? Or is it predictable that the department with the most rigid PC orthodoxy created a cloister for academic fraud?

The incessant pressure of political correctness is not just an academic matter. Any standard of conduct, any law, any test is called racist if minorities on average can’t meet the standard, follow the law, or obtain identical scores compared to non-minorities. The result can only be described as a PC Inquisition, which gives rise to orthodoxy with real-world consequences. In general, any discussion of pressing social problems is silenced if minority groups are described as responsible for their own actions and circumstances.

The current era of intellectual dishonesty and pathological guilt hustling began in earnest with the 1965 Moynihan Report. Senator Moynihan was berated as a “racist” for suggesting that the weakening of the black family would lead to social chaos, even though he blamed family breakdown on joblessness and the lingering effects of slavery. Today, William Julius Wilson, perhaps the most respected sociologist in America on questions of race and poverty, has repeatedly vindicated Moynihan’s report, calling it “an important and prophetic document.” It took decades of tragedy and pious fraud for society to eventually face up to the costs of broken families. Yet the PC Inquisition continues to distort our discussions of key issues like education and crime.

University of Pennsylvania researchers Erling Boe and Suie Shin stunningly concluded that a “major impediment to higher average achievement scores in the U.S. is the performance of its black and Hispanic students.” Boe and Shin note:

If these minority students were to perform at the same level as white students, the U.S. would lead all the other G7 nations (including Japan) in reading and would lead the Western G5 nations in mathematics and science, though it would still trail Japan in these subjects. [1]

Yet the American educational “system” is constantly blamed for the underperformance of certain groups of students. The “system” is also blamed for the false crisis of the “achievement gap” between minority and nonminority students. PC bureaucrats are willing to sacrifice the interests of talented students in pursuit of social engineering projects. The Washington Post reports that honors classes are being abolished from the curriculum in Fairfax, VA, and in many other schools around the country. Schools generally have three tracks of courses: basic, honors, and advanced placement (AP). Honors classes are being eliminated because “traditionally underrepresented minorities” are not taking enough AP courses. {snip}

The topic of race and crime is taboo, especially amongst those who consider themselves daring and broad-minded thinkers. The trend of racial “flash mob” violence by black teens against “random” non-black victims has gone relatively unnoticed, when it should be a national scandal. Several people have died in separate incidents of the “knock-out game,” a race-based and unmentioned disgrace. As for crime rates overall, the picture is stark: the CDC’s National Center for Injury Prevention and Control lists the homicide rate per 100,000 as 23.1 for blacks, 7.8 for Native Americans, 7.6 for Hispanics, 2.7 for whites, and 2.4 for Asians. The reality of crime in America is that the white and Asian homicide rate is on par with Finland’s. The American black homicide rate is on par with those of Zambia and Rwanda (22.9 and 26.6 per 100,000, respectively). Any discussion of “America’s” supposedly violent culture that does not take race into account and disaggregate the statistics is terribly misleading.


Racism is the new heresy. As with every observation about predominantly minority issues, Riley’s remarks represented a heresy. She failed to genuflect to groups that have been officially declared beyond criticism. We are truly in a period where ideology and tribal loyalty have placed free inquiry on the defensive.

Political correctness is proselytized and defended by American liberals with a greater level of zealotry than that found in any form of mainstream Judeo-Christian religious belief. There is no religious institution with the power to rival the combined Holy Office of the media, the academy, and the political soapbox. The noxious incantations of victimization and anti-white hostility echo from universities—more so than from any other source. {snip}

Since left-wing academics encourage drawing lessons from “anti-colonial struggles,” universities should be equally open to scholarship drawing lessons from the experience of whites in South Africa or the former Rhodesia and applying those to our understanding of race relations in modern America. There is a very specific reason why anti-colonial studies are encouraged and rewarded, while the latter is effectively prohibited.


{snip} But the Inquisition continues; the left places no limit on the lies, excuses, white guilt, cultural degradation, and bad policy that flow from political correctness. The only limit will come when people of all races confidently stand for colorblind justice and free inquiry. That would mean that individuals and groups are respected—or criticized—based on the content of their character as it is revealed by their actions.

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  • radical7

    The fct is tht we cannot have an HONEST conversation about race due to the fact that far too many Whites are in DENIAL about their racism and White privilege and refuse to acknowledge this fact.

    • B

      What do you mean by white privilege, whites being born with a higher IQ average? You must because no place on earth do blacks have it better than when they livein a white majority nation. The DENIAL is your envy of whites and what they can accomplish and the blaming of whites for black failures. 

      Why do things always go to hell when whites are absent from the equation? The higher the percentage of blacks are in any given population the more crime, violence and social dysfunction there is. Why do blacks do worse when whites are the minority? There are many high density black areas in America and they all have stealing and violence problems along with poor school performance. It’s time for you to face the honest facts about racial differences in behavior and IQ. 

      • mikejones91

        Heres how I explain to the weary. For my example, my younger brother. He is 17, and has too many black friends haha. He said I was wrong to talk about them because some of them are great, civilized, people. I told him think of the civilized blacks the same way you think of a house trained dog. He was trained, brought up around humans, so he doesn’t pee on the floor or get viscous. Look at blacks who have grown up around whites like house trained dogs.  

    • Church_of_Jed

      “They told me that I couldn’t recover from my racism until I stopped denying that I have unearned White privilege. I told them I’m not denying it- I want to cash in on it. They exploded in anger and stormed out of the room, shouting incoherently about ‘sensitivity to the needs of others, fairness and equity, inclusive tolerance, multicultural sensitivity, interfaith dialogue, racial reconciliation and healing, institutional bias and bigotry, and racist hate crimes,’ and that they would report me to their friends in Eric Holder’s DOJ and at the IRS.”

      -Rev. Jed DeValleyism, “The dark secrets behind church growth conferences,” 2002

    • ncpride

      Another reason we can’t have an honest conversation about race is due to the fact that blacks refuse to admit they are equally ‘racists’ towards ALL other races. I know you and your ilk like to pretend that any kind of racial issues is between black and Whites only, but the fact of the matter is, blacks and mexicans hate each other as do asians and blacks. That’s a fact, so just acknowledge it.

      • Sherman_McCoy

        Why respond to this moronic troll?

        • ncpride

          Because their lies and denial must not be allowed to go unchallenged, especially on this website, where we have lurkers and fence sitters.

    • Ever notice how well white people get along with some minorities? Can you even imagine a race riot between Asians and Whites in this country? It just wouldn’t happen, we would all sit down and discuss our issues. Its not a “minority” thing, its only certain minorities

  • Screamin_Ruffed_Grouse

    Dammit. Another otherwise good read ruined by a mindless, groveling, kum-bah-yah ending. The answer is NOT all races standing together. That’s retarded. The answer is when we are all fully apart.

  • SUCK ON IT America
    YOU fund Colleges
    enjoy the diversity!

  • I like the CDC link to homicides its nice that it splits hispanics and whites to show how much different they are before they get lumped together by the fb i now.

    • The__Bobster

      You mean Latrinos aren’t all hard-working and law-abiding? I’m shocked!!

  • WmarkW

    The environment for talking about race is less like that of a robust public debate, than like that for telling a man his wife is ugly.  Whether true, false, or an informed opinion, saying some things just isn’t DONE.

    Fortunately, I think the American people are getting tired of it.  The transition of the Baby Boom generation from taxpayers to beneficiaries, is going to require HONEST discussion of what we can’t afford, now that throwing money at any grievance group is no longer an option.

  • Johnny Reb

    QUOTE:  That would mean that individuals and groups are respected—or criticized—based on the content of their character as it is revealed by their actions.
    Well gee, thanks.  And here I thought I was being just a simple, red-neck-ed raciss for thinking all blacks are criminal animals who have no place alongside humans.  Glad to know that what I think about their “character” as revealed by their “actions” was a bit of sound thinking.

  • Oil Can Harry

    I wouldn’t be surprised if his common sense and realism were due to living in “Hotlanta”. Traditionally, the whites with the highest opinions of blacks were the ones who lived the furthest away from them.

    This is nothing new: 200 years ago whites living in big cities like Boston and Philly would praise the wonderful, civilized Indians from afar.

    Pioneers like Andrew Jackson who lived on the frontier and often lost friends and family members to Indian attacks knew better.  

    • mikejones91

      I just met my brother for the first time last night. For 17 years, I didn’t even know he existed. He grew up in Detroit. I thought I was a racist….

  • Sherman_McCoy

    As a proud practitioner of the Self-Defense technique of Racism, I’m rather pleased when someone notices.  Note:  We do not have Black or Brown belts, nor any other color other than various degrees of White.

  • Sherman_McCoy

    Again, maybe if we all ignore this dimwit, he (or she) will just go away.

  • whiteuncleruckus

    I dont think there should even be a debate. Multiculturalism/diversity is not good for white people, period. Some whites see it while others dont or cant.

  • mikejones91

    I always wondered about this degree. What the f*** do you even learn about? I wonder if they watch “Africa-Blood & Guts”. Check it out.

  • Actually, they do, but it’s not something big. I’ve learned that interesting studies, voluminous & correctly investigated histories could be written just about everything- say, about legends of some tribe in Asia or Africa.

    Just- it takes one semester to study, max.

  •  Yeah, he is. I wonder why this is not more frequently mentioned ….

  • Major

    There’s still much ongoing debate if an average statistical IQ of 75 could be considered much of a “brain”. It does appear to be adequate enough to emote the required aggressiveness, violence and unrestrained procreation though.And to react to outside stimuli to misunderstand what is considered socially acceptable behavior.