Males a Distinct Minority at HBCUs

I Am Not a Rapper, April 30, 2012


Women outnumber men 3-to-2 at black colleges, according to the Department of Education’s National Center for Education Statistics. At the 100 accredited HBCUs, 61.5 percent of the students are women, up from 53 percent in 1976 and exceeding the overall national average of 56 percent. Ten percent of black males who attend college go to an HBCU, most of which are located in the South.

“Women are very motivated to pursue education. Their ambition is fueled by advancement,” said Michael L. Lomax, president of the United Negro College Fund, an umbrella organization of private HBCUs. “Black women get it, but for whatever reason, that same impetus hasn’t been happening with African-American men, or with men, period.”

Experts and students say black men are less prepared than their female counterparts for the rigors of college, face tougher financial hurdles, have fewer role models to inspire them to further their educations, and are less likely to ask for academic or financial assistance.

In addition, of the black males who make it to an HBCU, only 29 percent will graduate within six years, which is worse than the 33 percent national average of black males at all colleges. Nationally, the six-year graduation rate is 57 percent.


In 2011, a report issued by Education Week showed that while the 72 percent high school graduation rate was the highest in decades, blacks were graduating at a paltry 57 percent clip. And while the overall black unemployment rate is around 15 percent, college-educated black men who are working still make far less than their white counterparts.


The gender gap is magnified at CAU, where a staggering 74 percent of the students are female. Last fall, as the school welcomed one of the largest freshman classes in history—more than 1,000—fewer than 100 were men.



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  • Church_of_Jed

    We may think that it’s hard being White men, but really, we don’t have it as bad as educated black females.  Their marriage opportunities are much narrower than ours- they want to marry equal or up, and the competition for eligible black males is depressing to all by the hottest Hottentots.  And very few White men are attracted to them.   That’s why they all become vicious civil rights attorneys, which is easy to do per Diversity and Inclusion mandates at law schools and Affirmative Action scholarships and easy grading.

    • Oil Can Harry

      The most amusing part of the article was when a p.c. weenie named Michael Lomax correctly noted that black men lacked ambition.

       Then, perhaps realizing what he said, he quickly added that the same applied to non-black men, also. 

      • MikeofAges

         It does, very often. The intellectual lower strata of potential male students has dropped out of higher education entirely. Less so with the women of that ilk, who are more conformist and more willing to sit through stultifying subjects like social work and education, and more likely to think they are accomplishing something studying these subjects.

  • Experts and students say black men are less prepared than their female counterparts for the rigors of college

    Because HBCU course work has a reputation for being difficult and strenuous.

    • The__Bobster


    • Strider73

       QD, please don’t forget to enclose such posts in the unofficial sarcasm tags (“[sarcasm]” “[/sarcasm]”). Sometimes it’s kinda depressing how many people don’t recognize sarcasm when it’s whacking them upside the head.

      •  It’s from me.  That usually implies that sarcasm tag.

        And yet, I’m still working on my Ph.D. in snark and sarcasm, and I suspect I always will.

        Speaking of Ph.Ds:

        • Thanks for the link, as well as the sarcasm.

          The title of the article is “Shaquille O’Neal Becomes Receives Doctorate Degree”. Who wrote that? Shaq?

          Honestly, what professor would ever fail this man?

          •  Another version of this story I read stated that this university paid the freight to have the professors shipped to him for one-on-one instruction, as he was “earning” this “doctorate” during the death throes of his basketball career.  So not only did they not flunk him, nor would they ever, they essentially handed him this doctorate on a silver platter.

            That’s because the school wanted the publicity.

            All in all, Shaq’s Ph.D. is nothing like Sam Francis’s Ph.D.

          • MikeofAges

             O’Neal grew up in a career military family, which connotes some discipline and sense of proportion. I  doubt he is over the top about his Ph.D., which is in education, and not from one of the top ten institutions either.

            If he studied independently largely, well that’s the norm in some university systems.

          • Hirschibold

            Shaq was raised by a white man. He was abandoned by his biological father, as this video explains:

        • vladdy1

          A 54 unit PhD is a good find. Most Masters programs run around 60. 

      • vladdy1

        Heh. Yeah. Had me going there….

  • haroldcrews

    Ambition in Negro women is to be expected.  Traditionally the Negro family is matriarchal.  The Negro male is largely absent as a provider.  Children are going to be the sole responsibility of their mothers or other female family members.  Negro women have to be ambitious compared to the males.

    • dhs

       This post is correct, and reflects the inherited characteristics from the African evolutionary environment . It makes me curious about black male vs. female IQ’s. Are there any statistics that are publicly accessible? I guess not, because of the high level of political incorrectitude involved.

      •  I don’t know if this applies to black women vs black men, but I know that white women have a lower standard deviation than white men but with the same median.

        • MikeofAges

           The same median? If that is so, then it may be the case that white males are suffering the same intellectual suppression process that black males possibly are suffering.

          Again, science will have to answer that question. Not that science will, since
          science, actually, is human beings with mortgages and car payments just
          like the rest of us.

      • MikeofAges

         Only statistic I have heard, and that is from long ago, is the two-thirds of blacks with I.Q.’s higher than 120 are women. This statistic could reflect level of motivation and a failure develop test taking skills as well as genetics. Reportedly, some teenage blacks males deliberately mark wrong answers on tests when they, in fact, know the right ones. Probably happens, but not enough to change the big picture.

        Another case of the “one animal” v. “two animal” theory. If you accept the “two animal” theory, there is no reason why men and women have to be the same. How that would come about is another question, since men and women inherit the same genes, other than the Y-chromosome. Science will have to answer that question. Not that science will, since science, actually, is human beings with mortgages and car payments just like the rest of us.

  • WmarkW

    How many dads do you expect will visit on Parents Weekend?

  • Southern__Hoosier

    I guess Black men want to go where the White women are. Besides it’s hard to play the race card at an all Black school.

  • Training ground for HR managers….

  • “Experts and students say black men are less prepared than
    their female counterparts for the rigors of college, face tougher
    financial hurdles, have fewer role models to inspire them to further
    their educations, and are less likely to ask for academic or financial

    Or, maybe, black men are just lazy.

    Does anyone else suspect that HBCUs might not be all that rigorous and that the black students that attend them might just dislike White people? 

  • SarahConnor

    Hi fellow AR’s please read this new “study” that is going to be presented before the Supreme Court next fall when the affirmative action case comes up. I was just flabbergasted at the “logic” in getting to this conclusion. Is it just me or are these “researchers” wacked? Also will the Supreme Court really believe this? 

    •  Read the article.  The crux of their argument is that white people are too aristocratic and frankly bigoted to see the future nuclear scientist in a black that scores the 30th percentile of his SAT and ACT.

      • vladdy1

        It also claims that people perform worse when they are afraid they will “match” a negative stereotype. Wonder if that research came from biased sources, as it seems just as, or more likely, that people would perform better, due to not wanting to be categorized that way.

  • Strider73

    Not surprisingly, the fact that ~25% of all black men in their 20s are convicted criminals is ignored. How many HBCUs provide off-campus courses in the nearby jails & penitentiaries?

  • Oil Can Harry

    Blacks paying taxes and contributing to society?

    That’ll happen when Sasquatch rides his pet unicorn across Wrigley Field in celebration of the Cubs’ World Series victory.

  • ageofknowledge

    More women are in college and the workforce now than men. The Army enlisted ranks are 1/3 black female currently. Men were let go at a 5 to 1 ratio in the Great Recession. More homeless men than women by far. Etc…

  • saxonsun

    How does it feel to live your karma?

  • Good question. Why- except in math, physics, technical disciplines- female students outnumber male students by a wide margin ?

  • vladdy1

    Seems if I was a black man (perish the thought), this news might be enough to make me want to get off my a## and get into the school.

  • vladdy1

    Seems logical that, since it takes two to make the baby, both are to blame.

  • MikeofAges

     This is a serious point. Men are men are men. White guys, or any other males, are always trying “score” too and don’t want to wear “protection” either if they can get away with it. Single women, to a great extent, determine their own reproductive course. Having children at an early age out of wedlock often is a choice.

  • Those men get laid….

  • Hmm,
    Only 29% of males graduate from HBCUs, I can readily understand that.  The HBCU in my state, Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University, refuses to provide SAT scores for their admissions. Probably that is because most high schools have higher standards. Back to the male-female ratio.  FAMU enrolls 41% males to 57% females. Let’s see 41 + 57 = 98%. I wonder what the other 2% is? Back to the enrollment disparity. I believe it is because life is tough for a woman in college, therefore more need to be enrolled initially. After all, some of them big bucks will wear out a woman in less than six months. So, it is the Par-ty Effect as I call it. Booty callin is hard work and no man should be expected to have him just one a night. And further, in-between robbing and raping the locals and killing off a few band members not man enough to take a beat-down, the FAMU BMOC needs some rest and women to get him a decent meal. There you have it, the reasons why there are more men than womens at de skool.

  • I faced the same decision about 15 years ago, to care for an elderly parent, a wife with cancer and two young children. Even though my state, Florida, has elected Republican governors for years now, they are not capable of stemming the tide of political correctness in government. Even more so, as Richard Nixon discovered when elected president, the layers of leftists encrusted in national government are almost impossible to unravel. So the state and federal employees are usually friends or co-conspirators as some would say. I think intelligent white males may after all could be hiding in plain view as radicals. It would be easy to pull off but as Andromeda has said, who you are is who you are.